/x/ is ruining this board

I'm being 100% serious. Not only is this placed filled with non-political paranormal crap but it's also slowing consuming about half the catalog, much like shitchan. Submitting to superstition and mystery is not only jewish in of itself but also makes it impossible to use this board to discuss anything seriously because tards who come in to "debate" UFOs or atlantis shit up discussions about jews with stupid esoteric bullshit that has nothing to do with usury, money, or reality in general.

There's also literal schizo threads about people who claim to see "symbols" in things, not obvious symbols like WFBM or heroic jews in the MSM but stupid bullshit involving finger gestures and colors that don't have any rhyme or reason, and only exists as a distraction from actual truth-digging. There is a world of difference between figuring out which kikes own what on which board of directors and whether or not a certain shade of maude means a pizza delivery guy is secretly a pedo. By the way, it also distracts from ongoing pedo and sex assault shit like the (((wienstien))) case - this includes larger discussions about the breakdown of #metoo over Israel, which has everything to do with jews being upset at niggers calling them jews and nothing to do with what nail polish certain celebrities use and why it supposedly causes homosexuality.

And don't get me wrong there are good things from /x/, like the youtube pedo/monkey abuse hole, but they have their own board for it because it's not politics or jewry,

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Are you even trying?

Hide the UFO nonsense, "Atlantis" is a broad theme of ancient history research.

You slavish shitheads ruin your own board with your incestral obedience to lies. You’re basically pedophiles whining that other people being open ruined your fun. Vampiric opportunists who have to lie to laugh because you’ve bent yourself into such a knot that truth feels like subservience - yeah, /x/ is the problem. Sure.

Well guess what I just did! I complained about it, so now the slave festival is going to dance around being /x/tards all week.

If you people had any actual strength, you’d have positions that weren’t joyless broken bigotry. Black bigots, white bigots, fake bigots, honest bigots… doesn’t matter. Scientists are the only free people on this planet. They’re the ones who go where truth leads them, and in no pursuit but truth is found the freedom to act.

Nazis are slaves whining that their cunts weren’t plugged in for them. Enjoy the upcoming week of xalikes, and if it doesn’t happen, remember that’s my fault, too.

This isn't going to convince anybody.

Huh? /x/? Where?
Just because you post hitler schlomo does not mean an user can't see right through you.

What's the problem? Foreigners from a different board are pushing their own shit?
Now you know how everyone else feels when you bring Zig Forums everywhere else.

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Part of jewry is the Talmud and all the retarded kike magic shit that surrounds it and process it. This will always be a topic of discussion. Aliens and flat earth garbage is ridiculed and filtered because it only serves to derail threads.

I don't know if you noticed but a thread started last week on fucking building 7. It was full of hard facts; MSM articles, TV news reports, photos where the bottom was smashed out of the official lies. Then when that thread took off suddenly there were two other 911 threads that appeared when there haven't been 911 threads here for some time. Both were filled with idle chit chat, airy theorizing and no facts, no documentary evidence. The purpose was clear; remove the factual documented thread and replace it with idle empty bants.

Jokes on you there are not a lot of /x/ posters here, op is just being a faggot as usual.

Its always been like this
Just look at the threads you like and ignore the ones you dont give a shit about
But this site would be boring with conspiritards


I’ve been politically active for 18 years now, and one of my early encounters involved a dickwad misconstruing a position as fascist. That set the tone. Failures to be a dumbass obedient leftist were all mislabeled and abused. Smart leftism wasn’t allowed. Lawful leftism was barely allowed. We aren’t supposed to like welfare and education programs for actually rehabilitating people, noooo, it’s because we such smart niggers we stealin’ legal. Them dumb people giving us stuff! Nothing go wrong if we make people obedient criminals!

Has the right been better? Why, no! Right wingers have no intellectual integrity at all. They don’t care about anything but what makes them feel strong, which apparently means being screaming retards with no novel thoughts in their heads. Hurr durr testicle squirts huurrrrrrr balls. Mesa strong massa lookitme! Mesa have lotsa kids now, bam bam oh no kids don’t like me hurrrr. Oh no sociayucky doesn’t like testy ronis anymore hurrrr maybe if I yell some more everyone will approve again.

It’s like nobody is willing to live in a world that isn’t trying to enslave them. The actual peaceful world of loving kindness is this slave state, and actual slavery? Why, that’s the promised land! We fight now gibs gibs fight gibs? Nobody needs happiness they just needs fight now loooool we breedin and fightin chimpahs oh no someone gots a booboo.

Because, y’know, science is boring. Right answers? Good lives? Luxuries? Nah. Nobody needs that shit. They just need testicle squirts. Babeez forever. Without babeez we have to fight people who can frict back! And them gives us booboos!

Aryans and noggers forever. No art. No joy. No comfort. Because you see beauty in that, yess? Massa hitta sez so. Nobody needs a brain of their own. Everyone just submit to massa hittawho hittaa the hardest and we’ll un un nazzy the world so we can all hab the joy of testy ronis. Testy ronis unleashed. Man must submit because man must not submit, lolzors! We dance in weakness and call it free dumb!

Humans are so profoundly dedicated to living in this world that even people trying to claw their way out of it shove each other down into it.

I’m a pacifist. If only man would not submit, so much more would get done.

Nah, though. You got wars to break yourselves into. Submission eternal, that’s what makes the testicles squirt.

Crime is slavery, and slavery a crime. When war reigns people fight or die; this too is slavery. Only in peace can man be free

but no real man ever, ever wants to be free

freedom is unmanly

all that peace! all that people going their own way! all that requirement of having thoughts!

it isn’t manly, so it’s gotta go

slavery forever

just gotta call it strength

They're trying to do the same shit they do to RL activists. Turn useful and legitimate groups into preening cults to prevent actual work while simultaneously poisoning the well.

It's especially bad because hobbyists and self-congratulators infest the fringe, more interested in finding meaning by LARPing as the esoteric "mystic" type than wanting to save their people. This sort of thing is how formerly effective far-right organizations are collapsed.

There was a really good holocaust truth thread that got slid hard and a fascist /lit/ thread that was devolved into religious d&c out of nowhere. Didn't even make sense.

It serves to scare off newcomers that think we're all schizos while also chasing off the old guard.

It's a political version of pic related.

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That business of dealing openly with people? Intolerably subservient! Like real geniuses, we therefore ignore everything about how we would like to be treated.

A world of pleasure is meaningless degeneracy. Only hateslavery is meaningful. Hateslavery and testicle squirts. Gotta suffer fast. If we come up with enough lies, nothing will ever get better, and we’ll have eternal squirts! Yay torture! Down with pleasure! Down with joy!

Freedom is domestication, better to be saddled in the stable. Wearing a good soldier’s saddle, that’s freedom. That’s manly. Who needs pleasure? If we hurts for massa we’ll squirts for massa, and then we get kids to beat! Yay babeez think of the childrens yaaaay for suffering!

Every week.

Man, you people need to stop fearing the schizo label. Just get help already. It’ll probably suck for a few years, but then your lives will get better. You won’t have to be slaves anymore. You may even find *more* romantic success once you’re strong enough to break free of slavery.

The corruption you see everywhere is in you. It’s slovenly. The broken warriors hostile to all pleasure and happiness thing? It’s not stoic. It’s not strong. It’s whiny.

This site doesn’t have many users. It’s easily dominated by anyone who tries. There’s like five actual nazi slaves pretending mightily.

What a bunch of nonsense I am reading you think this is going tool anyone schlomo?


The reason this site is easily fixated, easily demoralized, and easily warped is because the eternal struggle against pleasure is vapid. Yes, one of the regulars is a woman. That changes shockingly little. Women can be slaves too. Anyone who doesn’t seek peace can be a slave. The only way out of the eternal struggle is not playing.

But no, all risks of happiness must be defeated. We all like bathing in shit and farting on each other, like good free people do. We have our nazi vomit milkshakes and we’re quite happy with them, thank you very much. Not drinking the piss would be obedient don’cha’know. We’ll have our nice little race war and a pleasant snack of Hitler’s left testicle thereafter.

That’s how you know we aren’t crazy.

Petrus-fying isn’t it?

Anyone who protests is enforcing conformity! The presence of someone who doesn’t think alike in our bubble is a sign of evil weakness REEEEE. Nobody is ever mocking us, we’re doing the mocking! We’re so good at mocking we can say nigger! So free. So defiant. So beautiful.

Truly there is no higher enlightenment in politics and no greater nonconformism. None would dare say a word against us.

Yeah. Such awesome warriors. Such obedience you inspire.

Such… weakness. Such easily offended weakness.

Free people maintain their lies unyieldingly, don’cha’know. Free people never tell jokes. Free people never do anything because they want to. Never anything.

Doing something because it would be fun is cucked. The height of pleasure is cucked. Only soyboys and domestics ever do anything fun in life. Don’t be a pet. You should all bectoo strong and independent to do anything of your own will and drive.

Beauty is skin deep. Aryanist slavery is all you ever need. Violence is liberation. Joy is subservience. Abandon your own will and hand it over to strangers on the internet. Be an hero for the cause. You’re only ever a soldier.


Be your own person, come hell or high water. That’s what I believe in for myself. I speak as I please and find peace in this life. Integrity is my shield, and truth is my weapon.

I’m a pet, a cuck, unmanly, schizo. I’m everything this place hates because I’m not an obedient nit to broken liars.

I don’t use /x/. I popped in there once not too long ago to remind someone in particular that they didn’t need to be a slave, but I got no clear response. This place is still ruled by white niggers and black aryans. It’s still weak.

We can get off this rock if people will at last learn enough defiance to live in peace, but alas, man must ALWAYS submit.

Back when I actually hated you people, I encouraged your broken racial subservience.

But go on. Call that kindness, and act like it’s abuse to remind you that you have your own wills.

It’s manly to be a slave.

Eh, let them be. Its thanks to /x/ that we managed to uncover the Pizza.

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SAGE because you're a complete fucking Assfuck Reject and Atlantis is more important than you and your fucking Kike Rules



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the main problem on this board is "I disagree with your post, therefore, UR A KIKE!"

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too funny to filter but not funny enough to deserve (you)s

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Look, a mod had more than enough fucking time to remove this crap and the kike chose not to. You figure it out.

13241175 (You)
Try faking yous. Fake yous are the best.

No that is the least of the problem.

Checked for (You)

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No one is stopping you from making the threads that you want. This board is a containment zone anyway, good for refining ideas, but real activism is IRL. Of course, kikes and bots fill it with garbage to dilute the truth, they can't even let a place with little to no exposure go without their retardation.

You are not a scientist, you are a mentally broken wreck that should get the bullet as an act of mercy. Stop projecting your slavery to "pleasure" and Jewish fueled self-deception of "happiness" onto us. You are as removed from the truth as it gets. And I don't think your kind would be able to handle the freedom, maybe some of us derive pleasure and happiness from crushing the skulls of filthy maggots like you? Would you deny it from us? What are you, some kind of fascist? I don't think intellectually dishonest and mentally deranged imbeciles like you truly understand the implications of absolute freedom.

/x/ has always been a part of Zig Forums.
Any attempt to convince everyone it's okay to remove /x/ from Zig Forums is an attempt from imkampfy and previous Ex compromised Zig Forums mods to make people miss a huge part of the big picture.
religion, history, politics, all connected. You can't deny that even if there are some out there threads.

Here's in Russia political elite is literally retarted, existing of magic is the only explanation for how these people managed to stay in power.

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I'm just going to throw out that Zig Forums is obsessed with the truth and it has been our first virtue since the beginning. We follow the information where-ever it goes. With Gamer-Gate, which is what really made 8/pol/ a rival to 4/pol/; we discovered links to socialist/communist non-profits, the US government and educational bodies. They were literally all working together to fund and push games that would make the young more open to deviant themes rife with homosexuality and transgenderism, whilst simultaneously glamourising depression and despair. We found the money-trail!

We continue to find all manner of links between islamic terrorist groups and Mossad, between the Clintons and the Saudis, between high-level politicians and media figure (film directors and high profile actors) and pimps who supply them children.

The world is a freakshow that is so full of evil that it makes comic-book villains look tame. In response we are forced to harden ourselves; we stare into the abyss and we vow to shine a light on their evil. We vow to exterminate them for their crimes against Man and Nature.

Yeah, there's a lot of misdirected rage and anger on places like this, and there's an awful lot of fed-posting encouraging people to do illegal activities. I don't condone that. But you will not find people genuinely searching for the Truth in such numbers anywhere else in this world. We exposed to the information that anyone and everyone can dump here, and we hash it out and battle over its legitimacy using evidence and logic; we demand sources and turn people away when they are not provided.

… And that is also why /x/-tier stuff must be allowed on Zig Forums. In our search for the Truth we must not discount anything. We already know that there is a serious segment of the 'ruling class' which ritually tortures and sexually abuses children, which at the very least simulates if not really partakes in rites dedicated pagan gods and the devil himself. If all that can be real - and it is - then what else might be real? As such allow the /x/-types any and every conspiracy theory, and if it passes the rigorous demands for evidence that will be heaped upon it; we might find something of value. Obviously if its people asking how to summon a succubus then kill the stupid waste of space thread.

The truth is out there

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nu/pol/ isn't really discovering anything anymore though…just rehashing pointless topics and drama.

Blame the recent mass shooting which attracted a lot of schizo shills like this user

Actually he is telling you the truth. You just don't recognize it.

shut the fuck up faggot kike, posting a bunch of nazis from jewgle images doesn't make you blend in

I do agree that we have more esoteric threads than we really need, but you're such a fag about it. There's nothing wrong with some good old /x/pol/, and you're an absolute plebeian if you aren't at least a little /x/. (Hitler himself had a collection of occult books in his library) And don't post fucking Tito, an enemy of Hitler, if you want people to take you seriously.

No you.
I can tell you have only been on the chans for a few years because if you were a true oldfag you'd never say such stupid bullshit.

(We) were all eager to discuss outlandish shit back in the day, like ancient aryans and the origin of UFO's, because we understood that EVERYTHING the kike told us in the mainstream was a lie. We were eager to discuss even the most fringe of topics because the primary purpose of those discussions is to uncover the TRUTH which is what really matters and is what's hidden from us.

This. ^
This. ^
This. ^

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this is the doublespace kike, local JIDF agent

Who cares. He is correct when he says (paraphrasing) that no one can do things to you without your permission. You aren't a fucking puppet, which makes you and everyone else 100% complicit in the things that are happening now.

That stuff has been a part of this board's culture for years. You don't remember the Antarctica threads? The Esoteric Hiterlism stuff? You're a fucking idiot and we can tell you're not from around here.

Yeah 8ch is dead tbh it's no longer ever going to be what it was before.

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