The Cure For White Guilt

This YouTuber is the ultimate cure for white guilt. Share his channel with all your normie white guilt cuck friends. The smarter they are, the more likely they are to convert after seeing the righteous truth spread by this man.

Here is his YouTube channel:

Here is his BitChute:

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Seems like alot of effort aye.

Just be a faggot and text the gist of it, I need to lurk and not get side tracked by jewgles shit.

And this one is an actual dick-sucking faggot. If you e-celeb cheerleaders want to blast your particular dish of e-celeb so much why don't you buy a site ad instead of using Zig Forums for free advertising?

Lurk ten years and then kys.

western civilisation and it's consequences have been a disaster for the white race.
its not something we need to defend like he wants too but to abolish

Literally go fucking Kill yourself

You fucking Shrill Skeletal rejects. the People who post all the shit you want to "Lurk" for are the people who DONT stare at a fucking board catalog all day.

Hang yourselves with Rave music

Didn't althype abandon white nationalism or something? Also fun fact: Althype (Ryan Faulk) is a literal faggot.

High bandwidth internet won't survive any kind of war or catastrophe.
So if you people want to prepare for your "race war" you better get used to consuming and sharing information as plain text, which is way easier to distribute with little or no communications infrastructure than video.
Sure, for propaganda purposes youtube is fine, but any kind of information actually valuable for your little nazi cult would be better distributed as text, plus on demand video creates attention deficit disorder.

No one cares about white nationalism, boomer. Wake up and stop chasing some retarded dream.

This is all about getting the truth out there at this point, if you can't even do that, white nationalism is a pipe dream. And right now the truth is hanging on a thread.

You gotta understand paid shills don't have to work an honest job for a living. All you can do is to ignore their retarded threads and move on.

Yes, he had this blackpill freak out and started talking about how nationalism was wrong and he was wrong etc etc.

This brought out the jewish shills pretty damn fast, so I think it must be worth bumping.

Alright lets talk about Ryan Faulk, this actual faggot and paradoxically the biggest asukafag I've ever seen. He is a faggot, or at least claimed to be such before. He is obviously of the midwest evangelical scandie blood, thus is inherently a pussy since those evangelicals are just liberals who think church is still the place to socially signal rather than facebook. He is utterly opposed to violence and a complete wimp. He is such a pushover that he "abandoned white nationalism" because he couldn't bring himself to tell "based" niggers/spics/slants/ect in his comment sections that they would be exiled from an all white America.

He started out as some anarcho-capitalist/libertardian back around 2010 but got noticed for replicating work we've done here since 2008, ie calling out the racial disparities. Then he got in with the TRS faggots and had and utter freakout around Charlottesville. Then he did this vague european identity shit. And now is an edgy libertardian again.

The reason I know this is I am convinced he has been stealing data from myself and other oldfags and presenting it as his own, particularly data which exposes the fiscal costs of niggers and spics. But even worse he then omits the data which displays the fiscal costs that kikes incur upon the federal government simply due to them accounting for 95% of all embezzlement cases in which over 100,000 dollars was involved.

He has always wanted to retreat into smaller and smaller ethnic enclaves and cede more and more territory to kikes and their pets.

Luckily I see in his comment sections people regularly call him out on his bullshit.>>13241327


Yea, that's what I menth. I stopped paying attention to him after that. He recovered, I suppose?

Not that much to say about the guy. Althype's videos where pretty good. Informative and well done. But hell, everytime he started a debate live, he just turned into a gibbering mess.

He's an actual autist and even his abstract analyses often miss key points due to what I suspect are inherent biases in his cognitive function. He's a pussy and never celebrates victory or superiority, perhaps because he thinks is will alienate normalfags?

But while doing so he neglects to mention that the only population in any industrial nation that is breeding at above replacement rates are "conservative whites" as defined by the GSS in the USA. This is important because if you want to rally people you have to give them a goal not merely point out the the opposition is weak, you must point out that they are strong and can slaughter all in their path with little effort.>>13241579


Gold Tier:
The Golden One:
Thulean Perspective (Varg Vikerness):
Survive the Jive:
Cultured Thug:

Good Tier:
Red Ice TV:
Way of the World:
Marshal Ironsides:

Okay Tier:
Paul Joseph Watson:
Black Pilled:
Resurrection Europa:
Duke of Durham:
The Inconoclast:

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You clearly have not watched enough of his video if you think he has never celebrated people of European descent or mentioned that conservative whites have a birthrate bordering on replacement while it is liberal whites that drag down the overall white birth rate as they have no kids at all. He has also addressed the JQ.

I suggest watching these videos that he made.

God Tier
The Golden One
Survive the Jive
Heard Thug was okay but not the best. Should see more of.

Good Tier
Red Ice
Way of the World
I never heard of Marshall Ironsides, I should probably watch him.

Good Tier
Resurrection Europa
Duke of Durham

I’m disappointed there was no mention of Asha Logos, Robert Sepher, True DilTom, or Vertigo Politix (now the Last White Man).

AltHype is a homosexual Mischling

His partner at the Alternative Hypothesis is Sean Last, a philosemite. He also used to get "racists" banned from jewtube, by his own admission.

I would also point at RedElefants

Dumping self loathing White guilt born a sinner death cult is a good start.

Isn't he one of those kikes who pretends that the problems are only caused by some little fringe group of jews who aren't really jews and hate the Talmud?

They called for an alliance with so-called jewish "nationalists". That's an unforgivable sin. They also apparently threatened someone who uploaded the uncensored video of the yid (Nadav Salomon) to protect his identity. Speaking of which.

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Who is the mongrel speaking with Ryan "faggot" Faulk.

Is that "Cultured Thug" ?

Do you consider the possibility that people can simply not be racists?

Yes. Cultured Thug used to go by "Quest".

More of his older content:

The Prothink Radio shows were very good, but most of those were Holocausted along with Mike Delaney's talkshoe.

Fresh hot red ice

Definitely on fire tonight with this video

Also will check out that channel OP thanks for posting.

A 1/16th African faggot who turned his back on nationalism. He has by his own admission in the past fucked Asian men and apparently he fucked a black man, too.

He has a masters degree from one of the top universities. He's smarter than you think but he's not an intellectual so he comes off as a bit dumb.

Wow Cultured Thug has really cleaned himself up

He's a drunkard. One of his shows was titled "Drunk Q&A" or something to that effect.
Looks like exactly the same slob manchild as in that old video.

Drunken Q&As were a thing he did on his rants channel. He would drink a bit of beer and answer questions. It's fine in moderation, in my opinion, although I'm teetotal. I'm biased on all of this because I've emailed with him in the past though.

I don't care about these personalities apart for the information they might provide, so I don't have a stake in any of it.
But just looking at that "man" I can see that he is a slob.


Robert Sepher is not really politically driven and is more just in search for the truth. He has praised the National Socialists in the past for their advancements and I think he only pretends to say “Not all Jews” so Jewtube does not get too suspicious and maybe he has some slight hope there are good Jews out there somewhere and wants to be wrong about it but he can’t avoid the facts. He discusses extensively about lost or hidden European history that everyone should know about, especially about the ancient Aryan invasions. Sometimes he misses the mark and has really far off theories, but the amount of useful info he has outweighs the wrong. I’d say he’s a poor man’s Asha logos but he does have much more content.
I should have seen this coming. When they were less popular, they named the Jew and interviewed people who knew the JQ to get a lot more attention, but after they got a stable following (and some shoahing), I could see them going Kosher nationalist. I would not say they are complete attention whores who do not care about whites, because a lot of my once normie friends started their red pill journey with Red Ice even if they are cringey. The fact they convince whites to love their identity and traditional values and produce white families is A VERY good thing, but they have acted sleazy before for popularity. All Jewtube channels have to eventually bend to the overlords to avoid getting Shoahed but I would not be to surprised if Red Ice took it too far.

Whenever I see him in discussions, he sounds like a idiot and is far less smarter than the people he is having a discussion with being unable to really contribute anything. I probably should watch more of his videos to come to a clearer conclusion about him because all my redpilled friends recommend him and I don’t know why. I have a feeling that he might be like Faulk in which he’s bad at debates but good at standalone videos (but obviously not a faggot who spergs out every few months).

This is why kikes hate muh books.

If you want a normie friendly discussion of traditions, show them James Townsend and Son videos. It very subtly opens them to "Whites actually have a culture. We must keep it alive!"
Guy is a sutler to reenactor culture enthusiasts, as in he has his team of craftspeople make replica everything for sale to re-enactor groups and theater companies.
This video is a tour of his facilities

No shit user… :) everything in the world is our culture. Vehicles, planes, manufacturing, agriculture, chemistry, computers and electronics, building, every advancement of the modern world, things like clean water, medicine, ALL OF IT IS OUR CULTURE…not just some antique knives or hats (though I do appreciate those…every advancement in the modern world is OURS given BY MISTAKE TO PARASITIC SUBHUMAN TRASH.

Alt Hype is great for redpills and he recently did a 2Hr 45min take down of (((Jared Diamond))). I don't understand why he switched from white nationalist to "First World nationalist" other than he is autistic and purity spiraled so hard he ended up inventing Neo-Aryanism

Haha, I don't have any guilt

And yet he produces fine videos.
I'd bet money that his videos are better than yours.

You're playing and falling for a dumb word game. "Western civilization" is just a pseudonym for White people. White people is a pseudonym for Europeans. European is just a pseudonym for Western civilization.
The jews don't give a shit about you trying to split hairs and say "oh I'm not a Westerner, I'm an Aryan"
To them, you're a Nazi-subhuman because westerner means White and White means Nazi-subhuman.

The same goes for you. White Nationalism is just a pseudonym for White tribalism which is a pseudonym for White racialism which is a pseudonym for National Socialism which is a pseudonym for Fascism and all of these little wordisms mean; ''A White person who does not adhere to the politically correct dogma of the current liberal religion."
No one cares if you call being a White Nationalist by some other random wordism. You're (I presume) a racially conscious White man. Thus you are a White nationalist.
Maybe you don't act upon your ideology, but it is what you are. You're never going to be able to escape being what you are by attempting to split hairs and embrace another wordism.

Autism is killing us.

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reddit is that way, you absolute faggot.

Because he’s an opportunistic faggot who has no real beliefs. Just look at what he used to do getting with white nationalists banned on Youtube, then he changed to a BASED white nationalist before cucking out and becoming a civnat in all but name. Without race there is no nation

Yup which is why I double down on natsoc and still manage to redpill some people.

Precisely. A nation a people group by definition. He's just globalist-lite and a fucking faggot. Still has cool videos but fuck him.

He still considers this to be his best video though

Don’t forget that he vehemently hates Hitler. Always a red flag

Nigger what? You do realize If He were to defend Hitler he would be kicked off jewtube. Besides he said that if the holocaust didn't happen then the (((elites))) would have made the holocaust up. Implying that is what happened.

So he chooses to shit on Hitler instead? One can remain quiet about Hitler and not praise him constantly, you know, plenty of pro-whites do that. Letting Jewtube mold your beliefs and message is for weaklings and opportunists. Faulk’s a homosexual mulatto and that awakens within him an inexplorable hatred towards Adolf Hitler. He can’t help himself, his blood cries out!


literally where does he shit on Hitler? The one bad thing I have heard him say is that Hitler considered conquering Paris to his greatest achievement. He even put in the fact that Hitler had floor boards put in place to protect Napoleon's tomb from soldier boots.

He's not even white?

Acting surprised when you find out the Alt-Kikes are mongrel homosexuals, user? I have been telling Zig Forums this for a couple years now. The kikes are playing you again. Half of them 'play the antifa' game and the other half 'play' the conservative game. But until the day you stop playing and start exterminating, it will always be a 'game'.

Funny how you need to be "white" to be against white guilt.

Fuck off yid.

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Good man.

Not a kike, kike. You would know about not being White, now wouldn't you? Fuck you btw we are going to genocide ALL OF YOU.

That is what I thought…basically he is the Alt-kikes homosexual man candy. I don't watch his videos at all because he is low IQ.

You sound like a kike, kike.

I guess all those baste anti-zionist jews are good, right?

He gives alright advice for /fit/, but not for Zig Forums. Only watch his old /fit/ videos if getting huge is your goal.

Only to you kike.

Not to me, kike.

My goal is not to 'get huge'. There is a difference between looks and fitness. I bet you if he had to do some advanced tactical recon he would pass out after the 3rd mile. Lean, fit, capable…that is my version of ideal White male.

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All I know is that Dr. E.Michael Jones things that guilt comes from immorality, especially sexual immorality (including masturbation) and that then, they Jews (((interpret))) this sexual guilt by saying it's because you are all white racists or Nazis and that people internalize that.
If you want to end the guilt, stop immorality.

Nigger what? That makes no sense or whatsoever.

The guilt comes from the media who constantly tells you how white people are bad.

Wait a minute, I think he said this when he was on the Richard Spencer show, I'll search for it.
The media only hijacks this guilt generated because of immoral behavior and tell you that it's because you are a white racist devil.
Here, the video here between 1:11:00 - 1:12:10

There's no guilt without the media telling you to.

And even then it's horseshit when you realize that.

What it exploits is actually white people's empathy, non-white are basically poor puppies to them.

And this can't funciton without having people full of shame and full of guilt to begin with, they only hijack it.

Nope, it functions without guilt.

Children without guilt are taught to feel guilt by the media.

It's the original sin, like Jewsus Christ said, you have done wrong even when you have done nothing.


I am not homosexual, I don't make videos, and I have a record breaking high IQ. Somewhere in the Psychology department of MIT there's a paper written about me waiting for peer approval to be published.

Ask Jewsus Christ when he died for everyone's sins, even for babies not yet born.

This is why Jewsus shit is poison.

Also, that goon needs to change his name. He's not worth his weight in that precious metals.

This area is gayer than a bag full of dicks.

Do you mean condemn?

'member when this place was kryptonite for those trying to make a name for themselves on youtube?

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I wonder if this shitty eceleb thread will get the same magic mod protection the kikestian jewtube preacher gets.

Nu/pol/ is nothing but trash.

The religion literally teaches you that knowledge is a bad thing, and that unquestioningly being a slave to a semitic deity is ideal. And kikestians WONDER why they're opposed.

whats wrong with asuka

There is no cure for white guilt OP. You held blacks as slaves and used their skin for leather products. Pootie💩pie or some YouTube channel cannot fix that.

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She’s not Rei

but she's white

OP Is a jew? Thanks nigger. Didn't know that.

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Asuka is a mongrel mix

Whiter than rei

Fuck off kike, his content is fucking great. Almost 3 hours debunking Guns, Germs and Steel is his latest upload, absolutely shredding muh environmental determinism to the ground. Insane amount of info on IQ and why genes rather than environment is the main culprit behind stagnant average IQ's of the races. A thorough debunking of the anti white arguments of colonialist Brittain, rendering muh India completely moot. His "a celebration of the jewish people" is an expose on why kikes like you should be tossed out of white countries permanently.

Is he a degenerate faggot? Absolutely. Is his content bad? No, it's some of the best material we have and I hope he produces more and more.

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kys Ryan, you fucking faggot.

He didn't say nationalism was wrong you kike. He said he is a conservative nationalist, and no longer a white nationalist. Basically a Civnat.
But go ahead and pretend the video isnt good work and doesn't completely dismantle a turbo kike's work.

CivNat or not, this is a very very good video.

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Oh hey JF. Still mad a Civnat fudgepacking autist blew your shitty denial of IQ out of the water?
Fucked your arguments so badly that you were forced to deny your earlier comments in order to claim that he was making strawman arguments?

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Oh fucks sake I didnt even realize you were trying to shill jared "africans are shit because the zebra doesn't exist!" diamond.