Are ecelebs and debaters useful to the movement?

I am just really torn on this. On one hand, you have people like Lauren Southern, who are pretty popular, but also hated by people for not going far enough. Then you have some trash, who might have the maximum right-wing opinion, but speaks publically the same exact way like we do on anonymous imageboards and talks about putting spics into wood chippers and just tries to say the most edgy stuff possible. Then you have guys like Patrick Little, who has bad optics through no fault on his own. It's not his opinion that I have a problem with, but the fact that his career with a six figure paycheck was ruined. Our message should improve people's life and not ruin them. Even if what we say is true, it really doesn't shine a good light on us. In the end, we are social creatures that desire money, a fullfilling life, friends, love and family. And a guy like Mike Enoch basically lost all of that for his podcast. And he isn't even that liked by the movement. (which may be valid reasons, but still proves my point)

What would you guys recommend to someone looking at this and thinking about joining the public fight? I consider myself a good potential debater and I think I could do some good videos proving a right-wing opinion as true. You don't have to believe me, but for the purpose of giving me advice, just act like you do. I don't think "you would just be another guy that repeats what has already been said". I believe that there are still some arguments to be made. I see people talk about issues, but often miss some important core aspect or a relationship between things.
For example if you guys remember the public debate about gay marriage in Ireland, Australia and the USA, I was pretty pissed off that not one public figure of the Right, whether Mainstream or Alternative made a good case of representing a good Contra Argument. It was just feels, never supported by any arguments. And it would have been so easy. Even a mainstream Conservative could have easily said that marriage privileges should remain with heterosexual couples, because it's in the public interest to decrease the extreme tax burden a little for them to encourage breeding. Because now the Conservative Position is to support tax credit per child. "Every Child deserves a mother and a father?" Okay, then how about you at least mention that some statistics exist, so the public can look up how bad lgbt parents are for children, instead of giving the impression that it's just a baseless opinion?

The reason why I make this thread, is because I am torn. On one hand my skills are suited to be a guys making intellectual videos about politics. That's what I would be good at. The other end of the spectrum would be to become a "normie" youtuber, where I'd be able to show my face, without having my life destroyed. Do some videos about backpacking in some foreign country (always wanted to do that), Let's Plays, maybe Self-Improvement videos and interact with other Efaggots. I'd still do some "intellectual" videos, but they would be more about philosophy, geopolitics, more neutral analysis about politics, without obviously mentioning controversial opinons about race, but maybe some subtle hints here and there to encourage a redpilling process in my viewers.I always wanted to be part of a book club, so I might do that as wlel.

I'd be probably less suited for that, because you need to be more extroverted and have social skills, but that journey would also help me improve myself in these areas. It would be more difficult overall, because there's a delicate balancing act. You don't want to be fake, because people like you more for stating your opinion and not being a wimp, who self-censors and is thus avoid of any personality, because it might offend some people. That's what I notice in some ecelebs I watch. I can detect it like a smell. They have this fear of talking about politics and actively avoid it. That topic is like a black hole to them.
You don't want to be too controversial either and accidently sperg out and reveal your power level. But you are kinda insecure, because you don't really know yet how far you want to go. I don't really know, if "encourage hetereosexual couples to breed with tax incentives" is already too far for normies or if only the reddit crowd would get offened by that. Like would that already warrant a "Me and my cuck husband just cried for 6 hours, because the streamer we watch said something problematic" on a subreddit or wherever? And of course I don't want my Zig Forums friends to think I am a cuck either.

So what do you think?

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People who don't go "far enough" are stepping stones that lead to those who do actually go that entire length.
Destruction and replacement of a world view needs to be a gradual process, because every bit of information someone is fed will need to be compatible with other parts of their world view in order to be accepted.
There is a funnel that starts with some video of an annoyingly lukewarm dude dismissing some SJW talking points - and ends in the rejection of the entire mainstream worldview.
The worldview and the set of opinions have to be taken apart and replaced part by part until the old paradigm is not the dominant power within the mind anymore.
This is best accomplished by feeding undeniable fact that is also incompatible with someone's way of thinking. This fact will slowly eat away at their world view, in the end defeating and replacing it.

The idea that propaganda needs to take people the entire way here, and say everything, is faulty. Nobody can swallow that many pills at once without actual, forced brainwashing taking place.

Let me put it this way: Jeff from ATHLEAN-X, has done more to help the white race than cucked pieces of shit Lauren Southern have, and ever will. All he does is tell people how to train correctly well and be healthy, but in this age, this is a revolutionary political act that directly opposes the System. People like Lauren Southern's motivation is not to help people, but to defend their disgusting, hedonistic society and cummies from angry muslims who correctly think that they either belong under a burqa or stoned to death.

The problem is not that these e-celebs "don't go far enough", as I said, Jeff from ATHLEAN-X has done more for the white race than Lauren Southern, the problem is that what they espouse is absolutely counter to the health of our people and our success in deposing the System.

You can easily present a more PRfagged, normalfag-friendly message - take Mark Collett for example - without actually cucking on any principles and overall message.

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When the topic comes up, many people are quick to point out how important moderate, conservative, types are as a "stepping stone." They point out things like the libertarian to NatSoc pipeline, and such. I agree with them on this. The problem, however, is that there is a fine line between a stepping stone and a parasite. E-celebs and whatnot have to denounce us in order to continue existing, but they shouldn't be going beyond that. They shouldn't be punching right.

Furthermore, there are some ideologies which essentially act as a pit-trap along the road to National Socialism. This is mostly talking about moralistic philosophies and an emphasis on rights. Going through the libertarian to NatSoc pipeline myself, it took a lot of work to get rid of the "principle over action" mindset. That mindset completely destroys modern conservative governments. They say "property rights!" when you suggest action against internet censorship. Freedom of speech when you suggest silencing the liars and propagandists. Free market when you suggest subordinating economic interests to that of the nation and its people. I have to wonder what the origin of these self-inhibiting principles is. "States rights" is an example of one of these "conservative principles" being made for the sake of giving a liberal justification to maintain inherently illiberal, such as with desegregation. It's possible that these self-inhibiting principles emerged from these well-intentioned principles. Or it's possible that they are a poison purposefully injected into the veins of the Right and Third-Position. People who obsessively cling to these principles, even to the point of stopping an objectively good action should not be trusted. In relation to e-celebs, there is a golden rule: Don't punch to the Right; don't stunt the right. It's a very Reaganesque rule. As National Socialists we are idealists, romanticists, but we do not think that victory comes about just because we are "in the right." No. We understand the gravity of the situation, that total defeat is currently the most likely outcome; so we work within the framework of a very bitter realpolitik.

Left pol is that way. Why are you shitting up pol with your faggotry?


Lauren Southern is a fucking mudsharking whore. She's a grifter who found a niche market repeating talking points created by white men while flashing her tits on screen and bleeding shekels from beta white males. Shes a truly disgusting amoral individual. Any white man who watches her videos and donates to her should just off themselves now because they are useless to us. All these alt-kike types like Jones, Cenovich, PJW, MILO, Southern will go into the trash bin of history.

We need more tarrant and less talkers.



I don't personally ascribe much value to internet celebrities. So many of them are egotistic and in it for the attention. I also would not recommend it as one's main battleplan in the war. Working on yourself is the most important part. If you can't have a discussion about deeper Third-Position philosophy, such as Carl Schmitt or Corporatism, then you might end up doing more harm than good by making your side look like fools. If you wish to fight in the battle, then you may simply wait and allow someone to hand you a rifle. If you wish to move mountains, lead men, and take action now, then it is imperative that you are well-developed. You should be physically healthy, intelligent, self-confident but not egotistic, and genuinely care about the reemergence of beauty and social unity.

If you're a NEET, or genuinely think that being an e-celeb will help you educate people then I have advice. Choose one of these two: self-proclaimed Fascist or Conservative. Then you can take one of two routes: infotainment or pure education. In general, I'd say there is a severe lack of National Socialist friendly philosophy on the internet. There's one channel, Cultured Thug, that seems to have informed people of the "canon." The Conservative side of YouTube seems to have a severe problem with "classical liberals" and such. If you hide your powerlevel, LARP as a Republican, and always take the NatSoc side of things then you'd probably get a lot of subscribers very quickly. You're also in a unique position because you get to suggest alternatives and action; the real conservatives cannot do that without stepping on too many toes, or contradicting themselves.

Don't forget production value either. If you're going for the infotainment route, you need flashy animations and what not. (see: PragerU) If you're just trying to teach then a simple dry-erase board and a camera will work. I would personally a channel where the guy shows slide-shows of pictures and whatnot, but isn't afraid to interrupt that by breaking out the whiteboard to really nail something down. Visual learning is much better than auditory learning. I remember struggling to understand Kant's epistemology, and then I saw someone draw a stupid little diagram to explain it, and then it clicked.

One final idea, just for the memes, is to take advantage of this "breadtube" thing. Pretend to be a Leninist, say party-line NatSoc things, and then call anyone who disagrees with you a revisionist. The modern Right understands Marx better than modern communists do, so it should be easy for you to formulate your talking points. I feel like this would be an amusing thing to do, but I should point out that it's attacking the left rather than building up the Right.

e-celebs - yes, they gain attention for the cause and spread information that otherwise would not reach people.

debaters - no, the existence of our people is not up for debate, neither are our moral values.

Whose blog are you copy pasting here you leftist cocksuckers? This whole thread doesn't look organic one bit.

There's a legitimate body of evidence to suggest that intelligent, coherent, articulate voices for views outside the Overton Window are shut down artificially: in ye olde days, this was done by (((someone))) sitting at a desk. Nowadays, it's done by a AI and an algorithm. That's why the spokesperson for "Far right millenials" is Ben Shapiro, and the face of the "ALT RIGHT" is Jordan Peterson.
The internet is irrevocably pozzed for this. If you managed to actually succeed in convincing people of any of the commonly held views on Zig Forums, your channel would be shoahed and Antifa would come around and burn your house down. If you can get pills down to the point where normies can swallow them, you're far better off doing that in-person.
Start a normie youtube channel if that's your thing. Sow the seeds of truth into your videos, to be tripped over by the deserving and the fortunate. The youtuber doing the most for Zig Forums right now is SsethTzeentach because he's doing literally that exact fucking thing as a video games channel. He's got a good lesson in there for you: dress up your approach as comedy. (((THE LEFT))) can neither meme nor joke (as you can see with their comedic luminaries as John Oliver and Stephen Colbert), so they don't fully understand how to fight it (beyond censorship, and if they censor you once you have an audience then they lose). If you show that you're a good writer and an eloquent speaker, it would be rather easy for you to find your way into the debates.
Frankly I've never watched an internet debate, and think that your time would be much better spent creating funny redpilling internet videos that will help Generation Zyklon come into its identity, and building your community around that rock. If you build it and take the time to make it worthwhile, people will come and participate.

Lauren Southern is a literal Jew you newfaggot piece of shit and a race mixer.

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So what's the verdict on ecelebs? Contradicting opinions or is it just Lauren Southern? What if she wasn't didn't date a half-black guy.
Btw not going to excuse that. Some very lefty women only date white guys, so there is no excuse for a "right-wing" women to do that. That's the problem with being a counter-culture. It attracts absolute degenerates like Count Dankula.

Man, i hate that guy. We all are just supposed to like him, because it's so "based" how he taught a dog the nazi salute, but he looks and acts like a degenerate hippie.

I thought about saying our movement, but I changed it, because I thought of you, user.

They're almost universally grifters and egomaniacs obsessed with Mammon and furthering their own brand. They exist to talk, never to take action. The only good ecelebs are those who are strictly factual like Cultured Thug. The rest are shit

Unless people are redpilled on the JQ the white race is doomed to extinction. Working out and having kids doesn't matter if we don't rid ourselves of this fatal disease.

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Nice homoerotic fantasies, faggot.

Cultured thug and vertigo blackpilled and kommandment way of the world thats it. Go for people who give out factual information.

looks jewish

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Hi shill, nice thread. You're just really torn on this? I too am hip American teenaged person such as yourself.
But surely with the right substanceless nobodies, "our" "movement" would raise the Hitlerfahnen over the Potomac!

You're only allowed to be an ecleb with a large following if you bend the knee to Israel and push their propaganda.
99% of ecelebs are Zionist shills.

The "advice" is the plan, the plan hasn't changed, and the fact that you don't know the plan should bother you given that you consider yourself a good debater.
Peek at the plan: do not attract attention, stay out of trouble, keep your head down, develop yourself, do not reveal your power level, do not become demoralized, keep your mouth shut, lift and diet, practice opsec, oh yeah and do not become an eceleb.

(((Lauren Southern))) SHE IS A LITERAL JEW



soph is our biggest weapon. She should be leader of the alt-right

Carl Benjamin (The Benjamin surname is derived from the Hebrew personal name Benjamin) has destroyed his own party. Entire districts and constituencies have left, nearly all female MEPs have left, multiple former party members have condemned them, they lost 80% of the seats they defended in the local elections. Carl who doesn't believe in white people, laughs at white genocide, jacks off to trannies, claims to be part black, and when told on stream by a man that he was molested at the age of 11 by an adult responded with it depends on the child because some boys mature faster than others, has destroyed UKIP entirely. Carl believes in fucking mature 11 year olds because preteen sodomy is quintessentially British.

Carl also loves big nigger dicks. As seen in this archive here:

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I wouldn't be surprised if it was discovered that she is a jew

These debates never change anybody's mind. The only people who are going to sit through 2 hours of intellectual masturbation are people who have a rooting interest in one side or the other. People's politics are largely a result of peer pressure, whether overt or subconscious. Very few break out of their social conditioning, when they do they find themselves here.

they are energy leeches at this point

It's a knock-off Vox Day lol

No, OP. They're release valves and gatekeepers. Your fellow user is all you need.

Whose this? I'm tuning in. Also, whose being edgy? We ALL MEAN IT.

No fault of his own… right.

WTF do you think preventing them from being robbed, raped and murdered by shitskin migrants does?

Get a pet doggy if you want a friend. This isn't a popularity contest, it's a fight for our peoples existence.

Ok this is a troll. You're a fucking waste of space.


Cultured Thug isn't a jew. Years ago JAM Jr. hired a private investigator to try and prove it, and he came up empty handed.

vox day is a faggot

No. They are there to de-radicalize people.

Who the fuck is "our", Neck yourself faggot.

What you do is this: you first find a non-political subject that you can do justice to with enthusiasm and integrity, that you're passionate about, and you build a career on that with as much style and humor as possible, always honing your act, studying the art of charisma, with a deft self-deprecating touch when needed, and by doing this, you become a force. This will take 2 to 3 years. In these years, you earn influence in your specific field by becoming a respected authority, and you keep your hands clean and your reputation intact so that others who happen across you are drawn in. This avoids burnout and becoming embittered or obsessed to a degree that rules out joy, success, and reproduction. Acquiring influence in your chosen field will also teach you how to acquire it later in other areas, and the modelling of excellence is always a positive. Remember also that you're the custodian of your life experience, family lore and legends, and genetic wealth, and these are not yours to squander for the brief elation of speaking your mind.

Brush off early attempts to draw you out on your views with variations on 'politics are too divisive,' and draft literal scripts to evade awkward questions. No lone wolfing. Only if forced, give minimal ground and platitudes, 'yeah hating people because of the color of their skin is dumb' (factually correct, right? So use variations on that as needed). You do this until you become big enough that you have thousands or even millions of people eagerly checking for your latest content (and yes you'll also have haters, the early ones who try to shut you down because they're inadequate, the later ones who gatekeep, attempting to prevent anyone achieving what this reply proposes). Youtubers infight, so avoid negativity and gossip, keep everything about the subject, and not about personalities. This way, you are not sharpening knives for your own back. Study men you admire, and how they handled detractors, and never go into open conflict with a superior force. Sun-Tzu, the Thirty-Six Stratagems, Machiavelli et al are your guidelines during this period.

So if you do this right, you'll be leading a fruitful life and also you'll be building A Platform, there will be people whose lives you've subtly improved, who think well of you, you'll have INFLUENCE. And at this stage the very least you're doing is giving us weary crew a source of entertainment that doesn't ram poz down our throats, no small thing in itself. Only then do you start carefully guiding and dropping red pills. Your skill and learning acquired up to that moment will far exceed what you possess right now, and you'll see the openings to lead the people you've amassed. I can't try to predict what form this will take, but I know it will become apparent to you as you progress. Finally, never willingly give up any influence or power whatsoever, under any circumstances, at any stage in your life; instead, always strive for more of these things.

Tl;dr:- Create your platform first by excellence. Proceed from there to lead the people you have amassed. Never punch right, strive to model non-degenerate life without showing your hand.

Be cunning, be patient, and work tirelessly on your passions, in service of your politics.

Appreciation post for Jeff from ATLEAN-X helping me avoid abdominal hernia and advice on fixing my rounded shoulders.

When did Zig Forums get infested by these hulla muslim faggots?

Why not just start worshipping lawyers then? They argue a lot, they nitpick a lot.

Fuck off and kill yourself.

Go for it, do as much as you feel comfortable with.
Moderates and e-celebs are useful, change in political views is necessarily gradual, no one will consume content with which they completely disagree. Whenever you want someone to agree with you, you need to understand their worldview and tailor your argument for them, you need to avoid making them angry at you because emotions play a large role. If you want to make videos you could do subtle "normie" videos with hint of truth every now and then and recruit for the right, try latching on to the circles of established e-celebs and pushing their fanbase further with arguments tailored just for them. I managed to convert a Muslim into atheist with ~50 comments tailored specifically for him, anything is possible. Being subtle and tasteful is more effective than being a sperg, unless you use humor.

I'm not sure if shills or if people on this board need read up on human psychology and and rhetoric

checkin dubs

keep your identity safe, your ego dead, screw the money and demonetize yourself because it's going to be an interesting battle. never relent on the information and propaganda front. keep your spaghet in if you want to herd normalfags obviously

op is hypocrite

People follow the strong, and that means action, not words.

1) Everyone is capable to become a propagandist. You do not need to be extroverted or socially likable. You only need to be a good writer and knowledgable. You always can delegate the presentation to people who are skilled at that.

2) The Internet is the battleground of the 21st century, in the same way the radio and newspapers were in the critical period of the 1920s and 30s. However, you can't afford to neglect mass ralleys and party gatherings - IF AND WHEN! the movement is strong enough for that kind of endeavor. Hitler needed several attempts to fill the Circus Krone in Munich, the largest public arena of that town back then. And initially the people were not really perceiptive. Mein Kampf's chapter about propaganda is excellent learning material. Learn from the very best, the man himself.

3) It is always helpful to establish network to normie politicians. Infiltration of opposing movements is key to act AND react. If the infiltration is successful, victory is inevitable.

4) E-celebs are tools, and they must be treated as such. They are important to gain enough real influence, but as soon as the movement is one step away to win over the masses, these figures should be quietly phased out or relegated to less important tasks. They are expendable in the finale phase of the power grab.

underrated post

The movement and shitler is useful for the Jews to exterminate Whites.

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