The truth about greek fascism they don't teach you in (((school)))φωτογραφιες-καθεστωτος-μεταξας-4ης-αυ/Οικογένεια_Βενιζέλου

Eleftherios Venizelos:
>Metaxas is against proceeding the invasion in Asia Minor and he proposes the Greeks keep a defensive tactic . The (((king))) decides to happily continue the invasion.
>Rumors has it a known (((dealer))) in Constantinople supplied them with malfunctioning or damaged weaponry .

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"For the sake of historical truth I must verify that only the Greeks, of all the adversaries who confronted us, fought with bold courage and highest disregard of death."
-Hitler on Greek heroes
"We shall be victorious! But for the Greeks, Glory is even more important than Victory”.
-Metaxas during the Italian invasion

OP must be a Greek, because no one gives a flying fuck about Greeks, their bloodline have mixed too much with niggers, 80 % of greeks looks like Brazilians, it's pretty much over for them.

Unlike Spaniards and Italians, 80% of Greeks are not Europeans but Turks, and probably even less White than Turks. The original Greeks were replaced over time.

Correction (thanks to stupid copy paste)
"Cretan surnames end in -akis and by that logic Venizelos' surname should be named Venizelakis"

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Greek nigger, don't be so mad, you know, it's a shame what happened to your bloodline let that be a lesson for Europe or we are going to look like Greeks.

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I wonder who could be behind this post

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You know it's OP who changed his IP, because no ones gives a fuck about Greeks on this board, the truth hurts, but honestly who wants to look like you Greeks ? that's right, no one.

you surely seem to give a fuck, given the persistent level of butthurt you are showing

It's not that i give a fuck about Greeks, it's that i have to remind everyone that Greeks are not Europeans and not White and therefore should get the fuck out.

What are you sliding there you fucking jew ?

that's not what he said you absolute mongoloid, he said that they were not Europeans and therefore not White, they are turks, that's true. You can be European and have brown hair and brown eyes, that's not the problem here, Greeks were replaced by Non-Whites over time which is also true

nobody is falling for your projections, mongrel
if Greeks are different from Mycenaeans, as ancient DNA demonstrated already, it is because they have more Slavic-related DNA, nothing else

That's just facts OP lmfao, Turks are whiter than Greeks, not even joking. This is really sad for you niggers, but hey it's life

Roach detected.


Greeks have been too based to be part of the European self-genocidal globohomo group.

You seem to be too butthurt about getting blown the fuck out of Aegean and possibly starve to death during the next decade. Turkey has no economy at this point and even kikes don't want to lend you any cash.

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Woah, what an absolute fucking retard you are, today's modern greeks are obviously not White, the ancient Greeks however were White, The Original Greek bloodline disappeared over time and that was a well known fact even in the Third Reich. and you know that's the truth. Greeks are not White, they are Turks, not matter how much you try to deny the truth it's still the truth, sub human trash don't you dare call yourself an European.

I fucking hate you you vermin.

"I demand people living in a mediterranean country that has clear skies 300 days a year to be milky white, otherwise they cannot be considered European"

"Ancient Greeks, in a time when Greece was even hotter and sunnier, who had to spend a lot more time working outside, were milky white, blonde-haired blue-eyed"

This is what the kike wants you to believe.
Truth is that you can't live in such a climate and be milky white, even more so in ancient times. Maybe some wives of a king or prostitutes, but not the general population. Not ever.
If you believe in the jew's argument that you have to be Nordic European looking to think or to invent anything, you've been fucked by psy-ops.


The "turkish" race or phenotype doesn't exist, retard. Turks are just Anatolian mongrels (Greeks,Armenians, Kurds etc) since the original tiny-dicked mongolians were erased from the gene pool fairly quickly.
A research has already been conducted,by a commie no less, and concluded that modern day Greeks are 95% genetically related to ancient Greeks.
The only "racemixed" Greeks you'll ever witness are the ones with ancient Roman blood.

The amount of Low IQ in this thread is astounding. Are you all Greeks wtf.

You retard niggers are seriously braindead or something ? Being brown eyed or brown haired is not the question there, as repeated over and over again, You can be European and have brown eyes and brown hair and therefore be White, but the modern day Greeks are not Europeans they are TURKS (probably even more mixed than the average Turk) therefore they are not White.

You Greeks seriously lack self awareness, screaming Sieg Heil , Gas the Kikes, Race War now when you look less White than an North African is absolutely hilarious.

On that note i acknowledge that some Greeks are Europeans but the crushing majority of them are not.

You can say anything about Italians and Spaniards which i am not, I am British, but at least they are Europeans, and of course you believe a commie when it's in your interest, what an hypocrite you are, scum.

screaming "turks" over and over again won't change anything you wretched paki slave, your claims are completely unsupported by any data, the peoples closest to mainland Greeks are by far central/south Italians and other Balkan peoples

Deep down you know i am right, nigger hahaha

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The commie tried to prove what you are saying and got absolutely destroyed, nigger.
Just to be frank ancient Anglos weren't celts like you and yet no one gives a fuck because neither them nor you have any significant history or achievements.

That shows how dishonest you are, Central Italy is not even in the Greece range, honestly fuck you, keep lying to yourself, Notice how you didn't say Turkey. Scum.

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Why is it always a "british" and a "german" who come out and accuse other people of being not white?

It gets ridiculous when they start praising turks.

Perhaps these are all paki/turk in disguise.

we are talking about genetics here

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negro saxons are the kikes of the sea, no surprise there

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Real funny seeing a "british" talking about paki mongrel.

Show us your test.

Thank you nigger, now i am convinced that Greeks are not White. Did you seriously think that was going to prove Greeks are White hahahahaha

I smell a roach.

You would be surprised of how many Anglos try to claim that "modern greeks are turks" or that "Alexander the Great was a fag" to downplay Greece's past racial, cultural and technological superiority that has already been praised by every scientist and scholar in the entire world.
It's happening for several decades, way before they started importing inbred shitskins.

And i smell someone who's lack of self awareness is quite shocking tbh. You niggers just unintentionally proved that Greeks weren't White, congrats.

It's all paki and turk butthurtness tbh.

They know their shit is done.

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Bump for good thread

Good thread ? i've not even read 1 line of this shitty thread and this keeps coming back, fuck you. Sage Btw.

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Greek, ahahahahaha see that's what i'm talking about. Less White than Turkish, fuck this thread, OP you don't belong here

2nd picture - what people were tested for this African DNA admixture check?

Op Hatzis isn't necessarily a muslim surname, Greeks (and other orthodox) would add it to their names sort of as a pseudo honorific after having visited the holy land i.e became "hadjis." You can still find plenty of modern greeks with this in their last names like xatzigiannis, xatzipetros, or as a first name sometimes.

Greeks are now biologically niggers, a cautionary tale against the pollution of bloodlines. Lets not let the rest of our race be washed away in a sea of muddy shit brown.

Funny how the thread got derailed so quickly with the "greeks are not white".
And you expect people to unite under a "white race" ? Kek.

It's not that Greeks are not White, most of them are not Europeans, there's still some European Greeks though

this place is nothing more than 4chan at this point, racial disinformation spammed in every thread regardless of the topic as in this case


it's some nearly 10 years old outdated test putting together all sorts of african ancestries like NW African and also NE African
funnily enough according to the same exact test, some neolithic Swedes from megalithic cultures were up to 10% "African"

Good thread OP, while it's true that many modern Greeks are racially degenerared, not all of them are, and they are still culturally/historically European and could be our valuable allies.

Don't get trolled by kike shills and lash out at other Europeans, Greeks are whiter than Israelis who look like typical sandniggers.

The Germans call this a stab in the back, do the Greeks call this getting fucked in the ass?

they stopped teaching us anything about Greece after about 500BC.

If ASSad tries to enter Turkey from the rear, would Greece help?

You always leave one critical thing out.

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Oh, well, if a commie says the Greeks were niggers, then it must be true!
Nice work, Sherlock.


all of you need to be gassed

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Ok. Point of the question was: were the tests only done on Whites and White-looking people? Or was it the whole population, to get a genetic average?

I lament for what has happened to Hellas.

most likely average volunteers, not sure about the exact procedure by which they select candidates for the specific dataset(probably HGDP or something)
"white looking people" is an amerikike meme, Europe has a vast diversity of phenotypes going back to the stone age, Greeks don't have to compare themselves to NW Europeans


And here you went full retard. Venizelos literally means venetian.

Havent read the OP, I just find these "you are not white" threads ridiculous. Greek here.
First of all, mixes between greeks and turks WERE NOT COMMON in the mainland dyring Ottoman rule. And the offsprings of mixes (always muslim man and greek woman) were considered Turks.
Now obviously a large part of the greek population (especially in the islands) CAN NOT be considered European. That is because of population exchanges with turkey, where christians of any origin from asia were sent to greece. And obviously some of them also mixed with the population here doing more damage. BUT a large part of the greek population is still pure european blood (self included). For reference the photos are from leaders and members of the NS movement here in Greece.
I dont understand this retarded "X is not White". Its like claiming France isnt white because a percentage of french population is mixed.

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The low-energy shills who arrived and flung their diapers everywhere at the mere mention of Greece is hilarious, only capable of quantity but never quality posts. Notice they can never cite a source or even provide a link? Its always the same rehashed buzzwords devoid of context.

OP is a Malaka doing his civic duty and rekindling history while drooling bottom of the barrel shills just stall for time with d&c and topic dillution. I hope he has info on the civil war and the junta afterwards, it was some crazy shit.

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I had noticed the same exact thing on cuckchan's Zig Forums, yet another major signal this place is just turning into cuckchan 2.0 where you can't have any discussion about south Europe in general without the thread turning into some pseudoscientific racial shitflinging

So The word "meme" is from the greek It means to repeat.
μιμ is pronounced meme. Oh and Zig Forums is about to be nuked.
The commies on the daily beast are gunning hard with all of their power behind it. If you can help out, now is the time.

This is in all likelihood the same kike who spends hours screaming and crying that Poles are not White and that Germany must invade Poland and steal their land for "White brotherhood"
Same MO

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