I got a speeding ticket in the mail for driving 7 km/h (4,3 mph) over the speed limit. The ticket was 250usd

I got a speeding ticket in the mail for driving 7 km/h (4,3 mph) over the speed limit. The ticket was 250usd.

Realistically speaking, how can I punish my government for this without facing any consequences?

My idea so far:

Clog up traffic by driving really when a trailer or another utility vehicle is driving behind me. Doing this long enough will cost society.

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driving really slow*

Good idea. Drive very slow in rush time.

contest the ticket
they only issue fucking retard tickets for sums as small as that if they think you wont fight back
fighting back eats up court time and it ends up costing them more money if it drags on, so usually if you fight it they just let you go

You should be able to go to court and appeal that ticket. The sum of the error of speedometers in your car and the error of the cop's speed detecting devices is about 5mph IIRC.

This is what I'd say if you were in the US. As you appear to be a Euro, you are perhaps fucked.

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Are u in US? I am and over here there is sort of a loophole wheres you can avoid getting points on your license and causing your insurance cost to go up for speeding.

The trick is to delay the court appearance for 18 months. You have to just delay delay delay . you can do this over the phone most of the time and just call and say you cant make the court date because you have to work,and can't get off, or have a friend call for you and say they are your legal representation and have them,say they have another court appearance that day and can't make it to court. The clerk on the phone may be rude and bitchy but you have every right to delay. You do have to show up 1 single time to pay a bond, but it is about 50 or 60 $

Keep doing it for 18 months and the points are then voided. ( points only last 18 months from date the ticket occured) you will eventually have to pay a fine probably but you will have plenty of time.

Another trick is to appeal and say that it was defensive driving, because someone was tailgating you and you needed to make room. You are supposed to keep a certain amount of distance from cars, and you are in your right to protect yourself. You could also say there was an ambulance behind you and you were moving out of the way to make room or something ( they cant rewind the survrilance footage)

In most countries you can get fined if you drive under a specific % of the speed limit, so driving slowly might not be the best option.

Read your constitution.
You have a right to travel freely and encumbered pursuant to shapiro v thompson, Article 1 section 9, Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U.S. 105 (1943) stops the gubbamint from issuing a license and a fee on a right, Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham :: 394 U.S. 147 (1969) says you can ignore the right and engage with impunity

I did all your homework for you. Motion for dismissal and then claim your damages so the city has to pay

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Refuse to pay the ticket, simple enough.

Or claim the officer or traffic cam made a mistake and take it to court.


Go to court and make a stink over it. they will probably lessen the offense to a non point infraction.

Buy things online
Stop driving
File lawsuits against businesses (ADA Complaints are fairly common and costly for them)
That's all I can think of right now.


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Most states, if you just show up in court, they knock down the fine and infraction. A few months ago, I was in the neighborhood of the court, I went in to deal with a parking ticket, I got a $40 fine knocked down to $4. They were mostly concerned that I could pay cash, right now, before they gave me the deal. So bring cash. Wear slacks and shoes, dress and act respectful. They will pretty much guide you through the process.

I wasn't even looking for a discount, I just wanted to pay the fine and have it go away. They offered it.

He got the ticket in the mail. Can’t knife the mailman for it. Stfu stupid.

I'm too lazy to look it up for you right now, but in the U.S. you can just ignore it. There is an entire thread (not even sure if on Chans), and some articles online about beating the cam ticket by simply not dealing with it. The system is now utterly fucked, and far too bogged down to come hunting for ticket dodgers.
If I recall, it has something to do with not being able to prove you were the driver at the time, even though it's your car, among other assumptions made to bust you.

Shit directly onto the floor in the restrooms of Government institutions such as the social security office and DMV.

If you lose, here's the other option.

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They wouldn't bother, over here (U.S.).
People here routinely drive 10 mph over the posted limit, and they don't think they're speeding.

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Unless it came registered mail, and he had to sign for it, he can simply say he never received it.

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