Magazine used as a mandatory learning tool for high schoolers in the Czech Republic

Feel free to read through if you want to know what the author "Paul Farrington-Douglas (UK)" thinks about you and what he shoves down teens' throats. (And to have a good laugh).

Hopefully my camera isn't too shit. Enjoy.

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The US is exporting communism.

This is a good thing. Maybe some Czechs will find their way here.

It's probably for the purposes of teaching English.

Always have been, since the first bolshevik uprising. For a bunch of people who say they hate the federal reserve, they sure don't mind just letting it get away with funding the deliberate destruction of the earth based from their own backyard for over a century.

Teenagers often rebel against authority.
The authority is pushing all of this politically correct garbage, so hopefully it will convince some teens to rebel against it.

We used to have these already 10 years ago or so in high school, would be about monthly and you would have to pay for them yourself, but they were mandatory for the class. Even before the advent of transgenderism etc. it would already be filled with multiculturalism. I am Czech.

Notice how the pro-white people they choose are always all Untermenschen. Visual optics DO matter, rhetoric-wise all that matters is that you can articulate yourself and look like a confident Aryan superman

Glossary box

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Pretty much how I got here.

(((They))) know this and always present their propaganda in a way that makes it appear youthful and rebellious. Only a small minority can see the contradiction of an elite in control of the media pushing it's pawns as symbols of rebellion.

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Shouldn't have stabbed the germans in the back with your prague uprising.
Now you all will be turned gay by the UK.

not much hope for eastern europe tbh they have communist programming in their blood, it's not even about politics its a way of thinking. only the northern balts and the to some degree the hungarians have avoided it, don't ask me why.



What is the difference at this point

All deals are null and void

Do they not realize that this isn't the kind of stuff you should be listing out in a glossary? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm against English being chucked in the faces of other nations as well. Nonetheless, if your explicit purpose is to develop reading comprehension of English, wouldn't it make sense that you'd note words and terms that these young adults will come to use and not a meme phrase that was hijacked from a dying kids' game and may only remain in public conscience because of Tarrant?

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What school? Any proof?

Pretty much. The USA was in and of itself founded as a Jewish experiment. Sure, no Jew wrote its (early) laws or constitutions (Articles of Confederation was the first constitution), but they most definitely had a hand in having it founded.

Stop trying to rewrite history, you filthy philosemite. All the garbage worshiping that kike wasn't around until the mid 1900s, when American was firmly in the jews' grip.

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