Target Selection

I was going to write an entire manual for this but realized I can make my point without writing so much.

Good targets: breeders, warriors, influencers.
Bad targets: anyone else

• Breeders - Women who for biological reasons and reasons of upbringing are likely to breed more. Women who aren't going to have children anyways because they're too old or too anti-natalist don't count for much as targets, they're already making sure their ideology and their lineage is a dead-end.
• Warriors - Anyone who is likely to kill some of our people. This excludes soyboys, pacifists, etc. but includes nigger bucks, sandcoons, and any demographics that are likely to do any actual fighting and are prepped for it. Killing them means less white lives perish in the world.
• Influencers - those with money, connections, respect, fame, a large audience, power, etc. such as news reporters, business people, religious leaders, lawyers, etc. who choose to be anti-white.

Ultimately if you're going for the highscore you don't have time to stop and ask each and every person before you kill them what their ideology is. However you should pick a place where you're likely to encounter high value targets. Don't bomb a retirement home or a church whose congregation is all old people (unless they are known to be funding and endorsing importing shitskins or something like that) or shoot nationalists of any race at a march that actually want segregation and a ban on racemixing or otherwise pick terrible targets.

Go for the heart of the poz. Brenton picked a great target that was full of all three of the above; breeders, warriors, and influencers. Breivik selected a target full of influencers. Great choices in both cases.

Here is an example of how to study your targets: Look in your state/province/country for all the different churches and similar places. Do some investigation and find which is the most pozzed, take notes on each one. When you're done, pick the most pozzed one, and study the whole structure. Figure out how many potential exits there are, etc. plan the whole thing out.

The answer (in Minecraft) is always bankers, religious leaders celebs and traitorous politicians

gas yourself fed we advocate killing orchestrators like your bosses and you when you come after us. the shitskins can be genocided once the zog is dealt with.


Good targets: kikes

I played minecraft one time and we all burned our city halls

reddit ————->>>

I played it like three times , every time massive blocks of Minecraft tnt would take out lots of things and make lots of nice calm useful lakes

Aiming at all Jews is stupid. That's Tarrant level of assault: does nothing in the end especially since the high scores will be rare and what you want to do is actually score meaningful kills and not get caught. Roof and Tarrant are false-models, mental honey pots.
You must have target of choices. High quality/influence targets.

Jews can’t subvert if they’re dead

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The fuck?

That's actually a very brilliant idea and would seriously disrupt the ability of ZOG to ZOG.

Too bad my city hall is so beautiful that I don't want to burn it down.

The occupants of city hall however…

You're a fucking retard.

Roof and Tarrant both picked high quality/influence targets.

Roof killed old niggers but those old niggers were directly involved in some anti-white influence.


Another shit thread by a fucking faggot.
Seriously, what the fuck are you doing?

Traitors go first on dotr. Everyone else who needs a necktie can wait their turn. Plenty of rope. And as a friend always says:"rope is reusable".

tarrant, breveik, roof all surrendered to zogbots without a shot fired. did they think this would give them a moral high ground or were they just scared to continue killing their enemies?

user, if they had fired back, they wouldn't still be alive to fight again


Yeah, sure you were.


They are a target, just of something else.

There should be a point system:

(((Breeder))): +5

Breeder: +1

Influencer: +10

(((Male))): +1

(((Female))): +2

Anti-white: +25

Doxxer: +10

Politician: +15

Hollywood: +5

Banking: +10

Maybe we can burn your country house too.

It is true that they must die for their people; but their spirits will rise from their graves, and the world will know that they were right.

Breivik killed white people for not being sufficiently pro Jew. Only a shill would prote him.

Are or aren't jews a plague that needs to be wiped from the Earth?
Say God.
Call jews kikes, yids, and oven dodgers.
What did Hitler do?
Admit jews are behind all the perverseities in the world.
Say Jesus Christ is your savior.

Hello glow.

Hello low-IQ IP hopping demon. Answer the questions.

Deporting them and tried over throwing them and freed his people for 12 years.

Answer the rest hopping yid.

You're kidding right….

Kek. Your so-called "race" is on death's door and look at you. Pathetic.

Lmao kikes are in the process of being outright exterminated like the pests they are and they stillcdon't have the balls to just admit who they are and what they're fighting for. Fucking pathetic. No wonder God chose you to be his whipping boys. You're all sad cowardly fucks haha.

Is there anything more pathetic than a kike? Think about it. At least a Rat knows it's a Rat and just RATS. A kike doesn't even have the courage to admit what it is; it has to pretend to be ANYTHING except a KIKE to push it's KIKE shit. Yet it's so delusional it actually thinks it's right. HAHA if that was the case you'd have the CONFIDENCE to stand behind your beliefs…but even (((YOU))) know it's bullshit. Instead of accepting that those are the breaks you kick and scream and piss your IDF issued diapers like the petulant demons you are. Kikes are fucking pathetic, worthless "things" beneath even rats. At least rats don't lie.

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What questions? Read Breivik in his own words.

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Reviving this thread because I want to post my opinion on this topic
Lol you're only posting this, advocating for other people to go out and commit mass shootings, because you don't have the balls to do it yourself. Whites aren't facing a political genocide from random jews/joe shmoe minorities minding their everyday business. Either nut up or shut up you fucking rotter

Let them turn in to the authorities those Jews who aren't minding their own business. It would be the best thing for inter-community relations.

Breivik is a monotheist crusader who crusaded on the European people like the christian expansionists in the early AD.

The glowing I'm feeling from this post is giving me uranium fever

Just going to reiterate that OP is 100% a rotter living with his parents and contributes nothing more to society than welfare leeches ruining society lol

Did he really fall for that crap?

Is brevik aware of the jq?

He did answer your question.

strategically unsound. when you wage guerilla war, you hit all levels of targets. it's to make your enemy feel unsafe whenever they are occupying your territory. no position should be safe for them.

That band, M.B.R. really redpilled me on how the creators of the early x86 architecture were actually Aryans but jews conspired together at each release to take over and supplant the original White creators for a jewish led team and patents for jews. Worse though, is the jew pulled off the same subversion multiple times at each new release and the White man never figured it out, so by the 80486 there wasn't any powerful Whites left to take control back from the jewish consortium.

He loves Jews. Read his manifesto.

That's a good point. Don't want them to feel like they are safe and it's only certain anti-whites that get targeted and not all of them.

Check out this thread too:

Don't fall for the shill's lies, he's been debunked repeatedly. Breivik since his attack long time ago renounced this and proclaimed himself a national socialist in jail. He also sieg-heiled repeatedly during the court. Whole retarded meme about him killing those young commies and shitskins because they didn't accepted the Jew enough is just like that - bullshit. He attacked them because they were a) new generation of leftists and b) because there were many shitskins and race-traitors as well.

No. You eliminate EVERYTHING.
Especially women and children, with the constant reminder that it's because women breed more enemies, and their children grow up to be soldiers. Find the nearest cliff. The message is clear to all.

You will never survive us.

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Get this shit out of here faggot.
Op is like" hey guys I have a great idea let's kill moms."
what a stroke of genius.

Going to a place and killing rando's is low tier and if you do it you are taking the easy way out. You literally can't think of anything better then what a low iq sand roach can in some mud hut.

Do something more complicated, learn logic, debate and oration. Learn to design and build things from a 3d printer
learn to program or hack
learn logic and law , study famous court cases
all these things are better ways to advance our cause.
Doing these things from self teaching will put you ahead of the college zog bots and you will be able to maintain independence.

Its time whites organized like blacks did under malcom x, except I think we all know we can do it better.

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Very true that random lone wolf attacks are a major waste of potential, it's time to organize. But, it's also true that we're going to have to waste countless shitskins, whether they are random invaders or in positions of power given to them by the jew, we must eliminate as many as we can and drive the rest to leave our lands themselves out of fear. We must cut off all the heads of the snake, eliminate the kike and all of his puppets, defeat the shock troops of ZOG in battle, and we will have our victory.



…60 years ago, faggot. It's too late for cowards like you. This is not your world. Shut the fuck up, and stay the fuck out of the way.

I say bullshit. In this day and tech age, swarms of Fight Club style "organization", and Lone Wolf attacks will be the only effective tactic. We know who our enemies are. They haven't been hidden for decades. The advantage is ours. They have no clue who, how many, or where we are.
What we really need to start doing is running a constant dox thread on the most viable, and important targets. The Lone Wolf RWDSs will do the rest at their leisure.

Glowed so much, you blinded my eyes god damn it.

t. pacifist cuck

Yes, compartmentalize humanity into rigid constructs of animalistic control systems. You fucking kike, human being is not your animal thing. Your systems and logic fail time and time again you faggot ass materialist. You give up your own origin for the worship of dirt and paranoia.

I'm an idealist, not a materialist. I'm also not a humanist cuckold faggot jew like you though. Only whites are human in the fullest meaning of that word, deal with it.

Tarrant stated, he can waste more of the states resources by remaining in prison than if he dies. He gets more publicity this way too and more media attention, and can spread the message of revolt to much more effect than if he was dead.

Reciprocate the great firewall

As though this shit isn't obvious to anyone making a huge step like TWO YEARS OF PLANNING A FUCKING MASSACRE



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Aryan means race traitor. Reciprocate the firewall.

That’s actually smart
If that man survives to the singularity and I have any influence over this decision, I’ll give him a crazy rape ape world of his own so he can experience all the race war he wants

Reciprocate the firewall (psst, this is climate and egalitarian activism, not anti-China) so we’re more likely to get there

The problem is that those who attack me in minecraft have no fear of any repercussions and so they tend to get more extreme. I have found that if they fear for their safety because an ally has been attacked, they have a tendency to keep their mouths shut

In theory, that is a waste of time. In theory one would target government or economic system assets.
You will only get the demographics in check if you destabilize and replace the system as the dominant armed force/peacekeepers.

Read Turner Diaries dumbfuck. Also if you suicide attack civilian/lemming shitskins you're just pissing in an ocean of piss. 40 dead mudshits when there's 1 billion. You'll need an army to accomplish the grim task of dealing with them in a meaningful manner.
Also read Mao and Clausewitz and all other revolutionary tactics writers.

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You know OP is a larpy, neet faggot by putting INNOCENT WOMEN at the top of his list. If they're breeders, you pathetic cuck, go rape and imprenate them. We could use a few more retards to make fun of as your shit is already tiresome.

'warriors' hahaha where the fuck do these faggots come up with this shit? Yeah buddy, you go kill some 'nigger buck' who was a Marine when you've never killed anyone.

Just fuck off you autistic jew.