Trump brought home the bacon with Trade war

The global economy is valued at 80.68 trillion dollars, naturally President of the United States of America and billionaire Donald J. Trump could not help himself. He shook up the whole system of international trade. When the trade war started last year, people we concerned. Some people thought it would effect everyone. Most mainstream economists thought it would drive prices up. Imagine paying more than five dollars per gallon of gasoline. However, the prices of everyday goods, such as gas, milk, and bread did not sky rocket as the news predicted. Prices stayed stable. Even more, more Americans started going to work. Demands for domestic goods increased. Protected industries, such as steel increased their payments to employees and hired even more employees. Our protected industries are growing. We are making more steel. We have more excess food than ever before. The stock market is bullish.

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You mean more Black and Hispanic Americans ;)

Like Q says, patriots come in all colors. Not only is GEOTUS helping Americans, but he's sticking it to the DemoKKKrats, who are the real racists.

This obvious astroturf will be left up indefinitely.


Leave the thread.

damn it I am writing a paper on the trade war

what do you think of my thesis and sources

The Trade War Will Make America Greater and Is the Best Timeline for Global Society

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Hardly a blumpf supporter but you can see for yourself nothing really changed in price despite how much noise there was about it

>links bloomberg and some (((jewish soirces)))

thank god my prof isnt red pilled

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I hope you nigger mutts like your based protectionist economic.

despite numerous bankruptcies and refusing to produce tax returns. this is some nigger tier shilling.

in other words items that have no tariffs on or items that the US is one of the leaders in production.

literally hang yourself for this absolute retardation. you single handedly are bringing down the world's collective IQ with your mind numbing idiocy.

this is some quality autism

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If you are so upset about it why aren't you sageing?

trips off mostly right
loss today but I bet that is fake value being shed.
American workers are going back to work. It is a shame to lose so many spanish speakers but these released convicts need jobs.
the new lower class speaks english but has a record. the underclass is american now. that is progress to some.
Trump is going to get a second term unless he doesn't run. I would love to see the clinton sellout of america to china completely reverse. hell, I'd love to see textile manufacturing come back to american.

Because he is a newfag and is doing it wrong.


yeah, thats the stuff

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As someone pointed out to me when I said Tariffs are good way to collect tax, all that will happen is other Asian nations will take up slack from China if China is Tariffed.

I'd like to add that will all be done by Chinese companies moving equip AND people to those nations, and paying small fee to grease local govt stooges.

That will take Trump about 10yrs to figure out.

You can't just Tariff nations, you gotta Tariff classes of product regardless of origin.

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Why would I sage? I love to laugh at the retards.

I can just globally report the thread for child pornography from numerous IPs

Millions of opioid addicts

Millions of Americans in poverty

But a "trade war" makes the MAGA subhumans happy

Obvious kike is obvious.
8/pol/ had already doubts about him before kikey started banning every body who don't believe in his zog emperor.
Fool me once ya got me fool me twice shame on me.

wow I am ready to vote trump 2020 now!

bruh, local countries can undercut prices harder than china can produce with all the bullshit you mentioned.
and when asia can't find a cheaper labor source we go back to the americas, africa or somewhere else. or the companines bite the bullet and go even more mechanized and computer ised. once it is no longer profitbale to exploit labor the practice will be stop. and workers will to the same glue factory as all those carriage horses did.

imkikey is back, fag

And while that is playing out, all the independent and small farmers in the Midwest will be bankrupted and have their lands gobbled up jewish and saudi shareholders. Once that's been consolidated, I'm sure Trumpstein will magically come through with a "winning deal" with China.

Let me guess is op.

You meany your Professor is unaware of the true state of the world? Unaware of his surroundings? Thanks for admitting you're being taught by a retard.

but not as BO, dubs checked

that was really insightful and I WILL be guilty of plagiarism due to your insights user

blame their parents user not the GEOTUS

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Nope, as BO.

Whatever happened to /polk/?


dubs of blame the boards the knwoing released addiction prone drugs. tax all thier profits going back to that decision at 100%. that will send a message. the paterno tax.

damn it you guys go hard with the red pills

Fuck those spics

why? to ban you pedophiles

Tariffs are cool and I won't fault drumpfttt for it, but none of it means a thing is US becomes Mexico jr.

I mentioned that in my counter argument as the people that are being hired are not top tier Americans

are you replying to the right person? I am actually talking to imkampy himself?

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Tariffs only work for the people when there is industry present to take up the slack. When this industry isn't present, the government just gets more money and the people pay higher prices. How high of a price can be mitigated if the exporter decides to bear more of the cost, but it will be higher. The idea that tariffs are going to magically bring back industry that took decades to tear down just through the power of suggestion is nonsensical and fallacious. There was a thread here the other day that was left to sink when it wasn't going Trumpstein's way.

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The reason the prices of everyday items hasn't skyrocketed is that half the people don't have enough money to buy them.

You talk like this is a bad thing.

It is up to you to look at it however you want. I can't get inside your head.

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we'll get em' next time

You mean I voted for Trump and he was full of shit about BUILDING THE WALL????

lol, nobody here thought it would even get repaired, let alone parts of it being built. not really a good argument.

THIS is the only thing I agree with you on, yes the stock market is highly fabricated by insolvent debt bubbles, it is NOT a real indication of the economy what-so-ever. So whether it goes up or down, doesn't make a whole lot of real impact. The real impact can be seen by individual Americans and the results all depending where they live. Thats the REAL economy. Not cooked book govt numbers for empowerment.

It's nu/pol/ - kosher/pol/

Not cooked book govt numbers for *employment.

show your flag, nigger



Their is less and less of them they either convert or leave.

cute attempt at manufacturing concensus that “everyone here hates trump”

There's only one consensus manufacturer still kicking around these parts.

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1. We already have a thread.
2. Kill yourself for fellating the ZOG emperor.

Suicide now.

Go fellate Jews and nigger dick back to /r/the_zionald retarded subhuman civnac cuck.

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Only if you want turmoil
Which I do

the whole idea that (((trade war is bad))) is just a bunch of (((economist))) bullshit. The very pseudo science designed to manage, cajole, and manipulate.
We have been getting completely sold out for decades. It's that simple. Does any reasonable human being still believe the myth that east asian 'economic miracles' were natural? that they became so because they were so 'hard working' etc?
No. It was all a designed, directed and scripted rise that met the needs of the (((globalist))) enemies, at the particular expense and harm to the west and its populations.

He's far more for Whites than any of you StormJews.

explicate to me how these types of people aren't bigger enemies than leftoids

0/10, reported.

What a pathetic Stormfaggot you are.

0/10, reported.

No one in this thread is saying the trade war, in theory, is bad. That is you building up a straw man.

Still can't get a White women to fuck you?

Fuck off spamming kike.
Relying in anger trolling I see.

Worship the Economy some more you miserable fucking kike. Anyone who still supports Trump at this point should un-ironically kill themselves.

Ok this is a epic troll

0/10, reported.

He's hopping between a couple threads.


On many occasions, predictions made by Q have come true. Indeed, veiled references made by Q eventually make it into Trump's tweets just hours later. This indicates that Q may be a real person and not just a LARP.

It is not a LARP, it is not a live action role play. What it is is a zionist propaganda campaign trying to ape bullshit conspiracy theories from 90s era rumor mill news and craft a negrophilic warmongering narrative to justify the continued existence of the postwar order in a world and country where the American government has no credibility.

Anyone who thinks Q is a LARP at this point is either fucking 16 year old retard or just plain fucking braindead.
The effectiveness and level of competence of the said operation, especially in regards to reversing the waves of shilling and attacking white american and white/western civilization in general is another matter.
A lot of the negativity towards Q and POTUS you see right now (actual anons etc) isn't really disbelief, it's people's despair and anger at the current sick situation, and lack of direct aggressive action on part of the administration to act lethally and bring terror to those that dare to disrespect and act with impudence against white/western civilization. A lot of us are hoping for DJT in poland speech to come back.

yea we see you (((faggot))).
Everyone of these shills wants people to fall into that retarded dialectic and conveniently forget how much (((msm))) and jews were kvetching about potus not visiting israel's faggot bitching whining wall - longest it took to get a US president there.
We know the situation, shill.

Exactly. We need to recognize that it simply wouldn't be pragmatic for Trump to go full-on NS. He has to consolidate power first, and pragmatically receive some support from Israel.
I am not saying there's highly complicated 4d chess involved. Instead, there's a clear and obvious attempt by Trump to slowly deviate from the Neocon norm. Just look at the kvetching of the media when Trump pulled out of Syria!


That is delusional no where that implies trump is a national socialist if he is what makes you think he is a closet natsoc?

Thanks, user. It's good to know there are still a few real Zig Forumsacks around here. None of these shills that have taken over the board trust the plan.

Trump loves White Americans and Western Christian values. He will make America great again, one nation under G-d. Maybe it wouldn't be a perfect NatSoc nation but if he wins he'll create a perfect White homeland!

You oust your self way to easily nowadays.

same as current kvetching against pompeo and bolton. especially in regards to venezuela and that useful idiot maduro.
the shills know that average individual has limited attention span and far more limited patience, especially when they are being shilled.
(((shill))) 3f09ef response is predictable, no?

people up top, some of them any way and not POTUS, have some really fucking disgusting and twisted contempt for average white american. They really don't give a fuck what happens as long as America turns out 'conservative' in ways that benefit THEIR visions and survival, to everyone else's, especially white america's detriment.
They don't give a fuck in the end about helping you or fighting for your dignity, and indeed laugh alongside our enemies when people are weakend through inaction and brainwashing by decades of evil that has gone unchecked.
But luckily at least there is still a light in the cave, and contrary to NWO expectations, it is proving harder to put out then they hoped.

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Ironic shitposting = shitposting.

Reported. You have a containment board, you stupid piece of shit. Kill yourself for supporting the ZOG emperor. Kill yourself for deluding yourself with fantasies about the government not being traitors.

I’m fully aware of Trump’s ties to the Jews. However, for some reason, he’s made the economy for working class/middle class people better. I’m making $12,000 more a year at the same job I held before Trump. Companies have to compensate their quality employees better now. The job market is lucrative as fuck and they started to lose people. The company hit the emergency button and gave everyone a significant raise. So as we gear up for taking down the Iranian govt(the end boss of Mid East regimes hostile to Israel) at least for now, I can have the feels of extra money…It feels good fam.


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Congrats for believing jewish propaganda.

user, I am not a Jew. I am a proud White person who believes in the G-d of Christianity. I believe personally that the rule not to erase G-d's name still applies.
I can trace my geneology for you. My dad is Swedish, my mom is British. My maternal grandfather is half Swedish and half Ashkenazi Jewish. I am 100% White.

And you wonder why trump isn't that popular on here anyway and why rest of you niggers went the way of the lolberg, if you want to convince me prove me other wise prove me that (((q))) isn't some LARP like declaring war on iran or a nation that doesn't hold American interests.

Say god normally

user, it's shills trolling shills trolling shills now. Zig Forums died three years ago and codemonkey prevented us from reviving it. It's over. This place is destroyed.

Q is a Kushner jew psyop. If there’s some inside info, It’s just going to be extremely kosher and poisonous. You have to go if you haven’t figured out the Q thing. I had that figured out the first week of it in 2017. It enraged me. Please go.

As some other user already said.