Man chopped off his own penis and testicles to become a ‘nullo’

honk, honk I guess.

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Look at the way this is promoties. Not even a doctor in the piece that warns about cutting of your dick at home

There are pictures of him doing it. I never saved it because it's some gay shit.

Imagine being this much of a faggot and pissing out of a stump the rest of your life. Degenerates get the gas.

Note it's not a one off, he's a copy cat of an older degenerate.

Definitely a leftypol poster

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Get out niggerjew

Good, Darwin award winners on the spot.

On the bright side let's be glad we live in an age when ultra dysgenics like this outright remove themselves from the gene-pool

Setting aside the self-mutilation; what's wrong with the term eunuch?

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Good point. There is indeed a silver lining to this degeneracy.

how the fuck is this man gonna pee if he doesn't have a penis? if he does pee then how is he gonna take control of his pee. he's gotta sit down everytime he pees and that's just too lazy

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Where my jugganullos at?

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pictures ??? there is vidya of that god forsaken degeneracy… not sure if that faggot but for fucks sake numerous others, just browse some gore sites, easily availiable.
no idea if posting that grade of degeneracy would violate us-law so help yourself user

fml they probably went to the sperm bank beforehand

no, they don't… and that is the problem

And of course they write articles about it so the idea gets spread to more and more people.

Have you stupid jew fucks forgotten the BME painolympics already? What's the point in spamming this bullshit now moshe?

Excellent. That's how defective genes used to be dealt with

every act no matter how degenerage is secretly a win for you retards

Thanks I always wanted to find out who the guy was.Few years ago I saved the pics were he cut of his genitals.
Now everytime someone tries to tell me that its completely normal for transfags to exist I show them the pic of a once normal boy following the path of corruption.
It makes them recoil in disgust for this pathetic creature.

Lamo enjoy getting kicked in the balls

I have saved it, it's a testament to the mental illness of late stage liberalism.

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user, painolympics is filmed with a fucking potato and probably gake, compared to having hd proof of utter degeneracy i guess… can you feel the acceleration ?

Shit like this is why we're the "good guys"

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One testicle is better than no testicles.

Best goy

How is it not a win for everyone? This mongoloid leftist decided to chop his genitals off, imagine the abused and sick literal golem spawn kids from this dumb faggot.

Reminds me of eunuchs in ancient times. It's like without Christianity all the ancient vices come out in people.

Well that's an attachment I'm not gonna click.

Hey hitler had one testicle…

This man removed himself from the gene pool. He is a hero.

Using a catheter and scalpel is cheating. Faggot should have just hacked it off with a rusty cleaver. And then died.

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Degeneracy is like a tree, its roots lie in the darkness whilst its leaves wave in the sun and to those who suspect nought, it has an attractive and pleasing appearance. Truly, you can prune away its branches, or even cut the tree to the ground, but it will grow up again ever the stronger and ever more comely. Yet all awhile the root grows thick and black, gnawing at the bitter soil, drawing its nourishment from the darkness, and growing even greater and more deeply entrenched.
Such is the nature of degeneracy, and this is why it is so hard to destroy, for it must be eradicated leaf, branch, trunk and root. It must be exorcised utterly or it will return all the stronger, time and time again, until it is too great to destroy. Then we are doomed.

rabbi was very hungry

dick and balls are symbolic of responsibility. fag soy boy couldn't handle being a man so he cut off the responsibility and is now a perma child

true bitches don't need to mount. he is better off without his bits.

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And then one day, for no reason at all, people started to vote Hitler into power.

I guess that's less work to do when the time comes

It's all so tiresome

How does one pee after chopping ones dick off? do they pee out the wound there there dick used to be or get one if them piss bags for old people? I heard of people doing this shit and always wondered.

Faggots have been doing this for years, it's literally a homosexual self mutilation fetish. In fact, sometimes 'doms' or 'tops' will manipulate their 'bottoms' into 'nulling' themselves so the only way they can feel pleasure is by having their asshole ruined. Look up BME Pain Olympics if you want to see some true horror. Faggots are a disease and need to be eradicated.

Average white male in current year

a man with no pp is lower than a cuck

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It's horrible, but keep in mind that this degenerate behavior was present in Weimar Germany.

Fucking apropos

I just don't get it. What mindset do you need to be to take a knife to your own dick. I can't process this.

so he's eunuch now? He'll be a great loyal servant to some shitskin king or empire

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Soon it will be illegal to call this mental illness. Soon it will be illegal to stop your son from chopping his own dick off. You will be forced to pay for his "nullo" surgery because after all, better a surgeon do it safely than let him bleed to death.

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Hitler really helps distinguish the large void between the natural and unnatural

These things reproduce by sexually assaulting/molesting children. Keep that in mind.

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it's not even as bad as the MTF tranny ops you pussy

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Never been to BME? Nullos are not even special on that website.
Still kinda funny how those uhm people feel the need to pose for sexualized pictures after removing their sex organs.

Oh yeah, I have a friend on Discord that's into that. He got me to take this pic :3

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Trannies reproduce by fucking childrens brains
Seems to have potential.

And that smug emote at the end like a fucking pervert , man you must be rotted inside.
Get the fuck out nigger.

keep in mind Catholics did the same, they castrated boys so they could sing in soprano.

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Whatcha gonna do about it, faggot

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Newfags need some nullo story

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lmfao you are so edgy nigger, just cut your dick and die faggot, everyone on this board is desensitized to gore, you're not shocking anyone.

Holy shit, my sides!

I wasn't trying to shock

KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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First the faggot didn't have female reproductive organs and now he has neither female nor male reproductive organs. He's not androgynous, He's a eunuch.

Please Jesus rescue us.

Mind you, I probably came across that story 15-20 years ago. Fuck knows what they're up to these days.

I mean, I see no problem with liberals mutilating themselves…

but yeah. This is why we're the good guys.

Probably dead tbh

I don't want to live on this planet anymore…

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Welcome to Universe 25, aka Clown Utopia

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No, now they reproduce indoctrinated and confused teens (and younger soon) into cutting off their cocks and/or balls.
This must be a backup plan since they run into resistance from parents when it comes to sex changes.

First they chopped off people’s hair.
And I said nothing, because I was bald.

Wow, that is disturbing. Feel sorry the dude but damn, it's so stupid it makes you laugh. I can't help but feel glad he's not making any defective humans.

This man’s prostateless, toothless, skinless corpse is rotting in a ditch somewhere, isn’t it?

I think he has bigger problems than peeing.

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these people need to die. Their ideas and memes need to end with them.


Don't read this while eating. And may God bring the cleansing fire.

I was referring to the scene in general, but yeh, probs ded
As for webm related, take note that they use razor blades (and suction, iirc) to ensure direct access.

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This story is some of the worst gore ever. About this guy's associate in prison who is. a tranny. It sent him a letter (because he's a professional writer). See if you can make it through the whole thing without pausing the video. It's a detailed account of a sex change op with only a razor in prison. Ultra graphic. Ultra hardcore.


Dark Research user warned of this, he was the first to show people this creatures pictures during his threads on tumblr.
Man there was a shot by shot gallery of a backalley orcidectomy hidden in the back of some guys resume site. and he had his nuts removed and replaced with a waterbaloon of silicone.
I think this thread calls for not using spoilers!

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it's a waste of time. there's an endless amount of degeneracy you can spend all free time looking at and you still wouldn't have seen it all. focus on improving yourself.

sage because op is a faggot for giving faggots attention

what happened in this mans childhood?

Dude, fucking spoiler that shit. Holy fuck!!!

why didn't I trust you.

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From what i've observed, lack of active father figure in his life, like spends lots of time with his kids like doesn't let talmudvision do any raising, and a addiction to dopamine rush, and finally, strangely enough, parasite infestation.
But the biggest one is circumscision, and that prevents him from effectively fucking girls and forcing him to do greater and more degenerate things to satisfy the altered sex drive, because the sensors are dulled and he needs more to "make ends meet"

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If only the world didnt spat on the good guys.
Feels bad man.


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Gay culture is inherently ultra degenerate. If they aren't becoming nullos, they're pozzing each other or literally injecting their asses with litres of cum. There's nothing about gay behavior that isn't absurdly sick because it's inherently degenerate and perverted. It is anti-logos: chaos. Think of it as a rabbit hole to hell.

You won't meet an active faggot who isn't basically a walking disease resevoir.

Definitely he is wearing the nappy at the night.