Red Pill me on Sandy hook

Hard to find the good conspiracy keys on the web these days. Maybe you can help.
Everybinterrsting connection..
Previously Abandoned school, Adam/Ryan Lanza.. anything.

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No, it was a fake event.

It was the kikes.

Sage for stupid question and pointless thread

Derp. Now do you realize that I’m asking for the goodies that point to this?
Obviously FF

Only morons think it was fake

Comment globally reported for posting pedo

False Flag and fake are different.
Definite False Flag.

prove that it was fake

The shooting happened. Likely because of the pharmakike poison Lanza was on, but it's possible that it was some kind of MK Ultra scenario.

The "hoaxer" narratives are jewish disinformation intended to discredit the "truth movement", which we can now see has been extremely successful, and every major event is immediately labeled a hoax.

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SANDY HOOK The Real Truth Documentary

It's both, shitskin. False flag and fake.

Burden of proof doesn't work that way Shlomo.
You claim it happened, post a shred of forensic evidence.
I'll save you the trouble: you can't, because there is none.

There are entire websites that cover this. We aren't your teachers. This is as bad as you fags thinking this is a dating site.

Just like Parkland, it was a staged and faked act, with a drugged up crazy fall guy and an actual "shooter" witnesses reported seeing that snuck away.

There are also entire websites that claim Hitler used death showers to turn billion of jews into soap and lampshades, based on the same standard of "evidence".

What single piece of evidence do you think proves your case best? Just name one thing.

that's pretty cool, faggot

Then post a fucking link faggot. As I’ve stated it’s not the easiest topic to dig on.

I wish I'd saved it, but there's a good video about the jewish anti-gun nut tied to Dem politicians who was creating a calendar and the pics from the calendar are used for sandy hook victims.

Anyone got a copy?

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Tfw not dating site. ;(

Sage, report, repeat.

coincidentally i just came from this page….

take it with a pinch of salt, the whole website is interesting but i dunno.

They've worked very hard to memory-hole this, flooding the net with static.
Personally, I think the evidence for it being a hoax is powerful. If not, it was a very strange event based on the main players unfathomable actions and the questionable behavior of the emergency services.
It's since been overtaken by so many other unbelievable shenanigans in clown world

Thank you, I’ve known the conspiracy side about it since it happened, but you’re write about the memory hole, all the misleading information.
I literally just recall now that “Lanza” killed himself as soon as he saw the police..