Joe Rogan Endgame: Mushroom Shaman Society to push Globohomo and White Genocide

I have listened to Joe Rogan for a long time. I know his psychology very well.
I've always known he was a blackmailed deep state democrat puppet shill… but I looked past it and enjoyed a lot of his interviews from his podcast.

It wasn't til he started advertising the upcoming vote in Colorado to legalize mushrooms did I finally see clearly his endgame.

I'm certain that Rogan and his handlers are locked and loaded with a plan to make some corporate mushroom shaman society
to use it to scientifically mold public opinion against trump and support globohomo and white genocide… etc.

Mark my words, if/when mushrooms are legalized in the USA, Rogan and his crew (Duncan Trussel, Ari Shaffir, Joey Diaz, Bert Kreischer, Brian Redban, Doug Stanhope, to name a few), I'm positive they're working with the leftist society manipulators going straight to the top of their heirarchy, to engineer some carefully crafted mechanism of membership and grooming of vulnerable naive people to build a SUPER FORCE for molding public opinion against us in this "big fuckin war we got here." I doubt they'll call it a "church" because of the cult stigma of that word, but that's basically what they're planning.

I know Rogan and his crew so well, that I feel like I'm just connected into their thoughts and I can't explain it all but I KNOW this is what they're up to.
And honestly, I'm sort of concerned with how successful it might be at combatting our awakening.
Rogan is a smooth salesman, akin to something like a CNN 2.0 for the new era.
Maybe if we can call Rogan out on it in a meme before it happens, then this would throw a wrench into all their carefully laid plans and make it ineffective.

Rogan is known to purposely be playing dumb, when he used to be a conspiracy theory guru spitting facts as fast as Alex Jones. He is one of the big guns of the enemy, make no mistake. Don't underestimate him. This is a warning for all of us to beware when they finally roll out this shit.

Make no mistake that Rogan and Team monitor edgey websites like pol to keep an eye out for the latest trends in order to keep Rogan's reputation of Mr. Cool updated. I'm certain this thread will get back to Rogan himself. So give him a piece of your mind, so that he knows to back the fuck off with his mind control shit.

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But Trump supports White genocide and launched a global effort to promote sodomy?

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Imagine thinking Trump is anti-globohomo or white genocide

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Top fucking kek, brainlet.

He is one of the new New Age escapism preachers

psychedelics are harmless when used responsibly and should be legal

idk much about Rogan but he is anti-circumcision so he can't be that bad

Take your meds.

Even if Trump turns out to be a shill, for the time being he is their "loss leader" and a general step in the right direction.
We can't have a president saying "fuck jews and fags" because of FUCKING OPTICS; this is no evidence against Trump.
We all know this.
Trump is our guy until society is ready for an even bigger step toward the right.
Fuck you

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What kind of tabloid shittery is this?

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Get out faggotjew.

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Probably call Cannabis the "herbal jew".

The glowniggers attest to it, the counter culture was their limited hangout.
Look up Jan Irvin for fullest research, his latest presentations are spin, counterjihad and Semitic apologise, but his previous psychedelic intelligence research checks out.

He supports and loves jews. He is dumb.
And a spook.

His IQ was 127 when test led with Logan Paul, he's hamming it up for the goys but he does demonstrate high IQ acts.

My nigger you got it literally fucked up.
Everything shaman related is the anti-thesis of kikery due to shamanism loving nature and jewery being the exact opposite. Joe rogan is a conman you got that right but he’s just riding the wave of common sense while dropping shill pills here and there.
What cianiggers and their affiliates like joe really want is that all the non-retards get high atleast once and magically we’ll all hold hands and sing a song.

What these niggers don’t realize is that different people have different reactions to substances, what might turn 1 into a snail soyboy might also transform another in the LITERAL übermensch. For some they “realize” we are all one but the cool kid realises we are all one but niggers are still inferior and kikes need to be gassed.

A major part of psychedelics is looking at situations from another perspective you wouldn’t normally have; what they hope is that this perspective favors them but they forget it can also swing the other way. Bill Hicks did “the heroic dose” and he lost his career due to constantly calling out (((the powers that be))) and telling people about how the world is controlled by a (((few families))).

Make of (psychedelic)drugs what you will but make the choice yourself, don’t let some “authority” or institution tell what drugs to take and what ones not to take, don’t let a soccer mom dicate how you live your life and respect the drugs.

This isn't about debating whether or not shrooms should be legal to the general public.
It's about identifying Rogan's endgame, and what his celebrity about to evolve into, weaponized against the right.

Rogan's task vav. psychedelics is to brand them as progressive and salt that field for right-wingers. (since they can't control access in an era where the information to grow a personal supply is ubiquitous).
Apparently the formula has worked perfectly on you.


think higher than that, everything he has pushed in front of line to suck up cool points has turned out to be bad for your health. Kale shakes? Bad gut health. Heavy Pot use? Terrible for IQ and dangerous for developing brains/ people with family history of mental illness. Float tanks? Waste of money. Cryotanks? Dangerous on a number of levels. Jujitsu? Terrible for shoulders, knees, and necks– you will need many surgeries down the road. These are just a few examples.
I've listened to him for many years. He promotes weaker comics to appear funnier than them. His Deathsquad comedy collective bullies those not in it for spots and showbiz deals. He talks a lot about dicks of color when he gets higher and advocates a lot for making therapeutic handjobs legal.
He has brought on a C/I_A agent many times who was obviously a bullshit artist, made me wonder if it was his handler. Advocates a lot for no borders despite knowing full well of Art of War tactics foreign entities will use to exploit this.
I concluded the pot use has worn down his ability to see pitfalls or bullshit and has turned himself into a useful idiot, having deep hidden insecurities and narcissism combo which is ideal.
I often wonder how it ends for Joe, scandal or legal troubles or audiences just moving on.

Glowniggers are even more miserably dumb than OP and psyches were (and are) wasted on them. Muh counter culture was a fractal picture of failure that achieved nothing, attempts to use psychedelics for nefarious purposes as such are doomed to like failure. The worst they will do is cause dumb little niggers like you to be driven mad and for the NPCs playing above their station, that might even be an improvement. Utilized by anyone with an ounce of potential (read: genetically hygienic Aryans) they are one of the most problematic tools for the system's stability and it has them outlawed in a much greater portion of its holdings than not due to that threat among others, such as the CIAnigger worry they will be used for development of things like remote viewing among those who are otherwise disarmed against them in psychic affairs. Dislike of consciousness expansion is one of the most constant calling cards of the bluepilled.

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I liked Terrence Mckenna too, he was one of these agents, there fedora levels of smugness in this response. It is a very cuable response, which is why Rogan who is the new media Leary/Mckenna, is a utility through psuedo-enlightened mysticism.

I see Rogan and some of his guests very often say that psychedelics make you feel live for everything and "realize that we are all family and connected etc.". The thing is, all these people that day this are hippie cuck faggots to begin with. I'd be very interested to see how a strong willed, conservative fascist type reacts to something like dmt.

Even Alex Jones, the cocksleve of Israel, says that psychedelics are a bad shortcut to communicating with the godhead, and that since it's a shortcut, it allows negative beings/energies to trick you - citing that the "mechanical elves" you see on dmt aren't as benevolent as they seem. Maybe a strong minded Aryan could tell them to fuck off and get out of they way, so you can speak to the true positive entities past them. Dunno, I'm not a degenerate, so I've never been inclined to take drugs, but I have to admit I'm interested in things like myshrooms and dmt, if only for spiritual experiments.

That's a good way to know something's false. Those religious rants he goes on are just a way to manipulate the evangelicuck retards who still follow him.

who? i want to listen to that episode

I noticed the same thing with Alex Jones with steve pieczenik, who I'm convinced is/was Alex Jones handler. You can just tell by the way Alex talks to him the same way someone talks to their boss; which is a sudden switch up for Jones who is usually so dominative with all his guests.

took shrooms as I was just starting my journey in natsoc and while it does give you the sense that everything is connected, I wouldn't say you come to accept those connections as always beneficial. Why would an organism appreciate cancer as a part of itself? Analogously, why would humanity suffer negros and the lesser races to latch onto it and leech our functioning humans dry?

Pharmakeia is Greek, the Christian assimilation loses nothing. Shaman witch doctors use '"entheogens" as control means, since the eleusinian mysteries. Parallel in other history of indoamerica, India, Babylon etc.

I'm glad you managed to correctly infer my smugness despite your disability.


Joe Rogan is jewish, just look at his wiki

They are talking it in Oregon for 2020 too, shrooms will be used medically to treat PTSD and anxiety

He took an IQ test from a scam company. KYS

his wife is jewish I heard. He says he's Italian

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True it may be another infomercial, nevertheless, he's not the brainlet as depicted

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it's obviously not for warlike people. these hippies do things out of love, to answer the second question. selfless sacrificial love. not for everybody

Psychedelics promote and support almost any imaginary spiritual explanation for reality your mind can conjure up. The big trap literally everyone falls into is realizing there is more to reality than the material world and immediately begin swallowing every “truth” that comes from the other side of the veil.
Humans are not meant to consume psychedelics. They are the most destructive manipulation and emotional dependency tool.

Mike B_aker

his wife is jewish, Jessica, her father is Robert Schimmel

If you drink too much water you'll die. Water must be bad for you.

Oh boy, these niggers are back.

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Project your genetic burdens elsewhere, niggermidget.
If you can't into subtleties like this, you scarcely belong on a computer unsupervised. Find a final solution to the (You) question and spare us your idiocy.

You do realize "globohomo" was coined as an anti-dup phrase, right?

>>>Zig Forums

Zig Forums misunderstands the situation (as usual).
Psychedelics cause people to doubt the things they've been socialized to believe and make them more likely to adopt alternative belief systems.
In the 1960s, when young people had been brought up to believe in traditional Western values, this was a bad thing. It allowed (((them))) to break down those values and replace them with degeneracy.
But today, people have spent 50 years being socialized by (((them))). (((They))) have full control over media and education. The vast majority of people who will take shrooms will be blue-pilled as fuck and would never normally question what the Jews had been teaching them.
Since (((they))) already control the majority of the population's minds, (((they))) have nothing to gain and everything to lose by allowing people access to a deprogramming tool.
We have everything to gain and nothing to lose. People who would never have questioned the (((narrative))) under normal circumstances and who would normally ignore anything that sounded "racist" are going to be a fuckload more receptive to red pills if they're on shrooms.

dafuq is anti-dup

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The experience can inculcate, buttress the provided pogramming, whether ZOG , altZOG, or a cult. This was Mansons usage he never partook and had those who did as puppets or guinea pig. There is a context for the subculture now found at Esalen aka Tavistock USA and Burning man.

dafuq is anti-dup

Mushrooms were what opened me to break my conditioning and realize the sheer pervasiveness of the parasites around me.

Whilst this can happen, I think the problem is that with the current censorship only certain voices are getting through, couple this with insidious social engineering and they could be using psychedelics to build a new new age cult. Third summer of "love" whilst in the background the usual suspects are busy busy busy, whilst everyone is smashed off their faces dancing, fucking, raving, "finding themselves".

which s why they've got rogan on deck ready to subvert mushroom culture as soon as it launches

You vastly overestimate the ability of this pitiful little balding cuck, and

There's something wrong with you if you can't realize that on your own.

Mckenna is the prototype its no ingeniity.


Imo it just allows the brain to make lots of connections it normally can't, which can be hijacked by basically anything.

Acid is absurdly cool for deep insight Idgaf what anyone says. Being a purist is fine, but I'm a scientist and I like contorting my brain.

Drugs are good.

He's no McKenna, you must be his fucking agent to even imply that.

Yeah I was circumcised, raised in a desert god religion about humility, raised in a kiked school and was tricked into thinking I was gay.
Side benefit of psychedelics, you can deprogram that too.

Daily Reminder that Joe Rogan is a literal cuckold to a race mixing jewess with a half-nigger daughter.

And she DOES like it slow. And deep. And when she cums, she looks like a hooting chimpanzee.

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He's not necessarily an asset like Terry or Dennis you don't have to be when task is only PR .

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Go home loser, the kosher cucking days are over.

Rogan is an anti-white cryptokike, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Psychedelics are the white man’s drug that can awaken you spiritually and restore connections in your brain that were previously closed.

They’ve been shown to help cure disorders like depression, anxiety, autism, etc. and heighten your senses to make you more aware of yourself and your environment which is an opportunity to change it for the better. That’s been my experience with them at least, doing both ‘hero’ doses (at or greater than 5.0 grams) and microdoses (0.3 to 1.0 gram). LSD was also legal and used during the Third Reich era of Germany as well.

It’s all about how you use them, if you’re only using them for hedonistic purposes or for learning opportunities

The narrative you want to spin with this little shit is what then? He is good PR for substances that run completely contrary to kike goals? Rogan is just a dumb normalfag entertainer with a couple decent positions in a sea of shit ones.

Never post here again.

Reminder that these are paid jewish shills.

The drugs take of his radical centrism are assented by tptb.

Yet LSD is schedule 1. You're an embarrassment.

At Timothy Leary's request, can't have a counter culture without phony taboos. Leary was a personality expert, the reverse psychology was in use here.

Interesting perspective. The few times I have tried them, this seemed to be the case. However, I can imagine that taking it in the 60s would have led to degenerate compulsive behavior and unending tolerance, rather than frantically reading conspiracy theory material as I did.

Take your meds, Jamal.

Watching as crypto-degenerates try to peddle the retarded idea that drug-induced, hallucinogenic episodes will turn you into an enlightened sage or something is always amusing.

I'm sure some newfag will believe you if it's any consolation.

If it's so subversive in a valid way, why do the musicians they own promote and advocate? Do Hollywood and media megacorps resist effectually or funnel rebellion for shekels and defilement.

Reminder that these are paid jewish shills.

In-roads with their audience, they try to use any means they can but psyches are a step too far and not within their control despite desire to utilize them. I am not some baby man that hasn't tripped hundreds of times, so you're going to have to sell your shit to someone else as I graciously informed you.

I havent used drugs in years, and I think marijuana is the most socially damaging one of them tbh. However, the notion that psychedelics could simply be "deprogramming tools" and therefore were bad in the 60s when it was the Jews deprogramming whites from traditionalism, but not so much so if used to deprogram cucked whites who have been kiked by the media; does seem like an interesting concept. I'm not going to take any, as I dont have time for that crap anymore and dont really feel like I need to be more red pilled.

If Roe Jogan promotes it, it is suspect though. I also can't imagine wanting to be anywhere near Denver ever if they were to do this. The hippie and homeless problem they have there has gotten ridiculous from pot legalization alone…

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go back to 2016

Have you watched the Yuri Bezmenov interview? He clearly informs you that the CIA had (and actually still does) have a huge interest in promoting the drug and "spirituality" culture, which is precisely what Rogan himself pushes incessantly. That culture keeps people trapped because there is nothing in your mind to "open" and there is no "enlightenment". It's a dead-end that people go down to find something that doesn't exist. It's a distraction and that's exactly why the Jews approve of it. Enlightenment is reading books and realizing that the CIA and the ZOG are undermining whites and that we're being genocided. Opening your mind is taking the red pill and learning that everything we are taught in society is total BS.

Here's a real red pill for you: Terrence McKenna was a paid CIA shill, not a hippy dropping woke-bombs. And the hippy culture of the 60s and 70s was a CIA creation. That's very well documented.

America has always used drugs to control the population. I believe the next step is them legalising many drugs so the population can drift off into a thick drug haze while they finish driving the country into the gutter. That way, they can avoid violent war – at least more damage than otherwise. They've already got a very significant portion of the population getting high on lab-designed weed. Those guys aren't doing anything. They aren't going to survive if SHTF. They probably don't even have a bugout bag.

TL;DR: read a book, nigger.

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You're right about there being nothing in your mind to open, nor mine. For different reasons, there's nothing in your mind to begin with, and mine is already open. Don't waste my time, newfag. Waddle back to cuckchan with your laundry list of misconceptions and babby takes. You don't know shit.

Great choice in pictures, showing the Doors Jim Morrison. Jim Morrison whose father was Admiral George Stephen Morrison of the US Navy and who was in command of US naval forces in the Gulf of Tonkin when the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident" false flagged the US into escalating the war in Vietnam.

Your meds, Jamal. Take them.

Bur muh drugs bad, jew television said so!

No misconceptions in that post. Just facts you have not yet come to accept.

No sick of your based zionist republicans.

Just look at how passionate he was against the moon landings and then suddenly when he got some money and the chance to meet with black science man he changed his tune drastically.

No one cares, joe.

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Mushrooms are all natural hence they're not a drug. The lord designed this gift in order to expand your mind. Stop being a faggot.


He literally promotes the GLOBALIZED SODOMITE AGENDA.
He literally cannot stop sucking Jewish Cock.
Fucking kill yourself. Seriously.

No, you're a fucking idiot. and so is joe rogan

Insolent little faggot, even if everything you said was a fact the misconceptions would be in how you relate them to me and what I have said. Neither are they entirely factual statements nor are they relevant to my positions. If you had read my posts and understood them, you would further spare me any of the entry level drivel you consider deep insight. Not only because you have yet to become able to keep it straight, but because you would see my familiarity. It sickens me that trash like you considers itself welcome here.

Then why did he come out against giving little kids HRT to become mentally destroyed trannies when he hosted that fag from "Adam Ruins Everything"?

All the faggots shilling for drugs and (((expanding your mind))) are either CIA or Tavistock assets, you should have learned to recognize them by now.

BASED as fuck. Also, Jew trash fauxhypnotic fungus dogshit doesnt work. turning the already retard population into incognitive dysfunctional sloths isnt going to do literally fuck all for anybody except further the collapse. creating more grass dwelling flesh rocks doesnt change shit

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End your life before someone else breaks your stupid skull open.

The abuse of those substances are, cunt.

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