Glenn Beck is a Zionist shill

I used to be a huge fan of Glenn Beck… then I took the redpill, and eventually the blackpill, and I see his company TheBlaze doing nothing but shilling for a war that we would fight for Israel. Beck's strategist says in this video, "Israel will not survive if America doesn't save them, because nobody else will."

Why are the fucking boomer neocons so bent on sucking circumcised cock?

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No shit. Welcome to 50 years ago. Next you'll tell us that both parties vote the same way.

lurk for two more years before making threads

my point was that I had listened to Beck for years prior to taking the redpill. I took the redpill before 2016.

I don't know what your point is seeing as you felt announce that Glenn Beck is a kike was something that needed to be said here. Obviously you're very new. Next you'll make a thread telling us "jews are bad." Just lurk and understand your audience before you make threads.

Thanks, newfag. I never realized this until you brought your supreme intellect to the board and pointed it out to us.

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Took you long enough OP.



Glen was always a main stream media attempt to coopt alex jones with a tame doppelganger.

What's wrong with you?

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You've got it wrong, they were both layers of the same jewish onion. Jonestien was there for people slightly less retarded than OP, but they're the same semitic poison. Alex is arguably more of a rabid zionist today than even Beck has ever been.

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Trusting any Shabbos Goys means you're a Retard.
Glenn Beck has always been a kike mouthpiece

I remember Beck when he was on CNN, he was an absolute cuck constantly taking jabs at Ron Paul during his pres election. Not long after, he starts with his half assed redpill shit trying to gain viewers of the Tea Party crowd. Gains a bit of an audience tries to cash in with his own news outlet.

Damn, I just bought a 3 year subscription to The Blaze and a bunch of clothing.

If only I had known!

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It's sad, because Glenn is very good on a lot of things. Though like this user said, I don't know if he changed his mind in the last decade or so, or is just pandering. He takes almost the entire red pill about the bolshevik scum, but then continues to polish kike knob. I just want to shake the guy and scream "who the fuck do you think is behind all of this??" In some ways, I find it hard to believe he doesn't know, however, I really don't think he does. Fucking kikes man.

Wow you finally figured it out

Old fucking news OP

At least I still have Sarah Palin. Nobody is going to tell me she's a phony!

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While I'm glad you've finally caught on to this, you're still a massive newfaggot, OP.

He knows exactly what he is doing, being a sly merchant. He pandered to the boomers that realized last minute they fucked up, watching sportsball and not giving a fuck as long as they had comfy lives.
I swear on everything, I remember that fucker say, "I drink the blood of those who are smaller and different than me". This was when he was on CNN, can't find the clip wish I could, probably around 2006-7. That was when I absolutely knew what he was about. I developed an intense hatred for him at that point, never fell for his faux pandering after he realized he was on the wrong side.

Have an old clip 9/11 lies era

I'm looking forward to a thread that starts

Facebook Meeting – Dana Perino and Glenn Beck Swoon Over Discussions… With Facebook…
Radio host Glenn Beck is criticizing fellow conservatives for their response to Facebook's alleged suppression of right-wing news outlets.
Some top comments;
Hats off to Beck. It takes guts to stand in front of a top Silicon Valley CEO and malign your fellow conservatives…
And his #NeverTrump Campaign wasn’t a Salem Witch hunt, that is the height of HYPCROCY !
Now Beck is on the Border topic and Churches helping "the children" please send them money… when the Churches are one of the main problems, providing aid, marrying off for citizenship, gives zero downside to Illegals coming here, stop feeding the stray cats and they will stop coming around and eating your birds…
What a frickin fear mongering idiot Beck is.

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all heroes fade

We both know Jones is a shill but I don't take issue with that quote specifically, if I was dragged before a (((court))) with a kike judge who is bloodthirsty for my soul, I would use any sort of plausible deniability to get out of it also.

If you really want to expose him as a shill, Dr. David Duke gave you all the ammo you need when he laid it right out on the table on Jonestein's show, laser focused on the JQ, and Jones shrank like a nigger at the child support office.

I feel pain and disgust and violence when I see these people who have no control over their fucked up existence.