Colorado STEM school.
3 shooters.
Who wants to lay bets on false flag?

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Was there a drill scheduled for today?
if there was a drill this was a false flag.

It's a private charter school.
K-12, easy to set up.

Here's a stream and at least two were hit

No one posted a manifesto. It's probably just random.

2 caught, 1 still at large.

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After Cho a long time ago there was a r*dpill I never saved about how both Columbine, Vtech, and other odd events always had a NASA presence. Seems to have come full circle w/ this one.

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Us white guys have to become shooters to take out our anger on the world because of our small cocks.

Is the shooter white?


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They nearly all are, but 4chan and 8ch decide to call every white guy in the world that commits a crime as secretly being Jewish. fail
It's like the most ultimate no true Scotsman.

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No, they aren't. Those are just the shooters that the media focuses on.


No they aren't. You just don't see anything about the ones who aren't, because that's not 'news worthy'.
When some nigger shoots up the gymnasium over some gangland shit, that never makes the news - but some half-jewish freak shoots up his school and its suddenly the talk of the town. (Try to avoid noticing how the police failed to intervene though.)

Because its often the case.

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You found a group that aren't white, congrats.

Although the ones that are half white like Elliot are still half white, sorry. You can't tell yourself they are entirely another race.

Keep crying.

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I just did and now I'm telling you: Half-White = Not White.
You fuckin kike.

No one controls 4chan and 8ch exactly, but alt-right people and conspiracy theorists coalesce there and any differing opinions are usually deleted by mods, as the mods themselves are basically long time channers that got to become a mod.

did i miss it?

Is Barack Obama white then?

No honey, a half white is a half white.
It isn't entirely another race.

You channers are moronic, you will claim a successful person who is half white as being a white. Then you will claim someone even 75% white has nothing to do with whites if they are a criminal. fail

We're dealing with a kike shill, he's not going to address that honestly. Because he can't.

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Can you blame them for that ? This sick society could render anyone crazy, it's only a normal reaction if you want to kill people after realizing how sick this world is.

Yes they are all White and ? it's a normal, Intelligent people cannot stay sane in this world nigger.

Obama is half white, yes he is both. No group can exactly claim him, but blacks in America can as white Americans made that 1 drop rule stuff.

You can't selectively apply the 1 drop rule and they use reverse logic when it suits you honey, that's called being intellectually dishonest.

Hahaha, I knew it was you loser.
Upset that your shitty "muh white dicks are gross" thread got deleted?

Which isn't a White.
THanks for playing sugar. ;D

AND REMINDER that the mods are shit and this loser just had a thread LARPing as a white woman claiming white dicks were "gross".
Mods deleted it.
Now he's here. Because he wasn't banned.

Shut up jew.

over before it even began

don't engage sweetieposters, just report and move on

Is this fucking 2007 again?
Nice try fitting in glow-nigger

You are a rare one on here, at least you admit they are whites.

Most on here basically insist that every white criminal of shooter is secretly a Jew, and Jews are all hanging out in prisons to misrepresent whites as being criminals……..derp.

Oh be quiet jew.

And reminder that the mods are still miraculously shit.

You mean the hispanic who sent non-explosive packages through through the mail?

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If you want to talk about the prison population though, we can get into that…. You know…. How 13% of the population represents something like 45% of the prisoners. XD

Wasn't the the one wherein the supposed 'packages' didn't even have fucking postage on them when the media tried to run with it?

HAHAHAHA just because a nigger kills 2 a week or a man kills 1 every year is no different from a mass killing. just the time. these guys did something in a small timeframe hence it sticks out more but once again 13% 52% homicides teehee. that's not accounting spics (registered as white) and triad chinks.

overall very wrong try again schlomo better luck next time

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I never said a half white is a white, but they are half white dumbass. Sorry.
Considering Asian American crime rates, it's Elliot Rodgers actual white side that likely was the psychopath side.

Even though I am white I can admit that, the FBI's crime data doesn't lie. Even though channers cry and don't want to accept it.

Also the vast majority have been white, so was the Norway mass shooters as well and the guy in New Zealand recently. Even though 8ch kids reactionary claim that all white looking people who are criminals are secretly Jews. fail


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Yeah, it was.

Oh shush up jew, nobody cares what you have to say.

And reminder that the mods are still utter shit.

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Stop answering to the sweetiefaggot, you know he is lying anyway

Oh shut up jew, you're being reported because you make awful threads and do nothing but shitpost.
Remember to dilate your front-hole and then kys and stream it.

And the mods are still shit.

At least you admit whites are psychopaths. Nearly all serial killers also have been whites. Most child rapists also.

Literally no one on here does that.
Keep crying about Tiger Woods on reddit though.

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Be quiet jew, nobody cares for your nonsense.

And the mods are still shit.

Actually unironically posting supreme gentlemen and no less then 4 FBI hoaxes in your 'All white men' poster.

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Yes, yes you are.

Why the fuck are you guys giving so many (you)s to obvious bait?
Just report and ignore
Its embarrasing

This is a paid jewish shill.

I feel bad for you guys, barely anyone on here with an IQ over 90.

This nigger is just desperately trying to shitpost something that lands, and he blew it the moment he revealed himself as the same loser kike who was trying to make a thread a few minutes ago.

Its probably a mod too, which is the most pathetic.
Mods remain shit.

Hahaha, oh be quiet you silly kike. Nobody cares what you think.
And if you didnt care what we think, you wouldnt be here. Rent fucking free. ;D

And the mods are still shit.

Does nothing.
Does nothing. Zig Forums died years ago. There is no reason to be here and no one will do a goddamn thing outside the board.


Enjoy being banned for calling out the mods.

Hey I got a little 4by4 for you too senior homo.

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Of course a news thread gets jewed by shills.

Because who cares?
Reporting doesn't get the mods to act.
You have to make them look like faggots publically, because - protip - its likely a mod making these awful shitposts.

These idiots are from 4chan /int/ and they want to make this board more like 4chan Zig Forums, and they've been sucking at it for months now.

Because they're shit.

Trump threatens to unseal FISA and Comey investigation (and more…much more).
Barr threatens to investigate.
Suddenly there is a spate of happenings to keep the news cycle foggy.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

It was the British.

That's why all on here users when Obama was the president were pointing out that he is half white and claiming his "nigger" side is dormant.

And then even someone like Elliot Rodgers who is only half Asian = full Asian if he is a criminal, you know because Asians totally commit more crimes than whites……….not.

The poor darlings on here have no logical consistency, it's because they are deeply offended by reality. It's quite funny and sad to witness, it gives normal people a lol though.

Who cares? Proxies exist.
If they ain't gonna ban this shill loser that LITERALLY just got a thread deleted, the content of which was nothing mroe than "teehee im a white gurl and me and my friends say white peepees are gross! ewwwww! why ur peepee so gross whyte boi!?" and you think I'm worried about getting banned?
Fucks sake son.

But they want (you)s
So just starve them of attention, dont give them what they want

What are the news? I live in coloweirdo, should I bug in or bug out?

Nobody cares you silly jew, be quiet and go dilate your front-hole.

And the mods who are shit can tune in to watch.

Then maybe the mods should do their jobs kiddo. ;D

Try not being such an insufferable newnigger, otaku made imageboards what they are in the west.

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Nice try, lampshade.

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Oh boy.

Obama isn't half white, he is half jew


Nobody cares you silly sorry jew. Go dilate and stop whining.

And the mods are still shit.

nice derail.
What a timeline.

lol le projecting. never said that. your whole image is wrong I'm just operating on the basis IF the image was true, which it isn't, Elliot is mutt at best, oklahoma bomber were set-up and did nothing wrong trenchcoat mafia did nothing wrong dylan roof did nothing wrong sandy hook is JUST a meme Las Memeas le liberal shooters don't count EVEN THEN niggers kill more on average, just not in school, they kill them in their hood, once again BIG ACT in a small time hence more obvious if half the crime was solved you would have the riverside genocide due to constant corpse disposal of nigger hood wars.

Don't use me to shill kike

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If we had decent moderation, we wouldn't have this problem.
But we don't.
Because our mods are shitty /int/niggers who think shitposting makes the board better. Because they are shit.

Honey, nobody cares what you think. I know thats hard for you to deal with. Now go be jewish someplace else and pipe down.

You shitty mod.


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I know your kind, get the fuck out you kike plebbit user

Sorry to break it to you, but being a stormfront alt-right kid into conspiracy theorists who hangs out on Zig Forums isn't what an otaku is.

otaku's are losers, but they just are obsessed with anime and games and that's their life.
You on the other hand are just an alt-right kid and being an autistic racist online is your life, sorry.

How long before they're declared to be Zig Forums /poltards/


Honey, nobody cares. Go be jewish someplace else and deal with your issues.

You shitty mod.

How many dead?


Nobody. Cares. Honey. Be quiet and go be jewish someplace else.

You awful shitty moderator.

Must be outsourcing.

Clearly a half Asian person who is a criminal got it from his Asian side……….you know…….the side that commits far less crime per capita than whites (another thing channers can't accept as it makes them insecure, just like channers can't accept that blacks are more athletic either).

Nobody cares honey. Be quiet and go be jewish someplace else.

You shitty mod.

See second picture with evidence about their jewishness, you inbreed foreskin-sucker.

Guys, quit responding to the anti white faggotry, it just derails the thread. Get back on topic, do we have any new info? Any bodycount?

both columbine were jews.

Every time there is a white criminal, magically via alt-right conspiracy he becomes Jewish. Thus the alt-right tards don't have to claim him as their own.

It's a no true Scotsman argument on steroid, those millions of whites in prison are all secretly Jews blah blah. fail

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Under 10 is always shit. Leaves more people to cry for guns to be taken away.

Cool story, you basically are calling most scientists and educated people non whites now. lol

Jews aren't white, you illiterate retard