Demons Are Good & On The Accusation Of Sacrifices

Daemon means Knowledgeable One, and truly, there is nothing negative about the Demons. Anyone who has read ancient philosophy such as Ancient Greece, they will see the Demons are very good and benevolent entities that look for the best of humanity. From Aristotle, to Plato, to many others, you will find only positive things mentioned about the Daemons. Aristotle and Plato both speak about the Good Demons, the guides, and those who uplift humanity to the Godhead and immortal life.

As such the word Demon relates many positive things. If it's a Divine being that cannot be understood, it's called a Demon, if it's the natural soul of man, it's called a Demon. Chakras are also called Demons, same as the individual character of the person, their Spirit, is also called a Demon (The Causal body of the occult and eastern tradition, that's the Demon in the Greek).

Demons are also the cosmic intelligence which keep the universe, and everything in creation, going. In contrast to Gods which are more abstract concepts, Demons are beings, actual beings in most cases. Humans who made it to a high spiritual level were treated as Demonic. It's also believed the story of Hercules is actually a story from a being who became a Demon in his lifetime, so they later turned this into a story. Hercules was called Demi-God and Demi-Gods were basically half "Demonic". The "Demonic nature" is attained when one raises spiritually, which is the attainment of the highest spiritual powers. Which is also the Devi and the Devil powers. Hercules real or unreal as a person is a simplified story as it's the story of the Magnum Opus anyway.

But there are more literal stories, such as Asmodeus and Balaam. To the late Greeks these were mysterious, but it's also known these people existed before and they became Gods. Balaam is actually in the Demonic Section now, but he was 'human' in the Golden Age. Balaam in the Talmud was of the strongest magicians of his time, who almost made the jews go extinct on his own. The talmudic tale is a lie, and defamantion, but Balaam is recognized as existent because he truly was.

The jews for lack of a better term, took everything the Demons were in Ancient Greek thought. And just gave them a different label, called them "Angels". And of course their made up construct was also said to be good and have all the above stolen qualities.

The assertion of so called 'Sacrifices' towards the Demons, is basically a creation that comes from citations around the 2nd and 3rd century after Rabbi Christ. Even with all the forgeries the christians have produced, and the burning of all the literary works on Demons, such as Porphyry's work which was eradicated fully, there is still nothing found to support the existence of evil, blood consuming Demons in the Ancient World.

The fallacious statement that Demons consume living energy from the dead is also debunked by Iamvlichus in his treatise "The Mysteries", but there is more to this. The Souls of the Demons are too advanced to be able to do anything with the gross lifeforce coming out of an inferior animal. It makes sense therein that the Daemonic soul cannot in anyway associate and/or feed from the energy coming out of dead corpses, in a pretty similar manner as to how a man cannot eat dust and expect to live. In other words the energies are fully incompatible.

Even the bible admits that the King Deities of the Goyim, our Gods, the Demons, never accepted blood sacrifices. Baal denied this act when a sacrifice was done to him. However if one makes a low level aberration, they can be fed by this energy, as this energy is low and inferior, which is the case for the jewish thoughforms. JHVH takes sacrifices pleasantly, both of man, human and child. So long they are Gentiles of course.

However what there are mentions with is that Demons act as protectors, and therefore, they can cause evil. They also highly dislike to be forgotten. As Celsus states in regards to Daemons, the Daemons need nothing to live, as they are eternal. In contrast to the jewish belief that has them as 'mortal beings'. Because the jews wished it were that way. Truly so if someone creates a thoughform, like the jewish thoughforms, it will certainly die at some point when the energy towards it stagnates. The Demons exist permanently.


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The bullshit in short started with Origen and other early christian philosophers, who were not only spiritually retarded, but they were purposeful liars, who were kikes and wanted to attack the Roman empire and make the old faith look evil. Gradually every retard with a low IQ that had something bad happen to them would blame these to Demons, which contributed to the madness in cursing their names for no reason whatsoever.

Then later on these people started influencing others such as Porphyry (who was mentally unstable and a very bad philosopher) to think that the Demons could also be evil and demand sacrifices. However the higher ups of the time such as Iamvlichus state long story short, that giving blood sacrifices to the Gods is an abomination. Imagine the king of a nation comes to dine with you and you throw them diseased raw pork to eat.'

The school of jewish thought had obviously a major problem with Demons, as they were conspiring against the Pagans and the Demons acted protectively of their civilization, faith, and Gods, attacking jews as a result, and also denying the jews on a consistent basis. This is fully documented in the bible, the jews tried to be Pagan many times over but the Gods rejected them and their alien overlords didn't want them to be such. So they received punishment.

The negative opinions about Demons were only manufactured by jews who were flat scared and prevented from ruining civilization by Demons and Demonic spirit. As such they created a counter-culture and put the source of all Good to become the source of all evil. Every negative opinion in our recorded history about Demons is either authored by the church, forgery, or created in later centuries by christian priests.

This is very well known in the scientific community, it's not my 'belief' or my own opinion. The 'philosophic' questions about evil "Demons" only appear in the 2nd and 3rd century, by Christians, in answer to more ancient philosophers, which they later did try to debunk. From thereon the decay slowly began, as the propaganda of the jews was appealing to the illiterate and the ignorant lower strata of the civilizations upon which they were pulling lies.

So the people had a life that wasn't ideal and had personal reasons to attack their Gods (or so they thought) so they conspired with the Christians (newfound jewish sect) to overthrow those in power. Which is basically the first communist revolution. Anything that befell the spiritually ignorant, the jews told them it was a curse from their Gods and/or their disobedience to the 'lord jesus christ'. Not having any knowledge and with the scarcity of the teachers, plus the jewish heavy sacrificial magick, people gradually fell for this hoax.

This took centuries to happen, as people weren't stupid either. But eventually it did happen. Until the forced legalization of christianity by the late Roman Empire and Byzantium, almost everyone was Pagan. First the christians were 'accepted' in (like a small communist party) and then they put forth their propaganda until they destroyed the mind of the Gentiles to hate their Gods. Then with massive force they got the Flavians in power and they ruined Paganism. Even in the time of Marcus Aurelius, spiritual people, seers, and other people of wisdom and ability (Pagans) were a minority. While retardation was reaching only moving towards climax. For this reason many people think that Porphyry's writings are corrupted. As the church burned almost all of his work.

What happened in Ancient Paganism was basically what is called the Pompais, which was essentially the consecration of meat. This goes in reverse, it's not a sacrifice, it's a blessing of the meat, where the God gives the energy, not the other way around. Because the meat is living, they brought it in front of the God (this is why they used the holy animals of the Gods with high reverence). The God would bless their food, and they would eat it as a sign of respect and nutrition. The Demons in this case came to give blessings, not to eat the diseased dead corpse.

This answers the situation about Demons and their purpose.

Not your paranormal blog

I still dont agree with op.

Daemons are just memes for ancient people. True memes like kek, obviously.

This thread is still good.

Devil worshippers go home.
Since you Jews have refused to worship the Lord and God, because His teachings of salvation outside of your people struck a blow at your racial pride, you have only ever worshipped Satan. That is why Christ calls him your father, the father of lies who speaks falsehoods as you do here.
Balaam is the fitting tale of a man who was powerless against God, who, employed by the pagan princes to destroy God's plan of bringing the Hebrews into the Holy Land, was forced to bless them rather than curse them. You are a newfag at scripture if you think otherwise.
Same with those who praise that envious weakling, later smitten down by God, Simon Magus. There is nothing admirable in any of the occultists of the Old Testament or the New, they are all pathetic in the face of God whose powers they claim to usurp, just like you.
As a by the by, Hebrew does not mean Jew; this is a far later term referring to the tribe of Judas, after the other tribes fell away and were destroyed. The Jews rarely did God's will either. Stop treating the Old Testament like it's about the Jews - it's about the Hebrew people, who were not out to conquer the world or live amongst foreigners as parasites. The Jews become the enemy when they submit to Roman rule, subvert it against Christ and then scatter amongst the nations to undo His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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cringe-posting is uncalled for

Demons aren't real. >>>/x/

tsssss, The Christian god doesn't exist…. and even if he did exist, i wouldn't want to worship him. Send to hell just because you don't believe in x religion is fucked up, if the Christian god is all powerful, then he can lie too, and be evil.

You are an imbecile.
So if the Christian God existed, the sole God, the Creator who alone can give meaning to your puny, pointless existence, you still would not worship him?
That is like saying, even if happiness exist, I would refuse to be happy because it is totally unjust to condemn someone to sadness, should they choose not to be happy.
The pain of Hell is the wilful separation from God. The fire is just something to help you understand what that will be like. There will be flames, but only because you cannot appreciate spiritual pain vividly enough. You choose to be separate from God.
Don't be a heretic.

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How can you not worship a god who commands you to be the best person you could possibly be? Even if you do not accept the existence of an omnipotent being, at least subscribe to his laws. Because they are what makes a person decent.


Damn, I started out an atheist, but now, even though I do not believe in omnipotent beings, I still subscribe to the core of Christian doctrine and to the concept of divinity. I wouldn't have believed this could happen even if you told me.

die kike

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Not a single bible verse to back it up, just more half truths and deception to push your true agenda which this user already stated

Origen is a false teacher and reprobate (for different reasons than the nonsense you're spouting ITT,) but there is absolutely no evidence he was a kike, more mistruths

More fake news, and over simplifications of a complicated issue like what a word means and how that meaning changed through time, meant to obfuscate so as to push your d&c narrative:

From δαίομαι (daíomai, “to divide”) +‎ -μων (-mōn), from Proto-Indo-European *deh₂-i- (“to divide, cut”). For similar semantic development compare Old Persian 𐎲𐎥 (baga, “god”), Sanskrit भग (bhága, “dispenser, patron”) (usually applied to gods) beside Avestan (baga-, “part”) and Sanskrit भजति (bhájati, “to divide, apportion”).

IPA(key): /dǎi.mɔːn/ → /ˈðɛ.mon/ → /ˈðe.mon/
δαίμων • (daímōn) m or f (genitive δαίμονος); third declension

god, goddess quotations
divine power, deity quotations
guardian spirit (Latin genius), and so one's fate, destiny, fortune quotations
departed soul quotations
(ecclesiastical) demon, evil spirit
Usage notes
While δαίμων was sometimes used interchangeably with θεός (theós), when used together in a context, a δαίμων is usually a lower god than a θεός (theós).

Not even going to address the rest, your entire premise is built on guesswork, biased intuition towards your end game, patchwork information, and lazy research wrapped up in neat language and formatting.

this sums up why you are an evil jew

So I am a kike for attacking the Jews and the Jewish magician Simon?
Here's a better picture of him. The next frame would be as a massive splat.

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Don't make me laugh, people like you are complete pervert lmfao, the more "Christian" you are, the more obsessed with sex, or at least that's from my experience with you Christcucks.

Fuck your Christian God. You are talking like you are from an another world, wake up nigger.

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People who hate God tend to be sodomites. Guess you're a faggot.

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And people who are priests tend to be pedophiles. Touché.

Oh golly what bants. Can't wait 'til the Zig Forums ethnostate gets going. Hot dog.


Demons are EVIL they are the dead pre and post flood Nephilim even Goliath the giant that people ignore was not a man but a demon and served in a coordinated campaign by satan to destroy Israel and prevent Messiah to be born from them.

Look everyone a jew larping as a christcuck

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Your strawman should at least resemble the post you are responding to. Weak sophistry, bud.

ITT: Christians prove how retarded and close minded they are to everyone else and themselves without being aware of it.

jew/catholic doesn't matter… both worship the same "god" (satan)

God created marriage for procreation. God created marriage for the 14 words.
It took atheists and Jews to turn sex into a sterile, selfish act of pleasure, with no strings attached.

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Sodomite detected.

Enjoy those five cents, moishe.

Fuck off.

Look at you calling people sodomites with no arguments whatsoever, you sound like the crazy cat lady.

Keep lying to yourself, you know that's true. And even if you are a pervert, you can blame it on the "devil" because it's all so easy to not blame yourself.

Who's the kike here? The person pushing the kike religion or the one who isnt? have fun worshipping muh dead jew on a stick.

the fact that you even reply to my low level bait pretty much proves you're dumbfuck christfags or shills.

Finally someone who has some sense on this Christcuck filled thread.

Pretty good retort, and no answer yet from OP

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The etymology of the word kike is entirely based on the Judaic rejection of Christianity, so this is an incoherent statement. There is no logos in you.

top kek

You have no argument and perhaps no brain.
The Jews are evil because they oppose God. The definition of evil is the absence of, or opposition to, good. God is the ultimate good. Thus, make yourselves His opponents by turning His religion into an act of Judaic self-worship, as the pharisees did, and you are evil.
Why do the Jews wish to destroy our race?
They hate God's plan, which was not their plan. They hate the gentile Europeans who embraced Christ and who, unlike the pagans, realised the deceitful practices of the Jews. They wish to show that they are greater than God, or rather that Jesus was not God, by destroying His new elect, the people of Christendom, and recreating the world according to their own plan - a Jew-centred world, rather than a God centred-world, where everything is in its order, everyone in their place.
Quit shilling. Embrace Jesus. Regrow your mutilated Foreskin.

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Sorry buddy I’m not going to pretend to be the “new elect” of a God who clearly only cared about one people.

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exact opposite. Jews are evil because worship "God" A.K.A Deus revelatus A.K.A Nature's Blind Will A.K.A Ego AKA Satan…. The only god they oppose is deus absconditus. which is why kikes like you will sit here and slander a story like simon magus and praise obedient "prophets" of your lord satan

^^buddy christ is always welcome though

Jews are now sub-people, more than ever. What is a nation without a homeland? They lost theirs for being niggers against God. Israel only exists now because Europe fell away from Christ to embrace International Jewish Finance, Jewish Freemasonry and Jewish Communism.
God would never let the Jews possess the Holy Land, save as punishment for the sins of our Judaeophile elites.

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The self-evident God’s nature doesn’t change. If jews ever were chosen they still would be and if whites are chosen we would have been from the beginning.

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That's right, demons are good, in the same way that hitting the gym is good, by fighting demons you become stronger and more virtuous than you could ever have been by just standing still and doing nothing.

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Dead kike on a stick ?
Was his own paw paw?
Wrote the buy-bull all by himself, even the ot?
Sounds legit.

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What do you mean by that?

Wrong. "Kike" means anti-Christ. By definition of the word, Christianity is an anti-Christ (((Sauline))) KIKE religion, and the vast majority of "Christ"ians are anti-Christ KIKES because they abandoned Jesus' footsteps the moment He was crucified.

tell me one profound truth a demon told you

Reported for judaism.


You worship a literal RABBI you immense megacuck turbokike!

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White Nationalists, they are saving the Wh…Jewish Race.

Would you?

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What are you replying to my post for? Is that supposed to answer my direct question?

I prefer Vigne.

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No selfies, subhuman.

You don’t know your fellow paid shills, retard? Gee, that’s embarrassing.

your first phrase is false. Everything about you is false. Return to your religion and forsake heresy. Demon just means spirit in Greek, Angel is Greek for messenger, and the Greek word for Gospel is Evangelion, eu+angelion, Good News. Greek has lots of nice words and should be more widely known, but the US government destroyed education.

maybe read Socrates' Apology to understand monotheism before you can approach the Trinity

no one actually takes any of that exegesis seriously, all the democrats have stopped pretending to be Christians

men are saved through grace, and not on account of their own righteous works. For such deeds are not righteous in the nature of things, but by mere accident, just as those angels who made the world, have thought fit to constitute them, seeking, by means of such precepts, to bring men into bondage. On this account, he pledged himself that the world should be dissolved, and that those who are his should be freed from the rule of them who made the world.

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I prefer bobs& vagene.


This post is nonsense.
Sage for thread eugenics.

You manage to joo up every thread with your joo goo,dont yoo?

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You clearly have knowledge and forgetting a cardinal rule. Do it for the lurkers.

haha you sage a thread you posted in like 4-5 times…right when i post the doctrine that will destroy you and your fellow archons..???

not to mention each of your posts are EXTREMELY jewish. with such quotes as

they are always the enemy if they worship your lord satan.
and who could forget

well if god is the point of everything, and everything comes from him, are you not him? why did he place you here and what did he create you from? "nothing"? well clearly then you are a piece of him at the very least (his breath, you might say). so really he is judging and torturing himself. if he made every single part of you why are you damned to hell? he is not proud of his own work?or he made u shitty on purpose? he plans to judge you off of his own creation and then punish it for being insufficient? you will say free will. Well then is free will separate from god? or did he create our decision maker as well? Is our "i am" separate from god or a part of god? if it isn't a part of god , where did it come from? if you claim it is part of god and made from god in that case his punishment of HELL would be VERY unjust (he would be the one making decisions for you)…. but if he DIDN'T make our "decision maker/i am" …. then what is it? where did it come from? why should we listen to a strange deity telling us what to do when the only part of us he created is the robotic part (not the free choice and awareness). If he did create our awareness, hell is unjustified. I wouldn't worship a deity that separates itself from itself just to torture itself as another for the insufficient decision making it was provided with. i would still defy that evil thing. If he did create our "I Am/decision maker' then we are his instruments anyways, and even my rebellion is his will. Nothing can be anything OTHER then God's will "good" or "bad". Your choice is what is important (it reveals your true ethics better then reward and punishment of heaven and hell) to worship the blind will is to worship satan. your god.

also putting aside rhetorical argument… there is no proof of your god whatsoever. it is a belief. from a book. my "god" is the stone that fell from heaven which is undeniable. Lapsit Exillis

ya of course this got nuked lol

Demons are not bad said the satanist… yu can worship them said the satanist… it would be fine said the satanist…

Hey Satanist FUCKWIT… would you like to pull the other leg you HERETIC!

SAGE!! Delete this profane GARBAGE

Your esoteric new-agey nonsense will not earn you a place in G-d's kingdom. Christ can save you if you accept Him. The son of G-d will allow you to access G-d's mercy.
Christianity has defined White culture for centuries. Thus, we succeeded not in spite of it, but because of its superior moral system.

ur a faggot

This one is a kike obviously.


(clicked that early lol. )
they all are. they are terrified programmers

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Demons are always bad, and your alignment with them is why you've been losing. Quit being a contrarian pagan faggot and go to a Catholic mass.

Getting there. My take. Demons are intelligences and mechanisms inside the human. Gods may be more related to intelligences/feelings and mechanisms in nature. Or some of them at least.

Angels are actually Demons restrained/sealed or shut down. The jews wet dream is the perfect christian goy. A walking zombie that is afraid of everything he is, with every demon restrained. Full of fear, resentment, toxic pride, anger to self, embarrasment, guilt, ignorance, stupidity, sickness, unhealthiness etc.

Listen up faggots and shills.

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Post this on /x/ please this isnt the place

Catholic mass is black magick ritualism violating everything in its own holy books (because it is run by the pedophile money grubbing descendants of those who ran the inquisition to destroy the cathar light bringers)

Magic politics man

that is fuckin hilarious

By that reasoning maybe demons are God and the kikes perfect goy is God restrained. I keep telling Zig Forums that YOU ARE GIVING YOUR PERMISSION to all of this nonsense. This is what it looks like when you STOP giving your permission. What would the kike fear more than the day that the Demons stop giving their permission and begin slaughtering? They fear nothing more which is why they CONTROL THE DEMONS with iron chains and mental fetters. KILL THEM ALL AND LEAVE NOT A SINGLE FUCKING ONE ALIVE. THIS WILL BE OUR PLANET AND THEY AND THEIR PEDOPHILE ANIMAL FUCKING WON'T EVEN BE A MEMORY. WE WILL BLOT OUT THEIR NAME AND MEMORY FROM HISTORY FOREVER.

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In Greek it means "Guardian" or "Guardian Spirit"
Your entire text wall starts with a patently bullshit assumption.
Zig Forums is a Christian board and you are shilling for our (((enemy)))

KYS for this heresy

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Zig Forums is not a christian board, yid.

Probably the only comment worth reading. It's amazing how people start shrieking about a subject they know nothing about not even the basic definitions of the words they are using. Calm down, niggers.

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demons being bad is from the (((bible)))

point proven

These christcuck subverts are pure cancer, worse than kikes.

I was a christian before I became woke too. You can't go by a quote made in 1928, 7 years before he even ascended to power. it is my belief, as well as numerous others, that he was only claiming to be Christian to get the population of Germany on his side. Why else would he permit groups such as the Knights of Thule?

i believe in such a God just don't like the figure of a crucified God. Wotan already was a being who ascended to godhood.God kneeling before humanity just doesn't seem apropriate

to christfags
read Hunter by William Luther Pierce

More incoherence from the kikes, ie anti-Christs. (((The Talmud))) is a rejection of the Bible. Rabbinic Judaism was a reactionary movement against Christianity.

Nice movement that died when he did.

If I need to import some quality 3rd world mail-order brides, I'll seek out the wisdom of WLP.

Your entire argument rests on a misinterpretation of the word Demon. That you all choose to ignore this, and have resigned to reposting your anti-Christian memes, is proof for anyone observing that your only agenda here is to oppose Christianity and its values.
You can justify that however you want in your head as to why that’s not a bad thing, but it’s the truth.

I would like to point out that demon/daemon/daimon is also a tutelary spirit or inspiring force, as well as guiding spirit; therefore it is reasonable enough to continue with the rest of the passage in these posts even with the incorrect terminology of "knowledgable one".

"Good, evil… I'm the one with the gun."

Though meant humorously, the quote rings true.

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