Timothy McVeigh appreciation thread

Timothy McVeigh is the orignal American hero. He fought against the government fully knowing that they would kill him. Pay your respects.

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He was truly a hero. His last meal was mint chocolate chip ice cream and he stoically had no last words before his ececution.

A martyr of the Aryan man and the fight against international Jewry. We will build monuments to him one day, just as we will for The Führer

The real subverts affect a change, don't get caught and laugh like a evil madman while drinking a fine scotch. McVeigh thought too much about the short game.

When you hear McVeigh speak, he was clearly very intelligent and had a good heart, but he fell for a CIA trap and didn't even realize it.

People praise Tarrant or Breivik but McVeigh is the real MVP. A few more like him would destroy the current world order.

next time don't make it so obvious you're ip hopping.Change your grammar structure up a bit.

4/19 will be a National Holiday after the White Nation Liberation War is over.

What would even be the point of an IP hop in a thread like this you dumb fucking retard? What's the big evil conspiracy being pushed in this thread? Or are you just a retard trying to stir up shit for no reason?



Can some Americans schoolshooterpill me on this guy, I remember him being popular on chans but never bothered going into details.

You can't really compare a shooting attack to a bombing. Breivik, in light of his meticulously-planned attack, manifesto, preparation and all else is the king of shooters. Tarrant is in a close second.

Why do you do it for free?

McVeigh stated he wasn't anti-semitic or a racist. He fucked flip whores with Nichols, Nichols even married and procreated with one, and Fortier was a meth head.

Purplepilled cuck at best, zog bogeyman at worst and most likely.

He still has the highest score.

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Anyone who hasn't done so needs to read the chapters about the Oklahoma City bombing in Michael Collins Piper's book False Flags. McVeigh told his cellmate, David Paul Hammer, that Piper's writings about the bombing, specifically dealing with Andreas Strassmeir, were accurate, and even wrote to Piper once himself.

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I wish half of you niggers had been born when it actually happened
it is afterwards they get together and amend what needs to be reported

What? I posted the first reply and haven't even looked at the thread since then. You are shit at spotting samefags. Get fucked newfaggot

Badass, this poem was the last thing he wrote. It is "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley

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Unironically everything is a spook.
Because spooking is profitable.
Even more so than actually fighting terrorists.

We haven't been told everything about the OKC bombing yet:


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Try again.

True hero.

Amen brother.

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why is he a hero?

Indeed. He was a hero against tyranny. The Glowniggers realized they fucked up and went to far at Waco when it was turned around on them and children and co-workers were blown to fucking bits


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I have doubts that truck with a ammonium nitrate bomb could blow up half of that concrete building.

There were multiple bombs, according to the first news reports of the incident.

That of course was quickly covered up.

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he's still alive.

some important points to consider;

1. He was in special forces which is to say military intel/psyops
2. He never left the military. He was accidentally videotaped in the military on a base as my video shows at a time when he was said to no longer be in the military.
3. In the aftermath of the Murraugh bldg blast the bomb squad came in and removed two other bombs. A USAF officer who's expertise was in bomb damage said that there's no way the Ryder truck bomb did that damage; it was an internal bomb set by the Feds.

The entire official story is a lie.

McVeigh is still alive, his execution was a fraud.

The only ones calling saint McVeigh a false-flag are dunnuffinshills, his acts are the minimal amount of response to be accurate to a atrocity like Waco.


Weak response.

There was more than one bomb in the building. There were 3 bombs and only one went off. The other two were removed by the bomb squad as reported by the local news.

this thread is full of idiots and government shills

What a dumb thought nobody would do that. Your a idiot.

It’s not just conspiracy theorists who doubt McVeigh dreamed up the plot by himself and carried it out with just Terry Nichols for help.

Larry Mackey, the No 2 prosecutor against McVeigh and the lead prosecutor against Nichols, has acknowledged his team did not entirely believe it, either. “If you had said to us: ‘Anybody in the room 100% confident that McVeigh was alone, raise your hand,’ we would have all kept our hands in our laps,” Mackey told me in 2010.

But if the official narrative of the bombing is incomplete or wrong, what really happened?


You mean the idiot responsible for driving white nationalist movements underground for two decades?

Andreas Carl Strassmeir[5][6] is a German national[7] and the former head-of-security for the white separatist community, Elohim City, Oklahoma. He gained media attention for his alleged connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing and has become an important figure in its conspiracy theories

Strassmeir came from a German family known for its right-wing nationalist sympathies. He was the son of Günter Straßmeir, the Chief of Staff to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. His Grandfather was also a co-founder of the Nazi Party

Strassmeir studied at a military university in Hamburg, and then went on to serve in the German Army in 1979. His military service lasted for a total of five years

Strassmeir moved to Houston in 1986 where he started working as a salesman for a computer company.[17] During this time, he became involved with the Texas Light Infantry militia before eventually getting expelled due to speculation from members that Strassmeir was a government agent

Is the SPLC An American Arm of the Mossad?
OKC Murrah Building …1993 One of the Mossad's American arms, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), was concerned about the growth of Patriot movements such as Militias, so an attack was staged using a Timothy McVeigh patsy, who was out of Elohim City (Jewish-sponsored terror Mecca). The real brains behind the OKC bombing were Andreas Strassmeir and Daniel Spiegelman, who were/are both Jewish. The Zionists destroyed the Militia movement's credibility, and brought the FBI down on them.

Andy Strassmayer could read Hebrew..

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And this entire thread so far has just reeked of jewish disinfo posters.

Revenge for Waco.

That didn't take long.

It's not McVeigh's fault that White Nationalists are cowards.

Are you excusing cowards for fleeing underground?


Sounds like bullshit even though I don't like the strassers.
Back up your claim.


As a result of a grieving man seeking the truth about his brother’s death while in custody, some shocking evidence has been turned up about the SPLC’s undercover activities. Here is a short summary from an article first published in the Salt Lake City Tribune, April 17, 2006:

A Utah attorney alleges informants gathering information on Timothy McVeigh or his associates warned the FBI about the plot to bomb the Oklahoma City federal building, but the agency took no action to stop the 1995 attack.

In the brief, attorney Jesse Trentadue contends he has documented that at least SEVEN informants were involved with McVeigh and his associates. The informants were allegedly participating in sting operations targeting a white-supremacist compound in Oklahoma and a gang suspected of robbing banks to fund attacks on government buildings. McVeigh, who was executed in 2001, had links to both, Trentadue says.

He alleges that the sting involving the white-supremacist compound, a Christian Identity settlement in Adair County, Oklahoma, called Elohim City, was a joint operation by the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization based in Alabama. He claims there is evidence that the SPLC, which heard about the impending attack from the informants, warned the FBI.

Editor’s Note:

SPLC plants at Elohim City had prior knowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing. Why weren’t the employees at the Murrah Building warned?Why did only the FBI and the ATF employees not come to work that day?What did the Southern Poverty Law Center have to gain from the OKCbombing? After all, they had been trying to break the militia, and that event was the effective end for the militias, until recently. Some have speculated that the terrorist event was a great fund-raising vehicle for the Southern Poverty Law Center, as Morris Dees, the President and CEO-for-life, could then send out scary letters warning potential donors that the SPLC needed money to keep monitoring “hate groups” to “protect the public.” Coming soon to a neighborhood near you—a terrorist attack!

go away spamming kike.

Too many newfags on here who don't know history.

Nearly everything involving terrorism can be traced back to Israel and Israeli Military intelligence & Mossad. (that includs so called "right-wing terrorism")

Since the 1970's the Israelis were planning a global "war on terror".

I'm not gonna babysit anyone here, you guys need to do your research.

People like McVeigh are manipulated, brainwashed or Mkultra'ed into commiting these terrorist attacks.

The Murrah building in OKC looked like it was destroyed by an internally placed bomb, not a truck bomb from outside the building.

The damage is not consistent with an exterior truck bomb.

Can you guys explain why some of you are more obsessed with being white/race as opposed to good vs evil?
Does it not make sense to be ideologically exclusive instead of racially exclusive?
Are you not falling for shill tactics? D&c when it should just be good v evil in simplest terms
Statistics explains it but some of you push it specifically so im wondering if you guys think intelligence or morals belong or were invented by one race



Nichols said McVeigh was working for the FBI.

Meant more in terms of objectivity. You took what was said on a subjective level. If there's a creator than it should be understood that even the lowest subhumans still might have been created by the same creator or laws of nature that created you that lie somewhere along the spectrum of basic or animalistic and complex good. Language is limited but a point should be understood

Saint McVeigh

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AGREED. this guy was pretty cool

'good' is a white concept. some race's hate our good, and what they like is our bad. get it?

I disagree and thats the point that was being made. I think the idea of good that we are talking about belongs to complexity, intelligence, the idea of a being going towards the truth as opposed to going against it. Not necesarily a single race even if whites would be the majority. Being in the majority does not make something inherently good as you would agree some whites can be objectively evil so why hold racial identity over ideological identity?

They call you hateful extremists, nazis, terrorists… all the things that will actually destroy the Jew.

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learn how non whites think and perceive the world. specifically jews and negros. not a single full blooded jew or black cares about truth. it's not being a "majority". it's being the only ones. the few outliers to this rule are nonwhites with white blood
no full blooded white is evil. not a single soul. the more non white blood the higher the chance. it makes more sense to compare full blooded members of the races and not mutts

(Not checked for retardation)
Leave and never come back… We aren't gonna write your VICE article about 'muh rising threat of right wing terrorism' for you, you lugenpresse "journalist" faggot

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I do understand what youre saying. My understanding of the races you mentioned and how they think is that they are that they are stuck in a tribal more animalistic mode of thinking, but if youre advocating the same, the only thing separating you from these people is that your group is majority and they have smaller numbers but tribal all the same when movements should be about ideas?

Trying to have civilized discussion monkey, sit

Some people have clearly had experiences with other races that makes them want to separate. FYI, there's about 10x as many black separatists than white as a % of population (TTBOMK).
Many are. But ZOG wants a big tent so they can get the Shekels.
Hard to tell who's serious and who's a glownigger (more likely a $15/hr glownigger hire)
Morals are very coarsely the same across all races and even ethnicities (don't steal, don't assault, don't lie).
However, that's about it, e.g. whoring, drinking, drugging, child-fucking, cousin-fucking, animal-fucking, cannibalism, multiple baby-daddies, bar-brawling, degeneracy, polygamy, matriarchy, patriarchy, religion, guns, violence, etc. are all very culturally/ethnically different.

Some of us are just concerned about the level of violence necessary to impose civic nationalism in a multi-ethnic polity and would prefer to peacefully Balkanize.

The best I think humans can hope for is to follow Switzerland's example. They all get along, as long as they stick to their sides of the wall, with a lot of local control. Either that, or South Africa's Apartheid system, which many are now openly admitting was much better than post-Apartheid.

FYI, I recommend everyone start moving yesterday. Even if Trump pulls a rabbit out of ZOG's ass, it will still be easier for everyone (at the least, there will be less for everyone to bitch about).

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Time for the Oklahoma City Bombing Black Pill.

McVeigh was a brainwashed dupe, just another patsy to be used and abused by Mossad psychopaths. He helped a Mossad kike bomb a building filled with 99% white people, and quite a few white children as well.

Good job McVeigh, you killed a bunch of whites!

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Goddamn it there you go bringing in facts 'n reason 'n shit in again
This was obviously supposed to be a fedpost/retard bait thread. How's a glownigger $1.00/response hire supposed to get paid if you keep fucking things up?
They have student loans to pay, show some compassion for Baby Jehova's sake.

(((Whites))) Yeah, sure Chaim.

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Mint chocolate chip is the master race of ice cream. When the White nationalist state is created all diners will serve McVeigh milkshakes with mint chocolate ice cream.

Prepare to be counter-subverted, Ellie.

Where's that comic of Ellie flicking her bean to Cantwell when you need it?

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McVeigh was a good goy, he was the poster child that convinced the US govt to go after all the militia groups that the SPLC and ADL saw as threats.

It was a mossad kike, Andreas Strassmeir (John Doe #2) that detonated the bomb.

It was similar to how the Mossad manipulated actual Arab terrorists to participate in the 9/11 attacks.

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30% of the "victims" (or possibly vicsims is a better word) were nonwhites, as were over half of the "children". 99 "government employees" and 69 "regular civilians" (or "children").

Personally, I don't think anyone died. They were creations of Photoshop, just like 9/11 and Sandy Hook. The first one to reply to you (>>13244873) is a racial jew.

Jewtube erased a vid from years ago showing crisis actors at the OKC bombing scene, incluing examples of fake blood, an "injured woman" who have head bandages on in one photo and off in another, etc. Plus the "victims" have funny surnames, like in all of these psyops. No Mary Smiths, but a plethora of Ann Kreymborgs.

8chaim sucks.

Btw, if you're going to elevate McVeigh to hero status, then at least give credit to the jew who built and detonated the actual truck bomb, e.g. Andreas Strassmeir.

Are there any backup videos of OKC bombing crisis actors?

I'll have to do a search, thanks for bringing that up.

Not whites but zogbots what are just as good as antifas

The video I was talking about was set to the tune "Digging in the dirt" by Peter Gabriel, if anyone else knows what I'm talking about. It never got more than a couple thousand views.

"Timothy McVeigh" was played by more than one actor, just compare various photos of him and you'll see some discrepancies.

I just noticed something.

Timothy McVeigh
oy Veigh
oy vey
oy gevalt already…

That's funny because I was doing some image searches for Tim and I noticed huge bone structure discrepancies in the various supposed Tim McVeighs on offer there.

Fuck you, cookie dough ice cream rules the world.

Every heroes on Zig Forums are gonna be called a false flag, Hitler included.

White people have a soul. Only a being with a soul that can transcend mere existence is capable of truly being Good.

Name the left side Zig Forums

Nah they avoid hitler, because that is easily debunked and get btfo.
Look up the natsoc and it's larpers thread after that they probably don't want to touch that subject without getting btfo hard by Zig Forumsacks.

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sorry friendo, only fedposting is allowed ITT.

A big part of me wants McVeigh to be a patriot but there's too many (((questions))) in his story.

Didn't he even mention in letters to his sister that he was chosen for spec ops, meanwhile he told everyone else he was leaving the service?

oh jees oh wow what a gewd infopic


That's why I posted that accidental video taken of him in that APC. According to the official story he was not in the military in the time period when that video was made. He never left the military. He went over to spec ops instead and lied to his family about it.

←—- Check out this picture of the Ryder truck at a military base taken just weeks before the attack in April 1995.

The base was Camp Gruber-Braggs in Oklahoma. The picture was taken by a local pilot from the area.


That is a hell of a coincidence if you ask me!

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I don't know about that, but there's a "Two McVeighs" theory, similar to the "Two Oswalds" theory, based on conflicting reports of where he had been in the official story.

The idea that the jews would have one of their pose as one of their patsies to help set their narrative certainly isn't out of the realm of possibility.

Dr. Pierce rarely got into "conspiracy theories", but even he mentioned that report on Coast to Coast when Art Bell implied that he inspired the bombing.

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He killed a bunch of low level employees, mostly white people.
Fuck off cia nigger.

He killed feds.

Fuck off fed nigger.

Killed Feds? Nope.
If I remember correctly, the FBI and ATF agents were warned about the attack and didn't show up for work that day.

I'll do a quick search and find a link to back that up…


How fucking new are you niggers?

Watch 57:12

ATF was warned and none of their agents were killed in the bombing, they were tipped not to come into work the day of the bombing.

Just a bunch of low-level gov workers and their children in daycare were killed.

So basically it's another Dude Trust Me source.

Any actual facts?

Goddamn, so a bunch of glow niggers who go he says you say.

Any names?