Darknet is being fucked and so are you

We're getting a huge number of take-downs, leading up to the 2020 presidential election. Recently, Wall St Market, and just today deepdotweb, a news site, that held links to various markets.

If you think its just drugs, you're wrong. Deepdotweb is just a news site, and its administrators only crime was having links to other markets, which is certainly not illegal. This is just another attack on Free speech by globalists elitist ripping their talons into people who don't want to be part of it. Eventually they'll take forums located on the onion. Once they've removed the network of alternatives to sites like this, they'll come here, and take. Leaving those participating in sites like these stranded and unable to communicate with each other. Then, once they've taken the modes of communication from the people, they'll start arresting them, and with no way to organize they'll get away with it.

We've already seen FBI visits various anons frequenting forums like this. How long before they arrest you for thought crimes?

No where is safe.

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Nice sources, not your blog, faggot.

So they might take the bunkers in the darkweb as well
God damn
Then this site is next along with the other chans on the surface.
Then we've limited time and need to prepare.

We fucked.


You fucking act like anything was invulnerable in the first place. they always were going to take down whatever the fuck site at whatever the fuck time. and it literally WON'T. WORK. they can try to shelter themselves to indefinitesy. more place will be created. and then the bullets will come


He promoting the selling of dope you fucking idiot.

Hosting terrorist activity will soon be a crime goyim.

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the only opportunity that will work against (((them))) is to take the assets and information you find online and bring them to light in the real world. by directly sharing files and printouts with civilians in their day to day affairs. then they will see the true threat that censorship stands to be.

Not just funnies, I mean actually go out and give people cheapo flash drives full of information. print out the statistics and post them in public places. maybe start a fund for sharing mein kampf with people. anyone that reads mein kampf will undoubtedly see the exact layout of subversion put against white america. people that have any kind of influence just don't care because they don't know and big brother makes them turn away from strife not on the telly tube or discussed by the selected officials.

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Hint, post a screenshot of the article next time. No one cares about OP's blog posts as setting up a thread in a news thread.

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How long until they arrest ISP owners for facilitating access to dark web sites and marketplaces? Then what, librarians for facilitating access to chemistry books?

Go buy your drugs from a nigger like a normal person

I really hoped the darknet would render them obsolete.


funding niggers

So where these patsys or are they cannibalizing their own now?

I personally want all the bunkers to die, all it leaves anons is the streets to conduct in with no other outlets, all the better.


Or you could just not do drugs like a respectable white person

It helps to read what happened OP. The three krauts who ran it were doing an exit scam. Their mulato helper from Brazil was being left out so he started trying to extort users. He leaked his clearnet ip and that of the site. It was literally handed to the pigs by a stupid, greedy, subhuman.

Whatever. Cry more about it.

Based IC taking down kike controlled opposition.

Just get addicted to quasi-legal RC analogs and pray to God that they don't get b& as collateral damage by your state in theie process of trying to combat Chinese carfentanil. It's worked VERY well for me so far. Sheeeeeei, I bought a gram of clonazolam and a gram of flualprazolam 2 years ago from Chiner and I still have 90% of it left. Plus, I didn't have to use crypto like some Mr Robot faggot nigger-pump 5000. Just a good 'ol fashion debit card (too niggeresque for the turbo-kikes to deem me credit worthy.)

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Goddamn this kid could have dethroned Brenton if he didn't mess up

wow that is a big ass

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Yawn. Not all sites are world wide web sites.

Remember when we learned about Sartjie and her ass in history class and everybody would crack jokes about her and even the teachers would laugh.

I miss old South Africa boys.

who is darknet?

Typical kike, his own site gets taken down and comes here to gloat.

I wouldn't mind cracking her ass if you know what I mean

What this faggot said.

How the fuck did they catch them? Jew snitches?

Dude if they come to my house I’m already dead. My plan is to take as many of them with me as possible.

The sooner you realize this the sooner you free yourself of your chains: fear. Their strongest weapon

I’ve heard of him, he’s dangerous!

Has someone autisticly went to a job interview to print out pictures from the bread basket forum for the interviewer?

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We are the 4625 kHz Buzzing radio station of the internet. If the chans go silent, darkness will fall. As the containment will have been breached and all manner of madness unleashed upon the world.

I dunno, maybe? It's more like the humor of us actually being honest about our private interests and hobbies when we know society would reject many of them.

why did they get arrested? were they making money somehow?

Can't you read? It says that deepdotweb had a clearnet site as well as an .onion site. It was out in the open, not hidden.


Cry moar, fucking pedophile faggot.

1776 didn't have social media and that revolution happened anyway.
Why would today be any different?

Additional note:
Is the captcha on this website intentionally retarded or just me? I typed in the correct code 5 times before it let me pass. Is this some type of censorship to reduce the amount of posts on this board?

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holy fuck how new are these retards. youre literally training jewgles ai every time you enter a captcha. you didnt get them right, some letters are purposely made to look similar to record how humans interpret information. and youve got to be a fucking retard to compare a time where everybody knew their neighbors to a time where nobody knows their neighbors.


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The IP in OP's pic literally leads us back to Israel.

I'm preparing myself. I've been working on an electrically powered bike and trailer set up and various plans to bug out if necessary and fight a resistance.

brainlet here. Where is the ip? Also i thought whois only queries top level domains?

That pic is literally me. I actually did that with a girl before… and guess what? She liked my memes!

Did you not read the article? Two Israelis are associated with it; the server's probably hosted in Israel and they just seized the domain to point at a different host.

their only crime was taking kickbacks, fuckwad

In the background.

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I'm not talking about the article, I'm talking about the FBI's meme they put up for each site they take down. It has this IP in the background that points to Israel.

can you greentext the story so i can laugh at how autistic you are?

She does know Trump though and like him.

Oh shit the original has 1.6 billion views I just checked now.

I thought the gummy bear was some esoteric meme shit not something potentially viewed by the whole English speaking world.

If you do fight em' user, make sure to send out a distress call, because if you're in my area I'll come to aid you in the call to arms and if you're not I'm sure other anons will come and back you up. It might be exactly the right situation to turn things around and defeat the ZOG. I don't want an user to go down fighting thinking nobody is coming to help. Many of us are just waiting for the right situation. Plus the ZOG won't expect at all someone to come, so when they got you surrounded, other anons coming in from behind and taking them out and clearing the way for your freedom is going to be the biggest "holy shit" moment for the ZOG ever. When word gets out we're finally winning and taking back our country, we can then expect huge numbers of people all around the country to want to join the revolt. We just need to start the fight and stay alive long enough to get more men to join us.

I want them to keep attacking regular normie conservatives. I swear the regular conservatives are getting radicalized by this process and being pushed into our hands this way. They get banned from facebook or even thrown in the psych ward over facebook posts and then we're able to give them the heavy redpills.

If you make money off the dark web, it's in cryptocoin. Bitcoin isn't anonymous, it's like having a numbered bank account that everyone can look at, but they don't know who owns it. For someone to pay you, they need to know your number. When you go to convert your bitcoins to cash is probably your biggest exposure. Oh, and everyone else's numbered bank account is viewable too. So if you capture one of them and make them tell you who the others are…

Just pay the 15% tax on the income you fucking jew. If you don't agree with how it's spent to replace Europeans with non-europeans then get involved and change shit. Make it so aeverybody selects where their tax payments (shares) go. If you need to be anonamoose then don't cash in the coin.

Get to the ballot box and stop being lazy faggots.
The left make the effort, and that's why they're winning.
Don't worry if they ignore a vote (like Brexit), you just vote again, harder, until you force them to accept the result.
Adults vote, kiddies whine and bitch about why they don't like society.
If you don't like it, CHANGE IT.

Is it even possible to seize a darkweb site? I didn't think it was possible?

Are they trying to push us to blockchain (mark of the beast) systems?

Weird thing is Dream was still up yesterday despite announcing to shut down on Hitlers death day.

This. Why should I have sympathy for a couple of Jewish criminals?

No because they aren't centralized like normal websites

1776 didn't have modern technology and media. Your point is retarded.

Hotwheels made this site's shitty captcha itself, retard. Don't call people new when you apparently think this is cuckchan with google captcha.

So, we can all eventually meet IRL in the gulags. I'm Bob, I'll be wearing a hat and a white shirt

The problem is every time they take down a site another pops up in it's place. Same for copyright piracy.

Less and less are popping up, this is no longer true. As the platform becomes unsafe nobody’s gonna do it anymore

Even crypto is mega traceable now

Degenerate nerds start fight with Royal Family and intelligence agencies. Get mad when they get stepped on by the Feds.

This sounds vague and generic


“There is no reason for hope and no time to fear: we need only to think of new weapons.” - Cody R. Wilson

first, see pic

[code[$ whois

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NetRange: -
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OrgName: Cloudflare, Inc.
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OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE2916-ARIN
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OrgTechHandle: ADMIN2521-ARIN
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RAbuseHandle: ABUSE2916-ARIN
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RAbusePhone: +1-650-319-8930
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RAbuseRef: rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/ABUSE2916-ARIN

RNOCHandle: NOC11962-ARIN
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RTechHandle: ADMIN2521-ARIN
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RTechRef: rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/ADMIN2521-ARIN

# ARIN WHOIS data and services are subject to the Terms of Use
# available at: arin.net/resources/registry/whois/tou/
# If you see inaccuracies in the results, please report at
# arin.net/resources/registry/whois/inaccuracy_reporting/
# Copyright 1997-2019, American Registry for Internet Numbers, Ltd.

In pic 2, I went to the site, and there is no ip displayed like you showed because it is just a wallpaper image, so the IP you used may be incorrect.

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$ whois deepdotweb.com Domain Name: DEEPDOTWEB.COM Registry Domain ID: 1831474545_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.godaddy.com Registrar URL: http'':''//www.godaddy.com Updated Date: 2019-05-07T15:18:14Z Creation Date: 2013-10-17T18:10:49Z Registry Expiry Date: 2025-10-17T18:10:49Z Registrar: GoDaddy.com, LLC Registrar IANA ID: 146 Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected] Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: 480-624-2505 Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited https'':''//icann.org/epp#clientDeleteProhibited Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited https'':''//icann.org/epp#clientRenewProhibited Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited https'':''//icann.org/epp#clientTransferProhibited Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited https'':''//icann.org/epp#clientUpdateProhibited Domain Status: serverDeleteProhibited https'':''//icann.org/epp#serverDeleteProhibited Domain Status: serverTransferProhibited https'':''//icann.org/epp#serverTransferProhibited Domain Status: serverUpdateProhibited https'':''//icann.org/epp#serverUpdateProhibited Name Server: JOCELYN.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM Name Server: PLATO.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM DNSSEC: unsigned URL of the ICANN Whois Inaccuracy Complaint Form: https'':''//www.icann.org/wicf/>>> Last update of whois database: 2019-05-12T23:36:41Z Last update of WHOIS database: 2019-05-12T23:00:00Z

I hope the hacker known as 4chen is able to fix it.

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I don't use Tor for illegal activities. (I'm not in the Navy either.) IIRC this was like Freedom Hosting in Ireland, who were facilitating illegal shit.

We might actually have to go to Chinatown to buy drugs again, imagine that!

Monero is the most private cryptocurrency out there, I don't know why more people won't use it.

i think its funny how they plaster their emblems on there like gang tags

All the sites were obviously drug-related, including deepdot. Stop pretending this is some big free speech issue.

this is not how it works you retarded CNN-reporter

What did the CIA figure out Jorden Peterson did shrooms with Joe Rogan? hashtag DARKWAB

Darknet Markets are becoming a problem and I support fighting (((drugs))), kikes wanted to host an edgy side and got what they deserved, I hope reddit is next because they have several subs about this topic.
If anything this shows that the coppers are desperate so TOR is doing its job.

imagine being an autistic nigger