Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson goes hard on "money lenders"

"Why would a society lionize and promote a class of people who lend money for a living…over people who actually make things?"

@ 3:41 if timestamp doesn't work

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Carlson is controlled opposition who drops a few “redpilled” lines from time to time. If pressed he’d capitulate to Jewish power and pro-multikulti in an instant, his livelihood depends on if

go back to shitchan, fox marketing shill

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The youtube link that isn't embedded is the dead giveaway. It is a very simple automated method to cross post that doesn't account for having to post the link in a separate embedding line.

Honestly, even if some people are controlled opposition, does that mean we can't celebrate when they say something good? We can never prove 100% that anyone ISN'T controlled opposition anyway, there's always a risk of that, so why not just go along with them when they do good and drop them when they do bad? We think critically, we aren't religious about them.

I have the same take on him as I do Trump, it's still good, controlled or otherwise, when they say these things. Even if they come with the intent of disrupting us, we can hijack their words for our purposes.


Does Tucker mention anything about jews in the video?
You pretty much can't talk about money lending and not mention jews.

That CIAnigger is giving people false hope by making them think they still have a voice up there in the MSM speaking for them, when all he does is state some common sense points every once in a while. Yeah, based Tucker. He's telling them. I guess things aren't too bad after all. Sit back and keep watching TV.

Someone paid by jews to read jewish scripts on jewish television is not against the jews. Tucker Carlson is controlled opposition. Fox is controlled opposition. Go away.

Historically people recognized that debt interest accrual was a brainless process and stepped in to stop it from going too far.
When they didn't, poverty artifically skyrocketed, society collapsed, and civil wars happened.

the least manipulative Jews should be forced into Israel and not given aid so as to make them less of a rootless parasite
the other 90% (you) should be exterminated.

Who gives a fuck if IDF advisors fucked small children up the ass in front of their horrified parents at Abu Ghraib? We need to know more about Dana Perino and Jasper. So adorable…

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Get out traitor

jasper looks like a lot of fun to pet and play fetch with.

You can tell from the middle picture that he is used to being behind her when she is sweaty and half naked.
I wonder how often Dana Perino lets Jasper fuck her.


What sort of sick individual has these thoughts?
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Would you rather have your woman fuck a dog, or a nigger? A dog is the White man's best friend. A nigger is his worst enemy. Dogs are red-pilled enough to hate niggers by instinct.

that being said I wouldnt mind watching if anyones got a vid/pic?

Why not both?

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Reminder that the moderators allow these posts.

This isn't the church picnic, lady.

Fuck off kike is obvious is you.
You instantly oust your self by saying your fetishes almost like a jew would.

Reminder you have time to make idiotic redtext posts hinting at (((more censorship))) which makes you a kike.

Should they let Ben Shapiro have it yesterday?

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Tucker is based af.

No shit. If Tucker wasn't controlled he wouldn't be allowed to be have a prime time show on Fox. Yes there are limits on what he can say, but that really isn't a reason to dismiss him entirely. He's still a hell of a lot better than anybody else in the mainstream media.

Every race has a right to their own state. As long as his support for Israel isn't of the "closed borders for them, open borders for us" kind then it's fine by me.


is he somewhat controlled? sure.
opposition? prove it kike.

capped lol

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d*gs are no better than niggers

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Dogs are indeed better than subhumans like you.

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