The Club of Rome

So I bought the Turner Diaries today from a fella who went on about the Club of Rome, and how they control everything and how the were going to use the European Islamic Caliphate to rule the world from. What is the Club of Rome and where do they sit on the Pantheon of The Damned?
G**gle hides everything and logs everything, and I've been lurking for long enough to know that the CoR is mentioned occasionally, but is never discussed.

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ASk this in questions that do not deserve their own threads.

The funniest thing, is that once I actually began reading the book, I suddenly realized that /pol IS Dr. Pierce's rhetoric, but with memes. This community has somehow built up a new religion out of the teachings of the patriarchs (Pierce, Rockwell, Mosley and Hitler (with some lesser characters thrown in for spice)), and has successfully converted several (hundred?) thousand over the last few years. This new religion animates it's true adherents with purpose and love of life not dreamed of back outside of the faith. And this Red Pantheon of patriarchs is opposed by a wicked pantheon of villains too.

It's the jews. It's not not the jews. It's the jews.

That is a good site to start at, even if the role of jews is downplayed and other groups than the Club of Rome are the primary focus. There is overlap in the groups.

No you're totally right, they've worked their way up into untold organizations that they did not found, but I'm asking specifically about this group.

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It's ok spazz, relax. Anyways, whaddaya got on club of rome?

And more importantly, whats up with this new weird religion we all follow? This is a new faith, or a retooling of an old faith. The Pantheon seems very Aryan itself, doesn't it? The Father at the top (Big H), followed by his princes Mosley and Rockwell and their disciples. Reminds me of what little I know of the Germanic pantheon of old, with Odin and his sons. I wonder if this web community, who's main members come from rich indoeuropean background have been able to will a new edition of the stories of old into existence.
And I'm not speaking to any technical historical accuracy, I'm speaking not of "was or wasn't X person a controlled op", but of board culture, specifically, the way this place idolizes the Pantheon, much in the way that we've always worshiped our gods.

as always, with any new Conspiracy topic, your very first resource to figure out What The Hell is Going On should be the Mountain of Truth–Mount Wikileaks.

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Here, in 1975, the Club of Rome proposes a New World Order, where the elites in rich countries will sabotage their economies and halt growth in order to re-distribute shekels to the poor countries, all in order for the 1% elites to maintain their extravagent Fat of the Land life styles which mooch off of ye the Working Class Saps backs.

but then here in 1977, one attendee to CoR said the following:

"the Club of Rome's reputation of being politically important and scientifically sagacious is highly exaggerated. the club is saying today the same things it said five years ago. its belief in its own importance is on a place far above what it can accomplish".

"the club has actually never accomplished anything important itself–aside from publishing the reports "the limits of growth" and "reshaping the international order"

"if the rich cannot accept a reduction in their standard of living on behalf of the poor then catastrophe lies ahead of us all".

ASk in qttdot, also some anons believe esoteric Hitlerism some don't and think is ridiculous I am somewhere in the middle.

Ok, next time I want to start a thread which features The Turner Diaries, Club of Rome AND Esoteric Hitlerism all in the same thread, I'll go use QTDDTOT. I think you might actually be autistic friend, but that's ok, we're all friends here :)

As long as your natsoc your welcome fren.

I listen to the Myth of the 20th century and they pretty regularly cite something called "limits to growth". Is that this do you think?

Ok but he's saying that in 1977, 40 years ago and less than a decade after the club founded, that's probably not accurate of what the club represents in the current geopolitical landscape

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Something founded by the Rockefellers, it's basically a United Nations organization, they originated the global warming hoax.

The Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, the Brookings Institute, the Atlantic Council are all fake NGOs with their own self interest being their top priority.

I wouldn't listen to any advice or recommendation that comes from them.

These people are not elected, their interference, especially in countries outside the US, is nit democratic at all. All these organisations will have to be completely dismantled, anyone who is against this is the enemy.

Deep state and billionaires who got rich through illegal and dirty practices think too much of themselves.

They started these fake NGOs and fake charities to interfere illegally.

We have to draw a map of all these fake ngos, and we have to destroy them completely.

The wealth of these deep state billionaires should be confiscated. Their wealth comes from crimes or illegal and unethical practices anyway. Most of them are criminals.

Yes, they use this technique that they exaggerate the importance and prestige of these fake ngo institutions to make them look important.

They use names like council, committee, commission etc to fool people and to give the impression that these are real government agencies.

Why does a non governmental organisation want to look like a governmental organisation?

They have absolutely no legitimacy, and pokiticians should ignore all of these ngos.

Politicians everywhere in the world should team up with each other, even if they don't like each other, and they should get rid of this fake ngo network. It is time for politicians and leaders to take back the power from this fake ngo network.

Let's do a coup against this fake ngo network.

First, we need a list of them.

Then we will make it impossible for their workers to work.

Inform the public about this network, so that they wouldn't be taken seriously anymore.

Analyse their strategies, fake protests etc, and develop coubter strategies to make these ineffective.

Politicians should support each other in this cleansing. If a country is clean, they should help other countries get rid of the fake ngos.

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Club of Rome sounds like yet another term that people use (like NWO or Illuminati) when they are too afraid to call out the Chosen.

Unlike various red herrings, institutions such as Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group etc. are very real, they are nerve centers of international Jewry.

NWO and Illuminati would be much closer to what Hitler wanted to achieve, the very opposite of globohomo and Sanhedrin that preside over it. Kikes just put the mask of their enemies so they can pin their kikery on them.


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