Trump Awards Highest Us Civilian Honor To Liger Woods

Trump announced his plans to bestow the nation’s highest civilian honor upon Woods after he won this year’s Masters Tournament, his first major title in more than a decade.

President Donald Trump awarded Tiger Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House on Monday, calling the golfer “one of the greatest athletes in the history of sports.”

“We are in the presence of a true legend,” Trump said at the Rose Garden ceremony. “Tiger Woods is a global symbol of American excellence.”

Trump announced his plans to bestow the nation’s highest civilian honor upon Woods after he won this year’s Masters Tournament, his first major title in more than a decade. Woods’s victory was his 15th in one of golf’s four most important tournaments, and came after years of personal turmoil that included injuries, revelations of multiple affairs, and painkiller abuse.

Trump has remained close with the superstar golfer despite the scandals, and Woods designed a course in Dubai expected to be managed by the Trump Organization. The pair have played golf together repeatedly, including a round in February at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida.

Trump’s ventures in Dubai, where he licensed use of his name for various projects, have netted him millions in recent years, according to his financial disclosures. “We will be doing something very special,” Trump said in 2014 when the course’s owner, Damac Properties Dubai Co., announced its tie-up with Woods and the Trump Organization.
Democrats and good government groups regularly assail Trump for maintaining ownership of his businesses while in office. Yet a presidential medal to a sports star generally wouldn’t raise questions of conflicts.

The president has awarded the Medal of Freedom to a number of athletes, including Hall-of-Fame quarterback Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys and nine-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Alan Page, who later became a justice on Minnesota’s Supreme Court. Trump also gave the honor posthumously to all-time baseball great Babe Ruth.

But many sports stars and teams have been reluctant to appear with Trump at the White House. The president canceled a visit by the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles in 2018 after the team said only a small delegation would attend.

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This is a bad as Obama giving Ellen the award, just for being gay. The conservatives that riled against that then, now seem rather quiet.


This is the highest level culture in a niggerized jewified country

Why did you darken Tiger Wood’s skin in that pic? He’s only half black…and his dad was light skinned and most likely had a heavy white admixture tbh.

Last year, he gave the Freedom medal to the wife of his casino buddy, Adelson. They are for sale.

America has always been like this. The bad guys won WW2.

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There’s only another 10 years of the boomers’ nonsense. Most of them are in their 60’s now.

Well this stupid ass just lost my support… So much for a wall…and this stupid son of a bitch treats the niggers way too well…anyway so long trump kiss my vote goodbye.

Thank you Mr.President, I always felt Tiger Woods was falsely accused by hate filled people because he was a good Christian man going through a rough patch. His swedish ex wife was a lying bitch.

America has a ridiculously low mixed race birth rate and used to enforce forced segregation on blacks. What jew-free and ethnically pure country do you hail from, sir?

Tiger is more like a Samoan than a nigger. He’s half Asian and his dad is one of the lightest skin niggers around.

Based, and checkmated.
Just watch those demokkkrats throw a racist fit over it.

IF the whole, “Trump might be letting Kushner and the jews completely run his admin” was okay but the whole giving Tiger woods an award thing really grinded your gears!…YOU might just be a boomer

It's embarrassing being an American when someone comes in COPEposting like this.

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Can you Refute any of those statements or are you here for the Thailand ladyboy talk?


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Why is this even a fucking thread. This is among the least impactful and disastrous things he has done. That fucking clementine skinned penguin faggot is so god damn kiked someone honestly ought to stab him to death, if it weren't that Pence would be just as bad.

Thais are like a mix between the utter ugliness of a Vietnamese and the repulsiveness of a Chinese. Among the worst peoples on Earth, not to mention the degeneracy and acceptance of it by Thais. Definitaly among the worst peoples on Earth.

said that to my feet

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Post yfw you see D&C shills

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Is there a big Thai contingent of Zig Forums?

In the excellent book Kushner Inc., Trump was mildly pissed off when Ivanka decided to convert to Judaism and marry a wimpy jew. "She could have married Tom Brady" he said.

Ah the d&c kikes are right on time. I have no interest in fighting against or arguing with Europeans, I'm solely focused on your parasitic tribe of pedophiles, swindlers, and bug people.

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Yeah, he didn’t like it. If he objected to it or tried to stop it, he and his entire family would have been targeted by the Jews for a multi generational vendetta. So he just shrugged his shoulders. She was almost 30 when she got married also. Not a ton he could do.

It's as if the derangement syndrome goes to the next level on nu/pol/

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You look like starved fish, just look at your people. You know it's true.

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For what? He's a nigger that plays a Jewified sport for millions of dollars.

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fucks all the whores and gets the highest civilian honor, based and ultra-nigger pilled

This is just 12D chess you guys.
Trump is only doing this to show
that these medals are worthless.
That's why he's giving the highest
medal of honor to a pill-popping
nigger who cheated on his wife
with an incredibly ugly porn star
just like President Trump did.

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Yeah, well, as long as they are redpilled on the jews and aren’t openly espousing any anti white views…I guess they can linger and not post unless it’s absolutely necessary.

He’s half a Thai jungle gook as well. Let’s give credit where it’s do, user.


Go to the profile of DOJ Alumni Statement
DOJ Alumni Statement
May 6
We are former federal prosecutors. We served under both Republican and Democratic administrations at different levels of the federal system: as line attorneys, supervisors, special prosecutors, United States Attorneys, and senior officials at the Department of Justice. The offices in which we served were small, medium, and large; urban, suburban, and rural; and located in all parts of our country.

Each of us believes that the conduct of President Trump described in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report would, in the case of any other person not covered by the Office of Legal Counsel policy against indicting a sitting President, result in multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice.

The Mueller report describes several acts that satisfy all of the elements for an obstruction charge: conduct that obstructed or attempted to obstruct the truth-finding process, as to which the evidence of corrupt intent and connection to pending proceedings is overwhelming. These include:

· The President’s efforts to fire Mueller and to falsify evidence about that effort;

· The President’s efforts to limit the scope of Mueller’s investigation to exclude his conduct; and

· The President’s efforts to prevent witnesses from cooperating with investigators probing him and his campaign.

Attempts to fire Mueller and then create false evidence

Despite being advised by then-White House Counsel Don McGahn that he could face legal jeopardy for doing so, Trump directed McGahn on multiple occasions to fire Mueller or to gin up false conflicts of interest as a pretext for getting rid of the Special Counsel. When these acts began to come into public view, Trump made “repeated efforts to have McGahn deny the story” — going so far as to tell McGahn to write a letter “for our files” falsely denying that Trump had directed Mueller’s termination.

I'm reading Kushner Inc right now and fuck my eyes, Trump was so unbelievably stupid to let Jared and Ivanka set up office in the White House. Non stop insanity. The guy is a total fool that we needed badly at this moment of crisis.

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haha wrong pic

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It's been said that all the world's a stage, but for some like Trump, all the world's an office and the office of President is merely another, grander platform from which to do deals.

Did he really think the example he set and the natural aspirations of women were going to result in her marrying a strong, upstanding American man?

The blockade of Qatar was done by Kushner to punish them for not refinancing the 666 tower in Manhattan. Trump didn't give a shit till Tillerson pointed out to him that Qatar is an ally that has an important USAF base on it. Saudi Arabia no longer has a USAF base. I think the only other one in the region is in Kuwait. Trump had a big shit when he found out. Seems Kushner and Trump had no idea there was an essential USAF base there when they blockaded them at the behest of MBS and MBZ.

Nigga please, Ivanka would have married Tom Brady in a heart beat. She’s like two maybe three divisions lower than Tom Brady material. He gets supermodels, Hollywood actresses and sheeit.

Tiger Woods isn't the best golfer by a mile. Fucking boomers man, what a disgrace Trump is

I actually think he's going senile. My 83 year old neighbor has Alzheimers and most of the time, especially when he's on his meds he's totally normal, intelligent, funny, a great guy. but when it hits him he's a mess. Disoriented, stupid, childish, lost.