Christianity is a Slave Religion

20 minutes to change a christcuck forever
Get those gears turnin'… I know it has been a while.
Blow the dust off the old noggin

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Satanists actually advocates slavery

Yep. Just turn your brain off. Reason is the Devil's Whore. The serpent is beguiling you

lol satanists are retarted. but slavery probably has some supporters on the chans so that isn't your best argument

The founder of satanism was a jew.

these are 2 shills who are afraid of your Semitic social engineering wearing off

lavey was a kike. who is promoting the church of satan?

We here at Pol don't give a shit what the other boards think.

Slavery outside of roleplay is niggerjew teir behavior.

tell me about what led you to this user. did something bad happen to you?

Europeans are a slave race and born and bred only to serve Jews.
This has been true since antiquity.

Not even Semitic

Get out Jew.
Go become a real race instead of a LARP race.

Christers literally worship a dead rabbi .

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Rabbinical order didn't even exist then you idiot.

Do you hate your dad?

Embrace your destiny. Bleed for Israel. Wage war upon Israel's enemies like your precious saint. That is all you are good for. That's all you were ever meant to do. Serve Israel.

Not as much as I hate yours.
Pic related

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how much do you hate your dad?

led me to what?

All chiefs& no injuns?
All injuns no chiefs?
Weren't more speshuller kikes who got the BETTER goy baby parts?

yes they do

exactly what a jew would say

to this hatred of god. what happened?

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I don't hate "God". Your "God" is Satan. I know God. You believe in a phantom

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And by believing in the phantom you power a demon

Bang Dream thread:

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then what led you to your belief in gnosticism? have you ever dabbled in the occult?

What's my name bitch?

You would know

Not a belief. Knowledge. I also wouldn't identify as gnostic (or any tradition). The Nag Hammadi is a good wake up call for hylics and psychics. Do you know the meaning of "occult"? it just means hidden. know thyself.

If you are asking if i have ever practiced magick, no… Although i have seem some interesting effects from changing my mind. You want to know what is REALLY dark magick?

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Im a jew? Nope

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You're a fraud.

Oh, another gay ass Antichrist thread? On God? Let me dust these memories off real quick.

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Fraud? Im not in a secret society hahahahah. that would be missing the point

that is just a strawman. take 20 min and realize you are retarted. Listen to christianity logically dismantled

Oh what? Kike on a stick? On God?

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Posting a fake Templar flag and claiming you're not in a secret society?

The actual Templars never wore black. Those were the Hospitalers.

here's pagantardery fully dismantled for you cheif. How many Ls are you willing to take for Odin again?

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Read a real big le, and then maybe you would understand. You're supposed to question the existence of God.


It's pagan cringe all the way down folks. The ride never ends!

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do you have a soul user?

People throwing around catch phrases and manufacturing terminology to explain indepth and highly convoluted historical trends and lengthy periods of time that involved enormous cultural shifts to lay blame on specific cultural groups are often just cursory larpers with delusional romantic ideations of reality.

Basically, they to be ignored without further review, as they are on the starting basis guilty of reductionism, a fallacy that is used by primarily morons.

Except for when someone says Hitler was right, because he was and still is.

Pegans are litteral brainlet fags

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Anyway, now that my pagan cringe posting has fully broken the ice, allow me to riddle you with a question: why is that whenever you scratch a pagan, you get a racist shitlib? Why do pagans continuously get caught doing or saying something sexually deviant, or posting the most godawful cringe that would make even Odin himself turn in his grave? The answer, my friend, is that because you have rejected God, Jesus Christ, and His Everlasting Church, you have become hell-bound disgusting faggoty demons. It's still time to repent, for the Kingdom is at hand, but you likely won't. Instead, you'll be doomed to spend the remainder of your God-given life posting cringe on twitter, shooting up heroin in front of your kids, and renting out free space in your head for that ol' Kike on a Stick with about five other fat-ass friends on discord for hours in a day. Hello, yikes department? Anyway, I hope you all have good night, God bless, and Christ is risen!

Jews are Pagans.

hahahaahahahh that is the sacred flag ;)

u are fitting in well boomer christcuck faggot

odin? hahahaahhaha

maybe.I i definitley have a spirit. im minimally nike cage ghost rider. i might have a soul though. not sure

you can tell christ cuck shills because they make it a false dichotomy with odin cringelords . they cannot face claims about their religion at face value

I'm sure the 100th of these threads will be the one to make it stick.

Keep at it, guys!