Cynical Zionism

Why not a national socialism that assumes the Jews are(and will continue to be) the supreme rulers of this world?
Both us and the kikes recognise the energy it takes to stem the erosion to ethnic and hierarchical solidarity. They know through their role in the exacerbation of these myopic utopian cults and we know through our attempts to patch the holes.
Israel is already a national socialist state, but secular Jews need to come to terms with the fact that they need wider global acceptance of these ideals if the want to properly propagandise their youth, while shielding them from the evil influence of the liberal diaspora Jews.
If Zionist Jews do not move in this direction, then Israel will end up as another multicultural shithole with the largest population of hasidic benefit scroungers the world has ever seen.

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It is nothing like national socialism it took it and twisted and corrupted it to what ever abomination spawned out of the jews, the thing about kikes that you have to understand op what ever they touch it automatically becomes depraved and corrupted.
The kikes turned national socialism what is suppose to be a self efficient ideology into a parasitic one.

This is indeed one of their worst crimes along with many others.

When they stop taking the US aid then they can claim to be rulers.

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Where is this degeneracy coming from?

They have successfully played the con to its conclusion. They've held the west ransom, but they need to rethink their goals.
They should view the past 70 years as a show of force, don't get cocky.

Trump isn't mentioned I think this thread alone might generate decent discussion.

Jews are incredibly arrogant that is not gonna happen ever, if they did rethink their views they would've stopped being kicked out of many nations because it required them to have self conscience and reflection which isn't something they do not necessarily posses.

Because having honorless psychopathic inbred parasitical weaklings as your rulers is never a good idea, especially if they hate everyone else solely for existing.



These things do not correlate.

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The problem is national socialism isn't the same as supremacism. The Jew founders of Israel knew they had to cultivate the people into a whole separate self sufficient community. Judaism is not a political movement.

They cannot teach their children about innate qualities, only shallow religious supremacism.

it doesn't need it in order for it to thrive, since natsoc is always about putting your people first, the kikes took on what is good about national socialism and corrupted all of it's values.
HAH! Not in a million of years it's not, it quickly became parasitic and started sucking off the u.s.a dry and needing help of other nations to do their wars for them, israhell is far from sufficient.

Well op seems to be wanting to get into discussion which is something I hadn't seen in a while from all the half ass threads I seen on this board.

No it isn't.

It's not selfless delusional sacrifice you Jew.

Wait hold on user?
How am I a jew?

Inbuilt into the Jewish US project is an acceptance of looney Christian Zionism, but it may turn out to be a hindrance. There was a benefit to the NS rhetoric when it came to every one having a place.
People don't like their mysticism mixed with cynicism. Fanatical supremacists don't make very good managers of peoples.
Your religious heads are leading you down the alley that leads to pettiness.
Leftist kikes won't have your back on this one. Best to liquidate them before they distract.

Only a Jew would say National Socialism is about putting your people first. Only a Jew would try to convince anybody that would have even a cursory interest in National Socialism that it was about self sacrifice for a "cause".

That's American History X teir LARP bullshit.

No one is on our side all natsoc have is each other no one can be trusted unless that particular person who seek the common goals as him which is preserving their people.

Is it not though?
Or am I getting something wrong here?

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If I was a jew I would defending jews, just explain why I am wrong, I am open minded because I think there was a bit of misunderstanding.

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Op hasn't responded to my post.
Pretty suspicious a few good arguments and facts and boom ignored.
Their was a time where they actually continued back in the old days.

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