Trump's Tax Details

NYT Got Trump's Tax Transcripts

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As losses from his core enterprises mounted, Trump took on a new public role, trading on his business-titan brand to present himself as a corporate raider. He would acquire shares in a company with borrowed money, suggest publicly that he was contemplating buying enough to become a majority owner, then quietly sell on the resulting rise in the stock price.

The tactic worked for a brief period — earning Trump millions of dollars in gains — until investors realized that he would not follow through. That much has been known for years. But the tax information obtained by The Times shows that he ultimately lost the bulk of the gains from his four-year trading spree.


Hmm, my first thought is Whatever the foolish left can do to stop this neocon Don from having any authority to commit another zionist war, the better

No shit. Maximizing depreciation losses are how people make money in real estate.

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This guy loses money like a nigger. I'm serious, I bet there are nigger "rap stars" who managed their portfolio better than this guy. It's all hot air. I'll give him credit though, this charade has brought him a nice life style… and the presidency of the United States lol. These tax returns are obviously not within the last decade, but his major income source has been a shitty reality TV show. At the rate he burns through money, and with the debts he always carries, I really wonder how he was able to keep his plane in the air for the 2016 election. Actually I don't, he's the puppet of (((Sheldon Adelson))) and his (((lenders))).

There's no way they're going to lie this specifically. If it were false, Trump would sue them in court probably for all they are worth.

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Besides, as pointed out, this is normal for when you deal in real estate. It's just another weak hit piece to try and 'lmao aha!' Trump.

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Death to America!

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Wrong board. You're looking for


Earlier this week Hillary jokingly asked the Chinese to dig up Trump's tax returns. In a parody of his joke to the Russians to find her emails. I find it awfully amusing that the NYT produces this story just as Trump is negotiating a new trade deal with the chinks.

Trump has been JEWING THE JEW for most of his adult life. Thanks Mr. President!

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In fact, year after year, Trump appears to have lost more money than nearly any other individual American taxpayer
ahhahahhaahahahahah. Do we have the biggest losses folks? Not only are we going to lose, but we are going to lose BIG. Losing like the world has never seen before. No other President will help you loose like this, that I can tell you.

The people brain dead enough to unironically read NYT will believe this story actually means something, since they don’t understand how businesses and particularly real estate businesses do taxes.

This seems to be the standard T_D shill line. Look, all businesses might have to post losses during certain times, but Trump is taking this to an absurd level. NYT is full of libtarded opinion pieces, but their research teams are quite good, this isn't BuzzFeed.

Really moshe?

Kill yourself jew.

Fuck off lowjew.

You lying yid. This is basic bitch money laundering. What bank in their right mind would continue to keep offering a colossal fuck up more loans? Deutche Bank bailed him out, and the only way that seems likely is if (((someone else))) cosigned.

Doesn't really explain why Trump tried so hard to hide it though


Tis merely a coincidence goyim

Thread right there.

Okay so let's say Trump did some shady tax shit. How many people do you know that will side with the IRS? Oh no President Trump ripped off the IRS! I think we all know who the real villains are here.

Ann Coulter says that now that Trump has revealed that he's just Romney II and has no intention of ever kicking out the spics or any of the other 30 million or so illegals in the country, she just wants to watch it all burn down so she'd even like to work for AOC and have some shits and giggles tormenting the Wall St. kikenvermin by seizing the traitor's money for the commies.

AOC is just another controlled opposition neolib so that's a hilarious thought.

None of this is "news" you know. He's always been brutally frank about this, and so has Ivanka. In Born Rich she says that one day she was walking into Trump Tower with her father (she was around 12 or so at the time) and Trump indicated a bum on the sidewalk to her and said "see that bum over there? He's worth a billion dollars more than me because he's got nothing. And $0.00 is a billion more than -$1,000,000.00"

Who cares about his tax returns? The IRS shouldn't even EXIST in the first place.

It's not about taxes. It's an insight into how he operated as a businessman. What is shown, is that when people (creditors, banks) invested money in Trump, he squandered it. When he started losing money, he tried to string together some pump and dump schemes, which ultimately fell apart when people caught on.

Imagine unironically working for communists. You people are pathetic.

Dear god, she's embraced the honk.

The money is worthless anyway. Why would you try to conserve a debt-based currency? Use it to buy things you can own that will generate an income or appreciate.

That's the part Trump had a hard time with.

You have changed my view with your faultless logic. Sheeeeit we gotta impeech Trump nao!


Moar like
OP is a (((fag))) amirite?

Seriously though the author of this article even admits he doesn't even have the tax returns.

This could be literal fanfiction and Zig Forumsacks are eating this shit up.

How is this news? Every documentary/biography I've seen had said that he was hemorrhaging money during this time period. Do people not know this? They should because it was already on blast during the primaries.


Shit from decades ago is some how valid to his net worth today.

Get out.

Apparently you clowns don't know how to read. Trump himself outlines this in his own book. The art of the come back. This isn't a new revelation. 🤡🌎

simply appears to me Trump used losses to avoid paying taxes
as if paying taxes is a badge of success

Desperate leftist Zig Forumsacks finally found something that will end the ebil Blumpf. Because mr Anonymous Source is very credible and never wrong about anything.

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With a 35% corporate tax rate, having high operating losses means you have great deductions.

This is why countries like Estonia don't have an annual corporate tax and why nations like Georgia are abolishing it outright.
High corporate tax means big business can get massive deductions by running operating losses (Volvo does this in Sweden, or at least they run near zero results).
The only ones paying the tax are small and medium businesses who can't afford tax planning.

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Drumbpth will be impeeched annnny day now…….annny day.
Ages 3 years

Yeah, he's been a real man of action lately.

Look at my 2020 poster.

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So many cucks on this forum

It was her turn, eh?

Estonia basically took Milton Friedman's book Free to choose and used it as a basis for its entire economic policy after escaping soviet control.



say it with me


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Flow Chart.
Sex Scandal

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No shit

Reminder that jews are on video admitting that they were going to kill Trump until he sold himself to them.


The purpose of the article is to make Trump look like a failed businessman. He may be an atrocious philo-semite and windbag, but the nigger is successful, and there are several hints at this fact in the article if you’re able to read between the lines.

Can someone explain why his tax details are important?
why anyone's tax details are important?

Haven't seen this many (1) in a long time. Almost as if…

The NYTimes research teams are stenographers for the CIA. If you are here to defend the NYTimes in anyway you are a shill.

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aaaaand the article has hit its target audience. Coming up with a diatribe of losses on paper is how the don't pay taxes game is played.

Thread title:
"NYT Got Trump's Tax Transcripts"

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post it please.

like when they take about the 3-5 "failed trump businesses" ignoring the fact that he owns/is chairman of over 500. thats a pretty good track record.
no comment on his politics because its irrelevant at this point but his apartments are nice, he has good taste, and he likes to spend money on quality.
i used to live in one of his apartments he had built. it was expensive, but the building was solid. heavy doors/walls made the place practically soundproof so you cant hear your neighbors and they cant hear you, even if youre loud.
there was a private movie theater, gym, and multiple event rooms at the bottom floor that you can rent for meetings/parties. we used to have our kids birthday parties down in the private movie theatre. the staff was extremely friendly and helpful if they werent black (which was rare). they responded quickly to complaints and made people in NY feel like they were actually getting compensated for their insane amounts of rent/mortgages especially when compared to other places.
if you were renting they wouldnt hesitate to bring you a brand new fridge if you complained about it not keeping food cold enough.

he managed to create a thriving market for non-rent-controlled apartments by doing this. people always fought over rent controlled apartments because "theyre like NY apartments but cheaper" but these same people would also fight over trump apartments because "atleast you get what youre paying for"
they also had nice outdoor areas.

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An anonymous source told the NYT that Trump is actually a super villain who built a secret base under a volcano for his next plan to take over the world.

Who is this anonymouse source you ask? Well I cant possibly divulge that information but I assure you he or she is definitely not imaginary.

Why does any of this matter? No wonder Trunp was hiding this, no one is playing fair and looking for fraud,it's all just to poke fun for no reason. He's the president, get over it and elect someone better in 2 years.


ThAtS hOw GeRmALizM WoRkS

Sounds like the same tactic he uses now; Tweets one thing, does the exact opposite

Im just glad to have the guy fighting in my corner. Rather than against me.

you're trolling, right?

I don't see how he's in your corner, at all…unless you're a convicted drug dealer or shitskin immigrant.
He's presiding over the largest invasion in our history while signalling that he's against it. He's a (((con))).

It says they didnt get the tax returns in the source you idiot. Gotta red text the first line though so the scrolling normies get the take away you want. Blumpf is blumpfd guys just pack it in we're blumpfd.

Trump being a zionist traitor doesn't mean anyone with an IQ above 80 is going to fall for bullshit.

Disingenuous, kike propaganda. I don't like Trump, but c'mon, you lazy yids. We all know what the tax loopholes were in the 80's. He made the money back 5 fold like all of them. If the rest of you are too stupid to do the actual research, and vote against Trump because of this desperate bullshit, fuck off.
If you're voting against Trump because you're tired of your ammo being cold and lonely, and you want to Accelerate, all righty then. Just don't be a willing bitch for these kvetching noose weights.

I'm sure all the other billionaires didn't make enough income to pay tax for the last ten years too. I can't believe people are dumb enough to think he isn't a business success. It's more like because the ultra rich corporations and billionaires all cheat on their taxes.

The other choice was Hillary who used to anti-gay marriage and anti-immigration under Obama but is now pro both.

They never learn.

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Polite sage, but the goal of these media blitz is so obvious. They are baiting Trump into releasing his current tax information. They want him to throw down and basically tell them they're wrong and here's the proof. It's such a stupid, childish kike plan.

>But I do shill for the (((media)))
Fuck off.

Confirmation bias. Usually people doesn't care for the source as long as they hear what they want to hear. Also
(((They))) have nothing.

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This is normal in real estate.
And around this time Trump was engaged in a lot of real estate purchases, building and renovation.
You post your losses up front because they are upfront losses. This minimises your tax bill meaning you don't have to pay tax on your currently unprofitable real estate.
It can be a bit scummy sometimes when loans are taken into account, but its mostly left alone as an incentive to build.

I mean stuff like trade deals.
A lot of other countries in the west get taken advantage of because the politicians know nothing about business.

I enjoy being on the side that gets a great deal and leaves the other side wondering what just happened.

Is this a parody post?

You must trolling to respond with this non sequitur.

Lol do you still support trump

This isnt even news we already knew he was bankrupt in like 1994

Nigger it's not even cheating on your taxes when it's legal. This is how the real estate business works. And book losses are not the same thing as cash losses.


Its not parady. A lot of countries really do sign bad deals.
That Trudeau guy went on a milti million dollar trade trip to India and actually came back with higher taxes on Canadian exports to India. He probably thinks he scored a massive win for LBTQ or something. But in reality he made Canada poorer and India richer.

Remember when Trump wanted to put a tariff on Chinese steel? So he put tariff on EU steel as well. Then when the Chinese put a tariff on US soy, he got the EU to remove their tariffs on soy in exchange for him removing tariffs on EU steel.
That might seem sneaky but you have to bear in mind it was only possible to do that because for decades people have seen it as normal to put tariffs on US goods without expecting the US to do the same in return.

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I believe them.

Keep saying it and it will come true, but not the way you want

If Trump can prove they are lying, then he can sue them for libel. So why doesn't he?

Perhaps hes got a country to run?

That is the cost of American Empire. No one actually likes the US or its dumb, nigger population. No one likes its economic model, either. The one-way favoritism for surplus production of US vassals is a bribe to keep them in the US sphere of influence and aligned with US geopolitical objectives.

Now that the one-way deal is evaporating, suddenly the US thinks it appropriate to offer up murderous threats to decent and talented Germans for rejecting US nigger gas and US nigger cars.

The steel industry is actually a good example. China makes 45% of the world's steel. European countries like Sweden and France make high quality specialty steels for top industries. The US literally can't offer these products because it really doesn't make anything other than plate steel recycled from scrap. The core problem is US productive capacity and ability, not whether the tariffs are reciprocal or not.

The lawyers file the suit; he himself doesn't have to do anything other than instruct them to file.