Social Engineering wars against children

DISNEY MANIPULATION and book burning techniques


The original cats were portrayed as Asian caricatures that played on stereotypes, which is why they won’t be incorporated in the film.

The scene in particular is “The Siamese Cat Song”. The song, sung by Peggy Lee, has the lyrics “We are Siamese if you please / We are Siamese if you don’t please”.

The animated film depicts the cats as sneaky and almost evil creatures complete with the racist depiction of narrow eyes and very thick accents.

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What a retarded shit thread.

You should kill yourself over this. Disney sucks but this random trash is the last of their problems.

You know, if we have tried to fuck up George Lucas over his Anakin ghost bullshit (Robot Chicken tried) we would have greater momentum for opposing this.

No, wrong. You're a small brainblocked mind unable to see the big picture. Learn how to correctly direct your energy.

Why are you as a National Socialist taking you children to watch Disney films?

I go and see the Avengers stuff, but I have a weird completionist disorder.

Who even cares? You know what’s a real problem? Restrictive regulations hold the economy in its current form even as the educational resources needed to achieve regulatory compliance are held out of reach behind exorbitant cost barriers. Adult education is continually underfunded and people who are dissatisfied with their own attainments are expected to shit out babies instead to please the narcissistic governing class.

I don’t care about children’s movies. God, that’s outdated. We have fleshvats now! Stop being soulless replicants and live in the present era. A hundred years from now children’s movies won’t even exist outside of museums.

And no, I’m not accusing the stagnant tard-lites that rule nations of being pedophiles. Pedophilia is a natalist technology that promotes early and reckless sexualization. It was useful in ancient times to keep people reproducing in a world that sucked, but we have a better world now, with promising technologies that have permitted natalism’s evils to be reduced, and which might end natalism once and for all.

We don’t need to love children anymore, literally or metaphorically. There’s going to be walk-off options to the dilemma, and praise God finally, because doing the ape-shape replicant thing was always nihilistic suckiness about which people just had to lie.

Lie and die, that was history.
Science is about truth.
If people are honest enough, and go far enough in supporting truth wherever it leads, the day will come when we neither lie nor die.

Reproduction is about pouring death into life.
People are driven to it because they feel like they’re constantly dying.
It isn’t something beautiful that we should conserve.

Should a private company edit its past artwork to remove an outdated stereotype?
I’m not going to say people should know their place, because it’s beautiful that they don’t.
I’m not going to say I have a strong opinion on the basic question, because my strong opinion is a futuristic sideswipe.
You’re allowed to have whatever opinion about this.
They’re allowed to do it.
I’m just glad it isn’t happening in secret.

Single oriental stereotypes are pretty outdated.
I don’t think the stereotype is harmful, but I also don’t think it’s useful.
Modern chinese society is made of a lung-burning unwillingness to protect anyone who isn’t a politically-connected billionaire.
Shall we stereotype them as a species of greedy magma lizards who spew smog from the cracks in their scales?
That might have a point, and it would be novel.
The clever quiet synchronized crowd stereotype is archaic.
China isn’t like that anymore, if it ever really was.

Other oriental nations have less dramatic cultural orientations today.
What is Siam even up to in recent years?
That’s Thailand.
95% Buddhist
4% Islamic
1% Christian
Heavy reliance on fossil fuels
Heavy industrial export orientation
I guess they’re pretty smoggy, too.
High corruption
So they’re also like greedy oriental smoglizards, but more Buddhist

This is old pol tier content u fuck.

Always Loved that Fucking SOng

Seems like a (((trend)))

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Should a small group of people leading a public entertainment company mutilate past cultural production and pretend to be an arbitrator of which inferences and stereotypes are allowed and useful at the moment? That's more to the point.


Bump for interest.

Elon Musk is corrupt. He’s denying honest people their just rewards. I can prove it:
He’s getting ready to pay that cave diver massive sums with full court approval.
Similar tricks have been used by corrupt leaders for many payoffs in recent years. The “oopsie” politicians who get “punished” by the courts are handing out goodies because they lack the competency to rule.

didn't read nigger

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Yeah, and?

Said the faggot who cares about this bullshit.

No, redditor, it isn’t.

Way to bump a days old thread with no content.

Removed all the ____ from Movies and the public did nothing;
Uncle Remos
Colorized into a chosen color.
Certain Words
Rewrite History 101, class started in 1980's, 1984 to be exact.

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It isn't racist enough.