Oooga Booga fuk u racist bitch!

Nigger should have listened instead of saying ooga booga.

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Are we going to have another black lives matter riot?


I really fucking hope so. It's getting warm out

What the fuck, wrong embed

Your thread's formatting is terrible and this doesn't need to be its own thread but here's the video anyway.

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Oooo… Ching Chong Ling long ting tong

The cop realizes he is committing murder on camera so he lays himself down on the hood to make it look like self defense.

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But user, you can't murder an animal.

And then he almost blows his partner away in the excitement.

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The monkey should have stopped

I swear there was this nigger ahead of me at the deli area, and all i could hear when he was talking to the butcher was "ooga booga booga unga bunga". The guy behind the counter seemed genuinely relived to hear me ask him for a pound of boneless chicken breasts. In english.

Niggers should be living in a jungle in Africa, but here we are. I'm talking about the cop's outlandish behavior, because we're all on the receiving end of it. You think Boss Hog isn't going to stick a gun in your face if you're rolling through town with out of state tags? Been there.

Clear case.
The driver, albeit slowly, drove over the cop.
Why are you guys so autistic about it?

Blacks are the real racists.

He puts 4 bullets in him from the side of the car, then runs to the front and lays on the hood for another 11 rounds.

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That's very interesting
+egg-fried rice please

He's not doing it for the camera, but for the courtroom. He needs to establish plausible deniability to get away with murder.

This guy will probably get away with it, and never get called a criminal

Even while not standing in front of the car, you can see clearly that the car is touching/hitting him (23s) as the driver hits the gas.

That makes his response a clear shot.

Then the police gets in front (perhaps the first shots were intimidation(?)) and the driver runs him over.

Save it for the judge, Captain Cupcake.

Yeah, so fuck niggers and fuck kikes and yadda yadda chan_hivemind_meme.exe
But that was an uncalled for shooting. Unless he was just trying to kill niggers then mission accomplished.

Black lives don't matter. Only jew lives matter, goy.

See this
As he's being "hit" by the car, he keeps aiming his gun and his hand on his radio. This is proof that he is in control of his center of gravity, otherwise his hands would be planted on the hood, and is using the momentum of the car to pivot onto the hood in a controlled manner. That's also why he stiffens up just as he makes contact with the car; he's literally doing the "superman" yoga position.

He shot a nigger. Ironically(not really) the nigger had stolen the car.

Just what the fuck outcome did this yard ape think was going to come about from that? His monkey brain already thinks cops will kill him the first opportunity they get. Granted, he didn't want to get out because he had a gun, but the amount of niggers I have seen do dumb shit when they legit were doing nothing wrong is astounding.

I've personally witnessed a perfectly domesticated basketball american go completely brain dead, reaching for shit, making fast movements, babbling, not following instructions, etc., because he got pulled over for running a red light. Got tazed after being told to keep his hands still and visible ,which he just… didn't do, for some reason. He had nothing to reach for, no reason to be doing it aside from his nigger brain misfiring due to proximity-to-police. It really blows my mind.


Hallelujah !!!

The officer states the driver puled a gun. Which is probably why he didn't want to come out and tried to run.
1000% justified.

Lies. "He's got – she said he's got a gun!"

Yeah but really, Do we all agree that non violent offenses should be dealt with through fatal punishment? I'm just saying, it seems a bit much even if it's a nigger.

Judging by all your asshurt posts, I'd say you're the cupcake, faggot

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i have to watch this trash

God bless him at least he took one out, need more like him.

Your bootlicking fetish would meet its poetic justice when you get shot in the chest for jaywalking.

Imagine getting killed for not getting out of your car because some zogbot tells you to. I could care less about a dead nigger but considering how powerless us regular old civilians are in regards to self defense and the difficulties in the procurement of weapons for such self defense it really makes no fucking sense. Rules for thee but not for me. I hope the cop gets life in prison then it's a real win-win.

Weather is ripe for it

I love this country

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We hate cops in total. We simply like when they do what they are actually SUPPOSED to be doing.

I dont get why so many people have such a hard time understanding this. We have no problem with actual criminals being dealt with, even if harshly or violently. What we have a problem with, is when these faggots in uniforms are employed to harass, intimidate, and coerce average people into compliance with the whims and whimsy of a corrupt destructive degenerate state.

If all the cops did was find people who stole cars or mugged people or raped or murdered or etc etc and shot them in the fucking face, we would have zero problem with them, because we find such people to be subhuman who do not belong in a proper society and make it difficult and dangerous to live in society. Ya know, dealing with actual criminal scum.

But, thats not what they do, in total they spend the vast majority of their time on petty shit, intimidating and coercing average people, being the boot of the state stamping down on everyones faces, stealing your kids a gun point, arresting you for protesting a corrupt system while the leftists that enable it are allowed to freely destroy and create hoaxes about hate crimes and even physically beat you and nothing ever happens to them, threatening you for saying nigger in public, closing your business because you wont bake a cake for faggots, etc etc.

If they did none of that, but all of the criminal shooting, we'd be fine with them. So, yes, we feel a twinge of happiness when they do what they should actually be doing, shooting criminals, just like the sheriff and his deputies raiding and murdering the camp of a bunch of highwaymen and bandits. Where we have the problem, is when they ride back into town, then kick us in the balls and point the gun at us and tell us to do as we're told by the corrupt mayor who was elected by 500 votes in a city with a population of only 200, or they'll steal our house, kids, horse, money, farm, and lock us in the jail until we die, and if we say bad words or anything else to the mayors minions then we may just find ourselves lynched, our farm taken, and so on

Why do criminals deserve to live after repeated offenses? Niggers won’t rehabilitate. Life in prison makes them another leech.
Not only is a bullet cheaper but it keeps another criminal off the street and other people safe.

Cops are not right-wing death squads. In fact, you're more likely to get a bullet to the face than a nigger in similar circumstances. This cop is a piece of shit murderer who got angry that muh authoritah wasn't being followed. Keep your Judge Dredd and/or BDSM fantasies to yourself, faggot.

DId you even read ???

Every time a ZOG-thug kills a nigger, I don't care.
Every time a nigger kills a ZOG-thug, I feel overwhelming joy in my heart.

Yeah, he thinks cops are garbage men; embed related.
Protip: it's bullshit. Cops are retarded; there's literally an IQ cap on who they hire. You don't want them trying to figure out who lives and dies. We have laws.

she said "still has"

Why is there always some bitch acting like some put-upon soccer mum who has just received a ticket?
It almost makes me feel sorry for male baboons.

You should leave.
We aren't fags.


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yes, clearly the solution should be to let the black gentleman drive away or maybe get into a high speed chase.

de jure use of force

Is this the "american dream" I've heard so much about?


What the fuck are you guys doing to this board?

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The absolute STATE of nu/pol/.


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I remember seeing this from somewhere else

This was already done to death on cuckchan a month ago.

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definitely wolfing down his donut quota.

You don't get it. If you're engaged in crime think these pigs will be even more giddy to put you under.

Black lives are jew lives

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Never gonna happen. Because I'm not a dumb nigger with a illegal firearm and a deathwish.

You are REALLY assmad about this.
Did you get buffcuked in prison?

What a pity, he seemed like an upstanding chap.

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Put your ball-gag on, your little nuts are gonna be quakin' after you see this one.

I love some classic reruns.

You’re a nigger too you’re just albino😏just saying

A lot of banter.

Sorry but this is a lawful use of force. People need to follow reasonable orders from the police.

Good. One less nigger.
Good. One less ZOGbot.

These are the proper responses.

Should have shock the coal burner/crackhead too and then himself.


Nigger got rekt lol

No, I said that in an ideal setup, they would be the law enforcement body staffed by strong white men who are willing to risk their lives in order to protect the peace and laws of a society and those laws would be reasonable and appropriate. If you rob someone, the police go find that person and arrest them and get your stuff back. If someone murderers someone, they investigate, catch the person, arrest them, and so on and so forth. doing the things that they SHOULD be doing.

But I said that in the current setup, they are corrupt and nothing more than the attack dogs of the even more corrupt and degenerate state that seeks our deaths, and they are staffed by pussies and mindless thugs who just want a do nothing job where they just tool around and harass people (I shortened that bit out I guess, I had a longer post originally but ended up trimming it down, but it had a nice little story about my home town cops being so fat and inept they were unable to catch a suspect fleeing a scene riding a fucking lawnmower… go figure that shit out… oh or the time they failed to stop a robbery because a neighbor alerted them to sounds nextdoor when they knew their neighbors were away, but the cops just drove up to the house, didnt get out of the car and said it looked alright.. meanwhile the back door was standing wide open, you can guess what was going on inside)

You can in fact approve of one event happening, without approving of the people involved, or of the people in general or the situation overall. or to put it specifically, I'm glad a criminal got got (and yes, he was a criminal, stole a car, hired a hooker, wanted a blowie in a parking lot in the middle of the day, probably carrying a stolen gun, tried to flee when caught, yes he was criminal scum), I have zero remorse for him, and regardless of why or how it happened with the cop that IS the outcome here. That doesnt mean I approve of the cops as they exist now, or the 99% of their time thats spent NOT catching or dealing with criminals because ultimately most of them are morons and pussies who just want a badge and a gun to wave around and intimidate people and end up just being the mindless thugs of the corrupt state.

I can enjoy icecream without binge eating it or being a hamplanet. I can be happy a criminal got got and that a cop did what all cops SHOULD be doing, but still be disgusted with how they act the other 99% of the time and fully realize they are just goons of the state right now. it IS possible to go back to what we had before, and ultimately it will be necessary, because if no one exists to enforce laws, then laws dont exist, really the problems lie in the hiring practices for police (low IQ) and the laws of the state which allow them and direct them to spend the vast majority of their time simply harassing innocents rather than doing what the "law" should be doing, which is just protecting the common good and preventing one person from harming another.

Officer Starks:

Maybe you're in the wrong area of the internet if you think a retarded nigger getting blown away is a bad thing.

Shaver execution is still the most fucked up thing I've watched online. ISIS executions, cartel chainsawings, all of it.

I'm amazed the judge ordered it released.

Officer "Mitch" had the itch, so Danny had to die.

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Look at the pristine AR, mine has more signs of wear and I've put less than 500 rounds through it.

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Weather is warm enough so let's hope so.

Look at this fucking fag psyscho's brown mutt eye stare, not a shred of normalcy in there.

Cops these days are all working for ZOG. I support their beast pet forced government import niggers killing them. It's a double win. (except now they are ordered to stay out of diverse areas because they fear their coward lives and would rather deal with fucking over whites for the smallest shit because we are civilized unlike nigs and because they are traitors not ordered to deal with real crime)

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"What are you people!?"
Good question, pork chop!

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kill yourself nigger lover.

Defend cops bro, just like lick boots and shiet and you don;t get shooted, its that simple NIGGERS

everytime i gut puilled over i fellate the officer

Keep your fetish to yourself, we live in a society

why do cops behave like video game ai

So any witnesses report that he was giving those commands.

Dead nigger you say? I'm comfy and in a happy place now.

Telstra premium package?

What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you literally retarded?

I don’t like cops that much in general in our present situation, though I recognize their purpose in a proper, healthy, society, but it is absolutely clear what happened here. If the not had pressed the gas at any point he could have easily run the guy over. He did everything exactly as he should have.

Fuck you.

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Great points, user. I feel we have some pseudo-Marxist pushing against the cop in this case, or at least a semi-retarded young teen or pothead (as I once was) who this hates and fears cops.

This ones a bit ambiguous. The driver definitely didn’t halt, but tried to drive away slowly and not towards the officer as you can see the officer is to the side of the car when he first fires the several shots… BUT, the officer may have made the right call considering the suspect was armed and considering how defiant he was, trying to force him out of the car could have led to the loss of life.

I imagine either way we’ll see some riots for this.

It always amuses me how you nogs claim that the only difference between Europeans (or any other non sub-Saharan African race/sub-species) is simply a relative lack of melanin. It betrays a frankly quite pathetic lack of knowledge and gross misunderstanding of hominid evolution and genetics.

There is a vast gulf between Europeans and North+North-East Asians and sub-Saharan Africans (hereafter refered to as niggers). Niggers have been separate from the rest of humanity for many dozens of thousands of years, and mated with archaic and primitive species of hominid, such as erectus, unlike Europeans and Asians who have minor hybridization, respectively, with the *much* more advanced Neanderthal and Denisovans. Niggers like you simply lack the vast majority of recent (in an evolutionary time scale) genes with positive effects on brain function and structure, which both Europeans and North-East Asians share. In fact, you have many genes that Europeans (and others) *LACK* that have deleterious effects on the brain!

Then there are the many other phenotypical differences, also due to genetics, producing your primitive bone structure and your excess of fast twitch muscles as opposed to the slow-twitch endurance muscles of races like Europeans. Your sub-species of human is so pathetic and backwards that the only extant hominid you can claim superiority over is the Australian aborigine, coincidentally the most distant from you, and one possessing even more (though from differing sources) archaic genetics due to hybridization.

To conclude, you are not a retarded nigger, I suppose, because you are likely slightly above average compared to the normal nigger - you are, however, definitely retarded by the norms applied for Europeans or North East Asians. Even your albino bullshit makes no sense, because our light skin is not due to albinism but is the consequence of a very complex network of genes functioning together that are unrelated to albinism at all (not to mention that albino niggers are still just niggers, and don’t magically look white due to lacking melanin).

Picture very much related, you fucking nigger. Your subspecies is a fucking biological joke, on all extant hominids, including your own though unfortunately negatively affecting the rest.

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The fucking pig murdered him.

So he should have let the nigger drive away with the stolen vehicle after not obeying lawful commands?

How old are you?

Cops don't get to shoot people who are running from them.

Cops get to shoot nigger who attempt to run cop through.

I smell nigger.