SIEGE is retarded, and here's why

SIEGE and SIEGEculture is completely and utterly retarded. A product of American nihilism which has absolutely nothing to do with genuine National Socialism (inb4 it is socialism man so like, its, like commie stuff dude).
SIEGE's fondations are only based on hatred and nihilism, and you can even read it in its introduction. Now, I do not necessarily have a problem with hate, especially since it's pretty natural that you hate at least one person, or a group of people. But if you not only hate your enemies, but you also hate your allies (which you don't necessarily have to love, by the way) and even the very people National Socialism wants to defend, the Volk, then you can easily see that pizza pasta porcoddio and everything goes to hell.

National Socialism is socialism applied to race, whether you like it or not. It's in its name. This does not mean it's commie shit, but simply that socialism (workers owning the means of production) is applied to one's race (so, the RACE owns the means of production, and not the kikes).
Service and duty towards the Volksgemeinschaft is what drives people in a NS state. This service and duty is altruism, and love for one's own descendants and ancestors, so strong that it brings one to alienate his own ego and give everything for his comrades.

Do you see any of that in SIEGEculture? Pro tip: no, you don't.
What you see is

Fascistforge is the ultimate example of who NOT to listen to. It started as a good project, then a couple of Satanist LARPers came in, and now they ban you for almost no reason, including insufficient belief in muh SIEGE, depriving you of the possibility of even learning where you are wrong (and thus, huh, depriving themselves of forging a fascist?) and a couple months ago people started with this "genetic terrorism" thing where you basically rape negresses lol libtards owned let's racemix everybody

TLDR fuck SIEGE gay jew psyops fuck

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You just don't know shit.

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Fuck off moarpheus you subversive fuck.

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How is the weather in Israel? Here's sunny but there are some clouds

you wont jew me, you kike

11:52am in yid aviv. White american anons are drunkposting. Explain.

Explain… what?

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Must be written by a jew.
American NAZI Party always = jew operation

As Lenny Bruce famously said; "there's only two kinds of people that go to NeoNAZI rallies in America; FBI agents and jews"

And yes that's Frank Collins, leader of the Muskogee NeoNAZI march, jew, child molester, adamant NAZI provocateur.

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"how's the weather in Israel" implying they are jews or JIDF shills
I'm Italian, and not even from Terronia

This. Anything "neo"nazi is jewish and/or a corruption of the original concept, in my opinion


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First of all "hate" doesn't exist in nature, it's a figment of your imagination. The antelope doesn't hate the lion, it fears the lion, because fear is a survival instinct. Nature is build on survival, and every way live reacts to a threat, is based on changing the odds of survival in your favor.

Strike the term "illuminated", because that's another made up lie based on nothing but believe, and the term "mad" id just your interpretation of the situation. Manson might not see himself as mad so "mad" isn't a factual description, because it can describe millions of things based on the individual interpretation.
So ignore your worthless feelings and stick to facts…Mason brought the war directly to the pedo jews in Hollywood, he created an isolated cult, drug initiations, and sex rituals to secure his followers from outside corruption, namely law enforcement infiltration. Furthermore he used women as soldiers, because they are more ruthless then man when it comes it the maternal instinct of protecting children. On top of that he tried to outsmart the jews by not committing crimes themselves, which turned out to not impress the jewish organized crime cartel in any way. They just threw an innocent into jail for life, and destroyed his reputation with endless media lies. We learn…don't try to outsmart criminals with rules, because criminals won't obey them.

What SIEGE as a whole stands for is retreat, which is only a temporary solution to escape the tyranny. What SIEGE offers is highly useful information to navigate zog occupied territory, an overview of what goes down in America, and an assessment of why the resistance is constantly failing. What SIEGE doesn't teach is a solution to the JQ, which is and always was "the many violently overthrowing the few". A truth the jews themselves give away in the protocols…"we're not afraid of the lone wolf, only the pack could endanger us", which is why division is their main weapon against the gentiles.

In short…read it, exfiltrate useful information, move on.

Here's the official jewish opinion from the protocols:

They confide that the Masonic watchwords of "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" have been a powerful tool for the destruction of the different nations of the world. Whereas these words express a meaningless and impossible idealism, that is beside the point. It has been tremendously useful and has worked.

A short discussion then ensues about the use of artificially controlled anti-Semitism being tremendously useful to them for the management "of our lesser brethren." In other words, controlled anti-Semitism is a very useful tool to unite and bring all the Jews in line in cooperation with their worldwide master plan.

Siege is a practical strategy guide on insurgency and insurrection against the System.
It is meant to dispell the larp myths of drumming up a brownshirt 'mass movement' against Jewish oligarchs because that would be utterly impossible in the current postwar social paradigm especially in the western world.
Whites, even right wing whites, are entirely complacent in upholding the anti-white status quo
EVEN if they dislike it and even if they are racially conscious.

Siege is nothing more than a more hardcore take of Dr. Pierce's "Lemming" principle: That whites will never support White causes until they are deprived of their comfort and have nothing left to lose.

The version of clean cut idealistic National Socialism you speak of is the same ideology of Matthias Koehl who lead the NSWPP after Rockwell's death. Although it was ideologically consistent, it was stagnant and and lacked bite.
That's why SIEGE started. That's why the NSLF broke off and started practicing radical insurrectionary National Socialism. This was a split of 2 different schools of thought- The conservative Natsocs vs the militant radical Natsocs.

I understand where you're coming from, OP but the truth is you haven't read enough on the history of American National Socialism to understand WHY Siege came to exist, and it is because of the failure of Conservative Natsocs who weren't willing to get their hands dirty.

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You don't know shit about masons moshe.

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Yeah the Manson shit and the link to SIEGE culture with 09A/Satanic/David Myatt kikery and fuckery is what has always turned me away from it.

I do absolutely admire James Mason and I think Siege is a great read and suggest it to anyone who is interested in the movement… Mason's links to the NSLF alone earns him respect in my book but so-called SIEGE culture and the absolute fucking degenerates it attracts like Atomwaffen is a perversion of National Socialism and the teachings of The Führer. Individuals like this can be useful idiots at times but would inevitably need to be purged sooner or later.


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So you are telling me that the SS publications I formed my opinion on NS from, including but not limited to Kurt Eggers, are jewish?

SIEGE as a practical manual? Absolutely good.
SIEGE as the next Bible? No.

I know enough to not own any kind of money on paper, while still living a fully secured existence, right in between the sheep. And I managed to do that without 7 underlings…

I only quoted them. If you want my opinion then I would advice you to go back a couple of thousands of years and replace the word deity/god with the term "nature" and reconstruct the human history with that in mind to find some hilariously obvious control mechanisms in place.

Go home, (((freemason))).

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You deal in gold?

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Kill yourself you jew fuck.

"Masonry brings its members into conscious subjection to the Jews…… it trains them to become venal Jews. It is cheating the people to fight the Jew while f his auxiliary troop, Freemasonry to function”==
-General Erich Ludendorff

Kill yourself you fucking degenerate. Treacherous Mason ratfucks get the bullet along with the kikes and Marxist scum.

Stop fishing, the pond is closed.

Protocol No. 4

Here the Jews reveal to us frankly that they have organised Gentiles into Masonic Orders which are one of their most powerful tools for controlling the world and for driving the Gentile states into destruction for their total Jewish take-over of the world.

"Gentile Masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding-place, remains for the whole people an unknown mystery."

To further move the conspiracy to its ultimate conclusion it is necessary for the Jews to destroy all the foundations upon which the Goyim society has been built. They will furthermore keep the Goyim so busy earning a living that he will have no time to think or take note of what is going on. While the Goyim is working and earning a living and pursuing industry and trade the Jew will be pursuing a speculation. This will result in everything that is produced from the land, or by industry, to slip through their hands and pass into speculation and pass i into he hands of the Jews. Having destroyed all moral principles among the Gentiles, that is the White people, having turned their minds completely towards industry and trade and earning a living, they will bring them to a stage where "their only guide is gain, that is Gold, which they will erect into a veritable cult, for the sake of those material delights which it can give, not even to win wealth, but solely out of hatred towards the privileged, the lower classes of the Goyim will follow our lead against out rivals for power, the intellectuals of the Goyim," in order to destroy them.

Again the stupidity of the Goyim will be used to destroy their own.

It's Jewish D&C bullshit

I've haven't read Siege myself (been on my to-do list), but I'm an avid fan of the Turner Diaries. The few flaws of the book are vastly outweighed by the overall vision and subtle ideological points that Dr. William Luther Pierce makes. Masonites seem a bit more kooky than followers of Dr. Pierce, but then again, Mason was into more kooky stuff, while Pierce got a PhD in physics.
I personally advocate the creation of an online database of short stories along the lines of the Turner Diaries and Siege. I have written a few such short stories, and I plan on setting up a website soon, somewhere on the Dark Net, to post these sort of stories and to encourage others to write them.
Anywhere, here are a few very, very short stories you may enjoy.

SIEGE is over-the-top American faggotry but I would not entirely dismiss it just because of that. As an European, I understand that it was made to appeal to less cultured and less intellectually developed people who might not be able to appreciate the actual Nat-Soc authors, at least initially.

If you do the website, let me know

Let me get this out of the way: satanism is completely retarded.

Siege has problems for a few reasons.

Firstly, American National Socialism just isn't going to happen. We could definitely get something very similar but outside of a fascist/posadist LARP fantasy, the brownshirts just aren't coming. I want what is best for my people and I'm a pragmatist. Reality doesn't have to conform to exactly what I want, it just needs to be a fertile ground for future generations.

Secondly, OP put it well:

Siege is not a practical way of actually securing a future, it's just anger. I'm not going to pretend that accels are totally wrong from a practical or philosophical viewpoint (though I am a pacifist and Zig Forums is a board of peace) but just turning inward and becoming some kind of cult isn't how to win. Regardless of times changing, eternal truths are always around. It's not about 2 choices, it's about constant strategic adjustment to attain a never-changing goal.

Being edgy isn't the way to go. Even if, oh no, violence breaks out, it should be done with a sense of righteousness. Straight backs and sober minds, not degenerate fascist Hot Topic.

It doesn't apply to you because you're in europe, America is the keystone to Jewish NWO hegemony. Euros should not practice siege atleast to the same extent. A political solution won't work in the US, and a political solution wont work in any country without the US first dying.

No one advocates for a cult, the satanism shit has nothing to do with siege itself. Siege itself is mean't to counter the idea of the brownshirts. Not trying to be a fag but you clearly haven't looked into siege itself, just the groups around it.

Atomwaffen was seemingly coopted by some satanists after the Devon Arthurs shit went down. Someone needs to make atomwaffen 2.

Read anything by GLR and WLP, are they kikes?

I actually dislike SIEGE-fags. Mason is an uninspiring, shitty writer who not only writes like a middle schooler, but all of his ideas have been better put by better men. Mason is also a cringy weirdo who thinks that Charles Mason is an exemplary leader on par with Hitler. Btw, Mason is on the Trump train last I heard.

However, SIEGE-fags are RIGHT.
That's correct.
In otherwords, one must embrace violent politics like the communists. Yes. That's right.

That's…. eh… yeah that is retarded. Mason is a weirdo.
Pic related

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Haven't had the time yet, but I looked into all the IronMarch publications I could find, and a couple other random books I can't remember

I agree that violence in minecraft against zombies and creepers has become necessary, but we shouldn't kill also the villagers just because they're NPCs

I haven't read siege, but retarded is your assertion here, does not follow.
You read the room wrong or pretending to, siege isn't in everyone's back catalog or on the forefront of people's minds like you, nobody knows who "facistforge" is or any other forgecelebs you have in mind, the world view you paint is the bubble you live in.

What is unclear about not hating the people who fight alongside you (e.g. non-siegetards)?
Are you inbred or just stupid?

I should watch my words. The cult aspect actually has nothing to do with satanism, more the mindset behind siegeculture. Receding from the poison isn't what should be done, we're the antidote. Forcing ourselves into the national stage is done, we should be riding the wave. Let's keep it moving.

Zig Forums is full of that between infographics, activism, debate, and general knowledge. It doesn't take a genius to read between the lines and apply each IRL when the situation calls for it. Be formless.

The cultishness surrounding siege actually probably does have something to do with Mason's o9a affiliation not that I think about it. Personality pervades.

Sounds like you are an inbred/jew jidf poster. Nothing is unclear about hating people who fight alongside you, but that's not what you said mr pilpul, you illogically said if you hate your enemies, you hate your allies.
You still haven't gotten the message, no one gives a shit, only you.

If I had to guess, I would say Mason's flirtation with LeVay's stuff had more to do with getting a new audience for his ideas, and partly just to further ideologically separate himself from "Right" wing ZOG-lings. Mason had already done the same thing by supporting Charles Manson, after all.
This isn't wrong, but perhaps there are other ways to go about it. I like to call them wedge issues. They are ideological positions taken simply to keep out ZOG-faggots. People who are under the ideological influence of the ZOG simply won't be able to help themselves from arguing certain things, and this is a sure-fire way to spot them to and to keep them at a distance. Abortion, religion, circumcision, Israel, Hezbollah, etc, etc, can all be turned into wedge issues to separate the wheat from the chaff. Charles Manson and Simon LeVay can also serve that purpose, but in my opinion, could also keep away people who are serious. We don't want to lose any wheat when we do this, and it is better to take issues that are fairly simple to ideologically understand (supporting Manson is easier to understand than supporting Satanism, which could keep out dumb types of Christians who could be useful soldiers, even though Christianity in general is ideological poison).

The fact is that they advocate quality vs quantity, like muscle vs fat, and it's a good principle if applied with the necessary moderation, because you can't have just five super-extremist super-trained guys and change the world, they'll get fucked by the millions of ZOGlings

That is one of the ideological weaknesses of both Pierce and Mason; they generally ascribe differences with people to negative personal qualities like cowardice, stupidity, etc, when they should actually view it as evidence of ideological penetration by the Enemy.
When people are consistently wrong on a wide-range of issues dear to the ZOG, it isn't because they're stupid or cowardly. It is because they identify with the ZOG. They are working for it, usually without any pay. They're trying to ideologically disarm would be militants, to bring them back from the brink, to get them to love the ZOG again, to gradually change their ideological outlook to be one that is compatible with the "Right" wing of ZOG.
Not everyone is going to be Earl Turner. There are places for fat losers in the White Nation Liberation War. Not everyone has to be a soldier. You can be a legal, work a job, and give a portion of your income to people who are fighting (there has to be a method for this to work, I have some ideas myself). You can be a legal and do some minor, relatively safe, but still illegal work (housing people on the run from the ZOG, transporting materials to locations, buying materials that would be hard for soldiers to get their hands on due to their status as wanted criminals, etc). You can even produce propaganda material; literature, short stories, shit-posting on comment sections ,etc. In my view, Pierce is more correct than Mason here, but both of them more-or-less unwilling to see ideological differences as treachery and not stupidity and cowardice, which in my opinion, is a mistake.

Here comes the East ZOG nigger smwho denies jew exist.

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Siegefags have done nothing but kill each over Islam or kill their girlfriend’s parents who wouldn’t allow them to date anymore. So this is the power of Siege revolution

maybe a little mad…


Well they don't import refugees like the Christan's and every other religion does

Dig what i'm sayin'?

See wut i'm sayin'?


its a zoomer faggot

SIEGE does not advocate for hating your people. It only reiterates the Lemming principle which was preached by WLP. You have not read SIEGE and you're only going off of hearsay.
You also say "allies". SIEGE talks in-depth about why big-tentism doesn't work and gives a recount of how it killed GLR's movement after his death. A modern modern example is the TWP's big-tentism which tried to unite "far right" groups like NSM into a big organization. It failed miserably and history will only ever repeat itself.
SIEGE and SIEGEculture are not trying to push for the creation of a national socialist state. It has never once tried to claim to do so. It is fully devoted to the downfall of the current kike owned state, something you seem to enjoy because you understand that the state is NOT owned by our people, NOT for our people, etc. In reality you're against an idea you've formulated about SIEGE and not SIEGE itself.
Satanism is not brought up in SIEGE and Atomwaffen is not the be all, end all of SIEGE. You don't have to be pro-SIEGE and pro-Satanism. You can define to two separately with ease.
Fuck o9a, its not relevant to SIEGE, you're just conflating the two in a dishonest manner.
Fascistforge was ran by spergs who would have been run off of IM. They were not the spiritual successors to IM like they claim to be, they were just faggots.
Stop being a faggot and take the advice we've been giving for years now.

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And now there's a literal bot that's spamming manson stuff. The moderation will of course allow it.

I dont need a telepphone to communicate with that bushman dig what im sayin'
bushman is right inside my soul man.
i can hear it i can see it
ic can see through his eyes man
it's like i AM that bushman

dig what im sayin'?

Cry harder lol

Wasn't there a couple paragraphs in Siege (or another book by the same author) with a very detailed, fetishistic description of nazis murdering a white baby? I remember someone dumping it in a thread several months ago and it turned basically the entire thread against Siegefags.

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That's Iron Gates.
Which is o9a shit and is fucking disgusting.


Iron Gates is published by Martinet Press which is directly related to o9a.
AWD guys pushed the reading of Iron Gates as desensitization material.
Its o9a shit.


Mason doesn't have any o9a affiliation afaik, its literally just some fags from AW. Siege literally advocates for formless (in the group sense) resistance. It argue entirely against a national movement of any type.

Is that you moarpheus?

Why though?
Why kill your own children?
Oh right they got infilitrated by satanists.

I read Siege and it has nothing to do with Satanism or any other similar cult.
I'm not going to defend the book for being well written - because it is not, nor will I praise the knowledge it gives - because there's not a lot of it.
However, I recommend everyone to read it, because of one thing - the grim argument for the reality of the situation we're in as Europeans.
I understand that to some it represents nihilism, defeatism or even demoralization, but these people should ask themselves this: 'Does this book preach nihilism, or did I become one in response to not being able to objectively assess the conclusion it makes?

The fact is, every movement that tries to destroy the current (((elite))) through political process of the system is either subverted/bribed or if that fails, made illegal as we have seen with the Golden Dawn.
The fact is, that the (((system))) doesn't allow us to even address the issues publicly.
And the most important thing: We are being destroyed as a race in our own countries by this system and most of the people who are aware of this still put their trust in voting and peaceful demonstrations.
It is complete madness to assume that this system will allow any room for debate or compromise, and it is even more insane to be prepared to bargain with these genocidal maniacs about the survival of our people.

This is the one thing Siege does well, to wake you up to reality, to remind you that we are at war with the ancient enemy of our race which currently has a complete control over our governments.
The enemy won't show us any mercy and won't stop until we're completely destroyed and we cannot vote our way out of it.

Don't leave it up to faith and hope to decide the future for our people -> work towards it yourself.

t. stupid fucking faggot who hasn't even read SIEGE


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that wasn't even in the book you fucking stupid nigger. Why have none of you cancerous faggots even read the fucking book?
with your fucking gay little image to preemptively deflect from the fact you haven't read Siege

"Siege" is larpy as fuck and retarded. If you're actually seizing territory and cutting off kike heads, it isn't a LARP. "Siege" is a bunch of faggots wearing spooky skull masks and calling some mentally ill hobo cult leader a hero. (Manson and his cult was entirely a product of the jew "counterculture" movement)

Stop LARPing! I agree that insurrection and armed revolution is the only solution. We must seize territory, terrorize our racial enemies and race traitors, show them all that ZOG wont protect them from us, ZOG will crack down more and more, and sooner or later the majority of whites will be supportive of the insurgency, and while most wont take part in the fight, most will sit back and watch, and when we win, we will be accepted as the strong horse. This isn't a joke, this is our future!

Paid shill confirmed.

Here goes this faggotry again.

As Rockwell brilliantly pointed out, the only immorality is losing.

After hearing out and analyzing SIEGE haters for a long time I’ve noticed their defining core quality is prioritizing a short term, self-serving superhero fantasy of being a moralist paragon much more than actually long-term racial victory and it’s frankly pathetic on a comedic scale. It exposes them as useless hobbyists.

SIEGE will remain brilliant and relevant because it cuts through such a lofty, unproductive, delusional sentiment exuded by the haters by focusing on the stone-cold practicality that is required NOW.

Keep hiding behind your keyboard while living out your superhero fantasy, faggots. It wont do you any good when shtf and you will have no sympathy.

That's what this 'larpy as fuck and retarded' book is all about. I don't understand the hate for it, it's a book, even if it would really that useless and retarded, why waste time making threads on how retarded it is?

To be quite frank, we're going to have to kill a lot of members of our race. A sort of culling if you will. Race mixers and their spawn will be annihilated. White homos will be thrown off of buildings. I can imagine we'll have to put a bullet in a few good goy cohenservatives when they try to stop us for threatening their BASED BEANERS and BASED NIGGERS, and of course for threatening (((God's chosen people))).

It isn't the book I have a problem with, it's all the LARPfags who think wearing skull masks while playing with airsoft guns in the woods will defeat ZOG. It's pretty cringe.

Oh, I thought you meant the book.

If someone is to do anything, follow the example of Codreanu and his followers. They aimed at the top. Besides that, the only people who really need executed among the normal population are drug-dealers and other poisoners of the nation.

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anyone who doesn't "dig what he's sayin" is a jew

manson couldn't be less jewish… dig what im sayin'?

because it scares them

The biggest problem with siege tier shit is that it will never grow enough in size and scale to achieve the intended goal. Instead it will just turn off the normalfags that we need who could otherwise be interested in or swayed to our side. If we run around acting like a bunch of sand niggers it just makes us look bad and drives away potential converts while not being effective enough to make a difference

It's not the most well written book, but I do appreciate it and the message it gives. Insurrection is the ONLY solution, we can't vote our way out of this, we have to kill our enemies before they kill us. LARPing in the woods and praising Charles Manson isn't benefiting us in our struggle one bit.

I admire this man greatly. He was a great leader and showed us the right way of taking on ZOG. Once we win our final victory, we will make sure he is remembered as a hero to the white race, along with the other fallen fighters of ZOG who they've tried so hard to get us to forget.

He was a dope head hippie who got a bunch of other dope head hippies to commit some random killings, maybe the killings were completely justified, doesn't mean they were carried out for the right reasons, and it doesn't change the fact that Manson and his gang were a bunch of fucking degenerates, and a product of the ultra-liberalism of the 60s.

Also, his plan was for niggers to kill all the whites, for niggers to realize they need whites after they've killed all of them, and for him to come out after the race war and serve as God of the niggers. What a fucking nutcase. A product of a single whore mother and perverted kike society.

What has 70 years of activism and voting done for our race? It didn't work when whites were over 90% of the population and mostly hated shitskins, it's not going to work in this day and age. Everything is rigged and we can't vote our way out of it, we wont get the jew controlled puppet politicians out of their positions of power by voting them out. Shitskins are going to continue to sink the economy and ruin white communities, whites will get more and more redpilled, and soon whites will be perfectly willing to slaughter their racial enemies. Think the end of Yugoslavia, but on a much larger scale with much more brutality.

Finally somebody who has actually read the material.

When gigantic faggots like OP start moralistic screeching at you, you know you are doing something right.

Fucking lmao, made me laugh real hard.

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Yes, Nazi fags are saving the White race.

Wow that's a whole lot of shit I don't remember and don't think is even related to Siege.

kike bot

Engaging in any type of sexual behavior with a shitskin is as disgusting as doing it with an animal. Actually, it's the same exact thing. We don't need to rape their women and create more mongrel bastards, we just need to eliminate them. If the Spanish thought this way, there would be a lot less spics in the world.


The killings are debatable wether or not he carried them.

Get with the program

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The proof is in the pudding; Conquistadores were crazed degenerate scum.

Whether or not he did, explain to me why you think Charles Manson is an example of how a white man should be? He was simply a degenerate with a broken life, who got together with a bunch of other degenerates and did degenerate shit. Yes, he shot a nigger drug dealer, but was it for the right reasons? No. The man wanted niggers to kill off all the whites and he wanted to rule over a country of niggers and mongrels, sounds pretty similar to what kikes want.

This is unironically correct. Manson targeted pedophile kikes and formed a group of close-knit and self-sustaining whites to survive past the seemingly inevitable race war to the point where blacks (who would definitely win in a shithole like SoCal at the very least) bring about the complete destruction of society. Efforts to turn him into a horror movie madman by Hollywood and the Jewish Press were an attempt to turn an existential threat to the Jewish system and the pieces of shit that run it into something to not be. Manson did literally nothing wrong, except perhaps not taking more of them with him. The punishment would have been the same.

The drug dealers, Heroin in particular, are only filling a market that is provided by the System. The primary market for heroin is people whose doctor's got them hooked on opiates

If it wasn't clear, I am mostly joking because the anti-manson people make me laugh. I never read Siege but I did skim through the manson parts and he pretty much dismantles the "dirty hippie" angle though. It is worth a read

didn't read the rest. mostly agree with you

acceleration is accelerating your own side to provoke your enemies. not doing the literal opposite of what your side wants to magic 4d chess it