ADOLF Hitler was spotted alive two years after World War 2 by an informant, according to files held by the FBI.


FBI documents reveal the efforts the US went to in probing rumours and reports that Hitler had survived WW2.

Daily Star Online previously revealed US spooks received a tip the Nazi leader had fled in a U-boat to South America.

And further files reveal the probe continued two years later in 1947, with an interview of a source who claimed he had seen Hitler and his lover Eva Braun.

Declassified documents dated June 5, 1947, reveal claims the Nazi boss was seen at a hotel in a town called “Casino”.

Despite the FBI probe, history accepts Hitler shot himself aged 56 in Fuhrerbunker on this day 74 years ago.

And should Adolf have survived the war, he would have just celebrated his 130th birthday last Saturday.

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doesn't matter, what matters is the jews assassinated the US President Kennedy.

Now they post their gore for all the world to see in celebration of having got away with it.

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I thought it was Dulles and the CIA?
I thought the CIA were ex-nazis?
how are the jews involved?
I'm confused

you're not confused, you're a jew

I hope your fellow agents got the signal ;).

I don't believe I am.
is this related to LBJ giving israel money and weapons the day after JFK died?

Newfriend found that book and is all excited now huh? Its baseless.

Are you genuinelly confused or what? Read it

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genuinely confused
I'd read an offhand remark about the jewish mafia but dismissed it because I was already stunned about the CIA's real history with Gehlen, Dulles and the Bushes.
I'm new to pol but after the assange arrest and NZ event I've started educating myself about what I thought was history been a wild if unpleasant ride

I understand. Those CIA stories probably fit in the bigger picture but aren't the core of today probably.
See also >>>/polarchive/ - >>>/pdfs/

The PDF didn't load for me

I see I have some reading ahead of me, should I really be trusting annonymous downloads not to have malware?

More wasting of tax dollars.

Literally a single claim from a single mental (((source))). KYS FOR EVEN MAKING THIS THREAD

Back to druidpol, schizoposter

I can't blame him. WW2 was tough and he wasn't popular in Europe anymore.

Well if they even had to bother investigating this claim at the very least it proves the official narrative is a lie.

Nope he is dead all pics of hitler in argentina does not look like the same hitler in germany.
He even made a sacrifice note and a few ss confirming he was gone.


Ancient news.
Slide thread.

That's right. And from south America straight to Antarctica.
Stay mad glowniggers.

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You understand Reinhard Gehlen let the bomb plot to assassinate Hitler happen under him, right? The claims that there is some super secret national socialist network connected through the Bush family and the CIA is spurious nonsense. The Bushes were very straightforward war profiteers, not double secret Scherffs.

lt's very possible since has been proved that Mengele created a new race that just breed twins in some southern Brazilian village.

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Enjoy the ride. Read Hitler's War while your at it.

thats just not true



Its misdirection do not fall for it.

Off to go watch televiZion you go.

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Yeah I read that, it raised a flag or two, but weren't if the soviets bolshevik jews, but didn't Stalin purge the jews? or am I missing something,
anyone care to throw a short summary my way before I go hit the books?
also what is Zig Forums's take on the "Q" question? mossaids?

The initial Soviet Union was very different than the one that emerged in the run-up and aftermath of the Second Zionist War. A quick run down would be that the "right wing elements", for lack of a better term, within the Soviet Union were for more effective at combating jewish control of state institutions than their Western counterparts. It doesn't mean there wasn't jewish power or elements sympathetic to jewish power [as evidenced by the likes of Khruschev and Andropov], but the opposing factions [Stalin, Brezhnev] simply won out more often and with greater lasting results.

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Funny thing is that about every kike during that time cried about Mengele. If anything Mengele could teleport around.

This was the original redpill that got me to question everything. I thought he died in a bunker. My grandparents said he fled to South America. I said no they are wrong and pointed to the television and told them he died in the bunker. Believed it completely and argued about it.

Later on I looked things up thinking it was just total bullshit they made up. Then I found stuff. Then I stopped believing things just because they were told to me and I questioned everything, all narratives.

From there I over the years eventually became a /new/sman and then a Zig Forumsack.

are you the user that claimed they play the assassination of jfk in reverse in catacombs? if so please provide more information

It that in Israel?

The assassination was a staged event.
mileswmathis. com/barindex2.pdf

Nope he purged the ones that were anti semitic he didn't do that till the end of his life and got poisoned he is a shabbos goy like the rest of em.

No its misdirection which kikes like to use time ans again go to questions that do not deserve their own threads and look how many assassination attempts against hitler and natsoc.
Since your new.
Watch greatest story never told
Europa final battle
Mein kampf
And myth of the 20th century.