'Thrilled To Have Our Own Little Bundle Of Joy': Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Show Royal Baby For Fir

A clear favorite has now emerged for the royal baby’s name – suggesting Prince Harry will indeed, as previously tipped, name the boy after Princess Diana.


Meghan Markle gave birth to her and Harry’s baby boy at 5.26am on Bank Holiday Monday – nine hours before the news was finally announced.

A gushing Harry broke the news during a live TV interview, describing the baby as “to die for” and that more details will be revealed on Wednesday – today.

Daily Star Online then reported yesterday how, following a flurry of bets overnight, a new baby name had emerged in betting charts.

Punters had been putting their money on Spencer – the family name of Harry’s late mum Princess Diana.

Diana’s brother Charles, Earl Spencer – who was told of the baby’s birth by Harry before the public announcement – also shares the family name.

But following another flood of bets, the name has now emerged as the clear favourite.

Ladbrokes say a flurry of bets in the last 24 hours has sent the name shooting from 14-1 to just 3/1.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: "Punters are convinced the Royal Baby's name will have something to do with Princess Diana, and the odds are continuing to tumble on Spencer."

A royal expert had recently predicted that Spencer could be chosen for the baby’s name in a touching tribute to Diana.

Victoria Howard, editor of The Crown Chronicles, told Sky News: “I really like Arthur but I also liked Arthur for Prince Louis when he was born.

"However they are a little bit distant from the throne, the child is not really going to be that heavily involved, so they could go a bit left wing.

“Something we discussed as a team at the Crown Chronicles was perhaps inclusion of Spencer for Diana’s side of the family, or even Francis which was one of Diana’s middle names of course, which can be a male name too.

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who cares about a mutt baby


Spencer is not the nigger name they wanted.

And in the latest episode of Incest Monarchy, we have a royal bastard breeding with a savage beast, and naming his mongrel offspring after his murdered mother, so that his royal highness can use this obscene display of degeneracy as a public display of obedience to her jewish overlords. What a show…

So is it named Diana even though it's a boy?

Someone please kill this couple and its spawn.

And don't forget to tune in next when the royal family loser, who's married to a horse, will try to use the confusion of the eventual death of her royal highness, to sneak his sorry ass on the throne, so that for once in his life he can feel like a real man.

Let the spawn live. Tempered through torment and enlightened with wrath, it will rage against the hebrew gods.


how prophetic

How about prince McNugget ™?
Its nigger name…

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Friendly reminder that this is what Meghan actually looks like beneath the surgery and straightened hair

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Harry, you're a Jew now.

I disown you.

Get out queen clown

Dios mío, espíritu del Señor, espíritu de Dios, Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo, Santísima Trinidad, Virgen Inmaculada. Ángeles, arcángeles y santos del Paraíso, descended sobre mí. Fúndeme, Señor. Lléname de ti. Expulsa de mí todas las fuerzas del mal. Aniquílalas, destrúyelas, expulsa de mí los maleficios, la magia negra. El Ogro de Las Tinieblas. La Luz Extinguido. El Insecto. Por favor, destruye la infestación diabólica. Todo lo que es mal, pecado, envidia, celos y perfidia. La enfermedad física, psíquica, moral, espiritual y diabólica. Destruye al Monstruo. A La Creatura. Quema este mal en el Infierno, para que nunca más me toquen a mí, ni a ningún ser. Ordeno y mando con la fuerza de Dios omnipotente en nombre de Jesucristo salvador, por intermedio de la Virgen Inmaculada, a todos los espíritus inmundos, a todas las presencias del Goblino, que me abandonen inmediatamente, que me abandonen definivamente y que se vayan al Infierno eterno. El Chupa-Chupacabras no puede triunfar. El Monstruo. El Abominación debe morir. Encadenado por San Miguel Arcángel, por San Gabriel, por San Rafael, aplastado por el talón de la Virgen Santísima Inmaculada. Aleja a la aberración genética. Al Ogro del Este.


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Get out.

You have your own boards already Tito Bakla.

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am i supposed to feel some way?

You mean other than mortally repulsed that a (((white))) man put his dick in a nigger?

you ought to look into the name of the man dianna's mother was good friends with around the time she was conceived

OMG LMAO…it has her nigger nose and her nigger lips…

HAHAHA he erased his fucking DNA completely. No one will ever say that nigglet "looks just like him"

I hope that Prince Kungabutoo is the ugliest mixed piece of shit there is.

It is the royal chimpanzee!!! I changed my mind I am rolling for Prince Louis now…

BWAHAHAHAHA…I bet it will be 'full of mischief' just like great ape as well.

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They are raising it as a tranny…so if they are going to cut up its junk, drug it and torture it, I AM SURE they will get its face sliced and diced as well…off comes those nigger lips and nigger nose…off comes the sexual organs…the construct human just like a video game character, unhappy with your nigger DNA just slice things off until you look (((white))).

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Ah Zig Forums it fills my heart with such hope when I see how delicately you treat your own nigger bitch CIA kike asset. It fills me with hope when I see that you don’t hate ALL WOMEN,


I am going to file your CIA KIKE ASSET in my ‘database’ for future reference.

Not a big difference actually, she's hideous either way

Au Contraire mon user
We Will

Prince William is a cuck anyway and his wife Kate is a kike. Both his kids look fucking ugly, like a bunch of Jewish inbred retards with small chinky brown eyes and big hideous big jew grouper mouths. The entire royal family was long ago infiltrated with kike and semitic DNA. Harry's niglet is just the final straw for them. All these traitors can go to hell.

Isn't Diana a moon huntress goddess? Is there some kind of satanic connection here?

Another pedophile googling pictures of little brown children. Typical!

Diana is an ancient goddess, the goddess of hunt. The number 13 is associated with her too. It used to be a holy number, until Christianity decided to burn down all 'pagan' gods & goddesses and bend their associations so that they could shove their degenerate God down the white men's throat.

There is no 'Satanic' connection in the biblical sense.

How low energy are you?

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Another pedophile obsessed at looking at pictures of children. Typical!

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How low energy are you?

It looks white.

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The Royal families of Europe are composed of inbred retards that are manipulated to support political standings that they shouldn't be influencing. If they want democracy they need to relinquish all political pull and just live out life with the billion+ they have.
Why does anyone care about the lizard queen, her degenerate son, some literal nigger kike, and the little ball of retarded mud they produced? sage.

The one good thing the Bolsheviks did was butcher the Tsar and his family. I know the killers were Jews but all royals are such backward inbreds and people have been brainwashed to idolised them so it's really the best way.

Has it already been forgotten that only 2 months ago, her bump completely fucking vanished on a night out in New York?
Yeah, left your fucking Moonbump at home, didn't you?
Watch how it covers the lack of bump with handbag the whole way in AND out.

Reminder, photos related are #fappening-tier deep fakes designed to defuse the truth that MM is a MtF tranny.

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Not everyone is a tranny, you dyke

It kind of is when it signals an end to the royal blood line. Means we need to act quickly and destroy the Jew.

Where has anyone other than professional industry-sponsored damage control shills like yourself, claimed that "everyone is a tranny"?
No, everyone is not a tranny.
Just almost everyone selected for appearance on jew controlled media and high society.
You don't get on the screen, if you're not part of the club.
That's 100% includes European royalty.
But since you just can't help giving opportunities for me to post more evidence and red pill even more newcomers.
>Video related: It's European royalty. they're ALL generational transgendered satanists
Transgendering your baby is as normal for the satanic elite, as circumcision is for kikes.

Go on, claim these "women" aren't men, when anyone with a brain can see exactly what they are.
How hard is that to understand?

Why would they devise an intricate plan like covering up her real gender and faking her pregnancy but then somehow manage to fuck up like schoolboys and forget to make sure she's wearing a bump?

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It looks jewish, gas

Meghan got BLEACHED

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Was Cleopatra also one? Being ugly doesn't make you a tranny.

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William and Kate have a based huwhite family and are an inspiration to all of us, unlike the cuck Harry and his nigger wife

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Not a mistake, but it doesn't matter.
You can ask why, but you cannot deny that there is no fucking bump.
Also see the visit to the animal hospital. No bump.
We can only guess why they allow these "slip ups" to make it out, but the explanation seems pretty obvious.
a) to identify who is awake
b) to sow discord between the walking dead and those who can see.
As you can see, and as we saw with Beyonce's "flattening", evidence doesn't matter. The % of people who, when shown evidence, will change their beliefs, is miniscule.
Most will find an explanation, however ridiculous.
In the case of both these women, the most common explanation was "Black women 'carry[the foetus] high', which means the bump can fold up, as the baby is up under the rib cage and safe".
Yes, women actually came up with this explanation.
Which proves that facts don't mean shit unless you're willing to accept them.

Provide photographic evidence or skeletal remains and the question is easily answered.

It's actually likely, as the bloodlines have been doing this for thousands of years. No point speculating without evidence though.
And yes, photographs and video showing skeletal traits / lack of a fucking pregnancy bump are forensic evidence.

It's normal for a thick coat to hide a pregnancy. Get a grip, user.

Melanin is only made when under exposure to UV rays
He might look white now, but he sure as hell won't when he's older

That's kind of neat. Because, one day, that kid's going to go outside to play as a mostly-white quadroon, and come back inside as a full fledged nigger.

Niggers are born looking like niggers. No need for sun exposure. A lot of quarter castes end up looking fairly white like the footballer Ross Barkely. It'll look a bit niggerish for sure but not too bad.

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babies always look whiter than they are

Holy shit, you're actually being paid to do this, aren't you?
Keep pushing and I will just extract the frames and short sequences to make your claims even more ridiculous.
Go on.
Keep pushing.

How autistic must you be to think everyone who doesn't believe a ridiculous theory dreamt up by teenagers on Twitter is being paid? Please go ahead and post some convincing evidence. You'll need to compare it to a woman who is actually 7 months pregnant wearing a similar coat.

And that's why they will die in a horrible (((plane crash))), leaving us with Harry, and his boon spawn to pick up the reigns.

Zig Forums, you really need to get your priorities straight. Detach the emotions from the what-must-be-done's. (((Nobility))) should be abolished, their members be exterminated, simple as that.

Dianna was Jewish though.

Do you realize how boomer you sound?
It's so painfully obvious that you aren't from here, and have simply been shipped in to defend the narrative.
Because a video showing a total absence of gestation bump at 7 months isn't evidence right?
You will ignore whatever is posted, or claim it isn't valid because that's your job.
Actual organic anons on the other hand, see what I already posted and investigate for themselves.
Job is done.
I will post more when I feel like it.
You'll need to do what I tell you.
Kek. We both know that you'd simply say "different women have different pregnancies"/"Women of color [sic] have high pregnancies, the foetus retracts under the rib cage so the belly is still flat".
Seen your shit 100 times before.
Have some classic Mr.E
You see, when we show that Markle is actually male, the prosthetic bellies become null and void.

Diana was also male.
Kate is also male.
Harry and William are FtMs.

Ew look at all those age spots on the CIA assets chest and her fucking ugly man hands. Oh and last look at the niglet. THAT THING does not 'look white' user.

It was the Bolsheviks revenge for 'letting them live' and making them chose a religion.

Please, please please please tell me that no one faps (send their soul energy) to that useless vampire kike.

Glad (((you))) decided to start up the religious d&c ITT when nobody was talking about it. Notice how the attacks are always in one direction when comes to shoving this shit into completely unrelated threads.

Good point, I had forgotten about the age thing.
Markle is several years older than publicized!

Sure they do. Just like they did in the #fappening.
Very sad but teenage boys are basically open faucets of loosh for anydemon in a female-presenting host to leech.

Wow…she doesn't move like a pregnant woman at all. It's like…


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Maybe. There could almost be an argument that she is latino, or something with her surgery and straight hair.
But that young picture shows she without a doubt a quadroon.


Walks like an unburdened man.
Obviously not carrying a gestation.
It couldn't be clearer in the video from the pet home.

Globohomo fuckers need extermination.

But when the gymnastics (5:55, dat crouch in heels) are pointed out, the brainwashed millennial women shriek in unison.

They renounce these antics as a sick display by a man in drag.

Every day it's the same.
But one by one they come to my side.
Will you be today's waker-upper?

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I'll sage next time

What a sickening demon.
And check out those military guys in their mid-40s to early 50s.
Imagine serving your country for 3 decades, probably risked your life in a dozen theatres, been shot at hundreds of times, worked your way up through the elite forces and to the creame of the creame of the creame - royal close protection.
Your reality: guarding a satanic transgendered entity which is bent on the destruction of your people.
How can you live with yourselves, close protection men?

Close protection guys.
Take a heroic dose.
Watch some Mr.E
Then do what's right.
Zig Forums got your back, just make sure to post a video here first.
Despite the shills, we are enough to get the truth out.

(5:55, dat crouch in heels)
Dude she is like 40+ years old…in fucking heels…8 months pregnant. No amount of yoga on the fucking planet would suffice…and it isn't just about the weight…there is no room to breath at that point because all you internal organs have been pushed UP out of your abdomen and are now squishing your lungs and heart because the baby takes up all the room. Your joints have loosened at that point and the cartilage is flexible in your whole body while it gets prepared to allow the pelvis to expand in an birthing emergency.
This is such BULLSHIT!!
God she is UGLY. She has that major nigger muzzle (with sort of a clown sculpting from the plastic surgery) from the side.

Attached: markel clown surgery.jpg (600x255, 97.19K)

This bitch knows what's up.

I wasn't suggesting that yoga is the reason she can do this.
On the contrary, it's the excuse the mainstream (jew) media decided to use whenever "her" superhuman antics came into question. That's to say, when actual biological women who have actually been pregnant, started asking "wtf? how is this even possible?"
The jew media just churns out "muh yoga".
There was certainly no pregnancy.
The only remaining question is: is Meghan really male, or are the rumours of generational transgenderism by ruling satanic bloodlines exaggeration?

Very grotesque.
But I think it's a man, with Harry being Ftm.

So does her hand. How manipulated was this photo prior to release

I read the YT comments FUCK IT…lets gas the fucking planet. These people are too stupid to fucking live. Literally. Fuck when I read shit like that I can safely say that I think gassing the retards would be the only realistic option. They have killed all the negative comments BTW. There is nothing but 'support for the beautiful fat nigger' on there now.

Well they couldn't manage to get rid of her ugly fucking age spots all over her chest, but her hand looks super manipulated (bleached/whitened).

Is that photo with the pink lipstick legit? Or PS?
If legit it is pure drag.
Video related: Legit transvestigator who has been driven off YT.

I searched google for 'bad plastic surgery profile'…it came back with a tranny. Thinking it was funny I pair them together. Look at this photo of 'kate' she has that same fucking ugly assed profile as well. It must be 'tranny time' with royalty…Why in the world do they think that is beautiful? It is so fucking ugly…I don't get it. Never will.

Attached: this is what passes for beautiful goyim.jpg (959x297, 251.16K)

Damn..as a father I must say that belly squishing and heel squatting to pick up a dog with one hand are dubious feats.
Also what is all this protruding from her back hmmmm?
I've mocked everyone-is-a-tranny user before but I'm curious now. I've learned too much in the last few years to discount the theory just because it sounds wild

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The UK is a lost cause, fuck the whole lot of 'em

House of Liechtenstein, Monaco and Habsburg
All the "representative" puppet monarchs".

That's me.
I'm practically spreading the word solo.
They call my /trannypol/.
I was threatened with death but they haven't showed up yet.
Honestly the best learning resource is just to watch through the videos of Mr.e (Transpocalypse Now) and when those become too much, watch (Epic Sellouts) for light relief.
There was a good Englishman doing investigations too, went by the name of Trans Investigator, but they got rid of him.
People assume that watching the video = listening to what the person says and believing it. That's not true at all. For the most part of course Mr. E will give his opinion, but the real materiel is the photographic and video evidence, which speaks for itself.

Here's Mr.E's (Transpocalypse Now) channel.
Just pick a starting place and go.

He's jew-aware too. Some videos cover the underlying ideology, some are pure forensics, some are for light relief, including bespoke music.

There is no "academic" resource to learn this stuff. Alternative is all there is.

i hope he grows up and kills prince harry. odds are he will

ay is it just me, or did this seem to happen too damn fast? can anyone verify this was a full 9 months?

i thought the royals were jews, I take it that's what you're giving a nod to with huwhite.

Thanks. I already sub'd to it after watching the kennel vid. Watched his new video on Pfeiffer and it is less intriguing–a lot of "look at the broad shoulders and narrowish hips". Not convincing alone but when considered with the volume of these celebs queering up their adopted victims it gives one pause
I'm gonna send that kennel vid to my sister who popped one out last week and get her take on it.


They are Kate middleton is a jew of the Rothschild/Goldsmith line and of course the Royals themselves are kikes. They openly admit to being kikes and the direct descendant of mohammed…so when she is flooding your nation with 81 IQ pedophiles, THOSE ARE HER PEOPLE…not you…never you.

The Truth About The So Called British “Royal Family”: Are they ALL Jews?

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Go to your gossip news sites. Its no proof that she wasn't pregnant.

Her chest is a different skin color than her arm lol
The pics been photoshopped

Thanks for shitting up every thread and not killing yourself yet, faggot.

Disgusting. Hopefully the royal niglet gets lynched.

Stop looking at the screen then, faggot.

Sage isn't a downvote.

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