Georgia governor signs restrictive ‘heartbeat’ abortion ban

Birth rates in Georgia by race for 2017

Whites - 44%
Blacks - 34%
Hispanics - 14%
Asians - 5%¤tTimeframe=0&sortModel={"colId":"Location","sort":"asc"}

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Blacks themselves have been fleeing Atlanta. In 1990, they were 67.1% of the population.

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The Republican party is a mortal enemy. These nigger lovers need to be in a ditch yesterday.

This will means worse optics for the Democratic, thot supremacy party as they must defend gibs for moloch. It's a litmus test.

I should have included this:

Race of Women Obtaining Abortions in Georgia
Black - 66%
White - 28%
Other - 94%{"colId":"Location","sort":"asc"}

Keep in mind that this is by the race of the woman obtaining an abortion, so that white percentage will be lower, especially as having a black child would be a reason for many women to get an abortion. Especially when he leaves them.

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One of the blackest states in the country, I fucking hate republicans

No one cares about abortion you cuck

It disempowers women, a better good than absent niglets.

The big problem, and it's a very big problem, is that the effects of demographic shift due to changes in abortion laws or lack of abortion facilities is invisible for a very long time. You won't see the effect on the crime rate for about 20 years, and it may be more like 30 years for the real impact to be fully apparent. By that point, the politicians are no longer in power, and nobody knows the cause, they just see high black birth rates as inevitable, and if people like us bring this up, whites will simply be blamed for not being more fertile.

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You should of been aborted

Anything anti-abortion is bad as long as it is used as a tool of white genocide like this will be. Abortion should be eugenic, but in America the Christcucks use it for dysgenic purposes like expanding the nigger population and, in states such as Ohio, have made aborting Down syndrome abominations a felony


As expected, moloch-worshippers IMMEDIATELY flood the thread screeching about how banning infanticide is a bad thing because niggers happen to get abortions too. Kill yourselves, kikes.

Do you not see their unity?
More options to suspend natality means less natality - broadly. Abortion and other contraceptive tech leave populations barren, there is only blanket approaches permitted, not selective background dependent ones.

Does this mean they become anchor babies at 6 weeks?

If so, brown hordes incoming for Georgia.

White women get more abortions then niggers you morons

You're either nuts or a feminist. Men have no authority when it comes to children, they have to pay child support for 18 years no matter what. If a man can convince a woman to get an abortion, he is off the hook. To the credit of many if not most black men, they do try to convince women to get abortions, and they often quickly walk away from a woman when they got pregnant. This is well-known.

This video shows an anti-abortion christcuck trying to dissuade a black woman from getting an abortion. Towards the end of the video, the black father walks by and is really pissed that they convinced his girlfriend to not get an abortion.

Nationally. The per capita rates change with subdivisions of the total populations, such as by state.

You mean aborted at over a 500% rate compared to whites relative to their population. Also Moloch isn't real stop believing in fairy tales and face demographic reality.

I posted the fucking stats, moron.

I see suicide rates in Georgia rising in the future.

Niggers are also 13& of the population and whites are 56%

If fewer babbies are able to get thanos'd how does that help roasties? It's a confiscation of power never theirs at outset.

It's fine, niggers will still abort in other ways. White liberals will be forced to follow the law.

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Similar to how banning drugs leaves niggers more likely to use and sell them than white people, what do you think happens when abortion is banned?

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Find somewhere else to post, nigger lover.


Ban abortions and white populations will go up you stupid niggers, jesus christ this board is fucking jewed beyond belief you retards are as bad as cuckchan most of the time

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If people like you would just put your money where your mouth is and get on board with getting rid of niggers in the first place, we wouldn't even need to have this discussion, would we? But you won't do that, because it is 100% about niggers for you. You want a nigger planet and you want everyone else to stew in it so your low IQ fairy tales will be accepted again. You are a nigger.

But user, you linked to my post too and that was my entire point.

Keep believing in fairy tales whole you can. You will realize US demographics were the real nightmare all along. But it will be to late for you, you will die bleeding out cold and alone shanked in the back by one of your godly niggers


Stats already show that reduced access to abortion clinics means fewer abortions. Republicans have been closing down abortion clinics in many states through harassing laws.

Illegal abortions will not come cheap, they will be riskier, and unlike almost all the period before Roe v Wade, we now have a welfare state where pumping out kids means benefits.

Abortion et al makes Euros subfertile, it doesn't effectively result the topic population. It's a phyrric win.

You really want to see the white population go up. Remove all abortion restrictions then end all social programs


So they'll start committing infanticide/sudden infant death syndrome instead?

No, abortion isn't doing that. It is an economy completely controlled by jews and NIGGERS.

(((Your))) tactic is already known and exposed, and yet you still push for it.
Infanticide is not allowable just because undesireables also do it.

You won't get rid of the undesirables because for you they are not undesirables. You want a nigger country and then a nigger planet.

I'm not seeing an argument

Agreed. Take away the benefits, and make it easy for abortion clinics to setup shop wherever they want without onerous regulations.

Those black kids will be so grateful that they will become Proud Republicans!

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Wouldn't have the effect you think it would because of how frozen out of the employment market Whites have become. There is a serious underestimation on this board, that I believe is part of a deliberate propaganda campaign [not accusing you specifically], about how many of our people have been driven onto assistance rolls. And now the jewish capital class is getting everyone frothed up to link hands with Sandeep and Chang and cut the "bums" off.

Note the infanticide moloch-sacrifice shill has no actual counter-argument. He can only push the false consensus that opposing moloch-sacrificial rites, for which it is irrelevant if it's real or not, the kikes believe in it, is somehow supporting niggers.
Kikes want you killing infants in the womb for their demon god and want you to forget non-blacks are targeted for infanticide to a harsher and more detrimental degree.

It's a christfag qnigger trying to piggyback on some pseduo-intellectual revival of "Carthago delenda est".

This is either a christkike or a kike playing the role to derail the thread.

For better or worse given the current circumstances, whites are much less inclined to have children when their future is uncertain, such as living on certain types of welfare. You really don't see white couples emphasizing couples, not ones where one party is black and they bought into black culture feeling comfortable with having kids that they can't provide for fully on their own. Whites are on average far more invested in their offspring.

lol this user is outright lying despite the data being just a few posts above remember kids just because its in redtext doesn't mean its true more often then not its the opposite

Whites are a global minority, and increasingly becoming a minority in our own nations. You're going to IP hop and continue shilling for killing more infants in the womb because other races also abort while still coming out with higher birthrates? You kikes scarcely even try.

That is actually even more beneficial to whites because they are 4 times the population of niggers in the US but are getting only a third of the abortions. Do you even know what per capita means? Also please adjust your tinfoil hat this is my second post

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They just won't pay.
And putting them in jail doesn't have an effect either.

you best not be counting boomers. some places have whites at 25%. hell, like op says, geroriga only has 44% whites when blacks are 34%.

Predictable but we see them and know them. Lot of subversive types here. This is a win for our nation!

He knows what the real numbers are. He's pushing White genocide like all Christians do.


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lol I'm not a chirstcuck I want MORE abortion

Im not sure what you are trying to imply. Niggers abort at a higher rate than whites independent of the anyone other population

It truly is the best treatment in many cases.

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We need people.

Think, you idiot. Niggers are dumb enough to take extreme measures to get abortions and they will die and become sterile as a result.

It makes and never made any sense for right-wingers to take up abortion as an issue, especially not as one of their main issues. The right is in fucking jeopardy and is looking for ground to gravitate around without seeming racist which will always be a losing battle.

It's still a major issue. Sterilize instead. White people don't want to pay for nigger mistakes. Multiple times.

Christians are a cancer to the right, how can one even be right-wing when his entire worldview is based on egalitarian concepts and slave morality?!!!!

Kill yourself kike.

Abort so you wont have to sterliise, because a sterilised person is still using resources and may be a potential fifth column in society. Abortion is not a major issue at any rate, it is a very soft eugenic program. It's not an influential eugenic program so it doesn't have great cleansing effects on society and it's only a big issue for egalitarian nutjobs who believe in the insane statement that all lives matter out of religious sentiment and drum up a big fuss about it. Its a eugenic program, thus definately right-wing but at the same time it's not a big win for the right because its effects on society are not that noticable, if we were to kill every adult with an IQ below 100 or a 110, THAT would be a powerful eugenic program or if we ended welfare and expelled all who ever collected it, but abortions has very mild positive effects on society, it's not a big issue except for marxist christians and their absurd egalitarian ideas of equality.

Starting think the kikes aren't totally evil then. Anyone who likes killing prenatal niglets can't be all bad.

Do the niggers in Africa go to extreme measures to get abortions? There are birth control implants that have been tried out on American niggers and it works too well, birthrate goes to almost zero, so kikes won't allow that. Abortion is the only tool we have to keep nigger birthrate below replacement.

That's not true at all. We see abortion rates plummet when the number of abortion clinics is reduced due to regulation.

It's much easier for a white woman to go to a doctor with $2000 cash in hand to perform an illegal operation than it is for a black woman. Illegal abortions won't come cheap.

So you understand the context, that is in Texas, a majority non-white state.

Actual percent of whites counting illegals, mislabelings, and the fact that it is 2019 not 2010 is probably under 40%.

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Prep bull white knight

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Mgtow non-argument… Mine was clearly expressed in my comment, try using your brain and muster up one of your own rather than blasting crappy stale mgtow memes at me.
If you're so low-IQ that you didn't grasp it I'll simplify it for you - it is a case of social and genetic hygene albeit not a big one.

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Its reductive influence is sterilizing yours and you defense is that it reduces a hyperfertile group to being only at replacement level. Sub fertility makes room for the replacement, whites are less displaced, but the magnitude is sufficient. Blacks have more magnitude, but insufficient.

That thing at the right is absolutely hideous. Even in the youth, niggers look like monsters

Most abortions affect blacks, also low-quality whites, birth-rates should be improved, but not through promotion of undesirable mating, which anyways cannot happen in today's anti-white political and social enviroment.

Banning abortions solves the demographic problem in most countries, and it will get the population back to the 2.1 fertility rate.

This abortion ban will lead to 10% annual GDP growth on average.

The only thing that is needed is a campaign to change perceptions. Brainwash people into thinking that abortion is immoral, it's murder, it's not civilised, cruel etc. and this will make to public more compliant.

Why would any economy allow white future citizens to be murdered in abortions?

Each white baby aborted is a loss of around $1 million for the economy. This is the GDP these aborted babies would have created for the economy during their lifetime. Imagine all the potential tax revenue that was lost due to abortion.

The operators of these abortion clinics should be traced.

Who finances them? Who really finances them? Who 'owns' pro abortion activists?

They will have to face prosecution.


Also- Where do the baby parts go afterward?


Voluntary abortion shouldn't even be a thing - get rid of unwanted pregnancies and deport all non-whites. Save abortion for when it is needed: rape/incest or retardation/defect.

Neo-cons prove once again they will follow ideology and religion above logic and reason - they will cheer on new niggers who will vote dem and replace them because "abortion is evil"

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I have an idea guys. Next time there's an abortion protest with both sides squaring off, I will go to the "pro-choice" side with a sign saying ABORT ALL BLACKS. I LOVE ABORTION. or something edgy like that.

You people keep saying this shit, but do you have actual stats to back this up? There are tons of stats on legal abortion showing non whites as the majority of abortions, I've seen nothing on illegal abortion stats.
Even if non whites are higher for illegal percentage wise, you have to imagine the overall impact of illegal abortions to be lower than legal.

Anti-abortion is anti-white. Christfags just want more dipshits to breed to fill their dying churches. Their plan is to remove gibs and outlaw abortion so the retards who can't control their impulses and breed like rabbits become dependent on church charity, thus creating a new voting bloc for (((Chirstianity))). Christians will ALWAYS put their religion before their race.

And the shill, when outed, resorts to falsehoods and lies. Kikestianity has nothing to do with opposing infanticide and kike ritual sacrifice.

This, and no they don't have anything backing up their claim. It's the same empty rhetoric they've been parroting for years.
It's lefties and degenerates and niggers OH MY!

Only Christfags believe that ritual sacrifice magic garbage. You gave yourself away in your first post.

What's the history of similar bills in the courts?

Aborting white fetuses is actually moral and responsible for the betterment of the planet.
Also, why do us white guys always have to have tiny cocks? lol

clown world

Niggers dont abort


Abortion at any stage should be completely legal for non-whites. Abortion for whites should strictly only be permitted in cases of disability or rape.

This is the only way to maintain a healthy society.


That is early you low IQ clown, most women don't even know they are pregnant at that point. The heart can form as early as 5 weeks as well.

Most abortions occurs from within 10-15 weeks. Barely any occur 6 weeks and before, as the fetus is so small the woman mostly doesn't even know she is pregnant yet.

A 5-6 week old baby is only the size of a molar tooth generally.

Abortion for whites should be legal at all ages, even if the child is already born.

>just a clump of goyim cells
Gas yourself, Jew.

it's early because if you're fat and it is not planned, you won't know because you only have a period over 4 weeks or so
and most niggers are fat
and have unprotected random sex
and don't track their periods or know basic shit about their bodies

so yeah this law is a lose-lose for whites

Crawl back to your kasbah you nigger-Jew. You will not supplant the white race.

Don't even try to educate that idiot, you are talking to a guy who has learning difficulties and likely doesn't even know how reproduction or development work.

Science has already shown that you don't get your soul until you are born, before that point you are just a bunch of cells and it isn't murder (that's why we call it abortion and not murder).

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