Christianity is totally anti-Jewish: Putting an end to misrepresentation of Christianity

Christianity is 100% Anti-Jewish and people who say the contrary are either Jewish Shills or ignoramuses.
You may not agree on Christianity about other subjects if you wish, but saying that Christianity is a "Semite" and "Jewish" religion is not only wrong, but dishonest at best.
The New Testament is very critical of Jews and Jesus-Christ himself was very critical of Jews, because of their bad (evil) behavior and actions.
In other words, Christianity ought to hold Jews responsible for their wicked subversive and evil behavior. So we have to put a stop to this charade on how Christianity is Jewish or other JIDF Divide&Conquer nonsense.

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What is the difference between Christianity anti-Jewishness and """Anti-Semite""" anti-Jewishness?
Christians believe that the Jews are not biologically determined to act in a subversive and evil way and that they chose the evil instead of the good because they have free will like anybody else, thus making it possible to hold them accountable for their wicked behavior since they chose this path with their free will. In the other hand, """anti-Semites""" believe that Jewish Behavior is hardwired to their "subversive" DNA and that they ultimately can't help themselves because they are biologically determined to act this way.
Anyway, the traditional Christian Position is "Sicut Judaeis Non", which mean we don't kill the Jews but we don't let them subvert the culture they live in.

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Yet, even with the doctrine of "Sicut Judaeis Non" which say to Christians to harm the Jews, the traditional and eternal teaching of the Catholic Church clearly say that the Jews are the enemies of the whole Humanity and so we have to know the evil nature of the Jew and be cautious about them.

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its called history. and the entire bible including the jewish old testament.

pontious pilot said jesus had "golden" hair.

Oops, I failed this mp4. hard, here is the corrected mp4.

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That letter was a complete fake.
The real life Pontius Pilate hated kikes with a passion, as noted by Philo and Flavius Josephus.

1000 years of christianity did not physically remove the jews from europe, nor did it prevent them from taking over

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Pretty much this. Christianity is anti-Semitic, but not to the degree that we need to be if humanity is to survive the upcoming decades.

there is not one Christianity! there are a lot of ramifications within Christianity.there are Christians who are against and Christians who are for Jews.

Furthermore, Jesus-Christ, the son of God and the Logos Incarnate, couldn't commit any sins and hasn't commit any sins…And yet, he criticized Jews and called them the children of Satan and belonging of the Synagogue of Satan.
As Christians, we are called to follow the example of Jesus-Christ…So if Jesus-Christ was an anti-semite, then it isn't a sin and we have to do the same and if Jesus-Christ wasn't an anti-semite but anti-Jewish, well it also isn't a sin and we also have to do the same thing that Jesus-Christ did.

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We've been over this, kike. You won't get anywhere with this shit on this board.
Go now.

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This is yet another zioshill thread, mod approved. Don't be anti-Semitic goy, only anti-Jewish (with a capital s and j).

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Divide and Conquer has no place here. Stop dividing people you Jews.

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Stop doing the classic jewish self-projection (why do you keep on capitalizing jews?).

Extreme protestant sects tend to play down the cross as idolatry and they adore the jews as the apple of God's eye. It's the Catholics that adore the cross.

Pontus was a hero and should have crucified all of Judea, that would have saved many lives in future!


kikestianity is anti-Judaistic, it is definately, nor has it ever been anti-jewish, it worships a kike and it tells the entire shameful history of kikes as if it's supposed to be admirable and inspirational.


Jesus didn't exist and Romans didn't practice crucifixion (that's a specifically kabbalistic form of ritual murder where jews often consume gentile flesh and blood, often from children. Yes, really.). Muhammad didn't exist either and he's another jewish archetype.

History is so, so zogged. People here think the Holocaust is some distortion, wait until they trough through the (((Middle Ages))) (and era of talmudical hell for the white race) and earlier.

Jews were removed left and right in Europe and were only reintroduced to most European countries by the (((enlightened thinkers))) whose atheism made them remarkably like the Scofield zionists in that they believed the Jews were all good goys who dindu nuffin.
A general distrust of Jews used to be one of the few things the Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Miscellaneous other churches could be counted on for.

oh boy yet another raid from Zig Forums that the mods will personally protect despite violating every rule on the board so the kikestians can shill and defend their religion that centers around worshipping kike rabbis and kike gods

Why is it that none of you mentions that the Jews despise Christians because they stand for everything that is blasphemous to their religion? You Fools! If you read their holy texts, you will come to this conclusion out of necessity.
It is clearly stated that the Jewish people are still waiting for their savior, Yahweh, to come down from heaven and claim the world.
On the other hand, Christians believe that Jesus was the messiah, and that he was not merely a prophet but the son of God. They also believe that he specifically came to spread the word to all people so that they might inherit the kingdom of heaven, and not hold eternal salvation exclusive to a select group of people.

To process this part of history, as well as biblical text, would mean that the Jews not only crucified their own savior, but it would also mean that they would be banished for all eternity in the pits of hell for their own blasphemous actions according to the Torah. However, if they were to label Christ as a liar claiming to be the Son of God, this would mean that all Christians must be the blasphemers, and not the other way around. This contradiction outlines why there is hate towards the Christian people by the followers of Judaism.

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Actually, jews practiced ritual murder left and right on Europeans, blaming their ritual murders on other Europeans, with their authorities claiming that the innocent Europeans were "witches", "devil worshipers", "werewolves", "vampires", etc.

All modern day royal families have jewish blood in them. Many portraits of medieval royals show them as having jewish looks to them, like the ((("Teutonic" Knights))) (who also killed Germans en masse, as well as the last European pagans), the Hohenzollerns, King Henry VIII (not exactly medieval, but close).

Persecutions happened when jews became so brazen that they couldn't stop the gentile mobs from acting out righteous fury unto them. Far more often, the medieval church authorities sought to protect jews and minimize gentile harm to them rather than openly persecute them.

And not once was there EVER a campaign to exterminate jews down to the last child by any Christian leader in all of history.

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To continue, the Jewish identity is explicitely negative…The Jewish Identity is an excplicite rejection and hatred of Jesus-Christ and an explict rejection and hatred of the Logos, which is the natural Order of the Universe, and that's why they always seek to turn the natural of the Universe upside-down with their revolutionary movements, in a typically satanic and anti-Logos fashion.
Here is a short excerpt of the Talmud which is clearly a deep Talmudic hatred of Jesus-Christ.

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Might I add this article to relate to this mp4.

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Jesus Christ and Paul of Tarsus quoted from the OT constantly. And not in a "what not to do" way.
Thirty Years War

Think you performed enough mental gymnastics to justify hanging on to your previous christcuckery. Fuck.

Yeah, you worship kikes. You are slaves.

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Really? Where are they fighting the kike and mudslimes? Last I checked, the crusaders never did shit for europe except destroy it's own holy places, murder millions of whites, rob their christian allies in Constantinople, and import shitskins while fucking little boys. The current pope just gave 500k to shitskins to help them invade the USA. Every priest should go in the oven.

LOL, at least we know this board is run by kikes now

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That is 100% Shameful. Why would they anchor a thread which say that Christianity is Anti-Jew? Makes no sense whatsoever.

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Because the mods are fags as usual, place has really gone to shit fast since christchurch

Well, I see it.

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So,when are we gonna shit up /x-tian/ like the crizcucks do our threads every day?
Christers literally worship a dead dickless kike on a stick while the kikes get a total alpha asskicker to worship

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You can't. Zig Forums mods actually do their jobs, and will permaban you for a single post telling them to stop spamming Zig Forums while they spam and shill to their heart's content.


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Because The Creed of the Slave never was,never can be anti-jew.
Both islam& x-tianity are slave religions to the Jew master race.

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Imagine being so Jewish that it saying "Christ" hurts you so much that you have to say "X-tianity".
Thanks for proving my point.

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Can they ban you from all boards?

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Are you totally clinically retarded?
(((Their))) god has a penis.YOUR god has a vagina.
Might makes right.
Winners& losers.
Extinct& extant

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The Jewish war against Catholicism is evident.
Catholicism is against subversive Jewish Behavior.

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Why the mods don't explain why they anchored this thread?

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You really are one triggered Jew aren't you ?

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Because Zig Forums doesn't need yet another thread about Christianity?


I see almost no threads about Christianity, except the usual Nietzschien against Christianity that it's a "semite and slave religion", the kind of non-sense being promoted for years.
And now that I want to bring the truth about Christianity and Jewish hatred of Christianity, and repair this Divide and Conquer against Christianity on Zig Forums, the thread gets censored…
That makes no sense, this is not rational. That's a primordial topic that is almost never talked about, I've seen about 5-10 threads about it for the years I've been lurking Zig Forums.
We have to stop this disinformation campaign and stop falling for the D&C orchestrated by Jews (just see all the triggered kikes on this thread) and work together for the truth.

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Bullshit you kike lover. Kikestians spam the shit out of the board between threads like this, threads shilling E Kikel Jewnes the filthy eceleb, and you niggers spamming replies and derailments within regular threads to cry about how you're being persecuted by evil anons that DON'T worship kikes.

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Yup, this Talmudic hatred of Christianity is totally not Jewish.

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You argue like a woman, which is an euphemism to arguing like a Jew.

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Do you really think that by repeating JIDF 1 digit IQ sophism about Christianity, you will make your lies true ?
People are waking up about JIDF disinformation propaganda about Christianity. Your father is SATAN.


You know that this thread is anchored right?
No need to shill here JIDF.

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Boy are you DELUSIONAL!

You don't exactly have a good track record yourself, half of your posts are calling other people kikes or JIDF

100% HORSESHIT as usual!


The son of God couldn't and didn't commit any sins and we are called as Christians to follow his lead.

You wouldn't know me even if I farted right in your face IDOLATER!

The Jews don't fear Christ insanity at all.

Its their baby, their pet ideological creation, perfectly designed to mentally enslave and cuck the white race to the Jewish agenda and then set us up for destruction.

Jews don't need masses of dumb ass white Christians to run things for them anymore.

They've got legions of brainwashed low IQ muds to handle all the manual shitty tasks/jobs and as for maintaining white technology? High IQ chinks brainwashed with Communism a.k.a Christ insanity in political form otherwise known as Christ insanity's child ideology.

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