Just wanted to reference this book anons. I dont see it talked up much on here, maybe i just miss the posts...

Just wanted to reference this book anons. I dont see it talked up much on here, maybe i just miss the posts. Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard has helped shape my mind to be geared for action and has aided in shaking off any Abrahamic & Equality System programming i still had early on. Between that and Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil its helped me refine the traits that are played on by the Jews and their cronies for the preservation of this bullshit monster system. Im hoping we can discuss this book (for those who've read it) whatever insights or criticisms we have, and similar well condensed informational materials that "set the facts straight" and helps dispel moralism, dogmatism, delusions and modern weaknesses that pollute the white race. Me personally between this, Nietszche and Siege i think will help shape ones inner world adequately enough to start to effect this outer clown world. Also i might say i think people are naturally self preserving above all things and your security extends to those close to you as extension of yourself (Family, Confidants, Race [race being the most immediate]). in that respect most people would be considered good by our modern moral systems but other dynamics of these systems have been used against the very peoples that fomented them (whites understanding the necessity of community for survival) and they must be reinterpreted changed or dropped. Moral systems serve a people not the other way around, you do it the other way around you get cucked by other races that will fuck your shit up. We need less romans and more Gauls. Our ancestors were barbarous because thats what was required. I feel population densities even homogeneous ethnic populations can aid in this disaster too. People werent meant to know too many other people, the highest qualities of life take place for those in small sustainable communities. for the anons showing up still doubting or on the fence. this book will gear you up for war and get your head straight. christianity, big cities, universalism have cucked us we know but we need to see how exactly and totaly eviscerate all aspects of these mental habits. like howd we go from legendary giants to soyboys for fucks sake? domestication. Might Is Right - Ragnar Redbeard youtube.com/watch?v=gppaJq2ibyI&t=10784s
Also fuck the mods for anchoring the thread this is a copy pasta from another user.

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Your post was shit yesterday and it's shit today.
Fun book though.

didn't they delete this post already?

Was anchored.
There was a nice discussion going to.


How is it a slide?

They have been doing it a lot lately. I wonder if they want to make this site unusable for the upcoming war.

I didnt make this thread becaise I want to slide it, but discuss explain why this is a slide.

Two things stand out. 1) The previous time this thread was posted, it was bump-locked. 2) OP is the only one bumping the thread.

OP is right, if you haven't read this book yet, fucking read it

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This book is frequently recommended and associated with Satanists which is a bit off putting. Also do we know exactly who Ragnar Redbeard was? Was it really Arthur Desmond?

What I dont understand is why the last one got bumb locked.

The mods are going all out anchoring and purging our threads lately.

The gyst is /morality is a spook that people use to castrate you/
Similar to every split from the christian church ever.
Redbeard doesn't advocate wanton slaughter or pacifism and says you should decide for yourself when those things are appropriate or when they'll get you and the people you care about killed.

because it's a shit thread.

Why is it shit?

Because you're a kike or a spook.

it's only associated with Satanism because Lavey plagiarized huge chunks of it to the point that Laveyan Satanism is just Redbeard's philosophy with Halloween decorations

this is OP of the first might is right reference thread. dont get why the original thread was booted and being rehashed. i posted some decent links on there, is it because we started getting into metzger and ghost wolf radio? ps to the user who archived those ghost wolf links thank you ill repay the favor by archiving reposting on my end.

wasnt meaning to self bump was actually enjoying what people were posting. idk everytime i mention tom metzger on here (which i ended up getting on that) threads go missing

maybe you find some wisdom here aswell

Robert Greene is a kike, but has aryan admixture. he has analysed a lot of historical leaders. There is a lot to learn from history - and his book.

full version

Read 88 Precepts too. Any belief that rejects the Darwinian nature of this world is false