This thread is for discussing the SPLC.

Post ITT information about the SPLC.

I am a Russian that likes to talk about the SPLC.

The SPLC is doing a good job fighting bad goyim like you guys!

So lets discuss how to apply, where their offices are, etc….

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From the previous thread (note, this is all minecraft shenanigans, not to be taken seriously at all, stupid no-fun niggers):

The SPLC is clearly the very best target that American anons should be taking out in all of America.

I don't think there is any other target that even compares. If we wipe out the SPLC, killing their employees and destroying their infrastructure, this will be a major blow to the ZOG in a way that nothing else could be. They will have their capabilities in opposing permanently damaged. Imagine a world with no SPLC.

Whoever does it does not even have to leave a manifesto or record anything necessarily as long as they get the job done it wouldn't matter who did it and why. Simply having no more SPLC in the world would be amazing. If someone wants to livestream it and have a manifesto and lots of meme material ready though that's quite dandy.

I think it's time that we destroy the SPLC in Minecraft. I even suggest that we coordinate multiple lone-wolf attacks against it. Basically, we should use secure communications like tutanoa or protonmail, and tell each other when we're ready. Other than that share absolutely no information. When multiple anons are ready to attack and have agreed it's time, one user sets out and does the first attack, and the others are on standby to carry out successive attacks to back the first user up if need be. If this kind of coordination is too big a risk then just don't bother, just watch this thread, and get ready to do what must needs be done.

Since I am not an American I will be honored as well to collect information on the SPLC and share it so that American anons lurking this thread can have the right info they need. I also recommend other anons who either don't have the balls to fight or aren't American and can't get to America to post any information on the SPLC that could help be used to carry out a successful attack in our Minecraft server. We'll need to know where there offices are and what the layout is, so we can reproduce this all exactly in Minecraft, and of course streetview taken off of maps and random pictures of the buildings taken off of image searches to be compiled all together in this thread. Also anyone with engineering knowledge or other relevant expertise can help in identifying weak points and making suggestions on how to destroy the SPLC in Minecraft.

Once we are ready, we'll totally btfo SPLC in Minecraft, and trigger the normalfags who are afraid we might take videogame fantasy into the real world.

Forget about synagogues, mosques, and whatever else targets you can think of at least in America for now while the SPLC still stands. The SPLC is hated by black separatists, white separatists, and anyone who hates political correctness like most common conservatives do now. Nobody will sympathize with the SPLC that isn't already a lost cause. With the SPLC gone we will have attained a major and permanent victory.

Hmmm are Americans awake during this hour? Maybe I should post during a different time.

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I bet this is some kind of link you click and the fedniggers got your real IP.

You think we're stupid enough to fall for this?


Seconding this bump.

The SPLC has been investigated and thoroughly trashed by a number of mainstream journalists (some of them Jews), and none of that information ever went anywhere. That's what a lot of people really mean when they talk about Jewish power. It's known and yet still tolerated.

What is the SPLC really? Tim Murdock of White Rabbit Radio explains that, whereas the Constitution nominally prohibits government organs from direct political persecution (Lois Lerner was persecuting people politically, but it was deniable because it was about their taxes, not offically about their beliefs), the SPLC is a private group and not under the same restrictions. So just like Pentagon Capitalism means a revolving door between generals and procurement bureaucrats and war profiteers, so too SPLC is a "private" pseudo-government branch doing work the government wants to do, setting up the justification for "nonpolitical" investigations by real law enforcement.
Imagine if the government wasn't all traitors. Imagine if we had such investigstions for the Muslim Brotherhood or BAMN.

The SPLC chose its awkward and overlong name to resemble what was, in the Civil Rights era, a standard of four-letter acronyms starting with "s." The most famous of these was the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, but there were many. For Morris Dees to make money from his mail fraud charity, he had to fit in.

Morris Seligman Dees is a totally gentile man whose father named him after the admired local Jewish doctor. He was a gentile screwing Jews out of their shkelim and having a screamingly Jewish-looking name certainly didn't hurt.

The SPLC has counted the operations of alleged evil Nazis as entirely separate entities and relied on this to promote the idea of a runaway Nazification. So a guy, his blog, and his print newsletter are four different Nazi terrorist groups to the SPLC.

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Compile it and then it can be put together into a manifesto for whoever is going to hold them to account.

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Why has no one hacked them?

Woah another listener to Master boot Record. Cool. I guess I'll see if I can help take down the SPLC's minecraft server this weekend.

This organisation will have to be investigated.

$500 million dollars and they are part of the anti-white genocide project.

Splc is a criminal organisation.

Splc has be investigated by journalists and others.

Where are those articles and research materials?

How old is splc? How long has this criminal activity going on? This is abuse of justice.

SPLC used to focus on muh poor blacks in the souf, but they’ve been doxing white dissidents for years now. Sometime last year, they tabbed Michael Edison Hayden to join them, which was low even by their own standards. Hayden used to work for Newsweek and, along with Jared Holt, Luke O’Brien and Christopher Mathias, has been specifically tasked with going after the “alt-right”. It’s very easy to get ahold of him and even feed him true or false information because he’s always looking to dox someone or write more articles on doxed people. I was personally checking to see if he could do a hit piece on some spic named Nick Fuentes and it seems as though he’s interested. No surprise that he uses Discord. Of course he does.

P.S. in his latest article talking about Joseph Jordan (real name of e-celeb Eric Striker), he cited a /cow/ thread near the end it was actually my thread as proof of his dox. It’s very well known that he browses Zig Forums and I doubt he’s the only “journalist” doing so.

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Aw, it's retarded.

Damn that’s insidious man, I love it.

SPLC has to burn


Bump to expose

just to clarify:
the SPLC is not a terrorist organization.
the SPLC has never been involved in any bombings.
the SPLC has never been involved in any church burnings.
the SPLC does not have a large network of agents.

t. scared as shit SPLC employee

SPLC is complicit in genocide and also in making race war necessary when it could have all been prevented through peaceful separation.

I think they were hacked before?

The SPLC has two main functions, one exoteric or outwardly obvious, and one esoteric or hidden.
The exoteric function of the SPLC is to name and shame people who oppose cultural marxism, or expose jewish behavior.
This is the organ's minor role.
The esoteric role, which is the major role, is to provide validation to controlled opposition.
The vast majority of people and groups named by the SPLC, are JEW-RUN CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.
A similar service is provided by Hope Not Hate in the UK.
In either case, to find out who the upcoming new-kids-on-the-block of controlled, fake right-wing opposition are, simply browse the website of the group.
All the people named there are working for the jew.
Yes. A basic and fundamental tenet of the modern left is no platform for the right. When going after actual bad goyim, this is done through direct, publicity-less action.
Anyone, and I do many anyone who receives webspace inches in SPLC publications, websites, news reports, is by definition part of the rigged game.
Every e-celeb shill that we have had the displeasure of having to deal with, can be found publicized and pushed by the SPLC or Hope Not Hate.

Larry Darby, a fine Southern gentleman, ran for AG of Alabama on the promise to investigate how people and groups connected to SPLC were funding and shepherding Tim McVeigh.

Naturally, that McVeigh angle isn't mentioned by SPLC.

Then why does the splc keep millions of dollars in offshore accounts?

Yes they do, it's called the ADL.

PS-used to be you'd search YouTube for "Larry Darby" and he have lots of shit up. He looked kinda like a used car saleman with white belt and white suit. I guess you can do that in the South in summer.
Now that got some foreign fuck who can't have a real name of "Larry Darby".

Someone dox the SPLC already.

bump for the SPLC getting btfo

Why Christians don't have organizations like this SPLC, ADL?

Because they believe in self-criticism, human fallibility, and self-improvement.

Whereas the jew believes in silencing any possible inner voice of consciousness, being a degenerate, and striking down anything that opposes him.

I feel this very excited and giddy feeling knowing the SPLC is going to be held to account, with their own blood, for their attempts at genocide.

This bullshit should be reported. This faggot is on tor posting inciting nonsense about bombs and crap in other threads.