Other thread just got 404'd

Other thread just got 404'd.

The GCP (Global Consciousness Project) is a collection of various random number generators spread out across the world whose data is collected hourly. The hypothesis of the project is that when there is homogeneity of data the the noosphere is more highly connected (collective unconscious)

The last time the dot turned pink was right before the events of 9/11

Happening inbound???

(Rolling for destruction of Middle East)

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gcp dot . com

We need a more multi conciousness workforce

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It's the Great Vril Unification

Tarrantulas everywhere please.

Well it fluctuates a great deal. Now what am I to make of this?

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Why do you keep posting the same spam?

Honestly not sure, the other thread just suddenly 404'd and had a fair amount of activity so I wanted to make sure it didn't get buried.

This is my first time posting this.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this

Then dont make it low effort next time op.

Any way fill me in what went on?

Just peeps rolling for possibilities involving the event. Nobody seemed to have heard of it before, I'm curious if there's any other interesting parallels that have been drawn between IRL and this thing's status in the past.


Shemitah, Eclipse, etc. Par for the course here really.

OP is not entirely wrong, there is a major global event about to take place…


All kinds of military hardware his headed into the Middle East and even France and Germany are distancing themselves from Iran… The U.S. moved the U.S.S. Stennis into the 3rd Fleet (NorthLant) area to deter the Russians from sending any ships into the Med.

Iran is going to get blitzed on the 17th.


Black Dawn synchronization files are here.
The last thread on Memetic-Hivemind Synchronization did not 404 naturally. It was censored.

Get the files before it's too late, and listen to it in order according to its metadata. The Black Dawn is coming.

Now would be a good time for another thread on vulnerable infrastructure in the US.

Black Dawn


Black Dawn thread on Nanochan. It's a real thing.
It's as esoteric as it gets.

Dumbshit Iranians are actually smuggling SRBMs into Gaza, the second one of those things gets fired, there is going to be hell to pay… It won't even hit its target

God, didn't someone tell these people about Israel's 30-for-one policy?

Make no mistake, U.S. infrastructure is about as secure as it gets, and Iranians will suffer for it if any ATTEMPT is made to disrupt it.

gimme a hint cause none of your links work there Sinclair

hey at least Iran is fighting jewish supremacy

Deep-Ocean submersion bunkers have begun sinking.
The artificial continent project is halted completely.
Those rich bastards have entered the depth pods, and are sinking to the bottom of the ocean. They'll just live there until the chaos up here is over. The ocean will protect them from the radiation and carnage.

They'll just live there and laugh at us as our comfortable modern life crumbles into chaotic dystopia and complete, utter chaos.

Black Dawn is coming.

That link is an onion address. You need TOR to access the dark-web.
Esoteric mysteries are everywhere there. I recommend it.

uh guys, is anyone's internet real slow?

also, a deep underwater bunker just unsubmerged out my window

By firing rockets at innocent women and children near Tel Aviv?

Let's do some basic math here… say you're an Atheist and you see religion as a detriment to society… Islam is the largest religion in the world. Jews are only about 2% of the U.S. population, and they have the least literal interpretation of their holy books of virtually any religion.

Can't we just accept the American crusade in the Middle East as progress toward a more Atheistic planet? That's 1 Billion fewer religious people to worry about.

It’s not pink anymore, going between red and orange. Was pink for a while though

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lol you seen pretty sure about those submersion bunkers

How bioluminescent of you.

The shadow people rise from the ocean as the uninitiated descend to the depths. The Others who have been hiding for so long are finally ready to come out of the darkness.
But as they rise up to reveal themselves, their heirs go down.
Deeper, deeper, deeper, into the mysterious depths.

However, that doesn't concern us. They need to remain isolated from the Memetic-Hivemind, so that they can have pure thoughts.

Beware: Satellite technology exists that can see into any room of your house in perfect crystal-clear vision. Any direction, full color, every corner of your house. It's as if they are literally standing right beside you.

They can even create an energy focal point and immediately mutate your biological cells into cancer. Then it's game over for you.

Random number generator

Discrete computing

Pick. They're two different things. I am not a dot or a dog.

Just stating facts… this war is going to be one for the history books… Liberals and Russian/Iranian propagandists alike are already whining about it, salon.com is bashing John Bolton… if anything is a sign that things are getting real, it's the liberal recognition of the fact the U.S. is going to take what belongs to it.

lol this is high level mindfuckery

Not a single person is falling for the lies of faggots anymore. Everybody fucking knows the truth.

If you run with Zionism, you're gonna have a bad time bro. I'll make sure of it.

t. Your Fellow American

Being an American does not make one a "Zionist"

Come on nigger.


Months and months of consensus, if there ever was one on Zig Forums, of fuck the Zog. Then a happening thread and this pops up.

Yeah, but it's confirmed by The Sun, we have confirmation…

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Welp, it's green guys. Damn.

Meh nanochan is slow good discussions but slower and only has a few chans with Zig Forums unless migrated to just like dreddit.

I could bring down power to the entire Eastern seaboard with like 100 guys or less. I won't, but if I could, that means others could too. And they certainly would.

holy shit, my internet was actually really slow about the time you posted this. something's finally fucking happening

Okay that is interesting any other sources besides sputnik?
Dont trust that site.


and, my tor download was running at 48KBs and i can't get a clean download that fits the pgp

Its all fun and coincidence until SHTF

Wow, that was easy…

a dozen men or so could easily destroy the entire country's infrastructure in the timespan of one day.

I follow the dot pretty frequently and I've never seen it turn pink, wtf

Kill yourself cuckervative swine. Hopefully Iran finishes their nuke and shoves it up the kikes collective nose. A nice bonus if they hit DC and New York as well.
Oh and one more thing.

9107 Fernwood Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20817

who cares about an atheistic planet?

Hey, how did you get my home address?

That's okay, I have 5 properties each worth over $1 Million. Enjoy your fight club.

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This is some stalker tier shit.

Dot is green now, but it rapidly dropped from where it was, which doesn’t seem to be a normal trend. Could it have been set back to green artificially?

Iran's 2002 plans to build a nuke used a completely ineffectual concept for triggering the high-explosive compressive charge involving a bunch of little copper wires, instead of using an electro-reactive polymer substrate like the Americans use.

Iran will never have nukes, they have roughly the intellectual capacity of a Rhesus monkey.

The other highs drop about around as fast, might not be artificial (still could be a zion coverup) but that was without a doubt a concerningly long stretch of pink
Its also heading back up so let's keep an eye on it

You're a complete fucking retard kike if you think otherwise. The states TOP DOWN has the best period techno structure available on the planet. You think because china/slavwaste are a fucking scared cucks that have to flaunt their dollar store toys every day that it has some any actual grasp on technodigitial combarance. Fucking chinks and slav(e)s held at gunpoint in warehouses just to pathetically attrition grind against US nerworks while security ever adapts and evolves and gets more fierce while the Chink Slav(e) space collapses like the dried cracked fucking summer mud hut that is.

The United States is a Destiny of collapse. But the America's are an indefinitesy of prosperity. The East is a deteriorated Smog Planet. The Fuck over it

Your spam was removed for not being kosher, rabbi.

It seems like more of a straight drop than the others, which are more jagged on the way down. The index appears to actually gets to 0% at the highest point, at first it read as 100% for me, which I assume is an error and means it’s 0, but now it won’t give me any numbers for that section at the highest point, I can get a .02% though

Yeah, I see what you're talking about, I don't know what to think about it so I'll just have to see how it plays out

What was easy, jew/traitor?

So do israeli jews, that's why they just stole theirs.
I'm sure the Iranians can work something out.

OP is a giant faggot

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Relax the kid just came straight from a Sam harris video. He'll come around if he's not jewish

You do realize it can change over time (every ten minutes), right?

You're a numbskull, aren't you?

says retard OP who thinks an rng can predict anything

keep thinking that, CIA nigger

Show me where I claimed to think this has any legitimacy aside from that prescribed to it from being 404'd.

what is black dawn

Because it came from weird hippies at Princeton, and the last time anyone talked about it was concerning 9/11 on places like GLP.



Then how come there were threads with this exact same statement the last time it turned pink, which was like a month ago or so?

Rolling for new sanctions on Iran. I want to target their aluminum, iron, steel, and copper.

idk this is the first ive heard of any of it

So then something big is about to happen based on that thing's color? Makes me a bit excited.

Spotted the shill kike. Remember to report for spam and filter.

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OP, this cunt (>>13247475) is just shilling. It's his job to cast doubt and say something aleady occured when it didn't. FIlter him and move on.

Well it looks like the last time it was pink was last Saturday:

>Also, currently the global consciousness project dot is a steady pink. Likely due to (((firefox))) insecurity and current Chicago (((explosion))).

Also on the 30th:

I would find the dozen of other threads but I think we get the point that this whole hasn't been pink since 9/11 nonsense is complete bullshit since it seems to go pink at least every two weeks.

he is a wizard tho. look at his patches

Also was pink on 04/09/2016:

Also on 05/17/2017:

Also on 01/26/2018:


From that thread:

Yeah never seen it do what it does regularly. Why are conspiritards so retarded?

Funny thing is even Godlikeproductions doesn't even have a thread up currently for this pink "happening."

8/pol/ confirmed more retarded than even GLP?

Yes, and I recommend you download that Black Dawn musical album that's been going around. It's the last key to the Memetic-Hivemind.

Of course there can be multiple Memetic-Hiveminds, such as the SJW hivemind that went around before, where people became strangely receptive to insanity.

But if the focus is Black Dawn, then we will have *that* particular Memetic-Hivemind buzzing inside our minds instead. I would fear another Memetic-Hivemind orchestrated by Them. Black Dawn is purely inspired by Zig Forums and Saint Tarrant, as it was first seen exactly three days after Saint Tarrant delivered us the sacrifice of 51 souls. The sacrifice was a beacon of hope to many, but for the Black Dawn creator, it must have meant something else. Something far more mysterious.

I'd rather that They remain "Others," instead of us. It's better if we are the people, we are the chosen, we are the victorious, and that we are the noble ones.

Better us than Them.

Probably, but they have the advantage of having never been advertised in MSM. When will we see the GLP terrorist? Never.

This is a slide thread, and quite frankly i dont know why mods havent deleted this. Sage and report this thread

They did delete it, and then it came back again. There are large gaps in moderator activity.