I know who did Mandalay Bay and i can prove it too

Part1: We now know a 9mm hand gun was used by a second shooter in the shooting. The Luxor overlooks South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas village where route91 was held, and Giles St and East Alibaba Lane. So you have South Las Vegas Boulevard and Giles St as the bread of the sandwich and the Las Vegas village as the meat in the center where concert was held and i believe 3 black SUVs went around driving and shooting "3 black SUVs" "3 black armored vans" from the John Zig Forums prophecy so you have the shooter starting on South Las Vegas Boulevard and he dropped a 9mm magazine there he then went to Giles St where he dropped his 9mm pistol. A rifle magazine from a 7.62x39 assault rifle or SAW gun and shell casings were also recovered on Giles St near East Alibaba Lane. Look at a map of the Vegas strip and you'll know where all this is you'll know what i'm saying. Now that i have proven 100% multiple shooters with forensic evidence on tape and with a evidence from a Las Vegas Shooting batch that was released from FOIA requests now i will carry onto who did the shooting and what happened in part2.

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gibs me dat part 2

The SAW is a belt fed machine gun that runs 5.56x45mm rounds. It's impossible to confuse the two.

Maybe he's mixing up M249 with M240B since their nomenclature is so similar

God I hate this fucking board.

That is what the American SAW is. Maybe he means it could have been an RPK.

You don't know shit nigger, this is just going to be another Alex Jonesenstein tier tin foil hat thread.

We already know who was behind. That race of criminals birthed from the very shadows: International Jewry

Part2: All the Saudi coup stuff is true black operations committed by Saudi Arabia were taking place in Las Vegas but it was happening at the same time as "the high incident project" and it all overlapped and connected. Michael Chertoff and Sheldon Adleson and Saudi Arabia and Bill Gates and Donald Trump and Erik Prince 100% along with DHS, Mossad, FBI, CIA, ATF, FEMA, DOD, DIA, DARPA, GIP, Saudi Royal Airforce, NSA, and other private military contractors along with mercenaries. Now some of those agencies were shooters others were just spying and watching and monitoring the whole thing and guiding the multiple situations and other agencies along and providing intelligence, recon, and coordinates, and others provided a bit off shooting and cover up and monitoring and intelligence and spying, and espionage for sure was taking place by the Saudi's and Israeli's
I am going to explain about G4S, Contemporary Services Corp., and Wackenhut. Along with Michael Chertoffs ultra Mossad Zionist ties and his time at FEMA/DHS and his Chertoff Group.
Suchomel presented Facebook messages associated with her account. Suchomel’s claims also allude to multiple shooters involved in the Las Vegas shooting, as she allegedly planned to “organize a group of survivors,” and that “The media can suck it. They have no idea what went down!”

The intelligence monitoring group called SITE, has ties to both the CIA and Israeli intelligence. The group has also had ethical concerns raised over the nature of their intel gathering in the last decade and according to the group’s founder, Rita Katz – they’ve managed to release terror related material linked to ISIS prior to the group itself.

‘GEO GROUP’ – A private-for-profit corrections and detention firm formerly known as Wackenhut Corrections Corporation under the umbrella of The Wackenhut Corporation.

What you’re about to see below, is a collection of material revealing what appears to be a rather incredible financial component connected to the High Desert Phoenix Foundation, a charitable organization co-founded by the deceased Las Vegas mass shooting survivor Kymberley Suchomel.

The High Desert Phoenix Foundation claims to have raised funds for grieving families affected by trauma since 2008. This amazing coincidence, rather incredibly, has not been mentioned once in any of the conspiratorial claims surrounding the Suchomel story at alternative media outlets. Put another way, a survivor of a traumatic event has been a long time co-founder of a foundation that contends to have helped those who have endured a traumatic tragedy themselves. It’s a difficult question to ask – but what are the chances of this uncanny coincidence?

Furthermore, new evidence uncovers details concerning the High Desert Phoenix Foundation’s high-profile sponsors, one that includes the The GEO Group, Inc (GEO). This long time financial donor, is also linked to well-known government contractor security firms. Is this also a coincidence?

In recent years, controversy has enveloped the multi-billion-dollar corporation known as Geo Group. Critics of GEO Group contend that politically motivated contributions have led to an expansion of its for-profit prisons system through federal, state and government contractual agreements at the expense of public safety. Even more concerning, is that critics argue that GEO Group has fostered a dangerous work environment via it’s under staffed operations, inadequate training and apparent mistreatment of detainees and other inmates. This has led to a potentially volatile situation for communities nearby GEO Group’s facilities.

QUESTION: Does this sound like a suitable donor for a charitable foundation known for helping grieving families?

In 1984, Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (WCC) had been formed as a part of The Wackenhut Corporation. In 2003, WCC management bought up all stock held by its subsidiary G4S, altering its name to The GEO Group, Inc.

In 2004, other divisions of the Wackenhut Corporation were purchased by Group 4 Falck, a security focused subsidiary known as G4S Wackenhut, was later renamed again as G4S Secure Solutions.

The reason why the GEO Group link is so significant, is that prior to modern America’s largest mass shooting in Las Vegas, an apparent survivor of the incident was operating a foundation that was accepting financial support from a large-scale company formerly known as The Wackenhut Corporation, a subsidiary of G4S Secure Solutions, one of the world’s largest security firms, and a Department of Homeland Security connected conglomerate tied to the suspicious Orlando shooting in the summer of 2016 – an event, that was previously the country’s largest mass shooting.

What are the chances some fag with a handgun was returning fire?

Why do conspiritards always ignore the most obvious answers?

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Part3: If you remember, 29-year old Omar Mateen, an Afghani-American was located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, about 120 miles outside of Orlando. In 2013, Mateen was placed under a terror watch list for 10 months (interviewed two to three times by the FBI 2013-14) and had worked for G4S Secure Solutions, headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, a company which was formerly part of a CIA-linked government contractor and security firm known as The Wackenhut Corporation.

G4S, as it turns out, was the very first ‘designated’ and certified Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contractor and recently secured a $234 million dollar contract with the federal cabinet department. In addition to apparently providing security solutions for “90 percent of U.S. nuclear facilities,” G4S, according to border patrol sources has also been tasked with the transportation and release of illegal immigrants inside the interior of the United States. At least one of Mateen’s roles with G4S, was to transport and provide security for prisoner youths in Florida.

Rod Rosenstiens FBI/DOJ payed off LVPD and California police 24 million dollars after the Thousand Oaks shooting where Las Vegas shooting victims were. So i bet the same man who recommended Trump fire Comey then used it to do the Russia witch hunt also payed off cops who killed eyewitness over all these months to shut them up it's clear they bribe witnesses or kill them using cops they bribe. It's clear there's a cover up and it involves cops like the one who took weapons from the shooting and went to the field office for the ATF in Tucson AZ to destroy the weapons and all while the investigation was still ongoing which should've actually cost that LV police captain his job and possible jail time.

Donald Trump also took this time to back his horse in Saudi Arabia while being in contact with Sheldon Adleson and Michael Certoff. Bill Gates who is a co owner of Four Seasons Hotel along with Al Waleed bin Talal also has been investing in Evolv body scanners for a long time like the ones seen in Total Recall.

Contemporary Services Corp. is arm and branch of the DHS and was providing security for Las Vegas that night i'm sure it would be easy for Sheldon and Michael to have made a few calls and got involved along with getting Mossad and Black Cube form Harvey Weinstein scandal involved. All this goes all the way to G4S, Wackenhut, Kimberly, Mossad, Sheldon, DHS, CSC, and Black Cube and the 12 missing Israeli's. I remember a 2004 interview with Courtney Love who said if Harvey invites you to the Four Seasons in Vegas do not go don't go. And look what happened after the Vegas shooting look at what memory holed the shooting.

Lori Hutters and Kayleigh Sinclair of the UK actually were shot with 9mm rounds during Vegas and they came and hit them like they were fired at ground level not from above from the 32 floor.

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Too anyone saying i'm a fag because some one was returning fire at Paddock no way because no one goes to a concert with a 7.62x39 rifle. now all we have to do is find the bullets and where they went into. perhaps Kayleigh Sinclair and Lori Hutters would like to tell you. The bullets were fired into those girls from the UK on purpose.

You're a fag because of the cock rolling around in your mouth.

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So now we know shooters had 9mm handguns, and 7.62x39 M240 or rifle. If that magazine found on Alibaba is actually a drum oh boy. But if not but it's from a AK47 or a Yemen style CK901 oh boy.

I'm trying to help you fag. You claimed you know who did it and you can prove it, but you don't and you can't. You're evidence is just a jumble of things that stick out as red flags, but are potentially explainable, so you just look stupid.


Apparentely saudi prince was in L.V and the massacre was actually an assasination attempt gone wrong, there was also a post on cuckchan before the shooting telling people to stay off strip and henderson area..

Fuck off.

& the 5.56SAW also takes any m-type vox magazine.

Glownigger much?

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If you have to ask, it's the (((joos)))

Continue user, this all seems plausible. Some of your research about Wackenhut was brought up in threads in the days after the shooting.


No, it's yourself that you hate for not having the balls to come out as a full on flamer who enjoys cock as much as your nigger fucking mother.

Reeetard, if SA was found to have done the Vegas shooting, we would nuke them.

Of course that's what it was.

Look at his shirt look at Eric's shirt. You forget about that? Look into them and their connections to mass shootings. G4S headquarters is in Florida in Jupiter Florida. IT'S FUCKING FLORIDA WHERE SOME OF THESE MASS SHOOTINGS HAPPENED FOR CHRIST SAKE. "Mars just fell to earth" and right on to Vegas. Do you remember the Zig Forums prophecy? The constellation of the women travelling in birth and the dragon waiting to devour her baby? REMEMBER WHEN EVERY ONE FOUND SPACE KEK?

Where in space was space kek found?

Remember the solar eclipse of August 21 2017?
We need the most autistic anons with the best memories. We need to go back in time and start looking at everything again that was going on in 2017 with the astrology, astronomy, calendars and months and planets and mythology again and all those blood moons and blue moons and super moons and full moons again.

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i aint read the OP beyond the title, but if you know who did it, you better blow your load IMMEDIATELY DO YOU HEAR ME?

I’m having a hard time following. So you are saying casing were recovered from a 7.62x39 and 9mm, as well as a SAW mag (usually these are belt fed)?
Were any bullets from either 9mm or 7.62x39 recovered in any autopsies? I mean these bullets are quite different from the 5.56 likely used by paddock. Issue is 7.62x39 tends to overpenetrate but it leaves very characteristic wound tracts. But I’m just saying any evidence beyond casing that these were used?
Just trying to lead you down the right tracks.

OP is a faggot, but I can prove that Paddock was suicided.

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That video really didn't need to be that long.

Based on the blood spatter patterns and pooling, paddock's revolver was deliberately moved after he was dead. The gun shot and the layout of the body shows that Paddock was laying down when he was shot.

Blood has a cohesion property, when blood drops from a stationary position or moving slowly, the spatter will be round. If a bloody object is being swung, moved quickly or tossed, the blood drops will be oblong and erratic. IFF Paddock shot himself standing up, the revolver WOULD NOT LAND as it did in these leaked photographs!

There are only 2 possibilities;

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Sad, I would like to nut in her, so bad

again ignoring the most obvious answer

cops regularly move guns away from dead "suspects"

This user called it

Jonestein level tinfoil hattery going on here.

OP you said you could prove who did it. This is not that. Post proof of exactly who it was or forever be a faggot

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How do you explain all the surveillance camera footage from Mandalay Bay of him bringing huge bag after huge fucking bag to his room over several days? What do you think were in all those bags that he kept leaving and coming back with for them to help him unload and bring to his room that week were? His Ninja Turtle action figures? Maybe every episode of Dragon Ball Z illegally pirated and in HD that was split up and stored on 5.25 inch floppy disks?

Vid relafed


We're done here, folks.

G4S could've sneaked nuclear bombs into Las Vegas they control security for 90% of our nuclear sites. And they could've been sneaking and transporting prisoners and illegal immigrants possibly terrorists into Las Vegas using the 3 big army trucks for transport and to also scope out fresh blood for army or something else. We have criminals, nukes, terrorists, illegal immigrants, and prostitutes and child prostitutes now. I assume all for sale or exchange or bargain. Why? Who knows. Well maybe not but they sure brought something or some ones or some one.

How does David Hogg, Omar Mateen, and their parents connect to FBI? David Hoggs dad was doing the same thing sort of training and thing as Nazer Hamze. David Hoggs dad needs to be looked into. Omars dad was a snitch but also covering for Omar. Parkland students visited Christchurch New Zealand before the shooting in NZ. The Mosque has connections to CAIR and terrorists. Nazer Hamze is a CAIR member, a Broward police officer, and trains Muslims at Mosques in shooting. Omar must've radicallized at a Mosque in Florida where Nazer Hamze frequents. He must've been in contact with Omar. Devon Erickson and his accomplice was called by some group who threatened to kill them, their families, and burn their houses if they didn't do the shooting. Garland Texas shooter was contacted by FBI who texted him to "tear up Texas" the cops who shot him sued the FBI FOR THOSE TEXTS. Omars dad was covering for Omar. So was Nazer who was training Omar.

How many of these minors from Florida have juvie records and what's in them is clearly very confidential and classified by law but i wonder how many of the Parkland brats had contact with Omar? Possibly Nazer? and Hoggs dad?

And was Nicholas Cruz contacted and told to do the shooting or bullied into snapping and doing it?

Why was there an active shooting drill the day of the Parkland shooting and who was helping the Broward PD with the active shooting drill? They day there is an active shooting drill and a kid who went to school there who was a known threat goes there to shoot it up? Sounds like the cops and there helpers expected the shooting and let it happen.

I don't know if the Mossad or cops were shooters but they did want the shooting to happen to further a narrative or financial gain and did everything they could to set Nicholas off.

Law enforcement and the feds has ways of making people shooters and can sometimes be shooters themselves. They make murderers and are sometimes murderers. It's like a game too them.

You are a fucking retard

The Jews did 9/11.

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Seek help. You sound like a ranting hobo in some alleyway overed in shit.

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Different bullet types do totally different things in soft tissue regardless of what the cartridge is not to mention the distance from the shooter to the target. Your comment makes no sense.

Is the Qatar blockade somehow connect to this?

It was CAIR and FBI and police along with DHS, Mossad, G4S, when they wanted a Islamist terrorist and when not another front will take CAIRs place when they want a different flavor for style. They use parents as snitches and as informants and they do that to use them to protect a family member from the law but what their really doing is obviously some sort of manipulation and threatening until the target shooter snaps. The FBI/CIA went to Adam Lanza and they kept messing with him until he snapped after he hacked them.

Devon Ericksons friend shooter was so mentally extreme he had an IEP. I had an IEP in middle school i'm Autistic and Aspergers.

Iv'e had run ins with the law many times.

Iv'e been visited by the FBI for numerous death threats against pretty much everyone i have a short fuse.

I'm being spied on by them forever.

And the CIA.

And the police.

And gangstalked and gas lighted.

I know they want to use me now and i won't let them. They have a program they are using on people to get them to do the mass shootings. They groom them. Sheep dip them. Everything. Only a trained assassin or killer could do such a thing.

I am a trained observer it is an observable pattern with these shootings after a while and many and all the questionable connections it just adds up. If a government or corporation or news or police force or intelligence or feds need a event to capitalize on just abuse your power, weapons, connections, the revolving door of government and law enforcement and unlimited power.

We've all seen the feds give some Jihadist or psycho fake or unloaded guns and bust them. But what if they still need a excuse for unlimited money and power.

What if they are just some sick feds who like murder.

What if they have long term plans for themselves or the country???

Ultra Life corporation and John Beilman must have some sort of connection to the DHS, CSC, G4S, Wackenhut, GEO GROUP, and Black Cube.

You can say they've found a niche for "national security" because of their political views. You won't hear the usual complaints about how this is an invasion of privacy. All the more reason to stop giving them power at the expense of their own rights. But no matter what you do it will never change all that. You won't get rid of CAIR because you don't see an alternative. CAIR will be too strong and too powerful to ignore because, like its predecessors, it is well integrated into the mainstream of American society. It does as it is told and it does everything by their code. They are a national security organization and as such, they will do whatever it takes to achieve whatever agenda they are given.

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So who did the Vegas shooting? Motive?

Military applications for Ultralifes non-rechargeable HiRate batteries include manpack and survival radios, night vision devices, targeting devices, chemical agent monitors, and thermal imaging equipment.

Lepidoptera Sphingidae or Wilcox RAPTAR? They said the battery found in Paddocks room was for a military phone but it could really be for anything. Thermal, night vision, targeting devices, chemical agent detectors. DHS was in that room or G4S or Mossad.

After early struggles (including a fistfight between George Wackenhut and one of his partners lol hahaha), Wackenhut took sole control of his company in 1958, then naming it after himself. Working throughout the day in his office, he sometimes continued nightly as a security guard. By 1964, he had contracts to guard the Kennedy Space Center and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission's nuclear test site in Nevada. NEVADA BOYS NEVADA. The following year, he took his company public.

The GEO Group, Inc. now operates former Wackenhut facilities in 14 states, as well as in Australia hello Marilou and Brian and mister BTKKK.

How much you willing to bet G4S GEO GROUP Wackenhut what ever the fuck you are was guarding Janet which leads to Area 51.

Kennedy Space Center is in Orlando Florida.

Wasn't Stephen Paddock suspected of working at NASA or something? Hmm.

Chertoff, Mossad, DHS, CSC, FEMA, G4S, Black Cube, Adleson, Harvey, Bibi, all connected. Bibi bribe scandal was about Harvey and others bribing him for Black Cube and Mossad agents to suppress metoo. It would be easy for Adleson and Certoff to have used those agents in the Vegas shooting.

No guns having nigger

The IRS spent $600,000 on ammunition but refused to disclose to the GAO its intended purpose and told the GAO that it could not provide data on firearms purchases. The IRS has stated in the past that such purchases are used in “investigating potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code.” Its current inventory is estimated to include 4,461 firearms, including submachine guns, and over 5 million rounds of ammunition.
The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) of the Department of Veterans Affairs purchased around 600 firearms and nearly 20,000 rounds of ammunition, along with riot gear and camouflage uniforms. The VHA has claimed that these purchases are for “enforcing federal law at VA medical facilities (and some National Cemetery and Benefits locations).”
The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Social Security Administration (SSA) purchased around 300 firearms and 250,000 rounds of ammunition. The SSA’s OIG has stated that it uses these items for investigations into “wrongdoing by applicants, beneficiaries, contractors and third parties, and employees.”
The National Park Service (NPS) of the U.S. Department of the Interior purchased nearly 2 million rounds, approximately 1,500 firearms, silencers, riot shields and batons, camouflage uniforms and “pyrotechnics and specialized munitions.” The stated purpose of these items is to protect “the safety and health of NPS visitors, partners, and staff, as well as our natural and cultural resources.”
Though those numbers certainly seem large — maybe even astoundingly so — on their own, they are part of a years-long effort that began during the Obama administration that has seen many non-military federal agencies arm themselves to the teeth.

DHS buys five bullets for every American man, woman and child
As the recently released GAO report notes, from FY 2010 to FY 2017, non-military federal agencies spent $1.5 billion on ammunition, weapons and military grade tactical gear. As an example, during that time frame, the VA bought 11 million rounds of ammunition, roughly equivalent to 2,800 rounds for each of its 3,957 officers. Similarly, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has purchased 4 million rounds over the past eight years and acquired 1 million rounds for use by its 461 special agents. The HHS has called its arms purchases “imperative.” In addition, the SSA bought 800,000 rounds for their 270 special agents during this period, amounting to nearly 3,000 rounds per agent. Even the U.S. Postal Service acquired significant amounts of weapons and ammunition.

These purchases in the past have been the subject of some controversy, such as the mass purchases of hollow-point rounds by government agencies including the Forest Service, National Park Service, Office of Inspector General, Bureau of Fiscal Service, the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshals, and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Hollow-point bullets are illegal under the Geneva Convention but government agencies spent at least $426,268 in just two years (FY 2015 and FY 2016) to acquire them.

Ammunition purchases by the Department of Homeland Security in 2013 were also controversial and were subsequently investigated by the GAO. DHS had claimed that is was buying over a billion rounds of ammunition, including hollow-point rounds, in order to “save money.” However, this has long been in doubt, given that hollow-point rounds are significantly more expensive than other rounds that do not expand upon impact.

At the time, Forbes noted that the massive ammo purchases by DHS could be used to sustain a “hot war” for more than twenty years, given that during the height of the Iraq War the Army used around 6 million rounds per month. With its planned purchase of 1.6 billion rounds, DHS would have ammo left over after matching the Army’s peak daily outpouring of hot lead for two solid decades.

Adelson can easily pass the Bibi bribery story down the memory hole to get to Putin or the Russians. You can call that intelligence, that's the difference. Adelson is a Jew. Bibi was a Jew. Bibi was a Jewish agent of Mossad & CIA, who helped them kill Bush when he was trying to kill Iran, now working as DNC chair. The Russian intel sources can pass this off as intelligence, which they used in the election hack against Trump.

The DHS has enough rifles, ammo, whatever to kill every American 5 times over alone. Some of these bullets and guns are being given to terrorists and criminals for sale. All that Egypt, Arab Spring, Libya, Syria, Ukraine shit is where it went and then into white countries to be used on whites. DHS could easily have had all of Paddocks weapons placed for him and then killed him. DHS has SAWs. And 9mm up the ass. And lots of other ammunition.

It was who John said right at the beginning. Scrouge McDucks Michael Chertoff and Sheldon Adleson. And the president, Bill Gates, and the Saudis. And they all used your police, feds, spies, army, security to do it, with foreign agents as well. And every other mass shooting has been committed by all the ex presidents and they use all your fucking army, feds, police, spies, security, and foreign agents to do it and pay them with lots of free shit. FOOLS.

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dude, just no.

Cite your sources

1. This is why I posted the SWAT interview, they don't mention moving the revolver. Also this assumes that he somehow kept the revolver to his chest when he shot himself standing, then falling over. This is highly unlikely because of the recoil of the gun would leave it at his FEET, not 8.75 feet behind him…


Careful, OP. People have been murdered over knowing too much about the LV shooting

SAW = squad automatic weapon. It's a weapon defined by it's role, not size. It covers the American M249 (5.56mm) and Russian RPK (7.62AK), as well as the BAR (.30-06) and FG-42 (7.92), though it's a modern and mostly American acronym.

This is way off topic though, and the shooters weren't in squads, so it's basically inapplicable. LMG would've been closer to what he's trying to say.

yes, yes, a fag with a handgun was returning fire to people he couldnt see that where firing down from any which direction from the roof tops, you can easliy at night shoot back with a handgun hundreds of feet up in the air to a rooftop shooiter, very easy, I do it all the time.