Brenton Tarrant / John Earnest (Q&A)

Brenton Tarrant and John Earnest are both faced with the same unfortunate predicament: they serve life to death sentences for the shootings that committed at Christchurch and Poway. With every day bringing the two closer to death, how will we know their inner feelings before they die other than artificial censored reports from the mainstream media?
I offer a solution, a Brenton Tarrant and John Earnest Q&A.
The two will be put in a room and recorded in a live stream. The questions for the two shooters will come from an 8/pol/ thread. There will not be a specific time when the thread will be posted, the cameras could start rolling at 3am or 11pm. It is crucial that the Q&A questions are unmoderated so there will be only the truth said during the interview. At a certain point the source for the questions could switch back and forth from 8/pol/ to 4/pol/ to compare the overall question quality between the two sites. I expect that the maximum amount of questions asks could be up to 1,480 so every viewpoint would be accounted for.
One requirement would have to be put in place, whatever gets answered must be question. It can’t just be a “You’re great” or “You sure got’em”, it should be rather “How was it like to pull the trigger” or “What thoughts did you have as the Border Police officer with Parkinson’s syndrome tried to shoot you?” Future generations could look up onto these two with their own prejudices and opinions, but they won’t ever understand their point of view without a recorded Q&A.

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They will never let these people speak their true thoughts. Tarrant knows he faces thirty years in prison at minimum

We need to break these guys out of prison. A few hundred guys should be able to do it if they don't know we're coming.

I really don't care for Tarrant, since the JQ is the litmus test that I use.

I'll have all the time I want to ask Tarrant questions when the armed Militia 500 men strong breaks him out of prison.

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Are you forggetinf something?
This could lead one of them to become the next hitler!
Wait for hitler goys sit down and relax!
But in all seriousness bad idea for a lot of reasons.

How is the US going to use the death penalty on an Australian citizen for crimes he committed in New Zealand? Last I checked, neither of those countries are part of the United States.

Word has it Brenton “The SandNigger Slayer” Tarrant is immortal. He even survived being touched by a radioactive chimpanzee while clearing out 50 of the fuckers inside a gathering place where they inbreed and plan suicide bombings.

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Australia could just transfer Brenton Tarrant to the US like how Mexico transferred El Chapo to the US.

How would this be done? Their prisons sure arent going to allow it. Think about what the practicality and reality of what you propose beforehand

I believe these two men could have achieved much more as part of an organization than as lone wolf actors. They could have fought alongside us during the race war, maybe they still will.

The only difference between supermax and my life right now is I wouldn't have to wagecuck anymore.

Surely the government which was so paranoid about what Brenton had to say that they put people in prison for sharing his manifesto will allow him to hold a Q&A session.


Jesus that's dumb, hush cunt.

He worked as a personal trainer and got a fairly hefty inheritance from his parents, which was how he was able to travel the world.
Training, the manifesto says as much.
He was a registered firearms holder.

this meme pleased me

That was for crimes against the American people though. No Americans were harmed by Tarrant killing Muslims in New Zealand.

Lmao I'm glad you have a few hundred guys in cuck kiwiland but I can't even find a handful of based guys in burgerland