Feds now tracking 850 possible domestic terrorists across the US, 40% racists

“… there have been more arrests and deaths in the United States caused by domestic terrorists than international terrorists in recent years,”

"He said that of the 850 domestic terrorism investigations currently underway inside the United States, about 40 percent target subjects who adhere to racist ideologies, and “a significant majority” of them are white nationalists or white supremacists.

"During his House testimony, McGarrity said “the velocity” of domestic terrorism cases “is much quicker than it’s ever been.” Like ISIS-inspired terrorists, domestic terrorists are being radicalized much faster than ever before thanks to the internet, and that makes it much harder for authorities to detect them, McGarrity said.

"McGarrity said the "most deadly" domestic terrorism threat facing the country is "the lone offender who self-radicalized online [and] who has access to a weapon.”


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gematrix.org/?word=goyim are slaves

Welp, time to censor the internet then.

Repeat after me:
I have nothing to say

Can't wait for that visit.

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Who else feels they're probably one of the 850?

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That worked before ISPs and Google retained all data you've submitted over the internet.


Waste of tax dollars. Literal gang members kill more Americans daily and law enforcement lets them continue to exist.

Realistically, what would one have to do to be apart of the 850? Surely posting anti-semetic comments on a Taiwanese one handed sewing forum doesn’t qualify, does it?

I’m probably under some sort of investigation due to the books I own and shit I post online honestly. Bring it ZOG

It's still the best answer that a person can give. Name someone who has been convicted in the US solely based on their internet posts.

100% a deceptive ploy to ban all guns and free speech in the US so no uprising or threat of revolt can ever happen.

This isn't cuckchan.

It's probably a mixture of behavior, online posts and activities undertaken in real life that get you labeled as a possible threat. I regularly order antisemitic and fascist literature through mainstream channels and post on here regularly. If that doesn't make me a target, nothing does

There is about 2000 isp's on 8chabn and a lot more on 4chan a couple on other chans and darkweb chans
So why just 850?
Also everything I said I pure sarcasm. *wink *wink.

They say owning a weapon is a 'plus'.

In that case there're probably glowniggers reading every word I type right now. Nice knowing you, goys

They have to believe that you present a credible threat.

Maybe they should investigate more in depth into exactly why this is happening besides "lol muh internet", surely it could neeever be mass hatred instigated directly by the systems forced policies and genocidal actions that they caused that causes violent and defiant outrage against them right?

But you know they'll never do that because that any investigation would imply they are at fault and it would bring up their evil that instigated the violent protest by people who in truth felt were left no other choice or option for them to make an impact thanks to the jewish media masters.

Who ever voted for deliberately destructive genocidal replacement policies like the 1960 immigration act or the marrakesh agreement to open the flood gates to criminal third world barbarians that are only passed behind back doors in secret? Exactly no one, so there you go.

A revolt is neccessary, because this democracy is a scam, in reality it's evil marxist judeocracy no less.

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They think Zig Forumsacks that get radicialized is because of Zig Forums when clown world is what pushed many over the edge Zig Forums did nothing but shown the landscape and current problems society.

We're getting stronger

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only 850?

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O mighty domestic terrorist, O servant of Hitler, there is a ___ behind me, come and kill him

That list has became the Zig Forums book of life.
Anyone not up on that list a shill and shall face the lake of banishment.

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850/2000 are NOT shills

Greetings fellow 8channers I don't suppose any of you could tell me what discord server you use maybe you prefer mumble or teamspeak those are fine too

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u are all gay and deserve to be gay

If you aren't on the list, leave now.

It's more likely that they're "corporate drones," in the sense that they shrug due to the fact that a lot of us are basically edgy teenagers. They likely do not actually care about most of us, as we're just blowing off steam.

They're probably after people who are literally "unhinged" and dangerous to others. It's not so much about WHAT you believe, but what you plan to do with your beliefs.

Of course, this same question can be thrown at them: People who keep lists of "enemies," and plan to spy on them or even suddenly show up at their house with guns to take them away?

That's them. That's what they do. They're as twisted and dangerous as any other wingnut with a gun and a list.

t. lemming who doesn't want to rock the boat

haha be watched by the feds or u are not so bassed haha

Daily remember to do right what Maga Boomer did wrong and go for the heads.

I doubt shit posting will land you on a list

Does anyone smell the writing on the wall when they post articles like this seemingly weekly? There is a MASSIVE crack down on all fundamental freedoms coming very soon.

haha put a tracker on your own car for the feds, rock the boat my dudes so based


The Feds and Mossad are so on my ass they can smell my farts - that's how based I am.

Funny how being a communist doesn't make you a threat.

Communism is dedicated to revolution as well.

Soon? It's already happening.

Ask yourself this: What if the first amendment was actually UPHELD?
Now, this is a huge twist, because as it is, a platform like Twitter can censor people for political beliefs.

But what if they couldn't? What if it was literally illegal to censor people? What if it was no longer allowed to say, "My website, my rules"?

Wouldn't it be interested if people could not only be able to speak their mind in public, but also have this freedom ENFORCED in private situations as well? It would be interesting to see what would come about if censorship, even on private platforms, was made illegal.

It makes me a little worried, especially for those of us who are brave enough to be involved in IRL political work. Stuff is only going to get worse when unrest will inevitably break out in America as it becomes less white, the economy downturns and the environment becomes ever more degraded. White nationalists will be the first to be culled, they'll treat us like Muslim terrorists for wanting to preserve this country's founding stock and liberate it from Zio-control

Not Racist, Enlightened to the source of all our problems.

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lf you realy make question to go for the fatness like most of then do, do it by radicalizing your comunity in general.
lf you want to go lone, go for confirmed criminals like the rapists from UK kiddie sexslavery rings that are all free to walk in the streets by now, one of then got crippled by vigilants but the press won't talk about it.

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I agree with everything you said except your use of the word "marxist".

This shit isn't marxist. Importing shitskins to break unions and keep wages low while the rich get even richer just ain't marxist.

This is why I always laugh when Commies say that they are a revolutionary force. The big corporations and government don’t do shit about them because 99% of their goals are the same and the Marxist movement has been dead in the West for decades now. White nationalism is gradually becoming a revolutionary force capable of striking fear into the hearts of International Jewry even in its current, mostly online-based embryonic form

I support an Internet bill of rights patterned on the US Constitution.

Doubt that number.
You are forgetting not a lot of genuine anons present a threat yet to be on that list you have to present a threat along with owning a gun you think the glowniggers would come to europe and investigate?

I know of a crazy fucker who has a small cult, all armed with guns.
This wouldn't be a problem, but this insane cult has actually put together a list of "enemies." These enemies could be anyone. No one knows who's on the list, but the fact is that a cult has a list of 850 people, and they're ready to spy on them, research them, track them, and perhaps even harm them.

Beware, folks. These guys are the bad guys. Not even Zig Forums has any sort of list. Just general insults. But these cultist sickos? They've actually written down NAMES.

To clarify, what i meant by marxism was cultural marxism which is the 100% jewish well poisoning doctrine they have enforced now since 1960's, when the jews realized their (((communism))) would never succeed in the west.

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No faggot, killing random innocent people is not fighting a war nor courageous. It's mental illness for the Jews.

Also is possible the list could include other boards not just Zig Forums as well.

Most of the European anons left when the Trump shillfest took off.

easy just come here

The user you are replying to made a subtle point that you missed.

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I wish all you stormlunatics would filter everyone you don't like.

So nothing new has happened.

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Ask me how I know you're a newfag

you are being tracked for posting here. Everyone is being tracked through cellphones, but if you are here you are high priority. If you are a good person you are on a watchlist created by kike demons who want to eat your kids


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so might as well shitpost u faggot

Fellow 8channer don't you know we communicate and organize solely through comments on the Mom's of FBI facebook page with our verified facebook accounts?

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The best thing about this is that they will never be able to discern a ironic tongue in cheek frog poster from a man of action like Tarrant or Bowers. We have all the plausible deniability in the world and unless they are going to start locking people up for shitposting we have NOTHING to fear.

Remember lads, never express direct calls to action and never own anything incriminating over the longterm.

I've been here for five years and have seen everything, from gang beheadings to chinks swallowed by escalators to faggots cutting their dicks off
But this is the first time I've been frightened by anything I've seen here

8 and 5 are the numbers of the lesser known masonic group known as the Rosicrucians.

Fake news.

What numbers aren't masonic?


what the actual fuck

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goyim are slaves in Jewish Gematria equals: 1488
gematrix.org/?word=goyim are slaves

I never liked that number, honestly, even before I became aware of numerology. I didn't like how it was being pushed everywhere and how it seemed clunky and uneven.

If this is what they believe, why don't they focus on the root cause of the motivation instead of spreading the idea of violence in the hopes that people take the bait?
The anti-drug and anti-suicide programs in schools failed because they ended up having the opposite effect as intended. Do they not realize their anti-violence efforts could have the opposite effect or do they just like the job security it brings?

Even though social media has been referred to as a "modern public square" it is very much private property.

Of course that figure was pulled out of their ass, so I wouldn't worry. Your crazy friend does a lot of meth too, right?

Truly the pinnacle of occult research. I'm in awe. Can you tell me the secret masonic significance of this webm?

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nothing new. the feds are mostly white and all they do is hunt white men for being white men. traitors the lot of them

Doesn't have to mean what exactly (((they))) say.

I don't know. I'm not seeing anything that looks like "universal egalitarianism"

The decline of the middle class and the ever increasing wealth of the top one percent are obvious.

Instead of any kind of equality, we have "tolerance" of people Marx would have considered lumpkin proletariat.

Walmart can fly the rainbow flag and be considered "progressive" while not paying taxes and paying such low wages it's employees must take public aid.

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Do they mean Jews?

Fuck off homosexual kike (redundant, I know).

They're laughing at us. 14/88, amirite fellow goyims?
Look up pictures of David Lane and tell me that you don't think he's on the jewish spectrum whatsoever. IMO he was a jewish actor and never went to jail beyond photo ops.

You ousted your self.


You probably have one of those faggy red string bracelets on your left hand, you nigger.

people get arrested and disarmed over facebook posts all the time. have been since obama

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Idiots don't count.

the 1A and 2A will never be repealed. that actually might make this nation of couch potatos get up of their asses. they dont want that. they want more bread and circuses until their is no fight left in anyone. the last thing they want to do is lose control.

they are going to allow big tech to censor speech and the MSM to keep certain viewpoints muted. you think that kike prostitute trump is going to do anything about big tech and MSM who are both soley JEWISH?

they arent going to ban the 2A either, they are goping to do what they are now - silently pass ERPO legislation state by state. then they will have bans on calibers, mag sizes, lead based ammo etc. then they will add mandatory disarming to every damn thing you do. dui? domestic violence? etc etc NO GUNS.

incrementalism is the name of the game.

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youre a weak person

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its andrew anglin and his botnet.

dont tell anyone

Bullshit, Joe Budweiser isn't getting of his couch for any reason. The only people who have had a hand in maintaining the Bill of Rights have been the courts.

Like I said, idiots don't count.

dude, obviously they know this. they are not dumb or incompetant, its just that the federal government, as all governments of the white world pudhing diversity, REALLY ARE THAT FUCKING EVIL. People just write that off because they dont want to accept that obvious fact.

the US has been at war with americans since lincoln. W A K E U P

Where does normalnigger scum like you even come from?

Go away CIA

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Ask me how I know you don't belong here, nigger.

Been here since the site started, buddy

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Yes its really tricky. Usually online posts get used to justify some actions since rarely anyone reveals intend online. A proper terrorist would also discuss his plans to any involved through some end to end encryption preferably a chat service that also doesn't employ a middle man (e.g. google or the one providing the chat service) but is a direct connection. Pidgin with the OTR extension is pretty wonderful for this.

ITT: many faggots and shills who did not make the list.


Actually, he will. The issue is that he will tell his buddies that something needs to be done, be far too specific, and one of them will turn out to be an informant. Joe is then arrested, tried, convicted, and given a 20+ year sentence. It is already happening. Part of the reason why they want to release petty criminals and not prosecute them is to criminalize and imprison dissenters.