Evola was an Accelerationist

Picked up the basics from Evola, because many here cite him as a leading thinker behind this "movement".

Only a few pages into "Ride The Tiger" I found something interesting

"The trans-formations that have already taken place go too deep to be reversible. The energies that have been liberated, or which are ίη the course οf liberation, are not such as can be reconfined within the structures οί yesterday's world. The very fact that attempts at reaction have referred to those structures alone, which are void οί any superior legitimacy, has made the subversive forces all the more vigorous and aggressive. Ιη the second place, such a path would lead to a compromise that would be inadmissible as an ideal, and perilous as a tactic."

"As Ι have said, the traditional values ίη the sense that Ι understand them are not bourgeois values, but the very antithesis οf them. Thus to recognize any validity ίη those survivals, to associate them ίη any way with traditional values, and to validate them with the latter with the intentions already described, would be either to demonstrate a feeble grasp οf the traditional values themselves, or else to diminish them and drag them down to a deplorable and risky form οί compromise.
Ι say "risky" because however one attaches the traditional ideas to the residual forms οί bourgeois civilization, one exposes them to the attack-in some respects inevitable, legitimate, and necessary-cur-rently mounted against that civilization.

One is therefore obliged to turn to the opposite solution, even ίί things thereby become still more difficult and one runs into another type οf risk. It is good to sever every link with all that which is destined sooner or later to collapse. The problem will then be to maintain one's essential direction without leaning οη any given or transmitted form, including forms that are authentically traditional but belong to past history. Ιη this respect, continuity can οηlΥ be maintained οη an essential plane, so to speak, as an inner orientation οί being, beside the greatest possible external liberty.

As we shall soon see, the support that the Tradition can continue to give does not refer to positive structures, regular and recognized by some civilization already formed by it, but rather to that doctrine that contains its principles οηlΥ ίη their supe-rior, preformal state, anterior to th~ particular historical formulations: a state that ίη the past had ηο pertinence to the masses, but had the character οf esoteric doctrine.

For the rest, given the impossibility οί acting positively ίη the sense οί a real and general return to the normal system, and given the impossibil-ity, within the climate οί modern society, culture, and customs, οf mold-ing one's whole existence ίη an organic and unitary manner, it remains to be seen οη what terms one can accept situations οf utter dissolution without being inwardly touched by them. What ίη the current phase-which is, ίη the last analysis, a transitional one-can be chosen, sepa-rated from the rest, and accepted as a free form οf behavior that is not outwardly anachronistic? Can one thus measure oneself against what is most advanced ίη contemporary thought and lifestyle, while remaining inwardly determined and governed by a completely different spirit?

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"The advice "Don't go to the place οf defense, but to the place οf attack," might be adopted by the group οf differentiated men, late chilldren οf the Tradition, who are ίη question here. That is to say, it might be better to contribute to the fall οf that which is already wavering and belongs to yesterday's world than to try to prop it up and prolong its existence artificially. It is a possible tactic, and useful to prevent the final crisis from being the work οί the opposition, whose initiative one would then have to suffer. The risks οf such a course οf action are more than obvious: there is ηο saying who will have the last word.

But ίη the present epoch there is nothing that is not risky. This is perhaps the one advantage that it offers to those who are still οη their feet. The basic ideas to be drawn from what has been said so far can be summarized as follows: The significance of the crises and the dissolutions that so many people deplore today should be stated, indicating the real and direct object οί the destructive processes: bourgeois civilization and society. But measured against traditional values, these latter were already the first negation οί a world anterior and superior to them. Consequently the crisis οί the modern world could represent, ίη Hegel's terms, a "negation οί a negation," so as to signify a phenomenon that, ίη its own way, is positive. This double negation might end ίη nothingness-ίη the nothingness that erupts ίη multiple forms οί chaos, dispersion, rebellion, and "protest" that characterize many tendencies of recent generations; or ίη that other nothingness that is scarcely hidden behind the organized system οί material civilization. Alternatively, for the men ίη question here it might create a new, free space that could eventually become the premise for a future, formative action. "

And this is the real key

Based man.
But anything more from him that proves that he is guarantees to agree with it?

It isn't "proof" of anything necessarily. Just interesting stuff. The entire book is about surviving in times of dissolution. It is a major theme in his work. Especially his popular books. "Revolt against the modern world"/ "Ride the Tiger". Very new to his stuff but I find it very agreeable.

Maybe I'm not a differentiated man. I don't seek to enter the arena of our times, or be a combatant opposed to modernity, however I am an agent of tradition of sorts. I am going to purchase land in a secluded forest and cloister myself from the current times. I will build a stone tower there, which will be both a symbolic and physical barrier to the outside world. The shroud of the forest leaves will obscure time itself, and what the jews achieve outside will be no of no consequence to me.

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Are you a retarded nigger? You choose what to ascribe to in this world.

School teaches the equation
2+2+teacher said so=4

you are a coward and zombies will find your cabin and eat your kids

If you believe in Vedic inspired cyclical history like Evola did, then it reasons that we must have the fall of the current age in order to move forward to the next. Halting or "saving" the current era is a misguided technique. The proper attitude is to help kill it, whether by being "Sun" or "Lightning".

Savitri Devi does an amazing job expanding on this concept by fleshing out "Men against Time" (Lightning) and "Men above Time" (Sun). Both serve their role but the goal is ultimately the same, the complete destruction of that which threatens what we love (the status quo/modernity/our spiritual sickness/the system etc.).

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Very invested in this topic. Was wondering why i was sticking around this board. For nuggets like this. Thanks man. Will give this a read. Definitely something in my wheelhouse.

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The Tower is a symbol of ruin. It represents what you've built up being destroyed by newly-gained knowledge of the truth.

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Isn't that a good thing ? ;)

This sort of bullshit needs to be b& from Zig Forums and right wing thought in general. It is absolutely ridiculous and deserves to be mocked. It is a perfect target for the enemy's rhetoric.

Mathematics is the most autistic quest for self-consistency that exists. It is beautiful and has given rise to many surprising and metaphorically interesting results. Goedel's philosophical take on his Incompleteness Theorem is a fun piece of work to read through. The "psychological difference" between various mathematical formulations of classical mechanics, only some of which intuitively led to quantum mechanics (which made it possible for you to spew garbage like this online), and the story here is another great piece of human history.

I understand the reactionary stance which attacks the entire canon of modern academia, as we've been deceived in so many ways and about so many things. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water, though. For better or for worse, mathematics and the rigorous physical sciences are self consistent and consistent with whatever the reality we're embedded in happens to be.

Burn the moron "grievance studies" profs at the stake for all I care, but leave the people who are slowly but surely working out the properties of our logical and physical realities alone.

Shitting all over mathematics and subscribing to stupid shit like flat earth (probably a CIA nigger movement meant to catch and render ridiculous those who have recognized that much of the world is a corrupt tangle of thr fabrications of the powerful) is discrediting and makes us look bad.

tl;dr: just because you can't into math doesn't mean it doesn't real

dude the point was that k-12 school uses operant conditioning to enforce reliance on authority even when the answer is extremely simple and you can verify it yourself. To the point where kids can't even allow themselves the knowledge of something as simple as 2+2=4 without outside verification… even if they held 2 blocks in one hand and 2 blocks in the other… was a reference to the mindset they create for that young kid up there asking for proof about Evola. I used math BECAUSE it was verifiable lol

Evola hated men like you. The reclusionists and 'monks' who run away from the world. They are not useful in anyway.


Oh. Checked.

Wtf is one to do in clownworld? Organizing something revolutionary is the only way to attack and this is pretty much impossible. I'd rather be a recluse than get up out of my trench to be cut in half by machine-gun fire with 100% certainty. The current order is going to die of its own accord and finding/creating a network with which to rise from the ashes seems to be the only thing we can do. The biggest risk is that we'll go full gulag mode before things collapse. Tough to tell if our demographics will even allow such highly organized behavior in 10-15 years. Ain't no camps/gulags in Africa. They require too much effort and coordination for the nogs, so it is anarchy with AKs instead. Maybe the kikes will administer while Tyrone and Pedro round us up. Fuck it.

Hitler as an avatar of Vishnu is one of the greatest redpills there are

Good thread, I was just pondering today on how to function within a society that you reject and are entirely opposed to in every way and form without inflicting psychological damage to yourself or compromising on your principles. Have in mind that Evola lived in a time that would be considered far more tame and much less degenerate than the one in which we live, and that he was not forced to interact with the "plebs" too much, a luxury that many of us, even the wealthier ones, don't have. And it's only about to get even worse.

Organized seclusion like monasteries? Laughing about the absurdity of it all? Resorting to zen practices so you are unaffected by it? All are passive roles. The only viable active alternative is acceleration, at least if you wish to actually accomplish something externally.

Exactly, fighting it until your last breath is highly important for personal growth and ascendancy, no matter how grim things look. Maybe we should be men against time internally, and men in time externally, speeding up the process until we reach total collapse but perfecting and preparing ourselves enough to survive it and build a new golden age from it's ashes, while everyone who accepted modernity dissolves back into the undifferentiated primordial goo. Physically and spiritually.

Mathematics is fully compatible with our ideas, in fact, it provides underpinning and rational structure for most of them. If anything, it will be our ultimate weapon against the kikes and their "science" . It's the ultimate medium. We might argue that things exist beyond it, but they can never be expressed/manifested in a way that's not mathematical because there would be no reality (context, structure, communication etc.) to define it. People don't understand it, they fear it because kikes have made them hate it for a reason. Do you think math being the most hated subject in (((education))) is a coincidence?

oh boy is that relatable man lol

I doubt the hitler is an avatar, I do agree his soul is so great that it changed the world and is something beyond human comprehension.

we have to be both sun and lightning

Serrano is a very interesting read but I don't buy the more far-fetched stuff he states is certain.

To me, having kids and raising them right seems like the most important thing you can do right now.

Do you really think we can save the white race and tradition by breeding without, how do I put this in a non-fedposting manner, "the strategic procurement and distribution of the human reproductive system?"

looks jewish to me.

maybe one of the good jews.

He looks nothing like a jew.

He was Italian, and therefore large nosed. You can see his facial structure better in younger photographs. Not semitic-looking at all.

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thanks for this.
I have a hard time with the subtleties of noses.
the non-drawn photo looks a lot nicer too.

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Is the hawk a kike nose?

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You're welcome fren.

It is the stereotypical Jew's nose, but there isn't really a single type. When someone looks Jewish it isn't really a single feature, but a middle-eastern facial structure underlying European features.

This is pretty well known knowledge, maybe you should give "this board" a little more credit. National Socialism is truth, its the end of the line. If its truth you seek, this IS the board for you, not some place for you to look down your nose at, take what you will and move on.

gay and pretentious-pilled.

The Last men are not welcome here.

Upon reading your description of the European jewish (Khazar) phenotype, I realised that they have, albeit softly, a certain soft collapse, or slight degeneration of the face, in subtle contrast with the classic Aryan look.

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Thanks for posting. Futurism makes a huge amount more sense having read that.

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Agree with the gist of your post, but be aware that cosmology (classical vs. Copernican) is a much more complicated topic than you let one. You'd be surprised by the number of physicists and astronomers who are into classical cosmology (vulgo: "flat earth") in private.
t. IT monkey working in a physics department

/myguys/ left your shit-tier department and formed their own facilities so as not to be brainlets sucking off other brainlets. I'm not surprised niggers in a minimally 9+d universe think that a 3d representation could possibly be useful

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Lel. I agree that there are indeed many types of cosmologies, "flat earth" not being the strangest by far, and that many of them can actually be defended by hardcore physical evidence.

I am a benevolent shill for retards don't mind me

Hahah, trust me I've considered the idea that we're all living in pockmarks in an endless frozen wasteland, and that every pockmark is a world with flat earth physics. If I found out tomorrow that was true, my surprise would be underwhelming. Everything in life is fucking insane from top to bottom

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pls fren gib more autism about those subject pls ?
i'm not brainlet tier but extremely interested about hardcore physical evidence supporting flat earth and alternate view about the universe, i have my own perception of it but too much "physicist" retarded to even explain how i see it (read autismo mental visual tier apprehension of it)
i'm a lurker most of the time because i know big boy like you that really know their shit will make a better use of the space in thread like those.
i gib nice pics for your time

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We need to accelerate DACAmnesty so we can begin to turn Overtow's Windows

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He was an avatar, just not of Vishnu, but his predecessor. The one who sets the events into motion.

That's commendable, but war comes first. Or it should be done simultaneously. Another difficult question. You don't want to feed the scourge with your children, but then again, we need more white children to reclaim the world.

Any model not based on 6D projection (3 real and 3 imaginary dimensions with their center in zero) is misguided at best. Rather than trying to "wrap up" dimensions, you should learn of non-dimensional existence outside of space and time.

thanks fren, am i correct to understand that when you say 6D projection, we're talking about x,y,z axis plus past;present,future ie space-time if you take all of those variable at once or am i a brainlet ?
are you talking about valhol and immaterial space and time ? or still brainlet ?
english is not my native tongue so getting it all isn't easy.

take more lainchan with you for your input.

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Have you got a source to back that up? Because I'm not sure it's true, so far as I know Evola believed in an absolute collapse and an absolute dissolution, through which the seeds of Tradition would only be carried through by men who had kept it alive within themselves and had survived the turmoil by living outside of it.

Look up Euler's number, sine/cosine waves, imaginary numbers etc. Anti-space, anti-time (time in reverse) etc.

It's x,y,z axis and -x,-y,-z axis which is as real as this one and not just an abstract, mathematical idea. The rotation of the swastika, also a mathematical concept. Also, look up Fourier's transforms. Electric universe is real, but it's not manifesting in a way that it's proponents think it is.

There is no need to make things much more complex than they actually are. Spherical nature is the most natural, most basic (default) expression of mathematics in the physical domain. Of course, it would be possible to create "flat earths" and worlds having different rules of physics if one knew how to counter entropy (otherwise they would collapse into twisted spherical loops and eventually "freeze" like this one).

Domain of zero and infinity. It contains space and time as potential but is not defined by them. It is here that the original and indestructible Hyperborea is located, manifesting in the dimensional domain in many forms over countless cycles of history. The unmoved mover. It is from here that it starts decaying/devolving in time (Cycle of Yugas) or being restored in the anti-time (Hitler was a man against time).

White race is superior for both it's external (beauty) and internal (wisdom, understanding, creativity) "formula" or ratio, as not all the numbers (forms) are equal or have equal properties. Mathematics is the greatest proof against equality, at least advanced mathematics. Why do you think that liberal arts students who "hate math" are prone to Jewish brainwashing while students of "hard sciences" tend to become right wingers despite being equally exposed to propaganda? Whites also possesses one unique, albeit dormant in most people "hidden function" which allows them to become "infinite series" connected with the source. The golden cord so to speak. Animal men (except the very few only being that in appearance, which is what Evola wrote about, his concept of "spiritual race") and especially kikes don't have this potential (they are entirely defined by finite numbers and 3 dimensions, being the hyletics that gnostics of old spoke of), and it's what kikes are trying to destroy by diluting the race and corrupting/erasing the Mind (culture, history, arts, sciences), making them too "ugly" in every way, and thus forever imprisoned in the domain of their god so to speak. Whites are also the only race on earth capable of recognizing Platonic Forms.

I know I mixed a lot of different (and very difficult) concepts, but you would need knowledge of each of them in order to truly understand my post.

But it isn't 100% certainty and you know that just as well as anyone else. It's just that you are afraid of that outcome.
It's not going to die of its own accord. They may face quite a few difficulties and they may change their internal structure but they aren't going to die off. It is wishful thinking to claim that if you close your eyes, that they will eventually go away. Because they are very well aware of what is coming and they are hoping that they are still going to be able to come out on top. Some plunder as much as they can and get ready to burn down the bridge behind them, while others are preparing for direct conflict. In this current moment in time you will not be touched, there is no reason for them to do anything. But unless you shut yourself off entirely, they are aware of your presence. And thus you are gambling in the hopes that they not only leave you alone but that someone else shows up in your lifetime to solve that problem for you so that you can finally leave your stone tower. The most obvious and simple reason for them to come after you would be taxes: they pass a new law requiring you to pay a tax for owning that land, possibly even another law requiring you to have a permit to build that tower of yours, and then they just start looking for you. They already know where it is, there is always a paper trail relating to who owns what and where. They can just let you marinate there before robbing you blind and putting you up on the chopping block.
Well then what difference does it make if you are cut down with 100% certainty by a nog or if you are cut down with 100% certainty by anyone else? This seems more like putting things away for later in the hopes that the dishes clean themselves after leaving them to soak long enough for the microbial culture to discover fire. The danger in relation to this sort of anarchy is that you will in many cases not know who and where the enemy is. You can only hope that there are no traitors, turncoats or spies. Which, given the fact that these are commies we are talking about, is guaranteed to be the case.

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So the answer is,
let's all love lain?

Lain was an accelerationist

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God I hate anime faggotry

very dense. nice

I wouldn't say it is nice, he is mixing mathematics with vague feelgood ideas. It's nice to get people thinking but if you actually understand the concepts, you can see what type of abortion he just created.
And I know it may seem like I am nitpicking but in mathematics the matter of definitions is a very important one. Since you are using definitions in a logically consistent way (meaning the mathematical/philosophical definition of logic, not the common usage of it) in order to find patterns. These patterns are then used to create more definitions and thus find more patterns. But no matter how many patterns you find, the rules you set and the definitions you use are still the basis for these patterns. Using a different definition won't immediately get you a different pattern, it will get you the exact same pattern but at that point you are talking in a completely different language, it is unnecessary confusion just to be able to say the exact same thing. It's like opening a five-thousand page book that is written entirely in Chinese with no understanding in it or anything to help understand it, spending hundreds of hours to try to decypher it only to find out that it is just a Chinese translation of a phonebook that you have at home. And even after finding out that it is actually just a translation of the phonebook, you still can't understand a single fucking thing written in it. And that is why mathematicians in real life are incredibly pedantic to the point where it seems like they are autistic. Because if you refuse to adhere to definitions (or even worse, refuse to adhere to your OWN definitions) then you can just make reality whatever you want it to be, which may be fun to you but is very confusing for anyone else.

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Infinity is a number. Anything that is a finite number is defined as a number and the other way around. Finiteness is one of the criteria that must be met for something to be considered a number.

Infinity is not a number

I am no mathematician. I enjoyed this book.

what If "Ultimate Reality" (for lack of a better term, due to this very problem) refuses to adhere to definition? What then? Just kicking around in a sandbox. You are trying to square the circle.

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nope you are retarted. Zero. the sum of everything and its opposite…

This guy is a fucking retarted sophist.
Zero cannot be considered finite it does not have a defined numerial value. sum of both positive infinity and negative infinity but yet it is a number and it does exist. It is both real and imaginary

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take it easy fren, your anger is showing and isn't good for your karma, the thread has slowed down so take your time to warp reality coherentely

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Just ride the tiger, fuccbois

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This is not a matter of objective or subjective reality, this is a matter of communication. You can very easily come up with something like the Euler identity in your own mind using your own definitions, but in order to communicate what the things inside your mind even mean you need to have common meanings. In languages you have a much easier time to fill the gaps on your own and thus, if you miss one definition, you can easily compensate for it. In mathematics that is much more difficult because each definition is used to build up every definition that is above it so if you fuck up a definition early on then that problem cascades into whatever abomination you end up creating. For example, all groups have inverse and identity elements as part of the necessary requirements for them to be defined as a group. In multiplication the inverse is simply division (since if you multiply by one number and then divide by it then you have the same number you started with) and the neutral element is simply multiplying with one (since you get the exact same number back), but let's say your definition of multiplication has five different neutral elements (1,2,3,4,5) and the inverse is simply multiplying by seven. Do you think that me using those as definitions would make it easier or harder for us to understand each other? Are we even talking in the same language then?

You are asserting that zero is uncountable and unmeasurable. And thus if you assert that as the definition of finiteness then you are correct. However, if you consider finiteness to be the reverse of infinity then both zero and the non-real complex plane are counted within it. In this case it is really a topic mathematicians have given up on discussing a long time ago. Zero and infinity in of themselves are simply practical concepts, they do not exist in nature. Zero has no multiplicative inverse and thus any division by zero is undefined, since there is no number you can divide zero with that would equal one.
The sum of positive infinity and negative infinity is undefined due to the fact that you can have some infinities larger than other infinities, yet tending to infinity. As a result you can only declare sums to be equal zero if they are identical infinities (which is to be shown in this case). I know calculus may seem difficult but this is a concept you need to wrap your head around. You can think of it as adding two functions that diverge: if they are identical then you can subtract every single term to give zero, but if they are not identical then it will still have a limit at infinity even if you subtract both functions from one another.

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Also I am well aware that saying that you need identical infinities is too restrictive, but for the sake of simplicity I will simply assert identical infinities instead of saying infinities of the same size.

Here's a version without that furfag shit, since it's a pretty nice cover.

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This is not my arena so I will leave this alone. But you are trying to square the circle. It cannot be done.

He also was a cosmopolitan faggot that had never done anything other than write a book.

He should have been more like you

Usually people explain themselves when speaking about others in such a fashion

All you've ever accomplished was to be a low level government contractor who shills with demoralization tactics.

Deep in your heart do you still see that fire or do you just see ash? Do you still have wonder in your mind and the thirst to taste freedom? Or are you thoughtless and can only feel the weight of the manacles bout your wrists remaining you that you sold your life to slavers and thieves?


I assume you have some major accomplishments.

I am none of those things.
Thanks for outing yourself as a government stooge.

Far from it.
But Evolva has accomplished more than you have and that is a fact. Across all the boards of the internet nobody has made one thread about you.

The past few President s as the well as the next few Presidents and the current all know my name. I managed to get banned from owning a computer. The Democratic party is currently trying rather hard to disarm me, but they will fail, and there isn't a Intel agent in the US or Australia that doesn't have a passing familiarity with my name.

I was able to get the attention of the rest of the Royal families of Europe and the Gracie's of Brazil.

I basically prevented war in Syria singlehandedly

He wrote a book I prevented a war.

Everything is a mathematical concept, at least things that exist within the medium (shared reality)
I believe I gave enough hints by mentioning Platonic Forms and emanations
How so?
Finite, perishable, material universe. Once waveform collapses, it converges towards a defined, dimensional, finite number. Being entirely defined by finite numbers = being perishable. If that's all you are, you are subject to total death and mechanistic eternal return, or in other words, souless prisoner to a single system defined by an external entity (or self-defined). In any case, by a non-you.
This allows for an entirely unique pattern/chain of numbers (no two instances can exist within the same system), which I believe is the basis of the soul. And yes, it is a number, just of a different type. Is Pi a number? Numbers and functions which do not diverge towards infinity or have similar properties are being defined by 3 dimensions in the physical domain, because nature follows Occam's razor due to entropic pressure. I have obviously used the term in the context of limited subset rather than totality of possibilities. For example, people make an error of assuming that physical universe has 9 or 10 dimensions solely because it's mathematically possible. It's not necessary.

I know that my explanations might not be perfectly structured and defined (any absolute definition would actually take more processing power to compile than this universe can handle), but they are descriptive enough to "converge to truth" so to speak. With all due respect to people who have a more tedious and precise approach, it should not be dismissed on the purely formal basis. I admit that my knowledge is more intuitive and theoretical than technical, but feel free to ascribe that to my distaste of tedious taks.

That's an excellent series of books, if you can disregard the leftist screeching. They make some key errors and "poison the well' a bit so to speak, but many premises are 100% spot on. The same concepts could be interpreted in different ways without "breaking the equation" so to speak, but they keep pushing theirs onto the reader as the ultimate truth, which is not the case.

Good points, the more complex some concepts become, the harder it becomes to communicate them properly.
They do, you just have no means of empirically measuring them and will probably never have since they exceed the system boundaries. Black Hole would be a good assumption. It's a place where laws of physics break down. Same could be said for the quantum domain.

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I have trips of truth.

If you are who you say you are tell us something we don't know. That is honestly the only way you'll receive any sort of credibility. Tell us how you prevented the war, soyim.

No such thing.

The hockney books play the serpents role


The sooner this kiked global society dies, the better. This way we only get slow decay that's becoming insufferable while not being any more free. Take the Tracer Tong route. Yes, the (((elites))) would have a head start, but void in power could allow for superior groups with radically different ideas to emerge. As most of their power today is based on preventing it from happen. Not on their own qualities. We need to have the aristocracy replace the anti-aristocracy of today, and for that we need acceleration.

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I actually have a mathematics degree, and I can tell you this a lie. It's especially a lie with physics (you should read the book Constructing Quarks by Andrew Pickering, you can find it on the Library Genesis), but it isn't quite as obvious with mathematics until you get far enough into the subject.
Did you know people have submitted computer-generated nonsense papers to academic journals, and they've been accepted? Have you read anything about the development of mathematical symbols. Download Florian Cajori's A History of Mathematical Notations. You do know calculus had to be invented because it was based on illogical concepts like an infinitely small number, right?
Moreover, I can tell you for a fact that many, many mathematical proofs are bullshit. You think Andrew Wiles actually gave a proof for Fermat's Last Theorem? No, it's 200 pages of bullshit, a mountain of crap meant to conceal a few particular hocus-pocus steps from the reader.
If you're interested, I can even link you to some modern academic controversies that are kept under the radar from normies. Mathematics is unlike another other discipline in the sheer level of fear involved when letting normal people know about this stuff.
No, the people doing particle physics are al con-artists, milking the public for billions of dollars a year, to do worthless studies that produce nothing of value at all. I'd say at least throw some of that money to mathematicians to keep thinking (and reinventing under different symbolism) new mathematics, but particle physics is a drawn on humanity by leeches.
Mathematics is game played with meaningless marks on paper. That's straight from Hilbert, and he was right. In fact, Ted Kaczynski (also has a PhD in mathematics) was more correct when he said:
Apart from the most elementary mathematics, like arithmetic or high school algebra, the symbols, formulas and words of mathematics have no meaning at all. The entire structure of pure mathematics is a monstrous swindle, simply a game, a prank. You may well ask, "are there no renegades to reveal the truth?" Yes, of course. But the facts are so incredible that no one takes them seriously. So the secret is in no danger.

From wikipiedia:

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All I am saying is that you are saying things that sound nice and may potentially even be true BUT the words coming out of your mouth are not correct.

Mathematical equality simply means "X thing is a different way of writing Y, they are the same thing".
Socialist equality is "X thing is similar to Y, it is ALMOST the same thing". Those are two very different definitions. Mathematics isn't "proof against equality" because if it were proof against (mathematical) equality then it would be self-contradictory. And it can't be proof or disproof of non-mathematical equalities because those exist outside of it. You can pretend that all equalities are mathematical because the universe is defined by mathematics all you want. But that is just you engaging in mental masturbation thinking that you are doing anything but imprisoning yourself in a prison of your own making within your own mind.
You have shown that they are finite, which was not in question in the slightest. You still haven't shown that they are a number. You can represent the number of t-shirts you have in your closet by writing numbers on them but that does not make the t-shirts themselves numbers. And on wave functions: waves aren't numbers, they may have number values attributed to them based on how you measure their activity but they aren't themselves numbers.
You have not defined what is meant by instances. If you mean no two digits then that is glaringly false. So is no two patterns, since there are plenty of identical patterns. You might even say you have an infinite number of identical patterns.
This is just jibberish.
Those aren't spatial directions, the first three are directions while the rest are variables the same way you can make a vector where one term is for temperature while the other is for humidity. It is simply them throwing degrees of freedom at the problem in the hopes that it magically solves the problem, which works but is just retarded.

They don't. The very nature of zero is non-existance and the existance of non-existance is just semantic jibberish. Because non-existance has no description or attributes, the best thing people can come up with is "b-but it feels so empty, there must be something there". Even theoretically there is yet to be any case put forward for the existance of zero and infinity beyond just "well my calculations suck ass, therefore it exists".
Confirmed for knowing jack fucking shit about quantum physics beyond science "educators" like Bill Nye talking about how super weird and quirky it is. Woah! Is the cat alive or dead? Probably a zombie lol