Women must be enslaved or civilization will crumble

The degree to which we allow their freedom is the degree to which we suffer.

Take the slavery pill bros.

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nothin but kikes here nowadays

Shit thread, OP

Soft Patriarchy can work. Probably would take a major collapse or realignment. The problem is whiteknights and enablers. Not women. You don't leave a steak dinner on the floor and get mad at your dog when it eats the meal. This is finance in the West

have women undergone sexual selection like men have?

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I'm all for putting my concubines in cages, but who really wants to save the (((West)))?

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Nowadays? The fuck? I mean 50%, sure, but "nothing but kikes" is a little bit of an overstatement. I will say though that as of today, I have seen a sudden increase in shills. I wonder what's going on today to cause it?

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>Oy vey look at how awful our (((fellow white people))) are

And it's mod approved.


But you are absolutely right. We need to return to a STRICT Indo-European patriarchy where women have little to no privileges and are kept under STRICT control.

Women are much worse than Jews (whose evil is sanctioned by religion) if not the root of all evil. Their inherent nature is evil, defective and perverse.


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Women are not evil, but the problem is disrespectful women who don't know their place. They should be treated with forgiveness and compassion but strict standards.

Fuck off with this feminist shit. All images of your feminist god (hitler) need to be burned. The Jewish problem was ALWAYS known. OP is not a jew, faggot. You're a falsely accusing FEMINAZI

Listen to the words long written down… everybody knew women were the most evil things in the world before feminism

It would definitely help the white birthrates. The fact that any sane white nationalist opposes putting women in their place is disturbing; either a semite in disguise or a beta.

textbook slide thread

White Nationalists must be enslaved by pro white non larping homos or civilization will crumble.

((( )))
Tell me what civilization (whether mesopotamian, or mesoamerican, or asian) on human history benefited from their women acting on their hypergamy?

LOL, the only selection they have been through is one that promoted obedience to larger and stronger men.

Women won't submit to a man they don't rate above average (less than 80% of men, at most).

should women be deselected for certain behaviors?

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BUMPED. This is basic fact

Totally true. Women are hypergamous so they mate only with top men and betas can't find pussies, so civilization crumble. To have civilization you need pussy for everyone not only alpha men, so that's why religion was invented.

TL;DR: Only religion can do that.

I see OP finally figured out that the copy-pasta approach wasn't working, and is trying something slightly less obvious.
Pro tip, most of the people here aren't dumb enough to fall for your diversions, regardless of if it's in a copy-pasta or an image macro.

Well, you've either relapsed very quickly, or you've got a toady helping you who wrote the OP.
Either way, stop for a moment and examine what you're doing with your life. Do you really think you're doing any good for anyone at all?
You're either trying to discredit an incredibly fringe group that nobody would ever believe to begin with, or you actually believe what you're spouting, in which case you should have figured out by now that going on such acerbic rants and shouting fits will never convince anyone to accept your position. A more calm and collected approach is needed.
The only other option, that you're doing this for the lols, can't be true at this point, since you've been doing it long enough that the responses must be predicable and boring by now.

isn't off-putting extremetard posting a shill tactic to scare away people interested in joining?

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I 100% agree and slavery isn't that big of deal and there would still be plenty of protections in place regarding the treatment of women, aside from the fact the 99% of white men would treat their slave wife's as good, if not better, than free ones.

Animals are effectively slaves and yet the vast majority treat them wonderfully and there exist both laws and social stigma regarding the mistreatment of them.

If i told you that canadians were evil from the first day you were born, and you went and got some canadian friends and they were ok and you had no problems, you'd still, in the back of your mind, doubt yourself and their intentions regularly. Thats kinda what the whole millennial problem stems from as well.

Mods don't approve, go back to Reddit.

Best shill detecting trick is to read posts from newest to oldest, filtering at the first sign of kikery.

You're welcome, glad to give back.

t. torn because he's at work




This is done to:
1. Delude the general public into thinking it's not safe to support patriarchy because nobody stands with them except 1 person.
It is a veiled attempt to COERCE people into supporting feminism.
2. Make patriarchy supporters feel hopeless
3. Censor opposition to feminism


THIS IS A FEMINAZI WEBSITE WHICH PRACTICES FEMINIST CENSORSHIP and condones the bullying of patriarchy supporters through crazy-making, false accusations and general abuse



Read Gor, it's badass and true.

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Incel thread, fuck off please.
Have you tried improving yourself?
Maybe then girls will want to fuck you, if you’re not butt ugly

This thread is for journalists to get screencaps for their narrative driven jobs.

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This. Anyone who defended the tradthots in the alt-right is the enemy. Anyone who protects degenerate women out of a misguided sense of duty is the enemy. If you show them the slightest bit of mercy or compassion they will abuse it and destroy anything you create from the inside.

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I know that men with no women,, and therefore nothing to lose are a destabilizing influence on a society.

Not sure what religion can do.. except banning polygamy so alphas don't take all the women.


To women. In reality they're the dredges of society. Women see a big dumb brute as the epitome of rank. Intelligence is what matters most.

Most, but not everyone. Degenerate types have to be removed from the gene pool.

They're all different. Some might behave better caged, others free-range.
>but who really wants to save the (((West)))?
Save the (((West))) = maintain what we have now
Save the West = return to what we really are

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(kike using a fucking boring tactic)

(young faggot who just started lifting, yawn)
(jewish female)


Found the insin.

Powell warned, "That tragic and intractable phenomenon which we watch with horror on the other side of the Atlantic … is coming upon us here by our own volition and our own neglect."

He attacked the bill that outlawed discrimination. He said it was whites who were facing deprivation and that Britain "must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting" large numbers of immigrants to enter.

"The discrimination and the deprivation, the sense of alarm and of resentment, lies not with the immigrant population but with those among whom they have come and are still coming," he said. "This is why to enact legislation of the kind before Parliament at this moment is to risk throwing a match onto gunpowder."

He quoted a constituent — "a middle-aged, quite ordinary working man employed in one of our nationalized industries" — who was encouraging his children to leave England.

"In this country," Powell quoted the man as saying, "in 15 or 20 years, the black man will have the whip hand over the white man."

honestly this even though you're an animeposting fucktard

Maybe read some? For instant Tacitus, Germania, from around 2,000 years ago:

To our ancestors the idea of our women being turned into slaves was enough to incite Odinic war-rage. Instead of enslaving our women, a grotesteque idea, we should be working to free their minds of Marxist poison and feminist trash. Be a man

Our great-grandfathers did. Most still freely chose the feminist trash anyway.
Trying to define who's a 'real' man on an image board. Definitely a woman.

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As stated I look to my Germanic ancestors for guidance. I’ll follow there’s over some NEET incel making edgy threads on Zig Forums.
I’m also married and will be having white children soon. How you doing?

if you have less than three you are larping

I hope you guys realize shills post these hyperbolic anti woman threads to gaslight incels and repel new lurkers.

Found the insin.

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Women like being put in their place. We like men being in charge. The media is lying to you and creating an incredibly warped image of us. Most women don’t adhere to feminism and we are most certainly not empowered by #metoo. The West owes absolute gratitude to patriarchy. All our incredible achievements were created on the back of patriarchy. Feminism is reversing what patriarchy has accomplished. Patriarchy has to be preserved. It is quintessential. Men are more logical overall. Deep down women want men to lead but please lead us well. Something has caused women to turn on men and that something is kikes. Who created feminism? Well, we all know the answer to that. Feminists march with their boobs uncovered and call it empowering but rage against Warhammer because the female characters are too provocative. I will never let somebody who protests a videogame character yet calls prostitution and and abortion empowering! Women whom insult and degrade white men while cheerleading a religion that stones women for being raped will never be my ally. Feminists are pro lgbt/trans. They defend trannies presence in women’s safe spaces. They rally for naked gay men and drag queen children to march publicly but take issue with sexy videogame characters 😩. I know I keep bringing that up but it boggles the mind. Feminists are the most misogynistic garbage humans The West has ever seen. They are on average, unattractive/overweight women who are angry and bitter. They want to brainwash young women to become what they are. Feminists are the equivalent of a bratty and disrespectful teenager and you wouldn’t allow a bratty and disrespectful teenager to run your life would you? Shut feminism down! Don’t even give them a platform.


You fucking stupid faggot ass nigger kikes need to rip open your throat and pour out the filth from this world. Bunch of retarded chimps hitting keys without an original thought of its own.

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tbh tho women are inferior to men. But if that makes you hate women then you are a faggot. Children are inferior to adults. Everyone knows this, but what parent hates their own child? A parent who thinks their child is equal to them is like to hate them since the child will be unable to preform as an adult. Recognize that women are inferior to men and change your expectations accordingly. If you are an egalitarian and witness a woman acting irrationally it is likely to annoy you. If you recognize that women are inferior then women acting irrational is not only expected, but can also be cute.

Oh and it also sounds niggerish to use terminology like “bitches” when talking about women. Stop using the excuse that only alphas get women. That’s absolutely ludicrous not to mention lazy. Men have the physical and intellectual strength to lead us to greatness. I really don’t see anything being done. A lot of complaining on the internet……..

This is the only logical response on this thread. Everyone else is either Moishe, a bitter woman or some insecure non-white.

Not only enslaved. In time, killed and replaced by artificial tools for reproduction.
All the shills against it sperging on this very thread are proof enough that the best solution against society's deterioration is eliminating women from society.
All cucks want to throw themselves at women's feet. They all must be killed along with the jews, so we can eliminate another plague, women, from our world.

Women are inferior intellectually, physically, and philosophically to men. They are superior in child rearing, emotionally empathy and intuition when relating to interpersonal relationships. Overall women are inferior but necessary and men would be useless without them. Therefore they compliment each other? Better?

sure but their empathy should not be confused with morality.

Only when tightly controlled by a man.
Otherwise they are superior at child abuse, emotional manipulation and interpersonal subversion.
If you want to see the best in women, enslave them.

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But you can't put this genie back in the bottle though OP. Civilizational collapse is probably the only pathway that will heal this basic evil. It is literally the (((destruction))) of White culture, precisely as the kikes intended. Pandora's Box literally has no better allegory in modern times than the Women's Movement.

You plainly have no idea how to use that meme properly faggot. You have to go back.

More PROOF that Germans enslaved women
They just didn't want their own wives and children to be enslaved. Nobody's advocating for laws which allow us to capture other people's wives and children.
Since the woman could (mostly) not divorce, and might even be killed for divorcing, it was just a security measure that would go to the sons not daughters. Yes, Tacitus also mentions that property does not go to women:
So far as heirship and succession are concerned, each man’s sons are his heirs, and there is no will; if there be no children, the nearest degrees of relationship for the holding of property are brothers, paternal uncles, and uncles maternal

You also "conveniently forgot" that men are mentioned as the owners of women, and marriage only required the owners consent. You also "forgot" about wife-selling, marriages by abduction (of single women) and widow-killing among several other things. Next time, don't "forget" these things you fucking feminazi

These threads are from shills,
Too many at once to be organic.
Women are clever and beautiful, they have only ever shown me kindness.
And their breasts.
But mostly kindness.

Pandora was given the box by Eris.
Eris = Degenerative chaos. Chaos for the sake of more chaos.
Kek = Chaos before order. Darkness before the dawn.
The return of Kek reveals that evil is to be purged by chaos once again. Kek will triumph over Eris and all her abominations.
The women's movement is a perfect example of an evil ripe for chaotic destruction. TERFs will fight trannies, radfems will fight intersectionals, slutwalkers will fight sex-negative and so on. They will eat themselves and leave a power vacuum for us to fill with new ideas.

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Civilization must crumble you tard.

Artificial wombs are the future every man should choose. Fuck off.

Not likely at all. It's much more likely that the entire West will be overthrown first if actual history is any guide. Feminism and effiminism have been the key factors leading to the destruction of empires long before the rise of the modern West, and there are ample examples of it.

Once men no longer hold control of their culture, that culture will die a relatively quick death. Always.

I love doing this d&c kike why because you end up getting btfo in every thread and is funny.

And then it must be rebuilt. Absolute patriarchy is part of that.

Kys incel cuck

This is true only if the civilization is conquered from the outside. Otherwise it will solidify into it's final form, identified by Spengler as the period of Caesarism.

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There are so many posts advocating saving what we have now, rather than working towards preserving what was for the future.
Still gotta start that tradclub tbh.

If only Joshua had killed all the Cannanites, or the Romans killed all the Edomites, or the Europeans didn't just expel, but killed all the jews, or American settlers simply adhered to the Whites only policy, but noooooo… White men listened to the master devil race and let them camel nose their way into White nations where they deplete the resources and turn White women against their men to genocide the White race.
Final solution is final. Until that happens, the White man is responsible for allowing kikes access to White nations. White race is master race and can make anything happen.
You'll get no argument from me.

I had better not be accused of hating women. I love women. Nothing is more anti-woman than the Jewish influenced system of institutions in the West. Women are like children, in motivations and agency. They need to lose all political and most legal rights, and we will take good care of them. Nothing is worse for women and better for Jewish capital than requiring women to wageslave. Expecting women to work outside the home increases production and destroys wages, and it wastes female lives in slaving for a company. Not only does it destroy the family, but male productivity also suffers from not having a trustworthy assistant in the home.

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jew shills keep making anti woman threads and we will keep calling them out on it.


Pathetic. Ironically, women will end up playing an important role in the coming revolution. Laugh now while you can but that is a fact. Study asymmetric warfare long enough and you will come to the same conclusion that I have. The war against the System will be a total war.