Hahahaha, this is what happens when you leftist cucks support an invasion of Muslim subhumans into white countries! Hail Tarrant! Hail victory!

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Praise kek now there are no more muslims in the west

personally i support the cause because historically, christian societies have always shifted towards anarchism and critique the church a lot more than muslims or jews

if we were to live in a world with nothing but christians it would be easier to achieve anarchism than in a multicultural world

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Great, now the liberal security state is out for us leftists and you rightists. I'm not sure what you can be be so proud about considering there are now less venues for rightist thought?


And? Just because the Jews help the Muslims to invade white countries does not mean that the Muslims are innocent, you stupid cunt! They deserved to be killed! Now keep sucking Muslim dicks, you fat cunt!

Stop misappropriating Natsucc culture Mr. Presumably Boomer.

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Sure, National-Socialism means that whites racemix with Arabs and niggers and live together as a multicultural society… By the way, I am part of generation Z, nigger.


It's only necessary to bring them to the negotiation table through fear. The aim of terrorism isn't to kill.

There is no negotiation.

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Nice way to show your ignorance of Socialist Nationalism retard but what those quotes and photo's mean that Hitler supports ethno states but not autistically killing every non white like a sperg. It means respectfully asking them to leave an properly moving them to a better home away from whites.
Yes it shows that you're under 18, but don't worry you sound like you can't be over 14, so you'll hopefully grow up eventually an actually read a book.

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>Let's negotiate with jews

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Are you completely retarded, nigger?! Hitler has killed 6 Million Jews who lived in Germany and had international alliances with nationalist Muslims and that only because they lived in their countries and had the same enemy, you stupid piece of shit.
I am 21 and what kind of books do you mean? Do you mean the books written by Jewish authors who tell you that you have to suck nigger dicks as a white man?

Which book is that? Can I get an ISBN here?


Epic meme

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Oh shit fug, I didn't expect my post to actually get deleted by now my password usually changes

I have read "Mein Kampf" and watched every speech of Hitler. I also have read every NSDAP writing. German National-Socialism is about domination. It means that the white race has to dominate the other races because it is the master race that created civilization.


We aryans were living in huts while the many civilizations around the mediterranean and east asia were creating advanced civilizations.
Let's not assume race has anything to do with civilization, you ahistoric fucking dumb American.

Oh shit did Zig Forums get rid of passwords?

Hitler states he wanted to dominate the world sphere of influence and in a sense influence and dominate the other races and people with ideas which is why he was very connected with them, no clue what you think he might have said. Otherwise he wouldn't have stopped Mussolini from race mixing with black women.

Christian are pedos. You can rape babies together

Complete bullshit, Schlomo. Whites created civilizations and colonized Southern European and North African countries and the Asians just copied white civilizations just as they copied German cars, you ugly Jew!

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What's your source for that famalam? Which "white civilizations" came before Sumer, China, Erlitou, Rome, Greece, Carthage etc.?
Face it, oceans and rivers are what give life to civilization, not white skin.

Iran and t*rkey were both "Earlier" by thousands of years before "Le epic bronze age" than that and it's very likely that nordic whites came from the land bridges in Russia and the Caucus mountain regions and brought European culture to the area by at least the time Iran had achieved culture by 7000 bc. Sure you can say these days Iran looks more brunette than blonde but blonde people also likely got involved at the time with government and trading etc as far deep as West africa from migration patterns and trading.

Wait why the fuck do the mods filter Tur-key?

What's your source for nordic whites bringing civilization to Iran? And what kind of civilization did the nordic whites have at 3000 BC that compares to the complexity of city states?

Define said complexity because it's almost certain any real definitive "Classical" culture began post bronze age.
Migration patterns from the land bridges with initial Mediterranean aesthetics being either already international symbols shared by human kind or European culture, found common in the Caucus region, Greece, France, and northern Russia down to the land bridge bellow, technology back then was relegated stone and little metal work, any major technology like hypothetical sound waves, etc, is now lost or falsifiable and therefore not worthy of tracing it's lineage to, but what we do know is that whites had at the very least 200 thousand years to develop the land before the earliest recordings of complex societies existed making it more likely that they had the most involvement in discoveries made at the time which would lead to classical culture. The culture also stayed the further away from the Mediterranean you went in Europe but not the further away you went from it.
All my claims are deliberately from before 4000 bc.

Okay I'm done with you holy shit lol.

Lol, read a book about Paleo History sometimes, or just a book in general that isn't written for school children. Imagine actually thinking civilization began after 2300 bc.

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No chill the fuck out and re read what I said properly before you start to make major assumptions.
By the way I'm knocking in pre "modern" humans into this category but if you wanna be autistic about it then it's lowered to 40 thousand bc at the latest.
This only means that time and land would make it more than possible for European's to make up the majority of a group in not only their area, but deeper south into the middle east and maybe even further, whites colonized North Africa by the bronze age so this would explain how they did it even quicker. They had a head start and more technology to more easily claim the land.

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Okay, I have no idea how to forward this conversation anyway. I have no idea how these white people were organizing their civilization 40.000/200.000 years ago, and I have a feeling that neither do you. And I have a feeling that you don't know how that civilization compares to the rest of the world.
Do you have any book recommendations on this subject?

You do realize migration comes with a trade of ideas correct?
About equal with the African's.
Almost all civilizations in one way or another were on par, but Europe was the one responsible for the setting stone of Mediterranean culture which later became the biggest one thanks to major trade and exchange of ideas. My claim isn't that it's any better.
None in english that would explain things, but if you were to look things up the Maykop culture should probably lead to things being explained, at this point there isn't much else either of us can say and I have to leave soon either way.

Is that you, FBI?

Whites have created civilizations all over the world. Nobody believes your fucking lies anymore, Schlomo. You and your rat race will be killed!

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You do realize that has absolutely nothing to do with anything, correct?

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Congratulations, you have a similar meme, but no one here called you Hitler, but you are a self-proclaimed nazi, so how does this meme make sense in this context?
You must have sub-saharan IQ.


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Why do nazis inevitably end up talking about nigger dick?

Why were your people kicked out from over 109 countries, Schlomo?

I'm whiter than you, Amerimutt.

You are not white, Schlomo. Even if you try to look white and I am not from America.

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Keep crying, snowniggers. Your women prefer "shitskin" dick over your pencil penis. Hell, even if you were the last "men" on earth, they'd rather go lesbian than fuck your incel subhuman asses.

So much for the "aryan" master race.

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I didn't think it was possible but you usurped the kraut who was screeching through the whole thread.

Women always want powerful and rich men and shitskins have no money and no power, they also look like monkeys, smell like shit and actually have little dicks.

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Were you shocked and had to be advised by your rabbi how to continue shilling?


This happened because the liberals you oh so hate did their best to hide the fact that there was an entire network within the government, military and secret services to help out Breivik and the NSU.
It sometimes get bizarre with a German soldier who got accepted as a Syrian refuge in Germany despite being unable to speak Arabian at all.
Ever since Gundolf Köhler, right-wing terrorists are lone wolfs, evidence be damned. And if eye witnesses keep claiming otherwise, they end up like Frank Lauterjung.
Basically real Gladio shit. This shit may end up as just yet another individual case.