From $5.7 BILLION to broke

Disney Writes Down Its Vice Stake in Latest Sign of Trouble

>People not as receptive to the (((new content)))

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I liked their interviews

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For future reference, OP, you don't have to break links here. There's no auto-hyperlinking anymore

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Nothing of value lost.

wat? i need a headline comparison

Nice, thanks user. When did that change happen?


Didn't vice get started by that 50-year-old canuck with the mustache?

I recognize that thing.

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Years ago. One of the few good things that turkroach ever did.

Take your pick.

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Isn't "wokeness" explaining the world's problems without the benefit of (((naming the source?))) It seems all the problems the leftists in college were complaining about were caused by the nose. Oh wait, maybe that's freemasonry. In both cases they're protecting the kike.

"get woke go broke" is a meme making fun of leftist media for embracing political correctness
Get updated on your memes Torfag.

Fuck Drumpfhf
Fuck Jews
Fuck You

Heiling your id dubs
Everything was gained from this kek

Vice wasn't mismanaged, it was euthanized. The female CEO was brought in on purpose to slowly drain the company of resources and force it to shutter, while deflecting any accusations to the contrary with the sexism argument. Vice used to be a real threat to established media companies, simply because they made pieces that people wanted to watch about subjects mainstream sources were afraid to cover, and they were profitable while doing so. It was a mix of pop culture and drugs stories to pay the bills, with decently hard-hitting reporting to build street cred on real stories that were actually happening. Whether the glowniggers tried and failed to corrupt them like they did with the mainstream media outlets, or whether this was just the cheaper option, we may never know.

There was one good episode where they went balls deep into the middle of Africa to talk to some nigger called "General Butt Naked"
If they just did shit like that and ventured into nog territories and tried to escape alive it might be decent entertainment, but no, that's not what we got, not what we got at all.

I love how nobody learned any lessons from Cracked. They did this same woke shit from the moment (((Wong))) took over, and killed their commenter community to shut up the criticism of it. Killed their site in the process.
Get woke go broke is a meme for a reason, kids.

It never had real substance. Shane was and is a colossal faggot.

The woke/broke meme is real for sure. It kills me how these leftist oligarchs pump billions into making these (((news outlets))) their personal blogs, only for them to face plant and eat shit only a few years later. Still imagine they will keep putting money into it, or tey the same shit elsewhere, but its sure funny to watch these fags fail at propaganda.

I stopped watching vice about 7 years ago as soon as they started saying shit like "pedophiles are people too" and pushing that whole faggot agenda.

It's been going downhill for a long time. Not at all surprised by this.

their whole spirralling down the train is actually kinda sad. if you only got back I dunno 5 years or so? well then they actually used to produce pretty cool shit, then they made the massive mistake of becoming fucking sjws.

used to be them going into various conflict zones, drug troubled zones etcetcetc

7 years since then..

HAHA I've seen this one

Maybe overall, but individually they're pretty cheap for them. Doubtful a site like Cracked would have cost much more than half a million a year to run, not counting ad buys on other sites for visibility. They're extremely disposable & even though they go down all the time, each one does its job of slightly nudging that overton window.

send stuff like this to boomer neo-cons whenever they say muh (((free markets))). None of this is about making money. The (((elites))) are spending money to control the mainstream narrative.

Vice was doomed as soon as Gavin McInnes left and they stopped having softcore porn in the magazine.

Vice went from regular journalist, to liberal douche to pozzed punchable-face unlikable mystery meat that just pisses off people where every they go even with all the editing.