School shooter reveal

This is the school shooter, lads. His name is Devon Erickson, the other individual with him is a juvenile, so he has not been named.

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Devon is a unisex name.

Is it an 18 yo boy or a 40 y/o woman?

based whitey

it's a FtM tranny, so it's a girl

I believe the other person is. The minor.

This is the other kid's twitter:

kek, totally a shitposting twitter

Another Tranny Phanton

No wonder it failed so badly

Would have sucked to die in that Supermarket.

The other individual is actually a FtM tranny named Maya that goes by Alec McKinney.

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Tfw you only kill 1 and its a beaner

The other shooter is a female to male tranny and is therefore a SHE and not a he. The one that has been named is probably a cocksucking faggot as he would have to be to associate with degenerate trannys

Is that a fucking fanny pack? Faggot kids like this who think they are cool and edgy for wearing Nirvana shirts are so fucking lame, these faggots weren't even born before Cobain offed himself. I can still remember the day it happened. These little niggers need to get their own pop culture

Willing to put money on it that this purple-haired degenerate is a jew

Watch the journokikes drop this whole thing like a burnt bagel.

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This nigga looks like a scene kid from 2009.

Nah, my money is that faggots like VICE are gonna eat this up… Instead of demonziing the shooter as 'muh violent radicalized white racists', they are gonna sympathize and paint these faggots and the tranny in particular as innocent victims who were bullied by 'muh white male racists bigots' into commiting violent acts. They will paint a sympathetic picture of these queers being just as much the victims as whoever they shot. Watch and see

I guess we now know why the original thread was shilled to tel aviv and back.

devon's facebook page:

(((They))) will, but at this point, who's going to give a shit besides us and their cult of faggotry?


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Good point. Most normalshits will probably even buy and agree with that narrative as well

No wonder her score was so low.

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Surprised these two didnt help him

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So? That wouldn't be any different from how Zig Forums paints white supremacist shooters. Why is it bad when Vice does it but OK when you do it?

We should start praising the chad that single handed put a stop on these degenerates shooting.

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someone photoshop the Zig Forums seal over that ZOGbot symbol.

Golly gee I just don't know

What's with faggots and long curly hair?

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Makes them quirky and edgy
Or just a faggot


look, if you are going to kill yourself, do it right. with only a cursory amount of research you can find multiple high value targets within the range of one tank of gas. plan thrice and attack once. make back up plans. TRAIN YOURSELF. if you are the one taking action, the time table is on YOUR SIDE.


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green shirt is a jew

Lurk newfag.

Are these really the same person?
They look like a gross AIDS-riddled faggot in the first pic, but like a prepubescent tomboy in the second…

I'm curious as to how is the (((media))) going to spin this one. The shooters are literally the results of HRT and rainbow shit being plastered all over TV. Isn't it funny that even if you get bombarded by it everyday on TV and the internet, still in the average high school grounds you are still being bullied? I guess we can still hold a candle for zoomers.

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Fanny packs are the new trend here in Europe ghetto kids have drugs in them and wear then like a sash around their torso. Looks like its spreading to America.

Teenage angst has paid off well, now you're Tyrome's bitch
Self appointed faggots suck more dick than they know
If he shoots then he is not a bitch like we thought
Another payment made to Ben Shapiro's patreon

Serve your masters, oy vey
Serve your masters, oy vey
Serve your masters, oy vey

His not-so-legendary actions inspire…. tards!

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Cobain was murdered MORON!

Have a higher res version of him anywhere?

Looks emaciated. Probably vegan.

bet she thought she was "training"

"Hey Beecher, suck my cock"


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And I swear that I don't have a gun

She shoulda been a son…


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Nope, fanny packs never stopped here, wealthy yuppies pay hundreds or thousands for a new fanny

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Liberal behind shooting…
It will be portrayed as a victim…
Similar to a nigger…
In other words…
it dindu nuffin

i used to wear one and keep a gun in it true story

funny that this nirvana shooter happened, i have been on a nirvana kick lately, idk if it is because of this or if it was before the shooting

So you're telling me two faggots shot up a school?
Where they bullied for being too gay for their gay school?

Wonder how long until the fags try to spin him stopping a shooter as transphobia or some shit.

New bundle of sticks here goys
How do I embed YOUTUBE vid
Someone embed this one for me thanks.
Kurt in a dress singing my favorite

So its an ugly girl with no tits.

Why fail as a woman when you can fail as a man instead?

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Usually the FtM lie low instead of forcing their psychosis into the spotlight.

The real victims here are all the trannies who won’t be allowed access to all the children now.

op pick the kike photographer made sure to get him at his best angle

Because vice pretends to have authority and isn't self aware about it's status as a retard who jokes about some other retard who kills himself.

Zig Forums isn't real.

That depends on the time of day, what it's read on Tumbler and which dick is up his ass

They learn to grow adam's apples now?

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They have surgery for that. Your tax dollar at work.

chad jaw, shame about the pink hair

That was 4 years ago. Those guys look like the nerd sons of engineers who are somewhat redpilled, not faggots. The school was founded by local engineer dads in 2010. They're probably already on their way to a top engineering school. The shooters look like children of shitlibs who put them in a STEM school because they fucking love science. They were destined to fail and not fit in.

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Thats a woman kek

I haven't seen shit about this on the major news outlets. Why are they shoving it under the rug?

you /retreat/ behind baggy clothing and bangs when you're a total loser.

They only mention the spic that was killed on world news.

Everyone is wrong, there is a "normal" and its being a basic faggot bitch like this

A true cocksucking faggot would never accept a mutilated pussy, I don't know what kind of double degenerate is even into that sextoy-grafted-from-living-flesh bodyhorror shit.

I already posted why you ignorant niggerfaggot. Go back to reddit.

my normalfag family brought it up. can't be too hidden


One more Jewish hoax. If only they would actually kill these crisis actors I’d be happy, but no rinse and reuse them. I wonder how many “shooters” even serve jail time. Just a mason-staffed theater production really, I bet every official in these hearings wears a gold ring. Really creepy when you think about it that they could pull off a parkland and everyone in the courtroom photos is in on it.

much respect

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Why is it we’ve seen this kid before? He some publicity seeker, or do zoomers all look alike.

me im just sitting here trying to figure out why people are shooting up schools. it all started in 1999.

but prior to this, white people were cool with each other.

what is causing the youth to be so unsettled with themselves and the environment?

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nice try lol.


devon's mothers facebook page:

Momo lookin ass kid

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It’s a faggot

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He looks like a mii.

According to someone who knows him, neither was "gay".

Pretty sure if you're a tranny, you're a fuckin faggot. No questions asked.

He is a Marine recruit. You know he'll be swimming in pussy for a while. I wonder if the recruiter or during basic training, he'll get some commendation of some sort.

I’m talking about the baby.
Pretty sure we can place the blame on the parenting or the genetics. What happened to the kid’s original mom?

Does that little faggot realize that he'll never see freedom again? His life is over at 18. He will never have anything. I couldn't even imagine.

because teams you dumb faggot

Bright future ahead

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There’s something very familiar about all this shit. The feds need to hire writers for new material.

Surprise, Surprise. "The father of one of the alleged STEM School Highlands Ranch shooters in Colorado is a serial felon and illegal immigrant from Mexico" –

Alright so I guess a white liberal leftoid mother dominated environment was the true profile of every school shooter ever.