Ultimate patriarchy

(((Disclaimer - All patriarchy threads are not made by one person. Please stop making false accusations with two specific aims: 1) To delude the general public into thinking it's not safe to support patriarchy because nobody stands with them except 1 person. It is a veiled attempt to COERCE people into supporting feminism. 2. To make patriarchy supporters feel hopeless)))

The ULTIMATE PATRIARCHY of indo-europeans which includes:

Let's go back to those days!
The power of life and death was also found in many instances, but was not universal

1. Wife-selling was practiced by the Anglo-Saxons until the early 20th century and it dates back to the ancient land of Germania, where it was acceptable to sell your property. Germans famously sold their wives at large to the Romans.

2. Widow killing was a regular custom of the scandinavians, as outlined by Brothers Grimm. Tacitus also mentions that the one germanic tribe still maintained the ancient custom of hanging widows over their husbands tombs in his time. Widow killing was also common among the slavs and other indo-europeans. It had to do with serving him in the afterlife or in the next life. In India, it was sometimes thought that the bad karma (evil nature) of the widow led to the early death of her husband. Ancient Indian scriptures also firmly support widow-burning
Referring to a Germanic tribe - "The widow ends her days by hanging herself upon the tree which shadows her husband's tomb."
"A Wife who dies in the company of her husband shall remain in heaven as many years as there are hairs on his person”
"A sati who dies on the funeral pyre of her husband enjoys an eternal bliss in heaven"

3. Marriage by capture is enshrined in many codes in the Leges Barbarorum. It continued till the late-1st millennium despite Christian conversions of the Germanic people. It is also found in Germanic mythology. Furthermore, the roman empire was FOUNDED by Romulus and his band through mass marriages by abduction. Other Indo-Europeans also practiced this widely==

WAKE UP - The Jewish problem was always common knowledge, but women were always known to be the worst evil in the universe. Hitler was NOT in on some big secret and he was a feminist traitor to mankind. WAKE UP!!


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Hitler's accuracy on the Jewish topic is acknowledged. However, it wasn't a new discovery, and was as well known as water being wet.

Hitler's merit goes far beyond his awareness of the JQ.

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why do you have to constantly shill this brand of patriarchy that never existed and never will? Shills are not this autistic.

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Congratulations on being nuttier than the Q people. Didn't think that was possible .

What compels the wild OP to sabotage its own post right near the very end? Could it be masochism? Are we being invaded by intellectual BDSM fetishists? truly terrible

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The big secret according to OP would be that it was all womens fault and not the jews. You see, if you would ONLY burn your women to death…your mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, there would be no more 'jewish problem'. That is the thing Hitler failed to realize.

Stop spreading feminist lies. All those practices are legit. Wife selling carried on in some parts till the last century. Those pictures tell the story. Nobody's going to buy your baseless
LOL. Feminists hate FACTS!!

The only relationship in women are good
Terrible creatures
This is also not a big secret. It's just common knowledge that women are the most evil beings, if not the root of all evil
The Jewish problem is mentioned in the OP. It's just that their evil is
1) not inherent
2) not as multi-dimensional or comparable in its harm
And this was always known. Hitler was just a radical who fiercely supported many of women's rights.

It's just how it's ALWAYS BEEN!!

Hitler was FACTUALLY a feminist.

Feminist must end. Feminists like you must die and are worse than the Jews

White patriarchy now!!

yea sure pal. I'm a feminist because i think that buying and selling women never happened in the west to a significant degree. Ignore the fact that I think that 19th amendment was literally the worst mistake ever made in the history of the world. Anyone who thinks different from you is a blue haired harpy.

This is a patriarchy forum now. You feminists are the ones who need to GTFO

This sort of abuse is only digging your own grave. We're going to have our revenge on you feminists sooner than you think

It put the burden of responsible of women on each subsequent generation. It's like we're playing the game again, but this time it's on Heroic mode or something. We have to contend and deal with women after they've been fed the right to vote and that their opinions are important. Thing is, women were probably pretty smart while they were wives and kept by their husbands. Now they're all roaming free with no guidance other than the Jew, their puppets, and all the spider's institutions save for what few men managed to raise reasonable daughters.

Stop spreading lies about our people. Indo-Europeans were most certainly patriarchal but detested slavery of women. That’s nigger tier behaivor.

Read about your true history before the introduction of Semetic poison into europe

here's the thing sperg. nothing you just said is wrong. How it worked was that women were under the protection of their father until they got married, then it was the husband who protected her. While you could discribe this system as men owning women and then "selling" them via marrige. It just paints the wrong picture. Father would not "sell" their daughters to men who they thought would abuse them, or not take care of them, or wouldn't protect them. You just look like an incel/shill if you talk about men having literal ownership of women.

It's not about opinions. It's about FACTS. What you "think" is utterly irrelevant
The FACT is that wife-selling was widespread, but yes the exact percentage of the population practiced it is unknown and not the point anyway. The point is that it was allowed. WOMEN ARE PROPERTY and we can do as we please with it.
That was one of the last first wave feminist "reforms". Feminism goes back a few decades before the 1910s.

The pictures weren't drawn just now for the OP. Tacitus, Leges Barbarorum, English Law and Brothers Grimm are all undeniable FACTS of history you ignorant feminazi
More FEMINAZI bullshit aimed at continuing FEMINISM

No, they were the property of their father. They were under his ownership or custody.
That is not the description of Zig Forums users, it is the official description as laid down in the germanic law books.
Yes, they wouldn't for the most part. But this is off topic. This thread is about wife-selling, and not daughter-selling.
It's not a painted picture, it's just a fact
Nobody cares about what anything looks like to you white-knights or women. I would happily kill you and take your family women as my fuckslaves!

Yeah try actually reading Tacitus. As stated Germanic society was undoubtedly patriarchal but slavery of women was something that enraged the Germans:


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LOL this further proves that Germans indeed took women into slavery
This only shows that they were concerned about the slavery of their own family property by others. Nobody in this thread is saying that we should be allowed to capture and marry other people's wives. Fuck off with that shit!!

Your feminist memes are just as useless as your cunning, woman-tier shit. Oh wait, you ARE a woman. Stop this women's rights activist shit now you fucking feminazi or you will become a casualty in the coming future!!

First, Tacitus was Roman and Romans took German slaves. People here seem to be suggesting taking slave-wives, which doesn’t seem at all congruent with tacitus’s description of Germanic weddings.
I have no problems with arranged marriages and shit. But I think slavery of whites seems fucked up. Eventually we will have to confront the fact that as a race, we have in ways degenerated because (((civil society))) removed natural selection and tribal warfare. Why you would want to force a women polluted with Marxism to breed with you makes no sense, you are diluting your genetics with degenerates. 7.62x39 can be bought for like 20 cents a round. Much better option IMO, lead-cranial transplant. Fuck slavery

Yes the Germans also sold their wives to the Romans.We are only advocating the capture of these free single women/girls, not already married women. That was never allowed in any society where bride-kidnappings were legal, germanic or not.
Women are naturally far more polluted than marxism. Women are possibly the root of all evil. They are an embodiment of all sins and like the pit of hell. AND YET they are a necessary evil