Feds released 168,000 illegal immigrant family members into communities

Feds released 168,000 illegal immigrant family members into communities
The government is so overwhelmed by the border surge that it’s already released 168,000 illegal immigrant family members directly into communities, the government said Wednesday.
An ICE official made the revelation at a Senate hearing where she and other top immigration officials pleaded with Congress to do something to stop the surge of migrants that’s overwhelming the system.
April set new records, with the Border Patrol nabbing more than 58,000 illegal immigrants traveling as families in that month alone.
That was part of more than 109,000 illegal immigrants nabbed border wide, including at or between the ports of entry.
And for the first time in history, nearly half of the adults arriving are bringing children with them, looking to take advantage of the loopholes in U.S. policy that they believe — usually correctly — will earn them a foothold in the U.S.


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download.library1.org/main/2343000/3b5ef60332c9df9316b89139cf8b9ebb/Vicky Ward - Kushner, Inc._ Greed. Ambition. Corruption-Biteback Publishing (2019).pdf


Thank you, Zognald Blurmphf

Are trump supporters still falling for it?
(((Democracy))) is a scam.

It's a good start, but we need more illegals pouring over the border if we really want to accelerate.

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It's not like they won't be clearly visible due to their skin color in the scopes sites.

Democracy only works in a majority White (no kikes/no subhumans) nation.

Not in clown world, in clown world a majority low IQ shitskin soup is best for democracy.

Even with a white majority it didn't stop (((them))) even the back to the days of rome and greek thought it would fall and collapse.

just curious how many miles of the wall have been built?

Danny1488 has quit his job today. He's moving to the Southwest to document shit hitting the fan on the border.

I will shamefully admit I was once a Trump nigger. I fell hook line and sinker for the anti-establishment narrative and thought that Trump would drain the swamp. That being said I have since discovered the true red pill and learned about the “question” after leaving the_donald as I started realizing that he was cucking. I kind of feel for the 4d chess meme for a while but eventually I stumbled here.

What I am trying to get at is, how many people are former trump niggers? I feel that most original trump niggers should have abandoned him by now. How retarded can you be to believe he is our guy after all the cucking and the continual fucking up the ass by illegals. Jesus Christ. His support must be getting lower and lower and more people that were once his supporter waking up to the reality of (((clown))) world.

what I have found is that is you give a trumpnigger a 6 page document explaining in laymans terms how to cure cancer, that is too much bullshit for them to read. They live with their head shoved so far up their asses as a rule of life.

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Trump =/= Feds you dumb niggers.

In other words, you were never a Trump supporter in the first place. Let me guess, Zig Forums should have backed Hillary?

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You have never belonged here. The ZOG emperor has never been supported. You were tricked by paid shills. Never post again, kike.

Democracy where whites were the majority, led us bringing in more and more nonwhites legally in the first place.

We are at war aren't we.

Your faggot dichotomy wont work here chaim.

If the racewar doesn't happen the United states will become like every Latin American country, they will be whites still around but they will be separated from the majority Mestizo.

Predictable. You have the same sentience as the other NPCs.

Not exactly mine when shareblue and ctr were the ones pushing that shit yu dumb nigger.

"we" don't exist as of now. "we" don't want "accelerationism". Its idiotic, only said by stupid bystanders who think they have power.

And I mean we must grab the power, but spouting stupidities such as that is empty.


It shouldn't be a race war. There should be a war but wasting so many disenfranchises shitskins to send to the front lines would be a waste.

does this count as a jewish terrorist threat i report it?

My mind snapped at a certain point TBQH lads

Are you retarded?
How do you think we got into this mess in first place? Because 2016 wasn't the only election in the country history. White people were a majority during all the 20 century, and they gave the presidency to all of the traitors who ripped us off. Do you even think?

Reminder that America is not a democracy and never has been. Reminder that the franchise was never supposed to be given to nonwhites, women, or people who don't own land.

I'm going to make sure you never escape this hell at any cost, bet me on it faggot
I intend to be responsible for more casualties than any event in all of human history, including the near extermination of humanity 13k years ago. But, as you correctly intimate, it will mostly be subhumans slaughtering each other while I cackle uncontrollably. You don't even know, do you? You have no idea what history books wrote about this time period. The push to Panama is still studied to this very day. That's my op, by the way. By the time it happens, I expect normalnigger NPC faggots to be groveling in the streets as they're raped and starving to death due their own failed perspectives on race. Ya, I'm going to let that happen for sure.

When the blood starts flowing the only emotion you will feel is relief. It's designed like that for a specific reason, so I'm going to have to ratchet up your torture a few extra notches. Because quite honestly, my Rage is almost boiling over and I also need relief. No matter the cost.

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Reminder that just a few decaded ago the USA was 80% white and whites decided the outcome of all elections. Yes, blacks could vote. So what? They were like 10% of the population.

Democracy can't work. Not even in an ethno-state. A big proportion of white normalfags are SJW's and the biggest shills for cuckoldry, Do you think these people have the right to vote because they are white? We need strongmen and hierarchies.

Democracy, as in rule of the people, works when there are no jews to subvert it from the inside.

No, kill yourself. Democracy has never worked.

This is the most probable outcome actually. White people exist in south america, but they are a tiny minority with no cultural representation. Walk the streets of any major city like Buenos Aires. It's 90% shitskin. You do have some nice, clean and wealthy white neighborhoods, but the country is almost completely shitskin territory when a few decades ago it was white-majority because of european immigration. America is going that way. And the entire country will become a shithole with a third world economy while China fucks the whole west in the ass. Well done burgerland

Designing new structures for human interaction and politics is fun, helpful, challenging and intellectually satisfying! I really like doing it! Unfortunately, all I feel right now is an overwhelming type of godly overflow of bloodlust. I'm really going to need to satisfy that before I can regain my equilibrium. Luckily, all animals are pre-programmed to lay down and die when I step foot on a planet. So I got that going for me, which is nice. Humans shouldn't be driven insane by the war drums, though. Maybe not, anyway. It's just…I have to…it's overtaking me…face..to..

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Along with all immigrants.
Killing the enemy is what makes one victorious. Violence always wins.

I'm no longer convinced a single person on this planet has even such a rudimentary form of 4d perception, but even if you did you'd still fail at designing the future over not understanding lateral multiversal consciousness transfers. And so I'd still float around you like a dessicating wind while you couldn't even perceive me. And yet, unavoidably, you'd end up dancing to the tune I wrote. Think, if you can: you're doing it RIGHT NOW. I never can recall why I do this sort of thing until I hit my limit break–and then it all becomes so obvious. Ignorance is the only true evil in this universe, and anything that occurs to raise a global IQ level is by definition the Will of God, as people like to say. So I expect you do die, at best. At worst, whole large sections of the World Soul will never have existed at all. And that Void, that silent lack of niggerdry, is beautiful. It's my art. Not that my saying it matters. I may as well be reciting James Joyce to a shrubbery. Of course, that would probably be a lot more pleasant and satisfying than dealing with a planet overrun by niggeraids. In fact, I think I might go do that

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you have to remember that dead george bush had an agenda of immigration, his whole NWO speech, Clinton came along as a CIA/JEW sponsored President of Marxism, The second Bush was another traitor planning on Jeb and his Mexican spawns eventually becoming President after social engineering. The last several President have been traitors to the US Constitution, and Trump is proving to be another secret agenda President of the jews like all who preceded him.

cool story bro, do you have an instagram?

I'm honestly surprised no gun-toting Americans have gone down to the southern border to take action.

What's the point of being the most heavily armed nation if no one uses arms to defend their own border?

How about you just ask me a question right now, hmm faggot? Make sure you really, really mean it, and I'll use you as an unconscious, otherwise useless lump of 'matter' with which to bounce my own voice back to myself so that someone with a mind hears it. Go on, ask me. Not only do I make music, I also like to dance.

Instead of getting run out of the White House for totally irreparably fucking up the Trump presidency, Ivanka and Jared just keep getting more and more powerful.

Bannon's a zionist but at least he's an America firster and in favor of tariffs.

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Yes, we're being invaded and no one is doing shit about it.

It would only take a few dozen based men to head to the border and make the border a treacherous and not very safe place, which would convince many not to cross it.

Wait, wat?

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You sound like a Jew trying to co-opt the.
anti immigration movement
Vid related.

This guy is who I picture when I read about 30% of the posts on this board by the cringenats.

Yeah he just won't stop cucking.

If one online jew shill can co-opt an entire movement, then jews truly are the masters of the universe!

you're a self aggrandizing pill-head or a drunk, no one gives a shit about you in the end. I'm going to die someday whether it's tomorrow or 19 years from now, what the fuck do I give a shit if the planet turns to dust, you're a moron.


Trump is going to do the Reagan in the end, suffering from dementia he can't answer questions and no one will bring him before anyone, who want's to see an ex-president pissing his pants in committee. That was Reagan's excuse in the end.

All I can say as a Trump voter I'm completely disgusted looking at these people, no different than we all are looking at the Jeb Bush family. They'll feel it but rest assured the Jeb Bush clan is more than likely sitting on several hundred million dollars well invested so they don't actually give two fucks either way once they are out of the game. But make no mistake they're traitors to the country nonetheless in the long run.


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Trump is a kike puppet WHO KNEW?????????

Imagine having reading comprehension this poor.


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Fuck's sake cunt.
Fuck's sake.
This shit is incredible.

Checked for pathetic fuckwits.

Like so many things, you have to see it for yourself.

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I'm not mad, Donald, just disappointed. Deep down I knew he would be another jew puppet, but can you blame me for dreaming? As it turns out there will be no peaceful solution.

0:05 TBH

Bannon is a billionaire and he really is intelligent and tough.

And he's a vengeful evil fucker with a huge debt to repay to Javanka.

There is some hope. I'm thinking Trump won't make it to 2020 let alone get beyond it because of all the scandalous deliberate flaunting of proper National Security channels to let the evil Kushner's do their dirty business. After reading Kushner Inc I'm thinking that the Las Vegas massacre see's Jared's idiot meddling with Saudi Arabia and Qatar and MBA and MBZ right at the very core of it. This could still blow up and the Dems may actually facilitate it with Bannon hiding in the wings, feeding inner circle secrets to the Trump enemies.

>Ok ok, fuck it, let's us kikes go to the Arbiter in the Black Box and see what we can work out moving forward I usually don't share that title btw, since most people don't need that level of access
He never deserved to be on the team to begin with, but breaking protocol inside the Box, with the Arbiter staring directly at you, is honestly so goddamn unheard-of I haven't decided how to properly handle it yet. I guarantee you it's going to be an absolute catastrophe though. Rivers of blood, dogs laying with cats, the whole nine yards, real Old Testament shit. Kikes like being treated like that, yes? Welp, I'll have to design my response based on the cultural history logs I've been given. Checking…
By the Emperor! Genocide it is

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You mean actually built or refurbished steel fences? The "deal" to stop the shutdown only gave a paltry 55 miles in a state where it's heavily contested from Leftist owners with private property on the border.

download.library1.org/main/2343000/3b5ef60332c9df9316b89139cf8b9ebb/Vicky Ward - Kushner, Inc._ Greed. Ambition. Corruption-Biteback Publishing (2019).pdf

Kushner Inc is awesome. You need to read it. You can feel Bannon all over it scheming plotting revenge on this callow arrogant puppy and his evil bisexual greed crazed father.


I'm being so /x/-tier vitriolic I expected some sort of other emotional response. You understand, since my Rage has overtaken me. Feel like giving me a quick tl;dr on some of this stuff? I knew the pillars had to be pulled down by a kike, it's just…I dunno. I expected more of a challenge. Anywho, whatever as long as it works

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I put up a whole thread about it last night and it was getting good replies but the mods obliterated it…this is the jist, a small sample of how fucked we are with Javanka running the USA basically.

It's a short book…it's like two or three long magazine articles. You will enjoy it.

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Forget Russia…it's MBS and MBZ…when the lid blows off all this shit this band of filthy grifters will be driven hence with execrations by all, particularly their most enthusiastic supporters that they betrayed at every turn

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Jared got Trump involved with the MBS and MBL and gave them the green light to blockade Qatar.

Both Jared and Trump became the public enemies of Qatar….BECAUSE QATAR WOULDN'T BUY THEIR 666 BUILDING POS!!

And then somebody in the state department pointed out to those two morons that there were NO USAF bases in Saudi Arabia but THERE IS a very important USAF base in Qatar!!

This is with Tillerson at the wheel in State Department and totally cut out of the loop by Jared.

Trump is senile as hell.

I very well might, and I super appreciate the response. So let me give you a gift. Don't press enter twice after you tag a post, do it like I did it instead. Also, don't double tap the enter key unless you're spacing an actual paragraph. I'm going to let your phone sentence-spacing slide, since I've been forced to do it too, in order to fit in with the plebeian masses–with them, all the while, unaware.

But wherever you're from, the fact remains that I'm not allowing new political dynasties anymore. So if we're breaking families again, I'll be your Huckleberry. Just never, ever think that you're being sneaky. All things are known, so it's best to keep it above-board. I might decide to care ever-so-slightly if not

Don't. You're goddamn lucky I expended my Rage browbeating the last faggot and now I feel all cozy and helpful. Don't get used to it

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And so I suspect, feel that somehow this clusterfuck is tied in with the shootout in Las Vegas and MBS.

The Las Vegas massacre was October 1, 2017

We can't be sure YET….but something smells very very bad here. Very bad, like shit.


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You gotta fix the problem at its source fellow americans. Before 1965 immigration act, immigration was basically restricted, not prohibited altogether like MSM would have you believe.

"No person shall receive any preference or priority or be discriminated against in the issuance of an immigrant visa because of the person's race, sex, nationality, place of birth, or place of residence."

This law makes no sense especially when there were communist spies and agents working diligently to infiltrate US government. Obviously it was the communist sympathizers who were pushing for such unmitigated laws aka the fucking jews. Jews were happy this law passed because it meant they could bring their traitor friends into the states and achieve the disharmony and human suffering that you see today. Jews never cared about any universal human rights. That's basically the disguise.

They apply this decedent morality to everything they do, disguising themselves as being a part of everyone while obviously trying to bring down everyone but themselves. So impeachments on the freedom of speech comes with the pretense of speech being hateful.
These anti-speech laws claiming everything to be hate speech turned into the oppression of free expression altogether. You gotta start treating these human trash as traitors to the states with utmost prejudice. Freedom of speech and self defense are natural rights, any oppression under the pretense of it being hate speech is treason to the nation. It always was, it always will be.

Trust the plan. Trump will soon fix everything.

Nice ip hop or nice one fellow co workers.
Tell your bosses you continue to fail.

top kek
I gave up a long time ago, I just come here thinking everyone is a jew trying to (((gas light))) me.

>be (((national socialist)))

(((family members)) eh? More like a bunch of 25 year old "16 year olds" and their 35 year old "fathers"

That's a man, baby.

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Now this is shitposting. And contributing nothing.

Take your mods. And lurk.

Empty like your suggestion of how to grab power? Are you even capable of realizing your own hypocrisy? At least illegals flooding the country will bring down the governments who are already on the verge of bankruptcy.

The only people who fear low IQ shitskins are people who aren't prepared for the happening, and that should be the least of your worries.

What an absolute snake this cunt turned out to be.

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God you're retarded.

I say we gather our own Caravan together, and invade D.C.
And then wherever the fuck else we want.

Donald Trump is just like all others in the GOP, a coward who always caves in. Keep smearing yourselves with nazi affiliation, so you will never be able to fix this.

wew MIGA my fellow pedes

ZOGnald's shine is finally wearing off, even with boomers. His approval polls remind me of the Hillary polls from 2016 in that I'm just not seeing it reflected IRL.

The Qushner fanatics seem to be the only ones holding onto false hope.

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You've acknowledged there isn't a political solution via the historically feckless GOP. Any 3rd party option has a snowflake's chance in Hell. Even the goodest goys like Rep. Steve King get smeared as "White supremacists" and then politically hobbled…We're beyond branding or optics, friendo. Voting was never going to fix this mess.

Donald Trump Full Speech – Phoenix, Arizona – August 31, 2016:
"Day One… My First Hour In Office… Those People Are Gone. You can call it deported if you want… the press doesn’t like that term… you can call it whatever the hell you want… they’re gone…"

What a fucking fraud.

"You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in"

The evidence was always there, everybody just chose to ignore it.

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In other words, you were never a Trump supporter in the first place. Let me guess, Zig Forums should have backed Hillary?
Oy Gevault! Don't disrespect the ZOGnald!

Yes Goyim pay no attention to the White Minority
Trust muh plan

lol just stop

You mean when Obama was in office and immigration law was actually enforced?

user, that's racist to notice skin color. How dare you.

They came here during Obama too.

What plan?

We lost, anons. There's no coming back from this. I suggest we do something else with our time and energy aside from complaining. Like learn how to escape this dimension when our time comes.