Cascadian Front

I am supportive and invested in the cause of Cascadia, to carve out the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Western Montana into a new and independent state. I imagine overtime it would also stretch into what is now Canada, as well as Northern California and perhaps Northern Nevada and part of Wyoming, which is known for its large oil reserves.
I believe that we need to branch out the Cascadian Front, with branches in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana respectively. I'm out east at the moment and recruiting followers to come out to the North Western US with me, including any girlfriends/wives/children they may have. The plan is to relocate to a sparsely populated county in Idaho or Western Montana, and the goal is to eventually get all or most members of the Idaho branch of Cascadia to relocate to that specific county to take over county politics. A county with all white, all red pilled leadership. We will form an armed and well trained militia, and lay the groundwork for the soon-to-be insurrection, so that we will be ready and prepared to start seizing territory from ZOG.
This is only for the Idaho branch, the other branches also need to be well organized, and each branch will ultimately be part of the same organization with the same top leadership, but each branch will have a reasonable level of autonomy as well. From what I've seen on here, a good portion of anons live in the North West, I hope to fight alongside all of you.

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This post glows in the dark

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balkanization is part of the marxism subversion process.

Separatism is stupid. America can be and must be saved in whole. Separatists are against the nation. Why would you willingly cede white Lebensraum to ZOG? Canada and America must come together as one nation, as they always have been.

Good luck to you, user.

I imagine the feds will come down hard on an attempt to leave the union.

what the fuck is that image crop?

Right, lets just keep waiting for the Zionald to defeat the jew and save us all. Or lets vote for more fashy homos like Richard Spencer. Voting will not save our race.

I do believe that the United States will collapse, but eventually reunite as a pro-white political entity. Balkanization, however, will be the first step to this ultimate goal. A civil war and insurrection is what needs to be done, but it will also split this land up for a while. Of course it will ultimately be for the best, and I believe the US will reunite as a country for the white man and the white man only.

Looks like some boomer-tier faceberg meme.

Thanks brother, whether you come to Cascadia or not, fight for you people and your land! I do hope that the US can be reunited and reformed as as pro-white entity, but the country will have to balkanize first before that can happen.

Once balkanization starts it won't stop.

The Mormons will grab land for Deseret.

The Spics will grab land for the the Republic del Norte.

Maybe even the dindus will get the Black Republic that Farrakhan has wanted for decades.

It will be the end of the United States.

I think this will be a good thing.

Fuck yeah OP. Hail Tyr, hail the white militia.

Indeed, this will be a massive conflict, that will spill out across the globe. The fall of the US will have immediate and extreme global impact and will likely kickstart the liberation of Europe from the international jew. Cascadia will begin as a proto-state before becoming an official, internationally recognized country, and many other proto-states will pop up across the land during the upcoming conflict. In the end though, the white man will reclaim every piece of American land, from Greenland down to Chile.

Hail victory!

I agree it will be the end of Zionist domination.

But I don't think that the White race has the numbers to take all that land.

I just want to live out my days quietly in a white nation.. the rest of the world can sort it's shit out without us.

Never underestimate your race, brother. We are still the majority in our lands, once we exterminate the shitskins and traitors within them, sooner or later we will take back this planet from the subhumans. There are too many resources on this planet being wasted by these animals, that could be put to much better uses.

Too many brown people live in the major cities of the northwest, it'll never happen.

Oh, come on. These sorts of groups are half FBI. Useless.

When we take power we will move Washington DC to Oregon. A safe space for us to rule from.

Leaf living North of Montana here.

I personally think that we should give Vancouver to the chinks, and make it an immigrant dumping ground. Name it "New Hong Kong."

The Northwest North of the 49th should be a different country. New Britannia perhaps?

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Haha, this is hilarious. Obviously, we're going to start picking off shitskins like we're shooting cans in the woods, in fact, we'll slaughter these mongrels and niggers, as many as we have to before the rest of them run off out of our lands like the rats that they are. We'll reclaim the cities, liberate the countryside, and once we control the coastline we'll form a navy. (all of this is in GTA only of course. *wink wink*)

We will put together an effective vetting system, and if a few FEDs slip through, we will find them out quickly before they do any damage, and expel them. We will not let glowniggers destroy this movement, the future of our race depends on us being able to organize.

Oregon is an amazing state, the entire North West is great for an insurgency, it will be easy to hide in the mountains and form bases there.

When the civil war begins in America, expect it to spill out into both Canada and Mexico pretty quickly. I personally think it would be wise to secure the existence of Cascadia as an internationally recognized nation-state, and to secure as much former US territory as we can before seizing the territory of what is now Canada. If we do get this far, we could claim the entire Canadian part of the Cascade mountain range and the communities surrounding it as Cascadian territory. British Columbia is huge and it would be remarkable if Cascadia grows to such a size should we succeed in our immediate goal in the first place.


Amazing. White men are capable of anything. We only have to put our mind, soul, and body to the test. Train and live for heaven, brothers.

We all need to remember who we are, and where we come from, and the stories of our ancestors, of our people. We have to realize the obvious truth that we are superior to shitskins, who are genetically incapable of running successful societies and civilizations. It is debatable whether they are the same species as us. We will definitely reclaim America for the white man, and pure Europeans will undoubtedly reclaim their lands from the kike.

but where is Rhodesia now?

It was a nigger majority land even then, Rhodesia was more of a civnat state, but Operation Eland is an example of the fact that white men are, indeed, capable of just about anything. We are still the majority throughout the land of the United States, a land that most whites here have centuries-long tries to. We are rooted to this land. And we will reclaim every inch of the United States, and every other inch of North America. Spics are worthless mongrels that we should, in all honesty, remove from existence. Either by outright genocide, sterilization, or most likely a combination of both.

Stupid fednigger thread confirmed.

You are Celtic.

Are you trolling, stoned, or just mentally defective?

soo, the land with the biggest quantity of white sjw's faggots who are literally the most cuckolded people on earth, that's the land where you are going to set up you ethnostate?

well done /pol

There’s also a healthy dose of white nationalists there as well. And when STFH who do you think has a better chance of surviving? City dwellers or country boys?

In minecraft

It's very close to paradise out here, in terms of land. Plenty of resources as well. SJW whites will either fall in line, or be wiped out along with the shitskins. (in GTA or something)

We will have to eliminate our enemies to survive. But there will also be a lot of governing and rebuilding from the ashes of ZOG once we've seized territory for ourselves.

Indeed, very proud of my heritage. We all need to fight to keep our bloodlines from being mongrelized and erased.

Separatism is the primary ZOG goal.
Divide and conquer goyim states. Evident since FBI founded the Cascadia movement.

Maybe they did, either way, it's not a bad idea at all. I do believe that the former US will consolidate together again sometime after the war, but before we win this war the country is going to fall apart. Many different separate states and proto-states will pop up across the land, I believe Cascadia has the potential to easily be the most well organized, well armed, well trained, and successful of these states.

this is a MAJOR whitepill.

Beware the mighty whitey!

Cascadia isn't a thing. Your thinking of the Northwest Front.

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Cascadian Front or North West Front, those are the names of the organization. The Republic of Cascadia will be the name of the independent state that results from it. Or, the State of Cascadia if we re-join the union after the war.

Implying the entire thing doesn't get nuked to sub atomic ash. Which is likely, given how insane (((they))) are.

Speaking of the first pic you posted, these are the basic land claims for Cascadia, eventually the territory of the state may stretch into Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California, and what is now Canada.

Fuck off moshe we like it just the way it is.

Nuking any part of North America seems unlikely for ZOG. They want to rule the world, not to rule over an uninhabitable wasteland. Besides, we will seize nukes, missiles, and other "weapons of mass destruction" from ZOG when we seize territory. Cascadia will certainly be a nuclear state, which will most likely secure the existence of our state. Besides, I believe we will reclaim every inch of North America, but it'll take some time before we reclaim all of our lands.

Trying to seize nuclear weapons from a position of relative and absolute weakness is the kind of shit that are nuclear disasters and certain annihilation are made off. Just saying. If anything, before Cascadia can become a thing, DC and a big chunk of the Feds must be neutralized, paralysed, distracted, weakened, obstructed, delayed, dispersed, even killed off. A civil war won't be enough. You must hope for the collapse of the economy - and wait for the collapse of the trade networks.

I am living in Europe, but oh boy. If it happens, I will join you guys.

The Zionald isn't going to save America. This country is a rotting corpse, the capital of international jewry. I believe the US can be reborn like a phoenix rising from the ashes, but there has to be a civil war first. And of course, this civil war will lead to America splitting up, at least temporarily. Half of the spics will be slaughtered, and the other half will flee down south with their tails between their lands until they have nowhere to run.

Are the mormons the most ready to go for it? What could possibly provoke them into doing it?

Anything is possible. Right now the US is constantly being flooded with these disgusting mongrels from down south. Spics are taking over communities, voting their radical beaners into office, and shitting everything up. Mongrels and niggers will collapse the economy and ruin the comforts for whites that keep us pacified. It's only a matter of time before things heat up, there's going to be uprisings and insurrections across the land from all the different races ZOG has brought into the US. The US military, in all honestly, will be nothing more than an annoyance when compared to all the armed militias and armies that will pop up among the goyim in the coming years ahead. ZOG will fall along with the US, and I believe this will be the start of the liberation of Europe from ZOG as well.

There's a lot of people in Puget Sound area - many of whom glow - that will resist any non status quo bs. Boeing is there ffs.

I’m strongly considering moving to ID. Not as part of some fringe movement but the QOL / COL,, economy, demographics, and 2a laws all seem more attractive than other options.

Considering that Utah is small and landlocked, the entire state will most likely be absorbed into the other states that will surround it, including Cascadia and whatever state forms out of California/Nevada and Colorado. Mormons may demand autonomy for members of their faith however.

When the fuck has that ever happened in history? You are delusional.

This. Some people on this board seem to against balkanization, sayings its 'D&C' but it's 100% the route to go. It is impossible to overthrow the monstrously huge bureaucracy in DC and elsewhere, but it is easy to just let it collapse, let people segregate themselves naturally and find ourselves a white homeland in America where we can regroup and take charge of ourselves again. And then it'll be just like the Middle Ages again, whitey vs the world.

Yes, and they will either fall in line or die. Most members of our race will fall in line behind the strong horse, and when they have to choose between falling in line behind us to serve and protect them, or ZOG and their half-breed mongrel/nigger army, the whites worth saving will join the side of truth.

If you do come here, you will notice that the spics are slowly browning the communities of Idaho. There is no escape from the POZ. The point of Cascadia is to carve out this beautiful and farmland/resource rich territory from ZOG and to govern it as white men, with laws for the white men and a constitution written by the white man and for the white man only.

Its too late
Your forefathers already gave America to the jew.
To save America, you must destroy it

Never. But there is no way of knowing because there has never been a point in history where people of such different races and different cultures have lived amongst each other

We will produce history as others produce plays!

Not to mention how vast the United States is. I'd say forming an independent state far away from the capital of ZOG, with all the mountains and terrain for guerilla warfare and the resources and farmland to sustain this independent state and to build our new economy, will be easier than forming a new state in Appalachia or New England. Balkanization is indeed the only solution, not to say that the former US can't reunite as a pro-white entity at some point in the future.

Considering that the founding fathers were masons, and that the main funder of the American revolution was (((Haym Salomon))), it's possible that this country was always kiked in a way. The liberal values put in the constitution guaranteed that this country would fall one day.

Kike world is coming to an end. All the shitskin golem they've brought into our lands are no match for our race, even when we're outnumbered. In the end, our people will once again have our freedom and independence. The superior race of humanity will seize the earth once again, and we will no longer make the mistake of sharing it with subhumans.

Europe is a lost cause. Believe me, I must live here. Most aspects of our once great civilization are gone. The (((Allies))) have done a "good" job at destroying what defined this continent in the first place. I am not a national-socialist, but national-socialism was in many ways a european solution to an age old european problem.

Anyway, my personal prediction for Europe is that it will become a (((super state))), instable and incapable. And it will slowly, but surely succumb and taken over by whatever radical strain of Islam is the strongest. There might be a lot of people that say "hey, that sounds great". For those: have in mind that Islam, like Christianity and Judaism is inherently non-white. It's a religion made by sandniggers for sandniggers and completly incompatible with European/Germanic values and traditions.

Where do you live in Europe?
The way I see it is that if America can collapse into civil war then so can Europe. Already, Europe is already shifting to the right a bit, and as we approach another recession I am still looking forward to see what will happen with hope.

I still have faith that pure Europeans will defeat the jew, even if it takes the fall of Weimerica for that to begin. In all honesty, European countries are so small compared to the size of the US, Europeans could form mobs and eliminate kikes and shitskins from their lands pretty rapidly. Either way, the (((EU))) is going to play a role in the American civil war. If the kike has his way Europe will indeed become a mongrelized super-state with a continent-wide ZOG army. Us Americans will resist whatever comes our way.

Europeans must not fall for controlled opposition candidates, to give them false hope and make them complacent. ZOG has many different faces.

That's true but the fact that they are even considering voting for right-wing parties is a good thing.
Of course voting of any kind is completely futile unless you want to accelerate things completely.
We won't fix our problems with votes and (((democracy)))

In ground zero: Germany.

Thing is, Europeans and especially Germans are mostly sleeping cucks. They are cowards, most of them. They do not even defend their women and children from the mudslimes and their kike masters. How exactly can a people that is not willing or able to defend it weakest members against invaders fight for its freedom and succeed? Think about it, the only way is to burn everything down, Nero Befehl-style.

I have zero hope for this rotten excuse of a continent. White people in the US always had a much better crack at these revolutionary things, at violent insurrection and the removal of tyrannical systems.

Indeed, especially here in the US. Too many white men believe Zionald is anything more than a ZOG puppet, and it's keeping them complacent and lazy. Accelerationists may have a point when they talk about voting a crazy left-wing shitskin into the presidency, good goys need to know what the real threat is, and how threatened they really are.

I am mostly German blooded myself. We will show our European fathers how things must be done, I can't imagine Europeans can just ignore reality for much longer, especially since white flight is impossible there compared to the US where whites have been running to whiter parts of the country to escape shitskins for decades. We're running out of places to run now, the realization of reality and what the future holds will snap whites out of it and kick off the civil war. I pray that the same will happen with Europeans in the homeland.

Nah. It will break up into nu/kingdoms/ and, like the balkans, will fall along pre-judeocommie lines. The United Celtic Kingdoms are first. The Frankish kingdoms are next. Cap this.

Thanks, user. It is comfort for the soul knowing that I'm not staring at the abyss alone.

bullshit nwo UN faggot op agenda 21 nigger shit
oh look a UN faggot plan to create a region called cascadia made from Oregon Washington Idaho ect.

UN nigger communists are trying to get you to act a fool, don't be dumb faggots tell them to fuck off. it's so retarded .

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Already born in it, and I'm ready.

Basically, the world is going to look like a game of Europa Universalis.

The white man is about to rise again, train your body and mind for it. Fight for your homeland. There are more than enough white men on this planet for us to win this fight, considering that we tend to beat shitskins in wars even when outnumbered. We are still the majorities in our land, we will have our victory and when we do, our race will be revived and the weak and treacherous members of our race will perish.

Cascadia will be National Socialist, or at least Fascist. Not Communist/Marxist nor will it be a liberal democracy. Civil war is the only solution, and this country will inevitably collapse, this is also for the best. The US is the world capital of ZOG, for it to collapse would be the ultimate blow against international jewry.

I am currently out east recruiting and gaining funds. Once I'm finished we'll all be relocating to a sparsely populated county in Idaho to hopefully vote our way into controlling our first territory. When ZOG comes to Waco us, we officially declare war against ZOG and things go from heating up to being in flames.

Lel. Yeah right. Unless you remove absolutely everybody you will never tell the people of the pnw what to do.
The US is already a fascist union of states, as it rules you by group force. It's just a jewish-fascist union of states. You need to remove the jews who use capitalism to further communism and then it will be like it was intended.

Also note that in Idaho, CPS has jurisdiction over "educational negligence" of children and your neighbor can report you for homeschooling and your children will be taken away if you are not "doing it right". Try Montana, Washington, or Utah where CPS only has jurisdiction over "physical harm".

Maybe an authoritarian "democracy" where only 21 year old white men are allowed to vote. Cascadia will certainly be a centralized, authoritarian state at least in the beginning. This will be for providing stability, building the economy and infrastructure, removing hidden cucks and subversive race traitors, and eradicating liberalism in society. Calling America "Fascist" is commie-tier. It is a Marxist, socially liberal police state, with varying degrees of authoritarianism across the states. The end game for kikes is for the US to become like the USSR under Stalin, a hell hole Marxist totalitarian state ruled from above by a kike oligarchy.

You are an idiot and here is why you objectively are an idiot. I'm only going to say this once.
The FBI wants people to solicit their paid informants for explosives, illegal firearms, or engaging in illegal activities. That is how FBI agents make money and how they advance in rank. By making arrests and breaking up "conspiracies" that they themselves create.
They do not want people acting on their own beyond their control or ability to observe.

This is a non-sequitur.

Then do so. We've been trying that for 80 years. I'm willing to think outside the failure-box. Covington had a damn good point about colonial warfare.

This is the eventual solution. The hills and mountains of the region provide great terrain for guerrilla insurgents, like the Taliban in Afghanistan. The area is relatively white. From the remote areas in the region, attacks against the ZOG could be organized easily. Cells across the US. More "provinces" of the new white state could be organized in the Dakotas.
With the US in a civil war, this would likely inspire others in Europe and other areas of the world to begin doing what they should be doing: taking back Europe.
However, this needs to begin somewhere. Begin training in combat, survival skills, et cetera. Possibly form a small group with like-minded people. Try recruiting in cities, put up posters and stickers. The occasional lone-wolf Tarrant-style attacks are useful for spreading the idea further, slowly pushing some people on our side. Maybe hide caches of weapons in a forest, bury them somewhere far out until shit hits the fan.
The US can't be saved as a whole, it's a bit too much to swallow at once. It needs to begin somewhere, and Cascadia is a good place for this. Once some territory has been seized, we can begin training there to improve, and then begin retaking some more land. Of course, all niggers and subhumans get executed on the spot.
This is a great idea, I hope it happens within my lifetime.

I'll keep this in mind. Older boys from 12 and up will be trained to fight and to use weapons, along with other vital skills, this alone will set off the bad goy alarms. I'm tired of whites trying to run from ZOG, Cascadia isn't about running, we're choosing it as our homeland and for many whites who are native to Cascadia it already is their homeland. We're going to fight for it, and I plan on dying in Cascadia whether we win or lose.

Unless you die early within the next decade, it will be in your lifetime brother. I believe the insurrection will begin with Cascadia, and only spread from there. The US as a whole most likely will be saved, it just wont be immediate. We can't just march on DC and take our country back. The US military will be nothing but an annoyance, our main fight will be against the kike-led mongrel/nigger army. White race traitors will fall in line with us or be killed by their shitskin "comrades". The North West of the US is the closest thing I've ever seen to a utopia, with its beautiful land and mountains and ocean and resources, we have all we need for an independent state there.

Do you think a white non-American would be welcome in Cascadia?

If you're white, you have a chance at gaining Cascadian citizenship. Our territory will likely stretch into British Columbia anyways, as long as you're a white man and not a degenerate waste you will be welcome here, and soldiers who fight for Cascadia will automatically gain citizenship.

Sounds good. If this (or any other white revolution) come into fruition, I will definitely join and do my best to fight for the white people, whether it is in Cascadia or anywhere else.


What happened to all the other posts on this thread? I thought it was just the server downtime.

Ah, it was, never mind.

Hail victory, brother! The future belongs to our people.

I'd like to believe it's only shills, but there may be a sizable portion of anons who still believe we can vote our way out of our genocide. We are second class citizens in our own lands, living in a police state ruled by a foreign mongrel race. There is NO peaceful solution whatsoever. Last chance we had to vote for our freedom, I believe, was back in the 30s, but maybe even back then voter fraud would have taken that chance from us. Huey Long could have been our Hitler, but then he was (((assassinated))).

"One thing which is quite clear is that much more than our freedom is at stake. If the Organization fails in its task now, everything
will be lost-our history, our heritage, all the blood and sacrifices and upward striving of countless thousands of years. The Enemy we are fighting fully intends to destroy the racial basis of our existence. No excuse for our failure will have any meaning, for there will be only a swarming horde of indifferent, mulatto zombies to hear it. There will be no White men to remember us-either to blame us for our weakness or to forgive us for our folly. If we fail, God's great Experiment will come to an end, and this planet will once again, as it did millions of years ago, move through the ether devoid of higher man". - Earl Turner

To get a slight idea of how things are going to be in the near future, read the Turner Diaries-

The book itself is a foreshadowing of the things to come, the book was written at a time when white men couldn't even comprehend just how bad things were going to get though. I still read it like the Bible, I have a lot of hope that we'll be able to save our race and accomplish all of our goals, I know that if we don't, the world will fall into a dark and primitive state and there will be nothing but half-breed, low IQ mongrels who wont even remember us, there will be no one to praise us or to curse us. We must win this fight.


The US definitely isn't going to be sticking together for much longer, everyone is pretty much sick of this rotting corpse of a "country". Weimerica is the heart of international jewry, defeat the US and the world will be able to free itself from the jew.

I concur, sadly. A very, very large minority (not even counting the actual paid shills which are few in number anyway) on 8/pol/ are not ideologically fully in the game. A lot of people say that they understand that our race is being systematically replaced in our own homelands, but if someone fully understands this, they'd be much more open to radical action.
This isn't a game or a LARP. The people we oppose are absolutely evil in every way.

Indeed, and the sake of the future of the world depends on our victory. We simply have to win. I believe we still have more than what it takes, we will have our victory, and there will be a bright future ahead for the world if we simply train ourselves, organize, be intelligent, and be prepared to die for our people. I will be fighting for Cascadia, but wherever you live, fight for your people and your homeland with all your might.

I believe Cascadia is possible to achieve, lots of resources and farmland and industry out here. I came to the coastal North West from the east and I'm definitely willing to fight for this land.

New France fully supports Cascadia and will work towards balkanization

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Heres some ideas

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America is ZOG. America is the sword wielded by its jewish masters.
Anglo scum detected.

1. Wants a state for white people
2. Chooses the most fucked up shitlib faggot heaven gook infested jew mesmerized shithole in the land.
3. Winning.

These are some nice re-designs of the Cascadian tri-color. I could see similar designs being used for war flags, realize that this is no LARP however. This is about saving our race and our future, the most important cause in the world, I am willing to die for Cascadia and I will if I must.

Once America balkanizes, the rest of the world will be able to free itself from ZOG easily. And it will be the start of the liberation of Europe from the jew.

Not quite, Washington and Oregon have sizable white populations, mostly conservative whites, while Idaho and Montana are very homogeneous. Once the big cities in the coastal North West are purged of kikes and shitskins, the white race traitors will have already perished or fallen in line behind us. Washington and Oregon have their liberal reputations and voting records due to the white liberals allying with the kikes and shitskin hoards.


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