The Democrats are literally Communists... and you're too stupid to see it

If it looks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it waddles like a duck, if it shits like a duck, if it has wings like a duck, if it lays eggs like a duck, if it has the same feathers as a duck, if it has the same DNA as a duck…

The Democrat party advocates legal policies that resemble communism in every way imaginable.

The Democrats want total power for the Federal State and the ruling elites; EXACTLY like China.
The Democrats want 0 privacy.
The Democrats want Progressive Socialist Taxation
The Democrats want state sponsored corporations.
The Democrats want (((Too Big to Fail))) Corporations.
The Democrats want "Free" medicine.
The Democrats want "Free" education.
The Democrats want "Free" housing.
The Democrats want to confiscate all guns.
The Democrats want to restrict freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion.

How exactly is the "Democrat" party any different from the Communist Party?

Why the fuck are you idiots allowing Communism in America? Are you retarded?

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shit thread, get out jew

You must have posted on the wrong board. Nobody here on Zig Forums believes that either Blue ZOG or Red ZOG are good for the USA.


You must has some sort of dissociative schizoaffective disorder. Can you at least admit that I'm right?

The Republican party just want an Elitist Oligarchy that robs from everyone without forcing them into Socialist programs.

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Are you implying we support (((communism)))?

Party politics rarely matters at this point Kushner; perhaps its far better studying how these communists got into the party, and how they influence it instead of joining the equally shit Republikikes.


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The Democratic Party wants communism and the Republican Party wants slightly more moderate communism.

The idea that either of them is a lesser of two evils is absurd: the Democratic Party desires more intense levels of shitskin immigration which is more immediately damaging; the Republican Party desires slightly less intense levels of shitskin immigration which are still high enough to be almost as damaging, but under the guise of being "right wing" so people think things are better than they are.

You are trying to shill for Red ZOG.

Conventional Communists attempt to take over the world to implement global (((National Socialism))).

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So? Your entire fake democratic system already is communism. We don't give a shit about your bread and circuses here.

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Both parties want the same endgame because they're both controlled by the same people. The jobs of the two parties is to pit people against each other on inconsequential social issues while ZOG moves in the direction it always has. There is no "lesser of two evils" because there is no choice. When the right seemed like they were getting rebellious they gave them trump.

>(((national socialism)))
begone kike.

Who won WW2?

You apparently don't know what the word means.


Incorrect, because one side begs for a new world order.

Socialism/Communism won. Most Jews are pro-communism.

Both parties do.
No jews did. Capitalism and communism won, and are both materialistic ideologies.

Read nigger… (((If it quacks like a duck… )))

And another shill shits up the board with Left/Right, Republican/Democrat spam.

Nice try spamming jew.

Learn your history… Ignoramus…

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jews. The word is jews.

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Oops didn't mean to reply to you user.

You're retarded…
.04% of the Global population = The World is Jews…

Hello kike.

You first. The term socialism predates marxism and before WW2 wasn't tied to it in the popular vocabulary. If your argument is
then you need to kys.

No one mentioned "Marxism" except you…

Your not fooling anybody schlomo actually provide your arguments.

Don't you mean the history that is written by the (((victors)))


>(((National-Socialism))) he said
damn, my jewdar is never wrong
as I said previously, get the fuck out of here jew

There's no point arguing about jewish control of media or banks. jews mutilate infant boy penises and then suck on them, there is no more argument to be had about whether they have any place in white, western society. jews are the synagogue of satan and the walking incarnation of evil upon this earth, there's no point getting into trivia.

Socialsm controls the majority of the globe, and the remaining non-socialist states are required to compete against Socialist slave labor, and most of the third world is a sphere of influence of Socialist states.

22 Trillion dollars worth of indentured debt slaves, and every part of American life is Socialized too.

The Jewish State or People with Jewish Genetics…

Okay, leave. Your thread is meaningless shit.

Look at this pilpul from this recoiling kike.
Now I would say the same to you actually read the true history if you think your fooling anyone with low effort arguments or if they are hardly arguments at all you are sadly mistaken besides disrupting the thread kike.

Jesus Christ you're stupid…

Simple, Correct, and Direct does not equal low effort…

Except that they aren't national socialist since it has been tried once and was removed because (((they feared it))) by putting three brackets around the word isn't going to fool people thinking
Is simply a retarded tactic on your part.

jews are a disease in the shape of humans.

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No arguments, expected from a jew as always

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" It works"… IS NOT AN ARGUMENT.

The Nazis were broke as fuck, and their only hope was to plunder their neighbors indefinitely.

You made zero point or arguments… All you do is complain about Jews… Look at yourself,

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Uh, no, actually. They went from destitute slaves to jewish banker filth to a superpower in a few short years. You must be a jew, I rarely see anyone arguing as disingenuously as you are. We are going to murder your entire race out of revenge. Do you understand that? You are talking to deaf ears, people who want you dead aren't going to just listen to your arguments and think "wow that guy had a good point." We warned you for a few years that the ice was getting thin and now you're locked in here with us. And nobody is joking about the whole wanting you dead stuff.

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That nsdap germany was never broke in fact the opposite happened.
Funny how you are telling others to learn their (((history))) without realizing why the war happened.

You think your fooling anybody here? Should've though twice before making ridiculous arguments and putting brackets around national socialism.
Why would I engage with a retard who didn't make an argument also.

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The people were over worked without getting paid anything except a fiat currency, and their resources were running low.

A brutal totalitarian regime, that was exceptionally skilled at propaganda, squeezed the life out of a desperate hopeless people.


The communist-capitalist jewish empire squeezed the life out of them, not their economic system. And now we're going to kill you. Kill you so you choke to death in a pool of your own blood like millions of men better than you could ever be. Watch your back every time you go to synagogue, you never know where the next shooter will turn up. We are going to kill you.

Try again kike

Here is what is going to happen.
You're going to usher in a new age of Global Socialism, and then you're going to be worked to death.
I warned you…


Hmmm I wonder why (((jewtube))) decided to hide this video.

"They're the real fascist" Why conservatives too afraid to call them commies?

They were paid toilet paper… Literally… The currency was as good as toilet paper if the Germans did not fight a war of aggression.

Nah. Read your own jew prophets, they begged you for thousands of years to stop acting like jews or God was going to BTFO you and every single time you kept jewing until even your own God hated your guts. You all stopped believing in God to suit your shekels but God never stopped believing in you. The arrogance of you kikes before your own volcano demon is what always gets you in the end, and I say that as a Buddhist.

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All parties are run by jews, and thus, must be completely destroyed, with all their members killed along with the jews.
There is no political solution.
There is no peaceful solution.
There is no long-term solution.
Violence is the only solution.
Only violence works. Everything else will always fail.

That's probably why they sabotaged Nixon's plan to save South Vietnam by air bombardments of North Vietnamese armored vehicles. The South was armed and ready to defend itself against ordinary ground troops, it just needed air support, but the democratic congress didn't authorize it when it was needed.

See Ken Burns' documentary on the Vietnam War.

This one isn't shut down by (((jewtube)))
unlike this one.

Nice try rabbi try again.

Except I'm generically German…

All you can do is complain about imaginary Jewish gremlins…

No you aren't.

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What a psychotic conspiracy theory…

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The threads just keep getting worse and worse here as the trumpniggers get more hysterical that their niggerloving jew slave has been rejected. Is the Romney/McCain base not enough for you?

Look at all these non arguments and you tried using a misleading tactic which didn't help much either.

These aren't trump niggers they are legit shills.

Keep spreading your lies and thinking your are convincing people
(which your not since it's been debunked countless times)

A distinction without difference.

9/10 posts on Zig Forums are about Jews.

AMAZING! What method do you use to identify genetics through a computer screen? If you're right about me being Jewish… Lets pretend for a second… I have all of your grandparents money in my bank account. All of your life's failures are because of my and my cousins.

You will literally believe ANYTHING the Socialists tell you… You are being played like a fiddle…

GTFO retard.

This Farakhan guy is a liability for the democrats and the deep state.

The Trump campaign could have used him to deter Dem voters from voting.

Take it from a former commie the Dems aren't communist, they're soft socialism that still supports a capitalist system just putting band-aids on the problems of capitalism

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If jews weren't the problem why would you make (22) replies in a (72) post thread about jews definitely not being the problem? Do you think that nobody can figure this shit out? You didn't actually believe that goyim were stupid, did you?

There are more 150+ IQ white people than there are jews in existence.

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By the way you type.

Even the kikes will tell you the reason they declared war on nsdap germany is because they feared it and because hitler took the central banks away from them.

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Once a retard… Always a retard…
"Soft Socialism"
Are all of your political classifications words that you would use to describe your shits…?

Because you're making yourself look completely fucking stupid and nuts…

None of those are communism, even with stretching the hell out of it you couldnt cover democrats with it.

Read what it is first.

Oy Vey!

I feel sorry for you… You must see Jews everywhere…
Do you wake up in the middle of the night and check under your bed for Jews?

No one here are making them selves stupid we are able to back up our claims while you couldn't, you used ad homs, and continue talking without anything backing it up or low effort arguments.
You are actually doing Zig Forums a favor.

People who shoot up synagogues don't care about looking stupid or nuts.

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Where the fuck do you think you are? Are youa Trump nigger?

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Guys just read the posts (especially the op and the second one), it's a 4chan refugee. Just ignore him and let him spas out until he goes away

Except for their advocating Free Education, Free Medical, Free Housing, Free Food, No guns, and No Freedom of Speech (Unless it is them talking)… Other than that, you're free to do what they tell you to do.

Not an argument.
Do you look around you closet so those big mean ebil natzes don't grab you and gas you?

If they support capitalism, they're not socialists. They're oligarch puppets covering the liberal voters, thats all.

Why don't you go masturbate to some pictures of Aryan men?

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Communist China employs "Capitalism"…


Wow this is my shocked face.

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As always when he is cornered he will weazle his way out of it and project his homosexuality on to other anons.
which is why you aren't fooling anyone schlomo you continously oust your self, I don't know what it is like without self awareness.

You even fail at failing…

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Democrats are communists?

Do you even know what communism is?

We don't have a state controlled economy.. we have multi-national corporations running unfettered.

White genocide is real… but it's not communist. It's the very rich ( who are disproportionately jewish) importing in cheap labor to increase their profits.

Is done folks he lost the argument and he is resorting to ad hominems and shit talking.

Yep… too stupid to understand…

No, its rule of the people over everything, not handouts from oligarchs that rule everything.

That is exactly what the Democrats aim to achieve through the pseudo-socialization and globalization of The United States.

According to rabbiniacal authorities I have wasted 6,000,000 of your hours in this thread instead of shitting up the whole rest of the board. And I'm still going to kill you. Ain't nothing going right for you today.

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Yes, theyre not, since reforms of '78, maybe you should actually look something up.