Jordan Peterson Fans Are Noticing Things

It's happening:

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Here we see someone who has begun to see the truth, but fears it. I used to never understand antisemitism and what caused it until I started to become aware of Jewish control of media, governments, the economy and acedemia. Then I saw how deep this went back in history, and how normal it was even a century ago to know the Jews as they truly are. When I came to this realization that antisemitism was the only logical conclusion, I barely felt any “resentment” or “hate”. What I felt more of was a profound sadness that we as a race and culture allowed this parasite to ever latch onto us in the first place, and that more people were blind to it. Awakening to the JQ has for me been the greatest motivation for self-improvement that there can be. The very day I learned about (((Mindgeek))) and the extensive Jewish control of porn, I stopped watching it. Becoming redpilled caused me to read more, exercise more, refrain from degeneracy (alcohol, drugs, casual sex, pornography) and strive for a better future. Hopefully this user stops fearing the truth and embraces what is before him and that he cannot rationally explain away. Once you wake up you can’t go back, even if you wish you could.

Shhh don't spoil it for them.
Let them figure it out.


Reddit will remove any wrong think so fucking fast

The famous book burnings weren't literature its was full out degeneracy in berlin. The more you notice the more you begin to understand what the germans went through.

Unfortunately OP, they're not noticing enough, and your thread is censored and downvoted.

Comment deleted

Make them notice more. Juden peterstein cultists can be convinced otherwise.

Anyone who is afraid of the truth is useless to us. I got mind fucked by Jew worshiping Christianity for the first 20 years of my life. Do you have any idea how much it screws with your brain to learn everything you once believed in was a Jewish trick? We're all in the same position. The truth is dark and ugly but liberating That's why the Matrix movie is the GOAT movies when he said some people are just not ready to be unplugged the shock alone will kill them. I know many people like this, the reality of the situation is too much for their brain so they want to stay plugged into the Jewish Matrix.

Tell them about what Jung said about Jews.

This, they had pseudoscientific "sex institutes" that pushed the normalization of homosexuality, promiscuity, and pedophilia. They published academic journals and propaganda for laypeople.

Anyone who is still a Jordan Peterson fan at this point is mentally fucked.

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I too didn't understand why Jews would be so evil
Even when seeing that they controlled the media, politics, what goes in our food, etc, I didn't get it
But then I came across a thread about the Judaism as a religion, and I got it, then I could understand it all, why they were evil, why they were so hateful, why they wanted everyone else dead for seemingly no reason
Its like how I used to wonder why nigs gotta nig, its all just in the genetic code, and for the Jews, its in both the genetic code & their religious code

I spent so much time wondering why, during the time I was still on cuckchan around 2015-16, so there wasn't that many threads about Judaism as a religion that you'd normally notice, now that stuff is everywhere, at least on intinitychan it is

What book? 200 Years Together?

great shit u niggers need to keep posting

this is a silly slide thread, and FAKE news, because it was started by Tiny_Ninja2 who registered today (May 9th) solely to post that thread. Call me when a long-time contributor to a subreddit posts something like that, when they have a reputation to lose. IE we know it's you, moshe.

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Yes, that one

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wow it's almost like having a punishment of death for anti-semitism leads authors who actually dare to name the problem, to clarify it with the statement, "but not all jews".

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Juden Peterstein is the most hypocritical (and embarrassing given recent intellectual failings against Zizek) figures out right now. Constantly he makes the same double standards of the people he claims to fight against and worst he has the same exact positions. Peterstein claims to be some kind of successor to Alexander Solzhenitsyn yet refuses to read or acknowledge 200 Years Together which names the jew as the worst and most evil genocidal murderer in history. Peterstein will make any and every excuse for kikes even when it is against everything he claims to be believe it especially their nepotistic collective hivemind parasitic insectoid nature of the jew. Finally there's his cohencidental background, he has even before his fame has constant friendly contact with people he supposedly calls his worst enemies and even goes to events like the Trilateral commission. He is a shill for (((them))) and thank to Zizek we know he's a brainlet too.

You still haven't the whole picture. Change the word god with nature and use the natural laws to question the entire narrative. All of humanity is based on fundamental lies, we are combating ourselves based on the consequences of bloodline corruption.

top kek

(((Deleted))) and spat on.

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oh shit

thanks, saved

the lies, they flow so very easily

really makes you think

at least your not saging

I heard that was just philo-semitism well shrouded in anti-semitism

kek xdxdd


Traitors first

check out this based britfag redpilling normans on (((judan peterstein)))

Does anyone have his e-mail and the pdf for 200 years together? If only we could spam him with physical copies.

one fascist once said a country has as many jews as it deserves

JP's only job is to distract potential white nationalists by telling them to concentrate on themselves and not on their group identity which is being destroyed. This is solely aimed at white men. He is a traitorous cunt of the highest order, working for the jew and receiving much more than a mere 30 pieces of silver.

This retard can fixate on that but somehow miss the fact that jussie Smollett is a jew as are his agents, Weinstein and victims are jews, the most interested senators on that issue are jews, the editorials are all jews, whats her face Ford had an entire team of jews as attorneys against kavanaugh clown land tv show, the mass shootings are all jews with many victims jews, written about in the paper by jews, venezuala is being pushed by jews abrams and bolton and kushner, the middle east wars essentially covered most of the land of biblical greater israel and made zero sense whatsoever and has been a destructive disaster to the invaders and defenders.

I have no sympathy. This world is heading straight into mass death and genocide, anyway you slice it. This guy will be trapped in the middle like a wet cat. He had plenty of opportunnity to learn and the obvious has become undeniable yet slaves continue to deny.

Their going to build the world they deserve

For me, I was able to see the kike control of media, kike control of industry, politics, etc. and it had no effect on me. I was unmoved by the information. Why? One word: the HOLOCAUST. The idea that the Jews are a uniquely persecuted group that unjustly suffered the most inhumane treatments in the history of the world dominated and shaped my worldview. Not only was it false, but historically illiterate and intellectually lazy, as I never bothered to look into the truth of the holocaust or of the sufferings of other peoples throughout history. You could show me the stacks of skulls from the Khmer Rouge, that every man woman and child from half of the country was liquidated, and I would still be unmoved by it, I had Holocaust infection of the brain.

I saw the arguments against the Holocaust, and I was still a brick wall. And then I saw some information that most of the death camp information came solely from Soviet sources in Soviet occupied territory and that the Germans executed at the Nuremburg Trials were executed for the crime of "aggressive war against Poland" which was presided over by Soviet judges and prosecutors from a country that invaded Poland and had a pact to do so with Germany. That was very strange, that little piece of information broke the barrier that had been erected in my mind and I was now able to absorb information instead of being programmed to not process it. Very quickly, the Holocaust myth was shattered for me, as it is one of the most flimsy evidence free conspiracy theories in the history of the world. Once that happened, my worldview collapsed and the path towards racially aware politics and the realization of our plight was very easy. Of course, it wasn't immediate, I still spent some time as a lolberg, convincing myself I was an anti-jew lolberg, but eventually the dominoes naturally fell after the holohoax was busted and I moved into National Socialism.

A quality thread. Let's raid his subreddit with veiled JQ related posts. Use Peterson quotes (such as praising solzhenitsyn) and lead his followers to the JQ.

We can awake many /SIG/ candidates from his pool of loser followers.

Dig deeper. The moneybags have "Sir" in front of their names.

They are *British* Jews.

Run by… the Rothschilds.

Run by… the Vatican.

Run by… the Jesuits.

Run by… their own degenerates.

Created by… their Jews.

Who trace their heritage back to… Sabbatean / Frankist cultists.

Who are… genetic Jews who opposed whatever the formal Judaic religion stood for.

There is a genetic component. There is a cultural component. There is a religious component. There is more importantly a foreign spy component. The bad Jews are paid well to cause trouble. The Vatican is trying to centralize all information under its roof. The British and China just want to fuck with the US and Israel. And there are plenty of powerful Jews turning traitor for that Muslim oil money.

So DIG, actually dig when you see Jewish trouble. Find out who is paying them. And if you're in a place that censors anything negative about the Jews, you can blame the Brits.

Actually dismantle his arguments instead of posting boomer tier graph.

Good video.

unironically this britbong has good stuff. nigger a/v quality but worth the pain for science bombs

Nice reads, fellas. Godspeed.

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Jussie Smollett is a fake and gay nigger and I hope the Chicago Police follow through on their death threats and give corrupt Kim Foxx the rope.

I've been spending the last 6 months on Zig Forums and getting redpilled. It's seriously sad to know that the truth is being erased and what (((they))) are doing to Europe and the US.

I'm preparing myself and working on getting my knowledge squared so I can help my fellow anons get woken up to the evil agenda.

Stop using a capital J for jew. Belittle them, they fucking hate it and it will force the shills to write 'jew'

it's phone faggots whos phone cucks them into capitalizing jew

Fuck off moshe.

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Fuck those lazy collaborators

I made a thread

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He literally outright admits this and pats himself on the back for it time and again, he is a left wing bandaid on young white people who have become somewhat informed from bleeding over into racially aware politics. Somebody has the webm of him saying almost literally this, I don't have it saved.

Good job, user. If you're pressed on Jews as a race make sure you go into certain diseases and disorders that are very frequent in Ashkenazi Jewish communities (Tay Sachs, Cystic Fibrosis, etc)

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I forgot just how philosemetic normalfaghots are


Actually would have been very easy to quickly source the 10 major Hollywood studios and 4 out of 5 major TV networks and see what the triggered SJW would come up with next

Kek even when confronted with proof they just sink back into calling you an "anti-semite". The golem can't rationally explain these things and so lashes out

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lel, glad at least it was sourced and there was nothing xir could do about it, even a passive lurker will be able to see who came out winning and might even click on those sources



All you've got to say is the following. "anti Semite is not an argument."

This is a false narrative, with manufactured reddit posts, and it keeps getting bumped.

hey, read this

Go away smiley or I'll post your sister again


Well, for how I'm all sold on finding anything to prove me that Peterson isn't as good as it appears to be, whoever made that video is either too ignorant or too stupid.

And so is anyone who thinks that Peterson has a secret agenda.

Niggers, and newfags, not everything is a fucking conspiracy.

Get your shit together! (and don't fucking "clean ur room" on this line to me, fags)

I tried to get through to as many as possible in the comments Resurrection Europa video. I hope I opened a couple of them up to the truth, talking with them is like pulling teeth.

Judie P is a traitorous shit-weasel. We must tackle the enemy within before all else

Also, wash your wang bucko!

Nothing featuring bestiality will be considered great in the history of sensible human beings who have high standards. Keanu Reeves is used unjustly to become a sex symbol for white whores. Carrie-Anne Moss was his loyal slut. Dwayne Johnson, Jason Momoa, Evan Ross, Wentworth Miller, and Jeremy Meeks have also been used to normalize bestiality and the defilement of humanity's blood in order for the demons of hell to ascend and kill the angels of heaven in this great holy way.

When I was younger I agreed with 99% of everything white nationalists said but couldn't bring myself to accept the Jewish element, and thought they were crazy for "denying" the holocaust, but right about everything else. It took me years and a lot of research to finally fully break my brainwashing and realize they really were right about everything, especially Jews and the holocaust.


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Actually I've moved from fighting over facts and simply accusing normalfags of supporting the gang rape of girls in their middle school bathrooms if they support or defend anything about 'illegals'; accusing them of supporting the gang rape of 14hundred school girls if they defend anything to do with muzzies; and then treat pizzagate as a 100% commonly accepted fact if they defend yids and instead of trying to even attempt to convince em I go on the offense for them being criminals and pedo's. You don't have to defend yourself if you are attacking pedos and those whom want to defend child rape, you just attack and attack again and then make fun of them if they act confused on what you are talking about by commenting on them rather watching childrens sports than being aware of dangers to their own children. Also tossing out the fact that sport players are given free reign to rape their daughters at whatever college they go to often gets people very worried. That usually shuts most up hard, the confusion and back heel response to being the one clearly in the wrong even if they don't know why makes the argument utterly emotional rather than fact based.

It pushes them into trying to bring forward 'facts'. If you've lurked here the requisite timeframe you can easily blow anything they say out of the damned water without sounding like an autistic tard and instead be the authority on such subjects they attempt. Any counters they attempt you simply push even harder on the mocking tone and social ostracization threat. This pretty much shuts down any support from onlookers as well and cows all but the most brainwashed. Once it reveals they are such, you can start doubling down and pushing the right buttons to have them sperg out like tards for perfect argument score.

This isn't about being right in an argument anymore. This is about winning. By any means necessary. We are at war, normalfags want to normalfag, you treat them like the dirt they are. Even the most indoctrinated fall in line when someone of strength strides into their life. The fear of 'other' shit they kneejerk about is secondary to someone whom clearly controls social dominance. That said, don't try this without practicing a lot if you are still spaggetti dropping newfag when yapping. Also helps if you are /fit/ to add additional power rather than being stereotype basement neckbeard. Who gives a fuck what the media/system says, you are fucking kings among swine. Start acting like it, you can spread clear concise information dumps to those of worth, like us.

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These cunts don't even notice that they smell like cat piss.

No. Codreanu said "every country has the jews it deserves". But it was dependent on the debauchery of the citizenry.

These are bots, happening on r/conspiracy to they are building these subreddits up as antisemitic to justify the incoming ban.

Nixon noticed too.

You';re so scared that you're spamming message boards wherever you can. In this place we don't care about who you are or how long your throwaway account was registered, we just want you to


The problem was that there was a lot of these guys who were here and saw through the psyop, and who improved themselves anyway. Their limited hangout backfired on them. Hope his CSIS money soothes his conscience.

Odd how much (((interest))) this thread generates.