Siener Van Rensburg

War breaks out in Europe around April or May (year unknown) as
soon as the thaw sets in, but by the time there is no more ice and
snow, it will have progressed considerably—so much so that it
seems if the Russians are winning. An atmosphere of oppression
will prevail not only in Europe, but also in our own country.

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England, which will be totally annihilated. As usual, the USA in
Europe will initially flee, but return later with a strong military
force and stop Russia in Spain.

will be fully armed—probably with secret armaments from
underground arsenals, which, indeed, is the case.
The war will be very swift, destructive and dreadful. Nations will
be annihilated very quickly by means of air attacks, horror
(nuclear?) bombs and germ warfare.

Laser Beams?

The worst will be ‘electric beams’ sowing death and destruction
above and below; even the soil will be destroyed and few people
will remain alive. The Russians storm through Hungary,
Yugoslavia, through Austria to Italy to occupy these countries,
then through France ( i posted in an earlier article how France is already siding with Russia)—which supports them—en route to Spain
where the Spanish put up a fierce resistance before the USA goes
to their aid.

The Russians have one purpose in mind—Africa, to
incite the blacks, so by the time summer sets in, they have
virtually conquered the whole of Europe. This will be our time of
oppression when our enemies make a concerted effort to
annihilate us, incited by English clergy, Jews, ‘coolies’, Kaffirs and

From researching about the Siener prophecies it looks like a RAHOWA is coming too the west most specifically US, Britian, and France and other western nations. The Afrikaners would win vs the niggers and be able to establish a foothold in Africa since much of the west would be devastated from WW3. Russia would invade Europe as its dealing with its the nationalists fighting Muslims and niggers and that Britain would betray NATO too save their asses by siding with Russia but will get nuked. Also said that Germany would take their place on the world stage and a nationalist government would be in power. The inevitable race war coming too the west would leave NA and parts of Europe nearly uninhabitable and Whites would come too South Africa. Tbh it’s both horrifying too read and invigorating since the abundance of rich resources and great farming potential on the African continent could push the European race towards an even greater height than what we could achieve in Europe or the Anglosphere. Plus this war could bring about the extinction of niggers, Muslims, and especially Kikes our mortal enemies

Also is there a good accurate English translation for Siener’s prophecies? The only one I can find is in Afrikaans on jewtube and not having any real luck instead of some Boers making a couple vids here and there that are just a couple of bits from them

Not sure about translations but maybe learn Afrikaans. I am. It's a very easy language for an English speaker to learn, it's cool as shit, and it's considered an inherently racist language by most people outside SA who even know what it is.

That’s what I was thinking of doing I got an Afrikaans book a year ago but I’m still in the middle of moving everything too my new place.

Looks like he foresaw a future where the british conduct operation vegetarian and only the russians are insane enough to send their soldiers into contaminated central and western europe.

I'm not an /x/fag but some of this dude's shit is spooky and some extremely specific prophecies have come true already in the sequence they were supposed to occur. If he's right then WW3 in 30 minutes.

Nice, but then again, this extremely rotted society cannot last.

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Pretty much. A lot of Sieners prophecies are genuinely scary once you realize when they were made during the Boer wars and predicted WW1 and 2, the rise of communism that killed 10s of millions of Christians. Apartheid being dismantled and Nelson Mandela being put into power and after he dies ANC tries too chimp out on the Afrikaners. The immigration crisis in Europe and how it would lead to ethnic and religious tensions in the west. Some islands I think it was in Southeast Asia or japan that sink can’t remember. I forget what happens in the Middle East.

Never forget what (((they))) took from us

I like the idea about genociding niggers and creating a white ethnostate in SA.

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No Sauces of OP's CopyPasta Either.

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Nobody can stop it now. Interesting part is liberation of Europe by Russia. I am not sure if Russians want to do that. After saving Assad in Syria, Russia become good boys and america and Nato vilians. Maybe Russia will use starting racewar in Europe as excuse for invasion. Seiner also talked about hidden Germany and their army. ( Antartica SS UFO fleet? )

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Because England fears a Russian bomb attack, they connive in
secret with the Russians. They betray Western military secrets to
Russia and sign treaties with Russia against the USA.

mistrusts the English; the USA learns of this treachery and
realises the danger of English betrayal against it.
The great clash between American and British troops takes place
in Egypt after the next world war has started.

The English army is
defeated and those still alive after the battle, are taken prisoner.
It is also there where our troops are stopped and disarmed. The
English attempt to get help in secret from the Japanese, but are

o The Turk is ready for war (new wagons) and
o It is planning in secret and will attack on a certain day and place (in the East) when least expected, and possibly with nuclear weapons.
And the war will start in Russia and spread right across the North Pole, from Iceland to Moscow, and from Greenland and Alaska to Siberia.


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“I see England as a black pig with a white hair here and there. It is the black nations, along with a few whites, who will rise up and cause problems overseas against the whites, particularly in England. Then Van Rensburg saw the pig hanging from a hook in England—it had been cleaned, but with a stain. When England’s problems begin, civil war will erupt in France as blacks will also stream into that country.”

That mean jews will win and stay in power in JewSA. I think Isreal is destroyed in Seiner prophecy. If all of this is true, it is basicly Judgment Day from Terminator. Europe will be destroyed and white race reduced drastically.

It's destroyed in virtually every major prophesy. The Evangelicals need Israel destroyed by Gog and Magog before Jesus can return and slaughter every Jew and sinner for rejecting him.

That would be interesting if Uncle Adolf or his successor returns triumphantly to tell the world "I told you so".

Isn't that in line with what esoteric Hitlerists (at least Serrano) believe? That Hitler while strong and enlightened wasn't 'the one'. And that he will reveal himself in the near future.

From further research there’s also talk about niggers bringing diseases with them too Europe that would cause massive plagues especially in Britain some theorize it’s aids or some kind of STD/STI but I think because of our meme magic it’s ebolachan spreading her love too the niggers too aid us in giving them a cleansing

Why would evangelicals want Israel destroyed I thought they loved Kikes and want too continue the status quo of the US fighting Israel’s wars because “MUH scofield bible said so”

Q-LARP somewhere else, retard.

Adriaan Snyman wrote the autobiography of
van Rensberg. It was called "Voice of a Prophet" in English translation.
but copies are expensive ~ about $100. There's also an edition called "Words of A prophet". It's the same book but impossible to get.
The easiest one to get is the Kindle translation.
There's a new edition of the book on Kindle called "Messenger of God".
It contains lots of his prophecies and
his life story.

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You answered your own question, it's because their bible says so.

Ill try my best to translate some of them. My afrikaans isnt perfect though.