A man who pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography must pay the victims at least $100,000 in restitution...

A man who pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography must pay the victims at least $100,000 in restitution, a federal appeals court ruled May 8.

David Rothenberg bragged to an undercover officer in a chat room that he was sexually abusing a young girl at his house. Law enforcement rescued the girl, and seized Rothenberg’s laptop. It contained about 1,000 videos and images of child pornography, including depictions of children under the age of 12 and sadistic and masochistic…


Imprisoned Broward lawyer 'hunted' for child porn and victims online. He is still facing state charges that he sexually abused an underage girl in Broward County for a number of years. If convicted of that, he could face life in state prison. Investigators said some of the lengthy videos that Rothenberg collected involved torture and particularly violent and demeaning sexual abuse of young children. -


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Of course it's Broward County. Of course the dungeon-keeper type pedophile is Jewish. All the dungeon-keeper type pedophiles are Jewish.

If the fucking kike media covered this shit we would have expelled or gassed the chosen people decades ago. These fucking fucks. The massive kike presence in our info channels should be, in itself, enough reason to eradicate them. The only reason for such a tiny group to control such a societal mechanism is that they are up to no good and wish to control the flow of information in order to hide it.

All of this clownworld shit is depressing. The corruption and evil of the kikes and their golems is pushing me towards Christianity due to the mere fact that Christianity is predicated upon this world being clownworld. Jesus literally called out the kikes for being kikes and said that this world was corrupt and evil and will be until the bitter end. He wasn't fucking wrong.

Gas gas gas. Nuke Broward.

If only it wasn't so cucked.

You don't have to follow rabbis that call themselves "pastors", ya know
To truly be christian is to be independently educated on both of the good books
Most of those so-called holymen don't know half the story they tell or are just kikes in disguise

The only problem with the bibles however, is the fact they're old as fuck & made for a totally different crowd
Many of the stories have no meaning except for the time they were told, the famous "Go the extra mile" is a good example of this problem

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or cringe?

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Is Jesus the first SJW?

Christianity is only effective in attacking non-Semitc belief systems, just like the Semitic belief systems. The world it seems will be ruled by Semites through Semitic LARPers and the one thing all the Semitic LARPers have in common is to disregard race for written convictions. Ironically enough such understandings were written down by an ethnically jewish person who feigned belief to speak for his fellow gentiles.

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Bragged about it. Fucking yids.

The chutzpah of this jew. He must die.

Good job retard. You're falling for another one of their traps. This time, it's the trap where you worship their kind.

Stop trying to derail the thread you cock sucker.

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He should pay with his balls, eyes and tongue

Absolutely disgusting but not surprising since it's a kike. Was the girl a kikelette or actually White?

Just stop reproducing, it’s not that hard. We’ll have replacement techs soon enough. Best way to protect children is to leave them off the Earth entirely.

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The Jews (who go by the Kabalah and the talmud, not the OT) worship the Shekinah and not YHWH.

2016 08 26 story.
3 years ago but I am 100% sure there was not a peep on it in the national news. Cuz you know jew lawyer and broward and no interest in such news.

Paul was not a pharisee.
Paul said jews were evil.
How does telling white people that jews are evil help jews exactly?

Jewish mental gymnastics at play once again

Is this supposed to mean something to me?

Why in hell does anyone need to be "told" the obvious? And why when it is so obvious, do they not figure it out for themselves? And why? Because a Jew is usually "controlling the opposition" when it comes to talking about Jews, dontchaknow.

Kikes hate Christians.
Christians love Kikes.
Figure it out.

I figured it out. Christcucks are fucking retarded.

Galatians 5:2 King James Version (KJV)

2 Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing.

Yes, Judaism =/= Christianity.

That's wrong, take a look at history and you'll see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisemitism_in_Christianity . Martin Luther was a prominent figure in Nazi Germany. archive.is/5s63Q

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