Seriously - this faggot pretty much starts off with "Laura Southern is Aryan"
what in the actual fuck?
she is a confirmed jew and coalburner
Their discord, which I will not link, and which is on their homepage, is a circle-jerk of cuckchanners thinking that they are baste with no real NatSoc values
I am not telling you to go to their site or go to their discord, but I am saying that this is the larp to substitute for the Q-Larp.
I am convinced, and I think if any faggots want to check it out, go ahead, and confirm.
That's why I use the bitchute link instead of youtube
I'm really not sure what else to say except that I am creating a warning, throwing up the red flag, trying to make folks aware of what I percieved when I watch the videos
They shilled a video of this right after Saint Brenton Tarrant's Terminex Job, the faggot in the video stating something or other about false flags and such.

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Other urls found in this thread:

White people are the devil.

are these not confirmed Kikes and/or Zionists?

Why do you care about what neincucks care?
They are basically cuckchan 2.0, any way I don't see what is wrong with the commandant since he can easily lead his followers into national socialism look at the hitler video he recently made.

Fuck off spamming kike.

This dude is legit.

I think he's a nigger from his voice, seriously

Disagree he is getting there look up his hitler video he is obviously a natsoc he will name them eventually also it would be a good question to ask him that particular question once he is in the neincuck interview. One last bump

He spends all of his time talking about "communists". It is obviously a jew operation worried about people taking their shit.

this is just another Q-larp.

We'll see, someone has to ask him what he thinks of the jewish question on neincucks interview to truly see if he is on our side or not.

Dont know about that one the q larp wants a person to be complacent and not take action.

I can remember when e-celeb faggotry wasn't allowed here. It was paradise.

There is like one or two faggots on the discord that "Talk" to him. Apparently, they say, he will not do a live interview on discord. He will only do one on neinchan. All the more reason to believe he is a larp.

Hollywood sucks. And so does this retard.

E celeb or not might as well analyze to see if he is legit or not so future newfags or lurkers don't fall for it.

dude the guy is a performance artist. he has a band lol .ur a faggot


Listening to his voice intonations and inflections
at 6:00 he talks about neinchan servers
imagine if someone found out that he is an actual nigger

breddy shur

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it is a joke 2 make u consider if u might be a piece of shit

No, you're pushing it.

Lauren Southern Aryan…… Yea lets forget that's she's a full bown jew. Also the guys voice is 100% Negro. Thats why he also wears a face mask. He mentions all the other zionist shills too which he worships. True genius………..Boomers will probably jump on this weiner sausage like they jumped on the Q. No fucks given about Boomers they seem to be too ingrained to handle new info.

I quite like the Kommandant. His two vids on the black pill are quite good.

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Well, you are a faggot who saves anime memes, so I didn't think you'd dislike this limp wrist.

Lol, what kind of inbred hillbilly retard hasn’t seen the Kommendant?
No shit you fucking hick, he’s wearing a costume

OP is a colossal inbred

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She claimed her grandparents fled the ebil gnatsees who took their truck business if I'm remembering correctly. Anyone have the caps?

What the fuck did you just fucking say about anime, you little bitch?
The presentation is off-putting but the insights aren’t bad.
See vid related for instance.

Half of this video was just him world building his larp base.
Nothing he said was particularly "insightful" when someone could just read Mein Kampf and The Myth to understand why blood and symbols are important in greater depths than anything provided by this Vader dubbed ramble.
Just grow up and do something, that's all I care about. This shit is just "feelsgood" masturbation with a Fascistic aesthetic.

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by the heavens, jews have daddy issues!

There's nothing demonic about slaughtering subhumans.

If that were true, you would not exist

Would the q-larp defend hitler?

Sure i guess.
Your still a party pooper though.

his account was removed from YT for violations

Does anyone really fall for this bait?
Ps, subscribe to N3INCHAN

The way Neinchan was introduced should tell the watchful observant enough

Squirm more.

Then why da fuck do all you african/muslims fucks want to live in white-devil-countries?

Might be a nigger, but it might just be that he reminds you of Darth Vader, who was voiced by James Earl Jones, a nigger.

Looks like his kiketube account got shoah'd again.

That actually makes a fair bit of sense.

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Half this board is fags and Jews larping as women. The other half is Good only knows what.

OMG! Guys!

Q is actually not a LARP!
WTF! Q ended up being true?!?!?!?!

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This retard made a video on his youtube before it was shut down saying that when his viewer becomes the 1488 subscriber to take a screenshot of it.

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don't niggerpost on Zig Forums, it's very unbecoming for an user


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No shit he's wearing a costume m8

IIRC people actually found out who he was from an old neo-nazi forum where he would post himself wearing different gas masks. He's white, most likely American.

(((NatSoc))) will save the White Race goy.

yeah the necessary one

Possibly the most retarded psyop I've ever seen.

At the end of the video where he says "Kommodor out!" I get a huge wave of cringe and I lay in my chair trying to forget what I just saw. Honestly, fuck this autistic larp…

The bow at the end is what takes it from just being mildly stupid to being next-level thundering faggotry.

Been trying to find this guy, seems he's been shoah'd

Try again spamming kike.

This shit is gay as fuck. Looks like a Hot Topic National Socialist. And not a single Hakenkreuz to be seen. Wonder (((who))) could be behind this? This faggot is no National Socialist and he sullies the Black Sun by even being near it

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Trips of truth. Looks like this other faggot I know.

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Laura Southern is of Danish descent. The surname Simonsen is Danish. And there are some photos of her standing next to niggers. So what?

wow this is cringy

Why don’t you people upset by “coalburners” just legalize prostitution? All your daddy’s good little fucktoys - your much-hated sisters, haha, and fuck y’all if this hits anyone (I hated my sister for a better reason!) - will be YOUR chimpanzees, then. Good goyls won’t go into prostitution. They’ll be your stone to carve.

Meanwhile your much-hated pleasure-soaked intolerably cheerful hate-magnets will do the easy thing. Isn’t that what you hate them for doing already? Aren’t you pissed right now because women prefer less hateful men? Well, wouldn’t that just segment the market nicely if there was an option easier still?

So be good ickle mousies and let the people you hate have their happiness in this lifetime. Incels would buy sex, too. They’d be able to buy sexual knowledge and experience. A lot of them would find it dull, I’d wager, and break down into tears about how badly they wasted their life wanting something that was never worth all the struggle. Instead of building up vapid nihilistic ragebombs they’d sob it out and let go peacefully of the excess stress.

Instead of being obedient to shitty ineffectual politics, try doing something that actually works. Even warped priority schemes better serve the public weal when they operate efficaciously.

yeh but I used the word coalburner for inspiration N-E-ways.


This. There is a golden rule:


Wasn't really important to national socialists at all. You can pretty much tell nu-natscos apart by their use of that symbol. USE. THE. SWASTIKA.

op is a nigger

Sage russian faggots

I bet your ever damp vagina smells like sourdough cheese bread.

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Daily reminder russians are faggots

Tolerating prostitution will not solve for adultery. Racial adulteration outside the Occident is not acceptable at any price or tolerable for any tribute. Commandments against adultery are real, consequential and profoundly divine. Miscegenation is racial adulteration. If the people of the book want others to break the commandment against adultery, they could always just leave. Seriously, you could just leave.

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The issue with racemixing is that propaganda teaches them to be good sex partners who reject their old family (as exhibited by you suggesting prostitution) instead of good parents who support the values of their old family. As a result, you get single parents struggling to raise mixed kids because their abandoned partner doesn't consider child rearing to be sexy.


Yes. Yes I am and I’m your worst fucking nightmare you quadruple nigger


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Yeah fucking cumskins, am I right gentiles?

What the fuck is your problem cunt?

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Sup Kommandant you fucking kike nigger

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in his reading of tarrants manifesto you can see his white aryan face


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Link nigger

and they think that they are sane

Imagine actually being that dense to believe this crap…

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Those crazy soulless eyes

I'm okay with this.

no one has been able to support any sort of claim that neinchan is a honeypot yet, its just a shitty clone of 4chan with a based discord. You niggers sound like jews with your gaslighting of everything you don't like or know shit about. I;m part of the community and I think the website blows dogs and I don't use it,. but at least look into shit yourself before you regurgitate anecdotes.

What the absolute state of LARP is this. He even sounds fat :^)

Legit Im from neinchan and what the fuck is Op talking about It's true yes he did say that "Laura Southern is Aryan" she is in a way."circle-jerk of cuckchanners thinking that they are baste with no real NatSoc values"Your retarded I know many of them that do have natsoc values and what do you mean cuckcanners when we made our own chan because the other chans are so danm fucking cucked.Go drink bleach faggots
Read siege read the tuner diaries workout faggots The Kommandat is probably A old ass boomer!

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Neinchan sounds like exactly where you belong.

Go play with your friends while the real Nazis do work and study.

Your retarded bet you don't even know what National Socialist is

Real Nazis are just about all dead, you are statistically most likely a neet of some degree stroking a power fantasy.

What I find most interesting is how willing you are to shit on another group of white guys trying to push information and organize as well. Pretty Jewish imo fam

Neinchan is BTFO 4chan.

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Reciprocate the firewall and free the slaves!