They don't even know about us Forums-is-a-mysterious-place-to-us-anti-terrorism-officials

All clear faggots! Our top secret hideout has not been compromised. Or should we consider this a failure.

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absolute shit OP

Don't they understand that all this is just satire? We are not real racists and nazis. This is just our way to poke fun at them, right boys?

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This is the reason why youtube links get posted here all the time.
Expect this to get slided.

National Socialists aren't racists, retard.

FBI knows about this place, they just don't give a fuck.

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Tell me another one.

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There's nothing wrong with racism at all. It's a perfectly natural and healthy outlook, and one that Hitler advocated. If you don't believe me, read Volume 1 Chapter 11 of Mein Kampf. He explains it quite clearly.

I get the feeling we know more about the glowers than they do about us.

well…at least their methods. I'd dare we do a better job. At least with tech at hand. Imagine if Zig Forums had access to their tools…

Yes they are, they are just racist for much more deeper reasons than mere racial chauvinism. They can have respect for (some) other races that are not fully kiked, like some Asians, but the principle "to each his own" remains.

They were not trained to deal with us, Zig Forums is an intelligence agency on it's own. We are the modern Gestapo.

Their over-reliance on technology makes them dull and lowers the entry requirement. We gather intel the old fashioned way. I wish we would have access to NSA so that we could deport all coal burners to Africa or something like that, or to get a list of all living Jews. Just think of the possibilities. The same thing which kikes have created to suppress us could be even more efficiently used against them.

I think it's a bold face lie.

Most of the "don't do shit, it's fed" and "everything is false flag" are spammed by feds.

This is a good point. To be blunt, dragnet surveillance is utterly useless in this domain because filtering it is a nightmare and the system will only capture mainstream-style events and actors. Worse still, the feds are probably sitting there watching for notifications from the system to tell them what to do, even though they're the ones supposed to be supervising. Research has shown that people monitoring machines for long periods of time tend to never override them, leading to classic problems with autopilot systems in vehicles etc. failing while the pilot stares on dumbly without reacting. I suspect the same is happening to the intel community, they're just following instructions from the machines (be they explicit or subtle guidance by the structure of the UI). This of course renders them even more inflexible than a large organisation otherwise would be.

Go to a darknet redroom. This place never was top secret, even if you hinted a lot of irony out.

Because 8ch isn't a terrorist hivemind network, it's an open freedom of speech website in a forum discussion format. Only retards believe leftist media bullshit.

It's mostly glows, bots, and kikes now anyway.

fuck it why not

GTFO. Never post again here until you've lurked for two years faggot.

I've lurked for over 2 years already nigger. And have been posting for a while too drooltard.

The irony is mainstream media and left doesn't realize they are the ones radicalizing people. Ban, throttle and censor peaceful activists, push entire political ideologies off mainstream platforms into their own, celebrate violence against people with certain political views, give platform to blatantly anti-white zealots, celebrate discrimination against whites, etc. these people are so mind bogglingly stupid. People eventually see through the cracks in false narratives, inevitable.

Also the fact that some anime pics sharing website developed by cripple wearing pajamas (hotwheels) is now discussed in congress hearings is immensely amusing to me.

So this article is behind the recent influx of shills? Good thing most of them will fuck off in few days like always, the ones who stay will slowly get redpilled. was down at 4am. I tried.

If they're set up at all like corporate environments, they just follow written SOPs and any deviations leads to extra paperwork. So its not even algos telling them what to do but they won't go the extra mile with a corporate mindset

i bet half these threads are feds trying to recruit anons.
fuck it, i'll bite. if you pay me in crypto and high grade hashish i'll rat out alt-right idiots and write you manuals on how to understand the ideologies and memetic intricacies present on this board.

also hook me up with a decent car. do informants even get company cars or do you just shoot us in the head after we rat?

They amount of gathered info 5 eyes has MASSIVELY fucking dwarfs available manpower to sort through all the shit even when they know exactly what they're looking for. Even AI crawling through it looking for keywords can't keep up because most of the non-larping non-shitposters know how to allude to make a thing clear to "one of us" yet nobody else who doesn't get this or that particular reference.
Most of that data will sit there untouched until whatever it is happens that wipes our ability to build all the different shit required to properly interpret all these 1's & 0's as what they originally were meant to be.

>"It’s worth noting that a civilian came across the Poway synagogue shooter’s manifesto on Zig Forums and contacted the FBI only moments before the attack happened."

Its worth noting there are traitors among us indeed , and now FBImbecils too

I'll do the same shit for straight cash. I can even pass a drug test if need be. Don't even want the sat tracked fedmobile.

Capitalism at work baby.

Why would the alphabet agencies know about a board of peace?

High grade hash ish
Make it morrocan…
Better yet afghan…

My dude let me get a chip off the ole block my good dude..

Lies and slander against our highly trained, dedicated and motivated intelligence agencies?
I, for one, am shocked and appalled.

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Hey fib ers heard though the sheep vine you guys were recruiting/hiring on the threads well sheit can I be the patsy, I'll do it for half whatever the last guy did it for and without complaints.

Really I think this was just a way of him saying "I don't want to talk about this in a public hearing. Please don't make me talk about it in a public hearing."
I mean the poor bastard would have to explain shitposting, anime girl reaction images, etc.

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Remember the ponies Kek

Human nature is spectacular, actually. Humans came up with the concept of oligodynamics and are capable of understanding it. Just one petty way we will all be happier, healthier, and wealthier if we overthrow corporate authoritarianism.

We don’t have to get rid of all corporations, we just have to fray their power to sanctify and enforce dumbassery on people capable of knowing better under better conditions.

Nobody even browsed it enough to note the transparency report clearly showing frequent communication between the US government & the owners/admins to prepare for a fucking government hearing about the damn site.
Either that's huge incompetence/cluelessness, or an element introduced there to help build public paranoia about the place.

They know. Read the toronto protocols

When they say something like "I can follow up and see" during these hearings, a lot of the time it's pretty much code for "I can't talk about this in a public setting."
It'll result in a closed door meeting later thats off the official calendar.
So a couple of these guys will get invited to the FBI offices for a briefing at a later point if they want to hear about it.

Saying that is about the best they can hope to do in terms of salvage after that question by Rep Rose.
Since a flat out blatant "I can't talk about that publicly" is going to ruin any observation or cooperation they have relating to Zig Forums.
Even though we know they're watching us.

A public denial of knowledge of Zig Forums can at least be spun.
Pic very much related is what would have been going through his mind when he heard the guy ask the question

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post the pdf if you have it please

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Holy fuck

How is such evil not being stopped?


Pick one.

No screencap cuz you fucks bitch about no source link.

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How many threads you jew fuck?

You either effortpost as a rule here if you're going to try to OP or you go back to halfy, who doesn't count because he doesn't have any legs.

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back 2 reddit cunt lol

In a uniformly peaceful society, uniform armament would not alter violence rates, nor would anyone ever misuse chemistry.

We do not live in a uniformly peaceful society. We also do not live in a world where only violent people use armaments, nor one where nobody ever gets successfully rehabilitated.

If we empower violent and peaceful people alike, we can achieve the most absolute eugenic advantage any society ever really achieves: sincere pacifism, top to bottom, with no need to disempower anyone.

If we arm everyone, we will no longer need warriors to keep us safe. We can finally have an end to the people who fight wars forever.

Let them speak their calumny, 'tis easily rebuffed with our contumely.

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Even some woke faggots kind of get this.

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The difference between a weak sobbing pacifist with a gun vs someone shattered into soldiery with a gun is pretty dramatic, but it’s neither absolute, nor salient given the sheer size of the population difference between the first and second groups. The lucky shot rate depletes the soldier population before the trained shot rate depletes the sobbing pacifists.

That hasn’t been true in all prior eras! If we move fast, we can obsolete militaries! Otherwise the people who believe public armament makes the world dangerous will eventually rebuild military populations until their presently errant belief becomes true again.

Muh radicalization… you fuckin' retards. Billions of humans have hated jews for over 2000 years, and always for the same degenerate shit. You think you can stop thousands of years build-up of Karmic hatred. When the wave breaks, you'd best get the fuck out of the way.

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The society we live in eats it's own children and prevents communities from being born because capitalism is god and social roots prevent GDP growth.
When the nation is sick and you have no community.
Morality, economic freedom, and the base social unit are destroyed to maximize profit.
When you were raised by the state and brainwashed by the media that told you your existence means nothing aside from your tax value (or willingness to secede political power) you try to find some place to fit in and that place will always be niggerville.
When parents can't even raise their own children because of the constant blast of propaganda from new technology.
this is how things unfold
boys, and stubborn women, just want to stop playing the game.
there is no reason to try to "win"
Hard to find a woman who isn't a whore or a man who can better himself
it's almost impossible to create a family that won't split up within 5 years leaving you broken and poor.
can't build a small town because you HAVE TO SHARE YOUR SUCCESS WITH MINORITIES you've never met and don't agree with socio-politically
can't have opinions because THAT'S IMMORAL (unless it's a state approved opinion like Israel is our greatest ally and deserves billions of dollars a year of your money because they do so much for you)

we have no common purpose and no common identity besides mUH FrEeDOnS which have all been destroyed by the imbalance of the federal, state and local governments.
People need a real common goal and a real reason to not eat each other alive.
because we're all monsters.
chaotic neutral at our very best and our very worst.

Socialism isn't any better.
it's just capitalism with a state military pointing guns at it's slaves.
our nation is the nation of rootless cosmopolitans.

Fix the nation
give people a purpose and a family and a way to "win"
You'll stop seeing shootings.
You'll see all crime drop.
You'll see real economic and cultural growth.

it gets trickier when you deal with more than one nation.
Resources are limited. We can't create matter.
You'd need a common purpose for humanity that would over ride the individuals desire to make children who survive.

So long as you hold the mentality that "I'm Happy, I'm doing well, I like how things are" society will continue to eat itself and fuck ups will compare mass killers 'scores' and make memes about society being allergic to milk.

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You’re as retarded as the people you hate so much you go about pretending anti-semitism is real.

The actual rulers of this site are broken emotional abusers with no pride left in their ideas and nothing in them but defiant unwillingness to accept that lies did not a governing philosophy make.

Ain’t nothing wrong with Jews. Nobody ever could enslave them. They’re like actual scientists, drawn where the data leads them. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong because I know no better.

You have to label your axii properly. I guess the Y-axis is supposed to be authorian/liberal?

Riley Roberts is an FtM transgender.

nice bait.

Summed it up pretty nicely yourself. Good job.

Modern societies have been through years in which actual authentic pacifistic activism was slandered and screamed at.

Did society get more peaceful as a result?

Ask France.

The true and unyielding fact about pacifism is that it either lives in people’s will to peace or it dies in their will to power. And in recent years, pacifism has been doing more dying than living. Antipacifistic endeavors do not function - they do not lead to a better world - they do not live. Yet antipacifism can wear pacifism’s cloak, because people are surprised when actual pacifism ought to say, “We’re willing to not use this, but we’re not willing to not have this.”. For some reason people expect pacifists to be compliant toys just like soldiers submitting to orders.

Nuclear weapons were the greatest invention of peace. Prior to that, elite sociopaths could get bored and send the revolting peasants to die abroad, like modern imams sensing surplus men off to suffer in the first world. With nukes, the enslaved masters can’t play that game with each other, no matter how bored they get. Armies can still cross borders in the world today, but the people who cross to be the army must also be willing to die. It’s horrid that people still do feel like that, but it’s a lot more fair.

You, uh… um, thanks.

Thank you.

I expect people here to be savvy enough to know what it really means when people admit finit knowledge, so I’m taken aback to have it acknowledged. People aren’t usually that nice.

Yes, the alternative that's sprung up to replace of it of them playing psychological, societal, and cultural warfare is MUCH better.

Since someone was nice, I’ll give away a comprehensibility token. One of my slaves works in Choice of Games.

It is! It’s called The Art War. It kinda sucks, but it’s a lot nicer than the old ways. It sucks only because people suck. Fixing that is hella hard.


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Dear lord you are a trash person.

The fucking list of names in this article

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Please defend your claims.
Also please tell me what you think gives morality weight.

I almost feel bad about doing this, but
Humanity NEEDS people to die. Certain segments of us reproduce uncontrollably way too fucking fast with no natural predators left to cull our numbers, and every time starvation SHOULD knock us down, we knock down a couple more hundred acres for farms or reinvent some way to make a gruel we can dilute enough to sell to them.
It's no fucking coincidence at all that the human population has fucking exploded since nukes made conventional war on a mass scale implausible.

I’m an actual pacifist working to pin back not only classic war, but also the excesses of the new Art War.

I talk freely about what I’ve learned. Abusive people for instance are *unfailingly* obedient. They aren’t willing to be themselves anymore; they commit a sort of shamanistic suicide and reconfigure themselves into an “anti”-slave of whoever they hate. But obedience is about absolute values, not relative values, so any extreme valuation can be exploited as obedience. The attempt to perfect defiance yields a tiny fraction of the unpredictability that arises between people who don’t reference their conducts against each other.

That’s why one of my own mental disciplines is not ever hating anyone. Ideally to preserve freedom of thought and action people should achieve a state of loving everyone slightly.

+0222 points of spoiler sooth.

I’m not afraid of having hateslaves come back to life, even if I’m using them; I’m an abolitionist. I think Earth would have a better pattern if everyone loved everyone slightly.

It’s really hard, though. Prisperous patterns are mimicked. What people say is only loosely tethered to what they actually think. When I let myself fall into too much hatred of bigotry, I spent a while encouraging it; it’s such a zero-function thought process that teaching it to people I hated seemed like a perfect vengeance.

But it was a mistake to hate everyone, even in such a “cunning” way as to encourage them towards self-destruction

The discipline of slight love has never earned me much prosperity, but egad is it hedonic. I’m peaceful yet uncontrollable, flexible yet competent of mind.

Okay real talk time.

Wow… Its been that long…
You can't just call everyone who disagrees with you a conspiracy theorist or racist! Especially not when you can't and don't objectively look at the world to realize that CONSPIRACIES HAPPEN ALL THE TIME.
Now, how often does some fuckwit come in and imply we think there's a smokey room where a bunch of rabbis sit around deciding what jewry is going to be getting into?
Well, here's an example of the presidents of more than 50 American Jewish organizations, both left-wing and right-wing, getting together AT LEAST yearly to discuss what jewry is going to be getting into - and they also all sit on the Board of AIPAC.

And then there's the World Zionist Congress. What is the WZC?

Forgot my pic.
Which is a bit strange, considering 48% of the world's jewish population is in israel, 41% in the US, and the rest spread out elsewhere.
>In addition there are about 100 delegates which are appointed by International Organizations (e.g. B'nai B'rith, see below) affiliated with WZO.
So, every few years these jews are having a big meeting, AND every few years these jews are having a meeting IN ISRAEL.

Alliance for New Zionist Vision (2 delegates)
American Forum for Israel (American Forum Of Russian Speaking Jewry) "The Home for Russian American Jews for Israel" (10 delegates)
ARZA: "Representing Reform Judaism" (56 delegates)
Green Israel: Aytzim / Green Zionist Alliance / Jewcology (1 delegate)

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What is the WZO?
For a clade of people who does no conspiring, these jews sure have a lot of jewish organizations all working close at hand with one another.

What does it mean to be 'radicalized'?
To see the writing on the wall? To see the truth that all media outlets and politicos claim as nothing but a 'conspiracy theory', in a world of blatant and oft-semitic conspiracy?

You're also giving yourself a pretty vigorous ego handjob. Hatred and war can be mutually exclusive concepts, they're not inexorably intertwined.
Humanity always gets stuck at the point of extending the kind of respect they think they should be giving one another to anything outside of humanity, so it always fails to reach any kind of "true" balance.

Have you tried paying people to get sterilized? For the sake of the ones who feel like they spend their life dying if they don’t breed, maybe provide a one child boost payout, I dunno.

I’ve heard rumor that mass sterilization makes some people irrationally murderous, but 1) I’m unconvinced; past societies sucked dreadfully and were also more annoyingly pro-natal, plus 2) if you’re serious about wanting people to die, don’t you want a few murders, anyways?

Arcology construction is also very antinatal. Many people are happy living inside a luxurious sterl bubble, while others are miserable; either way, they take up little space and do not breed.

It's just tactically feigned ignorance. 13% of the population on Zig Forums are responsible for 50% of all shilling, sliding and d/c ( (((kikes))) )
2% of the population on Zig Forums are also kikes, but they write shitty clickbait that OPs like you direct link to instead of archiving.

You think maybe that also has something to do with the changing demographics, you fucking scumbags?
You think, maybe, rather than it just being a factor of maturation of the internet, you having made this giant fuckup of a country full of people who are not alike, who do not share ideals, who do not even like one another or who do not even share the concept of what America ought be, maybe, perhaps, possibly, that is more contributive than merely people having a vector to discuss with one another that doesn't allow jews in media/government to cut them off at the knees?

From as much as I can tell, this faggot is basically complaining that now, someone can get on the internet and SEE THE FUCKING JEWRY IN ACTION, without needing someone to stand there explaining things to them, and that this is somehow a bad thing.
But then, who said it?
Meaning this is basically just a spokesman for the ADL.
What a surprise! A spokesman for a jewish organization, masquerading as a spokesman for an American law enforcement agency, decrying those who identify he and his jewish masters as a hostile foreign threat, as "radicalized".

Never once is it even considered that, perhaps, they already had that ideology, as the product of the world in which they live, brought to you by Carl's Jewnior.

And the fact that this is almost-certainly true is COMEDIC FUCKING GOLD.
Pic related.

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Remember that time the chans helped CIAniggers find a haji terrorists house from a photo so they could drone strike it? We use to have /ourguys/ in there like Vile Rat then Hillary killed them all.

I bet.

Which is why you've been seeing so much retarded disruption posting.

Again, the same shit the ADL does. The FBI is just the ADL's enforcement wing at this point. Its pathetic.

WHAT THE FUCK IS A 'FRINGE SITE'? Is this the new 'dark web' buzzword these losers are rolling with?

>“Let’s talk about Zig Forums,” said Rep. (((Max Rose))), a
Of course, the jew master demands to know if the FBI/ADL has contacted the site owners to pressure them - and we can be assured they have, given our mods got scraped post-midterms back in November 2018 and were replaced by people who're not only incompetent, but openly hostile to board culture.
Seems probable that ws the product of similar pressure.

Why does this jew so desperately want to control information on a 'fringe' website?
Is it perhaps because these 'fringe' sites are where you can see THE TRUTH of jewry in the US and abroad?

It’d be awful convenient if I were just a narcissist, but a big part of this is that I’m willing to live in a society of GUNS FOREVER where EVERYONE IS LETHALLY POWERFUL. One of the absolute cornerstones of that is using science to change minds.

The thing that moves the world in my power is kind of that I myself am pretty egoless. I don’t want to be seen to have power. I don’t want rewards, awards, recognitions, or praise. I’m promulgating a pattern that makes me happy in humility which I would be happy to live in a society ruled by.

And I change my mind, lol. I learned a lot about hateslaves when people reacted with abuse when I didn’t change my mind about something, and then abuse again when due to unrelated information gathering I actually did. Hateful people are too personally invested to have power over anything. They aren’t really abusing their target nearly as much as they abuse themselves.

Ah, and herein lies the rub.
So, basically, this jew wants to find a way to SHUT IT DOWN, FOREVER, but the FBI/ADL is telling them its a freedom of expression issue.
Hence the disruption posting.

Not Hillary. Blame… damn, I should have a name on my finger here… Not me, lol. Blame not me. I didn’t do it.

I'm not the one you need to talk to there.
What you're not using in your formulae is the base level fact that we're not going to really physically evolve much further in any positive directions because of shortsighted hubris & shekel grubbing, and we're still an inherently shitty, aggressive, greedy, nasty fucking ape peoples as a lowest common denominator.
We're too short lived to give much of a shit about anything on an actually meaningful timescale & constantly fuck with shit we have zero fucking experience with the long term effects of because we just have to have it & the fucking shekels from it NOW.
The only thing that changes is the tech. Take any nigger or fucking trailer trash hillbilly & stick them next to some shithole digging peasant from 2000 years ago & they'd be nearly indistinguishable in actual mind & body for the most part. Our "natural" evolution is over, and GMOs, fucking plastic & chemicals everywhere & being molecularly infused with every part of the fucking ecosystem as a whole, & unit 731 child experiments like Jazz are not going to fucking push us into any positive directions.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

No, death to traitors.

This is literally the definition of virtue signaling, right here. I said one line about you mentally masturbating & you felt the need to go off, off topic, about yourself.

Ego death means THE EGO DIES & there's nothing to explain.

if it makes you feel any better, a lot of people are becoming more aware of this type of shit. especially among people who arent even into conspiracy theories or aware of the jewish question.

Oy, lookitme, I got self-absorbed and missed the animism reference!

Sorry about that, my dude(ette?). Okay. I like the Yang proposal to put lifespan into econometric analysis, because longevity and the environment dovetail without requiring people to think they’re being spiritually harmful when they throw cigarette butts away outside. (That’s more a joke than a menace, but FAR nicotine is toxic to plants and animals.)

I think something else vital and missed in environmentalism is the literal importance of literal ditchdiggers. One of the ways to distract dumb strong-in-the-arm types is to give them shovels and set them to forming the terra. You can teach the ones who ask why it matters even if you can’t teach the ones who never do.

Get people digging pits that improve drainage and planting trees to hold soil. No tech is needed for this, and it employs people who might otherwise be warriors. Once the landscape starts blooming people live in less stressed, desperate moods. Beauty is a real factor and the environment is often more cost-effective than people expect as a way to achieve it.

That bolsters lifespans by being exercise, by connecting the dear durrs to the demos, by distracting people from crime, and by cleaning the landscape. It’s good policy like building laboratories is good policy.

FAR: For All Reading

Lol, because virtue signallers come here and try to explain things without hating people. Totally plausible, my sweet darkling warrior of virtue.

Out of all of these, the modern era would be easiest to abolish

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Attached: modern america.JPG (1527x1080, 163.41K)


Quit bitching about what was and start grafting. The breadth of tomorrow’s minds and bodies hasn’t even begun to be explored. Why do we need to be apes at all? Give me a nice fur coat, lol. I’d be fluffy and huggable.

It’d take an act of rape to breed me, so I’m not being even faintly hypocritical. Wanting to reproduce seems soulless and nihilistic to me.

Most people are honestly not that greedy anyways. They find meaning in their jobs and they only want enough money for their hobbies. They get bored very slowly, and because they actually hate getting bored with their work or hobbies, I expect a solid medical intervention for pragmatic boredom in 1d4+1 decades.

Sure sure, suffer and die, lie and cry. Learn the sociopathic smile of your incestors, and remember, if you molest your daughters they’ll be early sexualized! Genetic lineage matters more than anything about experience, says the virus living solely in a genome.

How many literal actual viruses are woven into your genetic code trying to hitch a ride on your retardation?

I learned a lot from a guy named Mel.

And there it is.
You'll never remove people's will to power, you'll never get them to stop breeding, and you'll never get up to stop being apes.
And if you did, you'd have to eliminate the majority of whites and almost all nonwhites. Good luck with your "pacifism" you naive moron.

Mankind will never submit to the likes of you.

The idea that we have any idea of what we're doing on any kind of level to be fucking with any of that shit & NOT having it turn exponentially more disastrous well outside of our particular individual lifespans is pure hubris.

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Whites it’s tempting to love. White society is already empowered in remaking. I would go farther, but the seed has sprouted; the power grows, and ancient chains of traumatized biology are sundering under the inexorable power of a fresh wood. Yes, it’s tempting to love whites.

It’s a bad temptation. There’s nothing pigmented about remaking. Nothing about beige skin specifically enabled it. It might conceivably have been climate, but really you need only the will to rise above ancient hatreds and see the harmonic interests between the empowerment of all people.

They already have