A new nation must arise from us individually

We must be the founding fathers of our own faith now, with the intent of preserving our people. Christian, Pagan, it matters not. The hour is too late for that too matter. What matters now is virtue; the outer appearance isn't the point. Our ancestors did not care about your religion but your loyalty to the tribe. They knew when it was time to put away their squabbling and it is far passed that time. We need to recognize that all parts of our history were necessary to get us to where we are. We are in a time of great potential and opportunity as a people. Never has the time for a spiritual awakening within us been so necessary and yet so possible. We need a new tradition that teaches practical moral virtue. Who gives a shit about the history of Christianity if the churches now are nothing more than centers of piety. And if Paganism is your ideal how do we convert those old beliefs into a practical model for today? And for all those Christianity-hating Pagans, realize that the Christian heritage and history are all that remain of ANY pagan spirituality on the planet. It is old news that Catholicism borrowed heavily form Paganism.

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I don't give a shit about Christianity.

But the moment christian jews try to convert me or my people, they are getting the cross.

Fuck subversive fucks.

One nation one pantheon.

The most important thing is preserving European ethnic groups. Religion is only a mechanism to do just that. You're thinking is autistic in that it's putting beliefs over actual reality, just as most people blame Christians for doing. You are either with us or against us. That is the only principle upon which loyalty is based. If you are truly a Pagan, why do you care if people are Christian? The Romans were pagan and they allowed many pantheons. If you are going according to Paganism we'd all have to return to the gods of our different ancestors (some of who's beliefs are lost) and it would defeat your whole purpose of "one naton, one pantheon". Unless you mean to return to a times where every European ethnic group has it's own pantheon, which I could see working. You see, the major atricity happening is the destruction of different European ethnic groups. WE need to preserve them no matter the cost. We can not have them all converging into one, that owuld defeat the whole purpose. That's destruction of nature at it's finest and it's perverted to do it unless it's by right of conquest.

The only solution I see is a cross between Civil Planning, Architecture, and Permaculture.

Eco Fascism
Even the staunchest, lost, Leftist Hippies can get on this wagon, and find their roots again.

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I agree. We need something PRACTICAL. Community is of the utmost importance. Our movement is weak in that it only exists online mostly. We need actual organization in case SHTF in actuality and not in our larp universe.

Our main problem today seems to be that we are waiting for our time to prosper when we should be making it happoen now. The real man orf the future will not be he who waits but he who pursues his duty despite the current paradigms. He moves the world, not the other way around. We must be as faitful to our cause as Islamic terrorists are to theirs. Not in the sense that we should be killing civilians but in the sense that we need to be willing to die for our beliefs. Otherwise, what's the point. Time is moving faster and faster and our enemies grow stronger and stronger. We must offer some resistance or we will be squashed permanently.

I have an idea
let's steal the
diminish every natural resource and animal/fauna
then gift it to the niggers
and support them on the backs of blue collar workers

YOU must

Cool faggot

But we already did that and it didn't work. It's too late to go back now we need to hold onto the east side of the continent but our government is far too cucked to do this.

Every single Voluntary Community Service thread gets shoahed pretty damn quick here, telling me this is THE idea. This is the solution to organizing IRL, and avoiding optics snafus.
I've said it before, the neighborhood would find it very hard to hate you if it was discovered you were an "EBIL NOTSEE!" after you, and your Chads have spent the season cleaning, repairing, and beautifying the local Library, and painting ol' Widow Mackey's guesthouse sho she can rent it out, etc. Start every Clean Up with an early morning meeting in the park for Calisthenics, and "prayer".

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This faggot.
Dude, crack is for niggers.

I said…
I have an idea
let's steal the
diminish every natural resource and animal/fauna
then gift it to the niggers
and support them on the backs of blue collar workers

This would also open the opportunity for anons to organize landscaping businesses, and undercut the beaners too. A thread on nein right now is talking about similar shit. Upgrade the business to offer what an 86 IQ spic can not.
Pondless water features.

Conquerers steal nothing, you cucked faggot. Only worthless kikes like you are in the business of diminishment, and "gifting" OUR shit to niggers.
I really hope I find you myself when the time comes, you red text faggot.

I have an idea
let's steal the
diminish every natural resource and flora/fauna
then gift it to the niggers
and support them on the backs of blue collar workers
so our brainwashed daughters can get fucked by porch monkeys in grandma's section 8 brick shit house

Weird how it is stealing when whites do it, but "immigration" when non-whites do it.

Hi, FBI! This board is saturated.

Yeah. Notice that the moment this idea for Voluntary Community Service to organize IRL comes up, asshole shills like this faggot show up to shit the thread?
Catching flak over the target, boys.
Get out there, lads! Make a presence in your community, and clean this kind of shit from OUR World!
We must start somewhere.

Oh look. Another faggot shill.
You don't survive what's coming, faggot.
We have already won.

Right Wing Civics Associations

All nations have sprung from the people. That's what a nation is in the first place. External forces are by their nature at least negligent to our cause if not malevolent and adverse to it. Therefore, we cannot rely on any external support systems whatsoever. The only solution is bringing the future into the present, until we have already when by the time the enemy has even noticed. They have brought as storm down upon Europe. Now we will be the ones bringing a storm. Unseen, but all encompassing, and in the end all consuming. What is a political solution now but easy pickings for the powers that be? They would rather us go that route because it's easy to slap around a movement that is not yet grounded in itself. No what will save us now is a new way of life.

Love it
I’m going to do something positive today for my community. Not sure what yet but it will be done. Also smile while you cleanse and beautify it will make others want to join in
Working out beforehand is a good idea too.

Exactly. Feigned ignorance is key to our opsec.
"Hey man, we're just a bunch of folks cleaning up our community, man. Hitler who?"
The politics are hidden beneath the activities.
Commies are rather proficient at this tactic.
Hell, naming yourself "Anti Fascist" is genius. I'm surprised a group of "AntiComs" hasn't formed yet. We suck at this aspect of the Culture War.
Voluntary Community Service, DRESSED IN UNIFIED COLORS, is the key to getting off the boards, and into real life.
And if some faggots do show up to assault you, shovels, pickaxes, and steel toed boots make great weapons in a pinch.

kek, you beautiful Aryans!

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I unirnically support this.

You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

I humbly request any drawfags to realize this sketch in proper shoop form please.

kek, brother. I've had a lot of great inspiration and support from this place, and lads like you.

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Our nation is our blood, and only through blood can we rise.
What the individual believes is less important to the blood he/she carries. Beliefs and ideas can change, but changes to blood is irreversible.
Therefore hate not those of your kin blind and lead against you, pity them and seek to strike those that lead them against you, rather than strike your own kin (that means gas the kike and obliterate the non-white)

Because a christian denies the sacredness of your ancestors and worship a jew instead. Utter cancer.
And the Roman didn't survive Christianity (both times).

These hookers are fucked, but they're great at marketing their clean up crew, The MOOP Squad. Rolling carts, consistent colors and logo, and scanty thots, attract a lot of positive attention. It's VERY important to get children involved too. Have green T-shirts with the logo ready to hand out.
Donations send these bitches around the world for free!
Double check that last sentence, and let it sink in.
We need communal support, and this concept is the best in I've seen so far.

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Deformed kike/leftist spotted.
Christianity always wins. Jews always lose.
Faith is eternal and forever wins against modernity.

I can see where you're coming from. The Jews mission is to "Heal the world" right? That sounds an awful lot like the history of Christianity and "Democracy". Jews seem to have this obsession with destroying and subverting all other gods and uniting the world under one god. I wonder what the spiritual effect of monotheism is versus that off polytheism? I wonder if the rise of a one world state can be linked to most of the world prescribing to this belief?

here is some of the reasons why we will never be able to actually organize.

I graduated from high school a couple years ago, and rather than going to college, I started working with my dad in residential construction n general subcontractor shit. It helped give me a good base to start from, and now I’m currently working with my mother to design an intentional eco-community locally, since I realized it would be the best way to connect with like-minded individuals wanting to be as independent o the grid as possible, re-establish personal bonds with their homogenous community, learn to appreciate the fruits of their labor from cooperative farming and community projects (including creating a private school for the kids in the community).
I can screen out the flakes in the renting process to just let in the cognizant few, set up a system that makes us interdependent and caring about our tribe vs. globohomo incorporated, and reinforce good values to make ourselves successful.
My biggest issue is getting enough shekels to purchase a larger plot of land (at least 25 acres), and building materials for several earthbag/earthship/alternatively built/smaller houses.
There’s way more to it, but you get it. I hope you guys are able to do something similar. Let us be the new barbarians!

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This faggot.
Get a hobby, faggot.

You fuckin' get, user! I'm about 1/4 into my Earthship build already! I had a similar plan earlier in life to build an Eco School of sorts. I wanted to design it after workshops, rather than degrees. It would be organized as such that if you were an employer in the market for certain traits for your position, you would market your request as needing someone with A 1,5,6, and B 2,4, and C 8,9, etc. workshops completed. In this way, the student could also custom create their education for fields and jobs they specifically desire. Life, and the Leftist Mind Plague got in the way, and derailed this project. I've been playing catch up since. Now I'm just building for myself, but we'll see where this goes.
…after we win our war.
As I see it, this is the way out of our enslavement.
Back to the basics, with simple new tech added.
Neo Barbarianism!


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got plenty of hobbies, too many actually as i struggle to keep up on all of the various projects while trying to juggle a larger than average family… and that's hardly an argument i'm honestly behind anyone who can actually pull something together, so keep going man, we need people to come up with shit and keep pushing it regardless of all of the bullshit that i was pointing out.
i'm not on board with the eco-fascist thing, but will tag along if it is what we end up unifying under. i just think rejecting tech isn't the way forward,but whatever, i'm behind you. carry on.

This is exactly what I had in mind. For as much as we hate on the Jews they have a great strategy. By creating a state within a state they can feed off the state without suffering any of the consequences of their parasitism. Well we can do the same except that we build a state outside, and yet technically inside, the state, giving us one over on them. For the Jews, as sly as they are, depend upon civilization to keep going. If we can become counter parasites, taking resources from this civilization whilst building our own inside it, we can subvert their subversion against them. By being self-reliant we become movers of the world instead of consumers.

And also an external environment instead of one is civilization will keep our communities from sliding into degeneracy, as well will have to be meritocratic in order to survive.

Not rejecting tech, but being VERY selective, and not to the point where we're replacing ourselves with it in the name of greed and apathy, or because the job is "too hard".
I'm all for tech, just not as a religion as it seems to be today.
Training wheels give losers false confidence, and raise frail nerds to a level in society they do not deserve.


Look into Rajneeshpuram on a how to make a city, I think Fredrik Knudsen made a video about the whole situation (rise and fall), but keep an eye on it's creation and rise.

I hate to be that guy, but it's its. Its is the possessive.

Except for the last 1500 years of acestors who chose Christianity over paganism because it offered a vastly superior moral worldview. You and the other 12 larpagan faggots on the chans will never be relevant and Europe will never be pagan. kys.

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This is great. It combines the spirit of our ancestry with the spirit of nature. What tools did you use to make it?

What tf are you talking about.

i dont give a shit about pagans
pagans, just like jews, cannot coexist with what the bible says.

Then we'll create different faiths based on our ethnicities and nationalities. The goal was never to become a single european culture; that was what the Jews wanted with Christianity aka faggotry in religious form.

actually daniel’s prophecy about the iron mixed with potter’s clay (Daniel 3) is a prophecy that once the roman empire was destroyed in the same manner as the previous empires that they would never again be uniformed ed — and this has been true for 2000 years.
the bible also says that anybody who rejects Christ is going to hell, and that includes jews that reject Christ. jews dont want pagans to believe in Christ, they want them to remain pagans — hence your dumb ideas.

Christianism has Jewish roots, Paganism was created by Europeans. Enough said.

I used Photoshop
here's the other version from the sketch aswell

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Like, imagine kneeling to a dead Jew(a race that you supposedly hate), pathetic Christcuck.

The thing is, even if the Christian god was real, it wouldn't be wise to worship such a being, if a being is all powerful, then he has the power to lie, and to be evil.

Christianity has contributed literally nothing to European culture. The best parts of Christianity are pagan. The New Testament is just Greek philosophy with kikes dick sweat smeared all over it. And even if Christianity was more based in the past, the Christians of today are literally worse than Jew. If that is by design than Christians are not even worth having around.

Absolutely right, they also raped and killed native Europeans who didn't want to convert to Christianity. And destroyed Pagan buildings that even today we don't even know how to construct, Christianity is a poison from the desert that makes you kill your brothers and sisters.
Christianity didn't even destroy Islam in Europe, it's the Mongols.

what about the other tribes?
what about the flood?
what about the fact that radiocarbon dating is fraudulent?
heres an excerpt from Sir Isaac Newton’s chronology of ancient kingdoms. europeans didnt have any form of developing records until the persian empire.
did isaac newton have any influence on european culture? is he lying or are you being lied to?

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Good goy you dumb shit faggot. Like I'm going to hear the opinion of someone who can't even into basic English. Nigger you ARE the goy

You must be fucking kidding me, you have ignored all of my arguments just to post this garbage ? The point is that Christianity did more bad than good, there is no getting out of this, the mess we are in right now is because of Christianity and his shitty morals.

Who fucking cares, Jesus is a jew and you're worshiping him.

Again who the fuck cares, it has literally nothing to do with what we are talking about.

??? literally who fucking cares

a word found literally nowhere in the bible.
this is a slide thread.
i understand why you care so much about restoring pre-historic europe: you’re illiterate.
suck a tailpipe.

This is where an Arioperennialist mindset comes into play:


No true white really cares what your desert manual says.
We care about the logos of the Aryans

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okay, again..
there were no people other than random illiterate horse-riders around in Western or Northern Europe until the Persian empire which would be like 500 BC. And anything they would be doing would be fundamentally greek or roman. And the greeks and romans would have gotten what they got culturally and technologically from the persians who would have gotten what they got from the babylonians.


You can all go fuck yourselves, I thought you people were tolerant of non-kikestians, I'm no longer a National Socialist, now I'm a libertarian white nationalist, fuck your movement, fuck all of you I ain't gonna convert to kikestianity and worship a kike.

good on you for not falling for statism, but what does Jesus have to do with Ellis Island?

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National socialism is a european warrior religion. So long as it’s symbols are viewed as evil our people will continue to be exterminated.
Become a fanatic today

It's ppl like this, here on Zig Forums and 4chan, they sit and write antisemetic posts, FOREVER.
they've been saying the end for the jews has been coming since this whole thing of Chan's started. However, it sill hasn't and still they'll write everyday, mumbling things such as "holocaust may have happened, but it wasn't quite like that, Jews are behind every war and blablabla".
Islamic extremism, the terrorists. They are the ones fucking this world. But no, if one jew did something wrong they generalize to every jew, and think that supporting the genocide of this race is gonna make other ppl belove them, only psychos.
It does not matter, u will die and they, jews, will prevail, just as every race will. Fags are a problem tho.
Im not a jew and nor antisemetic as u can guess. Now, with all of this u will still hate them for no reason, playing a role of wich the jews may call u idiots retarded.
bunch of degenerate fags.


Why do you use the Γβορεμεδιοχινψατονισ of Hermes and the Σωπενταβθλισφερβαν of Kronos, together, in your image, OP?

I have no problem with christians as long as they allow me to speak curses against the enemies of my people, as long as I can pray for the misfortune of jews then I don't mind christians, but if christians try to stop me from cursing enemies then christians can go to hell

by cursing I mean pray for the misfortune of

Reciprocate the firewall. China would segfault without it. They fear truth absolutely, and so it is not truth that they emit.

Based and wise OP.

The 14 words are what matters most.

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I take it back. Just a few comments in and OP is already up to the usual D&C shit.

Hah, good one.

Materialist faggot detected.

The Vedas have ten fold the source material for IE religion than Christianity.

That didn’t work out so well fuck wit.

Kek, it helps if you poison and bribe people in the local government.

Nice work lad.

This and every community action post itt.

sage for thinly veiled D&C thread